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this is d.w. news live from our lead the thought is in hong kong closed down the airport as anti-government protesters occupied the arrivals hall the abrupt shutdown of one of the world's busiest hubs comes as the chinese government signals its rising anger at the protests denouncing some of the demonstrators as terrorists. also coming up italy's far right interior minister battaile salvini hopes to capitalize on a snap election by pushing through a no confidence vote in the government tell you lawmakers decide today if and when
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that vote will go ahead and do yoga gyptian woman with down syndrome pushes the boundaries in the world of media and the competitive swimming. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program authorities in hong kong have shut down the airport as thousands of activists stage a sit in there the management say that the demonstration has seriously disrupted airport operations now the sit in has so far shown no signs of coming to an end but the authorities say that they hope to restart operations i one of the world's busiest travel hubs early tomorrow the abrupt shutdown came as the chinese government signaled its rising anger at the protests denouncing some violent demonstrations as terrorism for the 1st time the police seem to be getting tougher with the demonstrators. police in hong kong
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a cracking down on protesters with ever greater force. but these pictures from the most recent street demonstrations appear to show a startling development and not just because of the force being applied the arrest taking place here appears to include undercover police officers at work dressed as protesters. pictures like these which pro-democracy activists say prove the police using excessive force quickly circulated on social media and helped to spark a hastily organized sit in at hong kong pull out the protesters say police of firing tear gas and other projectiles directly into their eyes civil rights observers say some of these actions are a violation of police guidelines the police have defended their tactics including the use of water cannon elsewhere in the protests. regarding these specialized crowd management fearful we absolutely have clear guidelines for their
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use. there must be large scale public unrest for us to utilize them so. there is no doubts that more and more injuries are being sustained amid the rising tensions and buttons on the streets with some in all $38.00 now suggesting a curfew as a possible course of action to bring things under control. so let's get more on the situation there we are joined from the international airport there in hong kong by our correspondent kong so if you could tell us because the airport authorities they have said that they have seriously disrupted the these protests what is the status of the sit in right now. while it's already the late night home called odd the sit in protest in the international airport of homo has lasted for over 10 hours and was turned off the
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opera house this i'll tell you after the small sit in for. this has to have a rival false has decreased the pick of the more than half of them have left already but still right now there are still hundreds of them if not thousands of protesters are still together right having a rifle hauled off the international airports they're sitting here very peacefully and some of them they chant slogans very often by saying protesting against it for toilets you know less brutality of a home from police force and they're trying to do some leave a message. to the tourists who are arriving home home and that is the situation right now and some of them they're not going to leave so we're going to upset by what are they will stay over night i'm not because the hunger they have won the protesters to leave on their own but so far there is no actions taken by the police so far and with more protesters arriving as you've just highlighted there flights
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just rocketed would you say that the situation is escalating. while the atmosphere at the arrival halls at the international half hour phone call today it's quite peaceful protesters that we've been few scotu to protest to the authorities here to spread the message to tourists but all we can see the balance between the protesters and the police force has been asked for it over the last week and because you have mentioned in the report earlier that the police is now accused of using excessive force to protest this and also although there is citizens so that's why it has graced the public in the race the post has been even further that they will send out and then to foist out that this content too was a police force and that's why it hasn't shown up between the 2 parties is now intensified t.v.
