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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 12, 2019 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin the death toll rises in southern india after monsoon rains and mudslides than 140 people are dead and hundreds of thousands have been displaced search crews are scrambling to rescue those still missing also on the program. called police fired tear gas into a subway station as they try to get the upper hand over anti-government protesters during it and weekend but. the young egyptian woman with down's syndrome is pushing
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the boundaries in the world of media and competitive swimming. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us where than 140 people have been killed in severe monsoon floods and mudslides across western and southern india the rains have forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes the worst hit states are maharashtra khana taka and kerala it's a year now since carolus suffered the worst ever flooding which killed more than $200.00 people and displace thousands more. the terentia rains just keep coming teams across india's southern and western states have maintained major rescue and relief efforts authorities are racing to evacuate people from the worst affected
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areas and are bringing in extra resources wherever they can provide assistance in the prevailing particular region the drought that brought us to so person america harvest defrocking it did for us. while the monsoon rains are crucial for replenishing water supplies they kill hundreds of people every year flood waters and landslides have made roads impossible have cut off and even in some cases die and bridges and of me traveling by bus and train imposable. hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to seek shelter and safety at relief camps in some villages houses are covered in several metres of mud and that's hampering rescue work. it's been at least 5 or 6 things everybody is stuck in the villages animals and everything all stuck there people are facing a lot of problems. water's coming from all directions and entered all the houses.
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people are getting out the very young and the very old are being supported not just by rescue teams but also by the good samaritans in their communities the worst may not be over authorities worry that the flood hit areas will be pummeled by more thunderstorms hampering their rescue operations even further. our correspondent misha wall is in delhi covering this story for us misha how serious is the flooding. well tell you the flooding is very serious across the state it's hard not to call 100 austral and also the rest of the state of good job this comes on the heels of similarly damaging and massive flooding to the north east of india earlier this month india is hit by ensuring its with tween june and september which is what causes this flooding in these specific states last year as well kevin love which is again the worst hit see if this was
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hit very badly and over $200.00 include died last year now there is an inkling of good news if the predictions of the meteorological department are correct today there's no dead in the region get in a bed in the which basically means that action really needed there's still or ingenuity in some districts which means that the have to be aware and but it can be used heavy rainfall is not expect today but of course as we saw on the border hundreds of thousands have been displaced and making sure that they have saved now and eventually be have alleviated into their homes nato is going to be a long process and we should this is obviously a very distressing situation which the government doing to help those affected by the flooding. well gary this is a 24 hour helpline set up in new delhi by the national disaster response force the n d r f india's disaster team is amongst the largest in the world than the 170
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teams have been deployed across the country the military has also gotten involved and has been involved in dropping food packets to flood affected to the facts on the challenging aspect of making sure that not only in relief camps but for people who are trapped in their homes food is reaching them another view and challenging thing about this particular event has been there have been dozens of mudslides tree good all across the state of kind of law which means that people have been trapped and which is why the death toll is continuing to be updated but of course the government ministers the minister of a so when the area appealing to the beat this for funds and headed and good samaritans also coming out to make sure that the damage can be controlled as far as possible the priority in this emergency of course is to prevent loss of life but infrastructure is also being affected how extensive is the.
