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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 12, 2019 2:00am-2:03am CEST

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and i wonder is that where we're headed is well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoking mirrors it's not just about being fair and balanced or being neutral it's about being. funny was boring golf and i were getting. prison officials guarding accused american sex offender jeffrey epstein failed to follow prison rules in the lead up to his apparent suicide media reports also indicate the facility was facing staff shortages. epstein was awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking and conspiracy charges when he was found dead in his cell. polling stations in guatemala have closed in a presidential runoff election which saw millions of watermelons choose between the conservative candidate. and former 1st lady sun to the top as results are expected
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in the next several hours. russia has told you to delete all videos of anti-government protests in moscow it said failure to remove them would amount to interference in its internal affairs thousands have been taking to the streets in the past month demanding free and fair city elections in moscow police have responded with a crackdown on protests. police in hong kong have fired tear gas to disperse pro-democracy demonstrators thousands of protesters were holding rallies for the 10th consecutive weekend despite authorities have been denied permits for the marches the protests were originally sparked by opposition the proposed legislation allowing extraditions to mainland china. over 800000000 people use the internet in china but things look
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a lot different there than elsewhere facebook and google blocked for example what's the internet like behind the chinese fire wall i want topic today on. most of the world uses products from google apple facebook and amazon or god but not china they're 3 homegrown tech giants dominate the industry they're called by do alibaba and pants and also known as b. 80 in china by do replaces google is for e-commerce and 10 cent. is more popular than facebook is here but that's not all. by dues most service instead of google maps where you go instead of twitter and tweet chats instead of what's up. in china.


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