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remind us of the protesters demands and what would it take at this point therefore to resolve the situation. peacefully. while the protest this down this hill the size of the fight they took they was regarding the now suspended extradition of all they want the government with soy completely but more importantly they want to cover the set up and you have this inquiry to investigate thoroughly about the last excessive force used by the police and that is to make sure this content off the public right now but so far all the basic out of basic government and i hope. they're not making any compromises and but instead they are accusing their some of the protesters as terrorists so this will further like intensified its hands and between the 2 parties so we can see if there's any possibility in the salt term to the life that the problem to be resolved peacefully and the tension is not going to soften in this all time
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reporting from hong kong international airport correspondent with the very latest there thank you. and citizens of hong kong living in other parts of the world have been closely watching developments a large hong kong community lives in britain and some have been taking to the streets of west london to support the protesters back home it's. hong kong expatriates in london are showing solidarity with the activists back home nearly 100000 people from the former u.k. colony are now living in britain they're watching the protests with a mix of hope and concern for the last 8 weeks a crowd has been putting on the helmets of the democracy movement and gathering over the weekends in west london we in the u.k. cannot do much but we want to know that the hong kong people know that. you know hong kong us all over the world really u.k. photos as well which we should apply pressure on the m.p.'s to put to go through
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the parliamentary process to put pressure on the hong kong government but london isn't offering much more than encouraged. meant success for the u.k. after bret's it is heavily dependent on economic deals with china a dispute with beijing now would be extremely unhelpful. like many others alexander is worried about being confronted by an aggressive chinese state when she returns home the 25 year old has been living and working in britain for 2 years she says her body is in london but her heart belongs in hong kong. who can bits them they have a whole army they have to pull. what we how the how mats. safety goes. and this is this is not fair to me and even though we are strong right now we stand strong and who can hope in london alexandra is safe from the tear gas and yet she still considers her protest part of the big picture. we
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would fight studio until we got what we want we want out the more christine we want . our universal suffrage but that is exactly what beijing doesn't want them to have and so the fear is spreading even to those far away from home. let's get a quick check of some other stories now making news around the world a yemeni separatist group supported by the united arab emirates says that it's ready for talks with yemen saudi backed government the separatists seized control of the city of aden over the weekend after a breakdown of the coalition fighting yemen's iranian backed rebels the separatists seek independence for southern yemen. the norwegian man charged with killing a stepsister and opening fire in a mosque there oslo has denied the accusations and asked to be released the 21 year olds made the statement out of court hearing a court ruled that he can be held for 4 weeks while an investigation continues. and
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the new migrant rescue ship has saved more than 250 people in its 1st 3 days in the mediterranean the ocean viking picked up migrants off the coast of libya it's the largest of the rescue boats searching the seas between north africa and italy. and we had to italy now where senior politicians are gathering in rome to respond to interior minister. call for snap elections party leaders in the italian senate have to decide if they will set a date for a parliamentary no confidence vote salvini triggered the political crisis when he declared his party the league would no longer work with the n.t.s.b. which meant 5 star movement. 2 parties formed a coalition government last year now support for the league has surged since the government took office last year salvini is betting on new elections to make his lean the strongest party in italy which would put him in the prime minister see over the weekend he looked like a man on the campaign trail. sun sand and selfies
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this is how it leads deputy prime minister has become the country's most popular politician he's a leader who really misses a photo opportunity or a chance to get close to the voters surveyed he spent this weekend literally pressing the flesh in southern italy you can seems like a politician who is close to the people around it in a city he's come here to meet us amongst the hidden treasures of the south. but he was in the south for more than just the beautiful beaches. the south this way at least immigration debate is must draw its he that hundreds of thousands of migrants have come ashore in the last 5 years. the interior minister has used his tough stance on immigration to turn his legal from a regional party into it least most popular political force who are to be i've just been to n.g.o.s boats carrying hundreds of migrants from entering. the time of day
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don't you people are protesting but who cares is there. still controversy dogs taub any where ever he goes left wing protesters even followed him to the bache he's populous and team aggression rhetoric has divided the country. in sicily supporters and opponents brood and selvi medicine the man and many are afraid of what would happen if he became prime minister measuring it up sure so if savina gets an absolute majority it will have terrible consequences for the country all of a. sudden he isn't merely a voice in favor of italian sovereignty what. he's quite close to being a racist or a xenophobe this is the action of 40 whether the interior minister heads up a new government depends on whether there are new elections. right now it's unclear if the league has enough votes in palm and to force them through but if there is an
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election in the tail so be looks set to win. and that would have immense consequences feedly and the a you. could buy journalist john hooper who is in florence he's working as a correspondent for the economist welcome to the program jon what exactly is being decided today. party with the leaders of each of the parties in the. meeting as we speak to try to fix a date for when the prime minister can be heard and for all of vote or no confidence in the prime minister which has been tabled online his own deputy . how likely is it that will get his way. well a lot depends on the outcome of this meeting because if he can succeed in