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yes well there are some with that was headed to sites in the states of course not because that have been hit like the like of the inside quite humpy and of the temple complex but there's also damage to crucial infrastructure the roads have been blocked off flights were grounded in the city of course she last week and trains and buses that have also been hit now of course a why and rescue operations have been very strong in india as i mentioned the n d r f there is a need to make infrastructure more resilient because of climate change and we should thank you very much for bringing us up to date. in delhi. pro-democracy activists in hong kong are accusing police of using excessive force demonstrators are staging. another sit in at hong kong airport today following the 10th weekend of protests in the territory activists accuse police of targeting protesters at close range with tear gas canisters deliberately aiming for people's
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eyes video footage also shows police storming a subway station and firing tear gas volleys inside the building. of some of the other stories making headlines around the world today italian lawmakers are set to debate a new culprit in spoken against the government the prime minister just sepic on tape all right interior minister munto salvini called for the vote last week he wants to bring down the government and hold snap elections hoping to become the new prime minister. a new migrant rescue ship has saved more than 250 people in its 1st 3 days on the mediterranean ocean biking picked up the refugees all the coast of libya vessels operating by the aid organizations doctors without borders and s.o.s. mediterranean. conservative on the front row giamatti is one of
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mullet's new president he won the 2nd round of presidential elections on sunday with 59 percent of the expulsive the prison system defeated sundered tories a left leaning former 1st lady. and muslims in india are among those around the world offering prayers to mark the islamic festival of eat which commemorates the prophet ibrahim's testifying hundreds of worship 1st prayed at the 17th century jama must cheat in the capital down. busy for conspiracy theories are swirling following the death in prison of disc raced us financier jeffrey steen president donald trump has weighed in with claims about his predecessor bill clinton. tracting widespread criticism all makers want to know how steam could have committed suicide in a high security jail. the removal of a body that is raising many questions not only legally but politically to geoffrey
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epstein the billionaire businessman was awaiting trial on charges he abused dozens of underage goes and force them into prostitution he was accused of running an illegal sex trafficking ring from his private island in the caribbean some of his accuses said the abuse happened when they were just 14 years old his alleged victims can't understand why he wasn't watch more closely after he'd already apparently tried to kill himself while in custody or one of anybody that i. just wanted him to be held accountable for his actions court documents published 24 hours before epstein's death makes reference to several famous individuals who are also allegedly involved in epstein sex ring thank luke britain's prince andrew a former governor of new mexico and the next senator. abstain was well connected
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and at times had contact with former u.s. president bill clinton and the current president donald trump in an interview trump once called epstein a great guy paid like clinton has since distanced himself publicly from abstain but now trump is spreading conspiracy theories on twitter about abstains death he writes died of suicide on 24 hours suicide watch how does that happen jeffrey epstein had information on bill clinton and now he's dead in addition to the f.b.i. investigation the justice department has opened its own private incorporation with the white house. harrison the sum until the information implicating some people very high up this seems to be very concrete in that geoffrey epstein has done some very bad things over a number of years and so let's continue to investigate that weeks ago trump's labor secretary alexander acosta resigned and his former job as a prosecutor he offered epstein a sentencing deal which is now being seen as too lenient. side despite his death
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the epstein case is a long way from being call used for growing concern about the environment is raising pressure on the german government to revamp its approach to climate change once seen as a pioneering green policy germany now appears to be struggling to deliver on reducing greenhouse gases well the latest ideas from the environment minister is to ban plastic bags. a familiar debate is wafting through berlin it's about free plastic bags they're widely available in grocery stores and markets retailers already agreed voluntarily to limit the bags use resulting in a 64 percent drop but 2000000000 plastic bags are still used each year that's why germany's environment minister now wants to ban them that's what we've been able to cut he sits by 2 thirds now atlanta makes officials so it continues a little is the logical next step. the green party backs the move but once more
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than just talk. nearly every day she calls for a new ban on something and usually very good ideas that you can get behind. i hope that the minister won't just make appeals when it comes to plastic but that she turns that into concrete action. could chancellor merkel's party the conservative c.d.u. is also considering new proposals regarding climate protection one example and incentive program for getting rid of oil fuel teaching systems in buildings. that if you look at the structure of buildings in germany you'll notice we have a lot of older heating systems including although heating they should be modernized and they should be more support doing that i think that's the right step that's widely suggested it. but the far right party says that would leave taxpayers footing the bill for homeowners and landlords not to cause
