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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 12, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin violence in hong kong reaches new levels as authorities try to gain the upper hand over anti-government protests brutal scenes as riot police chase protesters into a city subway using tear gas and palms the appear to be toughening their approach to demonstrators challenging chinese rule in the territory. monsoon rains in india leave more than 140 people dead and hundreds of thousands more displaced the false the south of the country. plus will germany finally back in the plastic bag we
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ask why now and whether that would help the country meet its climate bill. and the young egyptian woman with down syndrome who's pushing the boundaries in the world of media and competitive swimming. hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program the pro-democracy activists in hong kong are accusing police of using excessive force there are indications that security forces are ratcheting up their crowd control tactics following the tense weekend of protests in the territory demonstrators are staging another sit in at hong kong airport today to draw attention to what they say is growing police violence activists accuse police of targeting protests. asters at close range with
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tear gas canisters and deliberately aiming for people's eyes video footage also shows police storming a subway station and firing tear gas volleys inside the building. our correspondent phebe kong is standing by in hong kong forest phoebe we're getting we're seeing increasingly violent clashes there between the police and protesters do you get the impression that the situation there in hong kong is escalating. while their balance between the police and protest. over the weekend we have witnessed the clash at the front line at the crash scene. and one hand the. same. strategy of protest too and the police and the stations throwing bricks and petrol bombs some of them that's on the other hand the police offices intensified
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of course as they used to watch the protest as you have mentioned earlier in the report the police inside the metro station for a better time and a woman appeared at most has to. be shot by police. so. that we can say that the police force as you say a more aggressive approach to repress the post has been so the police are no more aggressive you're saying there's been reports of police officers disguising themselves as protesters and using violence against the demonstrators or security forces also changing their time to. what we have seen last night in some. so-called pros has this. suspect actually their respect to the actual police office says they dressed like
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protesters dressed in black shirts but how let's go goes and mosque. go inside of the protest and actually they initiated the fight against the protests this before to help the pope the police officers to have addressed. the actual protesters so this is the happy put as some in hong kong because people are now questioning whether this kind of temptation. and there is a current body to monitor the forces used by the police but it is quite a bit as he is happy the question by the public because most of the members these superficial body is appointed by the government and most of them. they are probation fakers so that's why that is the reason why people are now asking for a true. independent commissions chair by the judge to all the investigate all these
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controversy and maybe some of the misconduct by the police was maybe thank you very much. there in hong kong. more than 140 people have been killed in severe monsoon floods and mudslides across western and southern india the rains have forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes the worst hit states are strong. and. it's a year since carolus suffered its worst ever flooding which killed more than $200.00 people and displaced thousands more. the tour renshaw rains just keep coming teams across india's southern and western states have mounted major rescue and relief efforts more than 300000 people have been evacuated in the worst affected areas kerala karnataka and maharashtra. to provide assistance in the prevailing
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persecution with a strong focus america bond is deployed 1st india faces rain related disasters during the monsoon season which kills hundreds of people each year flood waters and landslides have made roads impassable have cut off and even in some cases downed bridges and have made traveling by bus and train impossible. people are forced to seek shelter and safety at relief camps some houses are covered in several metres of mud like that cafe which has been completely destroyed in kerala. it's been at least 5 or 6 takes everybody stuck in the villages animals and everything all stuck there people are facing a lot of problems. water's coming from all directions and entered all the houses. rescue teams worked tirelessly to evacuate those affected by the floods and most at risk they are also being helped by the good samaritans in their communities the
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worst may not be over authorities worry that the flood hit areas will be pummeled by more thunderstorms hampering their rescue operations even further. earlier i asked the. wall in delhi how serious the situation is there for people in the region. the flooding is very serious across the state it's hard not to call maharashtra and also the west and do a good job this comes on the heels of similarly damaging and massive flooding it was the north east of india earlier this month india has hit to ensure brings with tween june and september which is what causes this flooding in these specific states last year as well kevin love which is again the worst to see if this was hit very badly and over $200.00 include died last year now there is an inkling of good news if the predictions of the meteor logical department are correct today there's
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no dead in the it didn't get in the bed of the it's basically means that action really needed there's still or ingenuity in some districts which means that they have to be aware and know it but it can be used in full is not expected today but of course as we saw on the board hundreds of thousands have been dismissed and making sure that the us leave now and eventually if you have alleviated into their whims lito it's going to be a long process and we should this is obviously a very distressing situation which the government doing to help those affected by the flooding. well tony this is a 24 hour helpline set up in new delhi by the national disaster response force the n d r f india does off the team is amongst the largest in the world then the 170 teams have been deployed across the country the military has also gotten involved and has been involved in dropping food packets to flood affected and as if that's
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another challenging aspect of making sure that not only in relief camps but for people who are trapped in their homes food is reaching them another judy challenging thing about this particular event has been that have been dozens of mudslides tree good all across the state of carolina which means that people have been trapped and which is why the death toll is continuing to be updated but of course the government minister has seen them minister of a so we indeed they are appealing to the people for funds and headed and good samaritans also coming out to make sure that the damage can be controlled as far as possible. while talking to us a little earlier from delhi to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today italian lawmakers though such debate a no confidence motion against the government of prime minister just have to come to the right interior minister matteo cold for the last week he wants to bring down the government and hold snap elections hoping to be called the new prime minister.