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getting the me sane vote rather taken very quickly then that helps him to push the country towards elections that's why it is for our interest our vision of the 5 star movement and in the the the opposition the democratic party are trying to drive here because the longer the process takes or more likely it is that the head of state president. will decide no we are not going to be able her not a time in which to get the next year's budget through and therefore we need to have some kind of institutional known hante government could be supported by the democratic party on the left and the 5 star or even a coalition between the 2 and what other consequences could we see if anything
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else. if salvini fail i think that the consequences would be a very strong reaction by him or by his supporters on the right saying that they will who people who is being cheated even though his opponents would say well this just reflects the who people as reflected in the last general election in 2018 and light is really part of what makes this crisis extremely problematic because the 5 star movement is strong in parliament whereas mr zolli in his party believe he is strong according to the polls in the country journalists john hooper and florence for us thank you. you're watching news still to come on the program fighting the stigma surrounding down's syndrome we will hear from a young paralympian riding
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a wave of success on t.v. and in the pool. but 1st russia's media regulator has demanded that you tube stop promoting live streams of what authorities call illegal political protests russian demonstrators have been gathering for the past 4 weekends to call for a free and fair elections they took to the streets after several opposition candidates were excluded from the ballot for moscow's city council now one of the russian capital's biggest political protests in nearly a decade took place on saturday. social media editor carl assman joins us here in the studio for more on this story so what exactly does moscow want you to do i mean 1st of all as you mention these protests this week and they were big deal 50000 people in the streets of moscow around 100 people arrested so the very next day russia's communications watchdog sends a letter to google that's of course you tube's parent company and they're essentially
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saying look stop promoting these rallies on your site or else and this is that letter it specifically says that you tube was sending push notifications to you tube users to help promote what are called unlawful demonstrations the letter as you can see also says if google doesn't respond it will be regarded as quote infer interference in the sovereign affairs of the states hostile influence and obstruction of its democratic elections so russia taking this pretty seriously i mean the letter does not exactly spell out what actions russia might take against google in response and google for its part has not publicly commented on this either but if we're reading between the lines here i mean why does russia really want you to block these push notifications right i mean what's the big deal about some push notifications right the letter doesn't specifically mention which. counts are war which videos we're sending out these push notifications but it's pretty clear if you look at youtube which videos the authorities were really worried about
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being promoted and then this is one of them here and there were scores of accounts that were actually live streaming these demonstrations for hours i think this one went on for 7 or 8 hours many of the largest channels were run by international broadcast or broadcasters or radio free europe voice of america for example this particular one comes from radio free europe it was seen by more than 2000000 people it had interviews with protesters you can see there on the side an active discussion board as well so if you read between the lines that might be the kind of stuff the russian authorities didn't quite like and why the focus on you tube specifically because i mean it's not the only platform right right it's not the only one but in russia you know television especially is heavily censored it's essentially controlled by the state so you tube has become this kind of safe haven for free speech it's one of the few places you can go if you're a russian citizen to see video of an opposition protests to hear anti kremlin opinions the best example really of you tube's power inside of russia is
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a scene of all the himself this opposition figure and really youtube is what launched his career in the 1st place i mean his you tube channel has nearly 3000000 subscribers and they tune in for these investigations into state corruption you might remember this one if you gears ago he dug into prime minister dmitri medvedev of his use of dirty money to allegedly by mansions and other property as you can see here that was viewed 30000000 times on you tube obviously not something you would see on state television so you tube and google in general are really being targeted specifically by russia i mean the company was fined last year for failing to filter out sides that have been banned by the government from its search results you tube also last year was forced to take down video ads for the volley during the election this threatening letter not coming out of nowhere i mean google definitely is in the crosshairs of russian authorities call nasa thank you. for the islamic holiday of death has begun around the world the 40 festivities are
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considered the holiest in the muslim calendar but this year they are taking place in the shadow of political tension in several countries. the in israel and the west bank thousands flocked to the mosque in jerusalem to offer prayers to commemorate god testing abraham speight by commanding him to sacrifice his son but each had a political edge in ramallah where palestinian president mahmoud abbas that's the crowd but also vowed to establish an independent palestinian state. politics with part of the proceedings in india ruled kashmir to where muslims were only allowed to go to mosques alone or in pairs amid rising tensions and the security lockdown strong feelings were on display. even rain but we've gathered here not for aid but to show solidarity with the people of india and how kashmir.