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a stimulus program but everyone who wants to pay taxes will have to pay for it in the end germany's government wants to agree on concrete environment policies by september 20th until then the list of proposals looks set to keep growing. let's bring in our political correspondent thomas sparrow good morning thomas morning concerned about the environment about sustainability the climate all of that nothing new in germany why this sudden sense of urgency in the german government i would say there are 3 reasons the 1st one is that there seems to be more awareness among the german public and also among politicians that this is an urgent matter and that we've seen polls here in germany that reveal that climate protection is the biggest a topic for german voters we've also seen other polls saying that a majority of people here in germany won more drastic measures when it comes to family protection and that is something that goes hand in hand with the 2nd point that reflects itself in the political favor of. if you have different parties we've
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seen the greens for example surging in in germany we saw the results in a part in the european elections in may and that is something that for the german governing coalition has raised so that's the 2 key issues the issue is probably a more practical one namely that on the 28th of september germany wants to present some of its key national priorities when it comes to climate protection that will come just before a big international summit in new york well top priorities were supposed to happen on september 20th what can we expect in terms of concrete policy proposals well you mentioned the key word it has to be something concrete what we've seen so far is different ministries that are involved presenting what they believe are some of the key priorities when it comes to germany's climate protection up to 2030 but those are just proposals that still have to be debated among different parties and different ministries as well one of the big topics that has been debated in recent
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weeks is a possible c o 2 tax which is an extremely controversial issue here in germany and in fact we've also seen polls there saying that although germans do favor more drastic measures on climate protection carbon tax is not one of them that they think very favorably of. finally the proposed ban on plastic bags here in germany that's getting a lot of attention is not necessarily going to make a big impact in terms of c o 2 emissions but it's getting a lot of attention are we likely to see event on plastic bags that are burning the big question there is not whether it's likely or it is unlikely the big question is what impact that could have and when there are those who say that could have a big impact that german still need to reduce even more the plastic that they use there are others who say that that would just be a symbolic move in german that it would be a sort of side solution but that other measures more important measures of bigger measures needed if germany wants to definitely improve its climate record all the shows thanks so much always tell us farrah from our political desk. staying with
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environmental matters brazil's right wing president gyre both sonora has hit back at germany for suspending 35000000 euros in aid for the amazon he says brazil does not need the money in announced it was suspending funding because of brazil's failure to halt deforestation meanwhile hundreds of women living in the rain forests are making their way to the capital brasilia to join environmental protests land clearance has increased rapidly since also nora took office in january. these indigenous women have traveled to presume to sound the alarm monday forestation. they say fall scenarios policies favoring development are destroying their homeland. who are its money that is the one that is women women women i.s.o.'s our forests is disappearing mother nature is asking for help and
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nobody is listening we need to shout as a last for the deforestation of our land we are crying for help. they have data from the brazilian government's own i n p institute shows deforestation accelerating sharply the agency says some 2250 square kilometers were cleared last month an increase of 278 percent from a year ago. the president has repeatedly clashed with green campaign is over deforestation and opening up the amazon for development and he has this novel suggestion. that. it's enough to eat a little less you talk about environmental pollution it's enough to poop every other day that will be better for the whole world. that's unlikely to convince these indigenous women. they say the need for action to protect their forests is
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becoming ever more and. you're watching v.w. news still to come fighting the stigma surrounding down's syndrome we hear from a young paralympian who's riding a wave of success on t.v. as well as in the pool. there are more young people on the planet today than ever before in fact a quarter of the world's population over tween the ages of 10 and 24 today on the occasion of international youth day were asking young people around the world about their hopes for the future. i dream of global peace so that countries won't need to organize summits and people would need to go to rallies and protest actions. the biggest change i would like to see in south africa is to see young women leading the country improving themselves standing up for themselves and. and
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so independent that's no other main and other person can have achieved from. our country i hope that we don't get involved in a war that we can always take a democratic path and always act in the people's interests. they change there i want to see is the acceptance from everyone i need everyone to anyone or except over human as no race is no discrimination people for. the also understand that for there we really have to start thinking beyond ourselves so that in short thank everyone in the country that right their future and not just the select few words to listen to each other more and try to be more understandable it would be it would make the future for all of us much brighter. and 1st of all the wars my stand. should all end so that humanity. the vibe in this wild. though it is of.