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the new migrant rescue ship has saved more than 250 people in the 1st 3 days in the mediterranean ocean vikki picked up the refugees off the coast of libya the vessel was operating but the aid organizations still is without borders and so with miniature. conservative. tea is one of the it's new president won the 2nd round of presidential elections on sunday with 59 percent of the vote the expulsive the prison system defeated sundra. taurus a left leaning former 1st lady. conspiracy theories are swirling following the death in prison of disgraced u.s. financier geoffrey epstein president has weighed in with claims about his predecessor bill clinton attracting widespread criticism lawmakers want to know how obscene could have committed suicide in a high security jail. the removal of
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a body that is raising many questions not only legally but politically to geoffrey epstein the billionaire businessman was awaiting trial on charges he views dozens of underage goes and forced them into prostitution he was accused of running an illegal sex trafficking ring from his private island in the caribbean some of his accuses said the abuse happened when they were just 14 years old he's alleged victims can't understand why he wasn't watch more closely after he'd already apparently tried to kill himself while in custody or one of anybody that i. just wanted him to be held accountable for his actions court documents published 24 hours before epstein's death makes reference to several famous individuals who were also allegedly involved in abstain sex ring thank luke britain's prince andrew a former governor of new mexico and the next senator. epstein was well connected
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and at times had contact with former u.s. president bill clinton and the current president donald trump in an interview trump once called epstein a great guy he like clinton has since distanced himself publicly from abstain but now trump is spreading conspiracy theories on twitter about epstein's death he writes died of suicide on 24 hour suicide watch how does that happen jeffrey epstein had information on bill clinton and now he's dead in addition to the f.b.i. investigation the justice department has opened its own private incorporation with the white house. until information implicating some people very high up this seems to be very concrete and that jeffrey epstein has done some very bad things over a number of years and so let's continue to investigate that weeks ago trump's labor secretary alexander acosta resigned and his former job as
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a prosecutor he offered epstein a sentencing deal which is now being seen as too lenient side despite his death the eps think ice is a long way from being used for sills' right wing president. has hit back at germany for suspending $35000000.00 euros an a for the amazon he says brazil does not need the money for lin announced it was suspending funding because of brazil's failure to halt the poor station meanwhile hundreds of women living in the rain forests are making their way to the capital brasilia to join a protest against land clearance. these indigenous women of travel to presume to sound the monday forestation. they say both scenarios policies favoring development are destroying their homeland. larry's money that is the one that is women women women i.s.o.'s our forests is
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disappearing mother nature is asking for help and nobody is listening now we need to shout as the west for the deforestation of our land we are crying for help me to have data from the brazilian government's own i n p institute shows deforestation accelerating sharply the agency says some 2250 square kilometers were cleared last month an increase of 278 percent from a year ago. the president has repeatedly clashed with green campaign is over de forest station and opening up the amazon for development and he has this noble suggestion. that. it's enough to eat a little less you talk about environmental pollution it's enough to poop every other day that will be better for the whole world. that sun likely to convince these indigenous women they say the need for action to protect their forests is
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becoming ever more and. you know all the german government itself is coming under rowing pressure to revamp its approach to climate change one seen as a pioneering green policy brylin no appears to be struggling to cut greenhouse gases the latest idea from the environment minister is to ban plastic bags. a familiar debate is wafting through berlin it's about free plastic bags they're widely available in grocery stores and markets retailers already agreed voluntarily to limit the bags use resulting in a 64 percent drop but 2000000000 plastic bags are still used each year that's why germany's environment minister now wants to ban them now that's why we've been able to cut usage by 2 thirds now atlanta makes officials so it continues a little is the logical next step. the green party backs the move but once more
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than just talk.


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