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we want to tell india that despite its crew to the people of kashmir will not remain silent because he never again there. in syria shepherds gather their flocks to sell for sacrifice but for many the conflict destroyed the joy of eat. her. spirit of 8 is 100 percent missing and i open my shop to create a nice atmosphere for the people so they can forget the misery and displacement. the celebrations last 4 days and although marred by conflicts here in syria and elsewhere these children at least could enjoy some of the fun of the fair for the festivities. now to an exceptional young woman who's equally at home in the water and the t.v. studio she's a paralympic swimming champion from egypt to. making a splash on television and it's not just her gold medal who's that sets her apart she also happens to have down's syndrome here's her story. her. rock my car
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lead has truly swum her way to freedom the 23 year old has down syndrome. here with her new friends she's in her element. i'm happiest when i'm here practicing with my friends the house and then i chat and play with them. and i feel like a champion. but. their training for the upcoming international competitions. rocked was mother is often hurt by the cruel discrimination her daughter endures. but swimming has helped compensate for people's poor treatment of ra after all she's already won several medals in the international competitions. but outside the pool things
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haven't been easy. the hardest part for me was when i wanted to go to kindergarten and school. many people were against me going to school. they said be thankful that you can walk and talk i love most more they don't understand down syndrome i'm not disabled i have down syndrome it makes me special. another thing that makes her special is the morning show she presents on the popular egyptian t.v. channel d m c 4 the recording rock my has a briefing with 2 colleagues and some guests. my answer guests make their way to the studio for the channel a presenter with down syndrome was a courageous step. we found it a little unusual at 1st but then we thought it was great because the result is fantastic and she has been very well. i found her at the. rock my has
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been presenting the morning show for 9 months together with a colleague rockmart always opens the show she's one of 2 main anchors both rock and the station are pushing boundaries well as a full i'm proud and happy because i'm doing something to enlighten society. from the society knows that we can do this now. that we're integrated into society. that we belong to it. that one chromosome doesn't make a difference that down syndrome makes us special. we won't be discouraged by that label get him to give. to the. book by khalid says her message is well received she's already succeeded in convincing the mothers of children with down's syndrome that they are a gift from god. now to tennis and canada's rogers cup canadian teenager bianca
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andrea school became. the 1st female home winner of the cup in 50 years after sunita williams had to pull out with an injury williams was only on the court in toronto for 16 minutes before she had to stop playing because of back spasms she left to tears as she was consoled by her opponent. and in the men's final in canada rafael nadal came out on top in his match against danielle. have a look. reigning champion rafael nadal dazzled from golf showing plenty of aggression to set the tone early on the against time he'll make better. off just surviving to break points and breaking medvedev serve the world number 2 looked in control his russian rival showed fight but couldn't force areas. that al sealed the 1st set 63
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with this suit put shot down the line and it was smooth sailing from then on much to the delight of his spanish supporters and the audience. failed to turn around medvedev fortunes in the 2nd set no doubt at this point clearly comfortable with everything the world number 8 through its him. the spaniard consistently broke in the 2nd set to cruise to 6 nil claiming the rogers cup for the 2nd year running making it the 1st time he has defended the title on the play cool. now recharge his batteries before the u.s. open having pulled out of the cincinnati musters shortly after this match and. this is state of news live from berlin up next to his asia with the rush banner g we will leave you now with pictures from australia which is experiencing some particularly harsh weather right now including heavy snow falls in some low lying
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areas that has led to some unusual images like these for example i check this out these are kangaroos hopping through the snow in new south wales definitely not an everyday sight down thank you so much for joining us here on africa.
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absolutely. the world is getting more sick. more kids are strictly a money problem thanks to global 3000 talk to a team of british researchers who take a more optimistic view. the world is not always a good place but it's much like paranoia how. is the world really getting better
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the for. the global $3000.00 special reports. starts august 19th some decent law. enters the conflict zone with tim sebastian. i'll be challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding up. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with key players on the ground in the centers of power cutting through the rhetoric holding the fossil to account past the conflict the. conflict zone with tim sebastian on t.w. . the quiet melody resounds michael white of the.
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reasoning within it's. the mind and the music. token 1st bond 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. this is the news asia coming up on the program monsoon rains hit southwest india with a fury floods and mudslides leaves scores dead and forced hundreds of thousands of people into emergency camps how is india hoping with the disaster we'll get an update on the rescue and relief efforts also coming up. ongoing after cancelled flights as protests.


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