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this i think people shouldn't stop dreaming no matter how old they are and that people should believe will come true but it's. sports now in german football business league and champions by munich are in action today in the 1st round of the german cup little is expected of their opponents and. used to take on by a break italy in the league but now find themselves in germany's 4th tier. cutbush has seen better days it actually has 1st division pedigree having played 6 seasons in germany's top league between 200-2009 but then the club began to decline steadily ending up in the semi pro 4th division or regional leak as it's called in germany but hope springs eternal they say in fact the team's coach thinks this draw couldn't have been better for his squad. as a 4th division side knowing that you're not going to go too far in this cop you
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hope for a draw like this by munich will pack the fans in. no wonder byron is chockablock with stars not to mention the dizzying number of titles it's won at home and internationally the bavarians biggest problem seems to be whether they're going to make another big signing before the bundesliga season starts next week and they also want to make a better impression this season after losing to dortmund in the super cup. it's not about wanting a specific result but up out the way we played. not letting the rivals have the opportunity to win the game at all. must be given and 6 we need to dominate and control a match as is expected of us. in the last time cutbush actually beat byron was more than 10 years ago and its current squad is full of unknowns yet it has proven to be quite resilient in recent german cops having only bowed out the
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last 2 seasons against 1st division sides on penalty shots. you know it's one of the toughest olympic events and next year in tokyo the swimming marathon may get even tougher expressed concerns of the quality and temperature of the water following a test event on sunday organizers a valve to monitor the situation closely. open water swimming is as physical as it is grueling swimmers jostle for position in close proximity having a decent strategy escape in tokyo they weren't something else might be lurking in the water. it was a little stinky and that clarity is not very good. i want the water quality to be improved. in october 2017 tests uncovered levels of bacteria 20
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times higher than safe standards to say those levels have since been brought down another problem is tokyo sweltering summer heat this test event started at 7 in the morning but the air temperature was already over 30 degrees a concern for swimming's governing body. bases the formation of these. when they have been stopped. can be vital in the fight to. get the start of the. organizers say swim a safety is their main priority and those competing in next year's marathon they may end up passing more than just each other. now an exceptional young woman who's equally at home in the water and in the t.v. studio a paralympic swimming champion from egypt is making a splash on television just her gold medal that sets her apart she also has down
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syndrome here's a story of the rock my car lead has truly swum their way to freedom. the 23 year old has down's syndrome right here with her new friends she's in her element. to the whole. i'm happiest when i'm here practicing with my friends the house and i chat and play with them. and i feel like a champion if you will. but. their training for the upcoming international competitions. rocked as a mother is often hurt by the cruel discrimination her daughter endures. but swimming has helped compensate for people's poor treatment of ra after all she's already won several medals in international competitions. but outside the pool
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things haven't been easy. the hardest part for me was when i wanted to go to kindergarten and school. many people were against me going to school. they said be thankful that you can walk and talk alone most more they don't understand down syndrome i'm not disabled i have down syndrome it makes me special. another thing that makes her special is the morning show she presents on the popular egyptian t.v. channel d m c before the recording rocked my has a briefing with 2 colleagues and some guess. my answer guess make their way to the studio for the channel a presenter with down syndrome was a courageous step. we found it a little unusual at 1st but then we thought it was great because the result is fantastic and she is very well. i found her at the. rock my has
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been presenting the morning show for 9 months together with a colleague rockmart always opens the show she's one of 2 main anchors both rock my amber station are pushing boundaries well as a full i'm proud and happy because i'm doing something to enlighten society. and the society knows that we can do this now. that we're integrated into society. that we belong to it. that one chromosome doesn't make a difference then all the down syndrome makes a special. we won't be discouraged by that label didn't get. to the habit. but my colleague says her message is well received she's already succeeded in convincing mothers of children with down syndrome that they are a gift from god. you're watching d.w.
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news coming up next. today we're focusing on the great german naturalist alex on the whole bolt he was born 250 years ago will also be getting under your skin with the science of tattoos on terry margin for me and all of us here thanks watch.
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the. public's on the phone home. our series on tomorrow today. we want to see what he saw to experience what drove him. but journeys through latin america following the footsteps of the great scientist. our next stop the album ok you know much heavier more dorian and. to morrow today next detail.
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100 soft leaves in my hands. where i come from roggio remains an import fountain soft transmitting mules and for mission and when i was young my country was drawing money conference the war trabant people most people would gather our own drug receivers. it was my soul too true in one of the largest sites so thought everyone in the town. and listen to the games. nothing has been printed my known cardia in the months of moore's law on the law even stuff i cannot ask i was it's written for me for.
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my choices in this card and it was given their way to transmitted to the troops. men in the gusmao much and i will. give up the. hill watching tomorrow today the science show on t.w. coming up. stage 2 in the footsteps of alexander fun home guards our cause heads to ecuador's avenue of the volcano. we visit the lens natural history museum where everything from dinosaurs to mold spines on display. and finally we get under your skin to find out how your body reacts to tattoo. welcome to the show.


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