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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  August 12, 2019 7:45pm-8:01pm CEST

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straits we revisit the berlin wall through the eyes of a west german author of the way and see how german the business sector both sides east and west record. and speaking of walls the berlin based artist collective inner fields use them as their canvas for some of the most sought after street art around. well anyone who's a fan of the sound of music will remember julie andrews yodeling her heart out in the song the lonely goatherd and indeed long before the advent of smartphones cow and go herds used yodeling in the alps as a way to call from one mountain to another but what began as a melodic language in switzerland and austria has evolved into a sophisticated musical form in itself and it's one that has remarkable staying power. but be totally meaningless and loudly.
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we don't know when the 1st alpine dairy farmer let rip with the 1st. warning. perhaps the most plausible explanation courting the scattered herd of cows in for milking but with so much artistic creativity be invested into such a monday in toss. time oh are you know 2 you are on my thesis is that the 2nd variation is much more penetrates that's the reason the german police or the fire department have this. that goes just like that. goes up and down and that's basically a yodel. or perhaps the order was originally a distress call. the invention of someone high in the mountains feeling threatened
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by the uncanny silence someone who felt they must release this feeling of loss ness in a primal yell and theists became an entertaining form of music. it's rather hard to imagine now but there was a time when yodeling was considered revolutionary. you could even say there was a kind of republican yodel for example in switzerland one of the 1st democratic countries or roll of the was to free it from the podium at the beginning of the 19th century. these countries were associated with freedom in the of the rest of europe. so the euro songs that came down from the out still europe were transformed into songs of freedom. an interesting theory where the battles of just great
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p.r. measures 4 point folk music well christoph garters research does suggest that there was a yodel at that time one which gripped the whole of europe and soon produced its 1st superstars growing a family from silla tar. paper adored and got rich and that energized the same mate this opined song into a kind of 1st pop music so instead we see c'mon in addition to the rhinos hundreds of outpoints singers and even opera divas took yodeling to the living overseas pastures near 0 balance yards at the new york metropolitan opera their views were not great but that didn't stop yodel mania gripping the us. the whole world met in the usa in the 19th century and a mix of languages were spoken my idea is that yodelling was the lowest common.
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denominate the clouds to get. the music market was soon saturated with a new sound and some began to find it just plain irritating mark twain generously rewarded the 1st yodeling shepherd he encountered ascended the space mountain but after encountering every moment at 10 minute intervals he soon resorted to bribing them just shots. order. trying did not live to experience the blue yodel jimmy rogers went from graduate brakeman to direct which his style was allegedly inspired by howling coyotes and steam locomotives. in the us a yodel mania lost its luster in the 1950 s. . but 2 decades ago yodeling was liberated from being solely the preserve
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of german folk music t.v. shows indie folk music bands and evelyn's garde vocalists have breathed new life into. and why not what could be more beautiful than transforming those cries of distress into a positive heartfelt yeah that echoes around the world. well august 13th marks the 58th anniversary of the day the berlin wall went up practically overnight here in the city itself it proceeded to divide berlin into communist east and capitalist west and for 20 years it was the most tangible symbol of the cold war and during that time author and journalist peter schneider was one of the 1st west germans to write a novel about it 30 years ago i could have been shot to death just for standing here for space on the east side of the berlin wall it was called the death street. people risk their lives. trying to escape from the communist east so the west but
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who would have been crazy enough to try to jump over the wall from the west to the east. the wall is about germans from both sides trying to overcome the border. mr who was in his mid forty's and on welfare 1st came to the attention of the police when with a running start from the west he jumps the wall heading east the guards of the other german states arrested as a border violator he wore out his interrogators who wanted to know why he hadn't used a border crossing by pointing out time and again that he lived right across the way and had taken the only direct path over the wall when the book came out in 1902 the wall was already part of people's d.n.a. hardly anyone here believed that east and west germany would agree unified and most people didn't even want them to win the war. weaves together political analysis and report ties with his own youthful adventures and his complicated friendships with
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germans from both sides the book proved to be prophetic it will take us longer to tear down the wall in our heads than any record company will need for the wall we can see. the wall jumpers still one of the most important works written about german division and it's probably the best history lesson you'll ever read. nice little slim addition to your summer reading list while walls play a central role in our next report because we're going to meet the guys from inner fields who specialize in massive street art murals now for a decade there are has reflected how ai and technology are taking over our lives and the more surface they manage to cover the more they hope that they can change the world along. do and hold. in a field. for 10 years now they've been painting giant sized colorful. and very
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precise works using building walls as they campuses and giant sized tools. this is all good and these are our surprise brushes our favorites if you were to do the same thing on canvas this would have to be a mini brush. many many in. this theme is the effects of the digital revolution on people's lives splog sees transforming huge facades into murals like this one in fribourg as both a challenge and a responsibility that it does with the mukesh have an opportunity to paint something like this also imposes a great responsibility on us to express something to the community. when you're located something in a public space where lots of people see it you have a responsibility to produce something lasting that advances society otherwise in the end it's irrelevant a few weeks earlier but artists live and work in berlin they 1st met in the mid ninety's when there were graffiti spray is not everything they created was entirely
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legal. i believe that. actually not all that much has changed about our passion from the 1990 s. i think the one small transformation that's happened is that while there was a hobby and a passion back then and today it's serious and a passion and now we're allowed to do it we don't get laughed at anymore. over the years that stayed true to their thing the only present smartphones are one of their favorite subjects they critical view of the breakneck pace of technological progress often finds expression in a mural in berlin. hamburg and abroad. such as georgia. israel. norway or ukraine. for us it's fantastic that we're getting so many requests from all over the world
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to come and paint these works. no we have to think about how we're going to coordinate the year and choose what we're able to take on and realize and finish. that. in addition to the meals they paint to get the 2 artistic projects on their own as well here it's all about the relationship between humans and technology the finished canvases look a bit like miniature versions of the murals but you do want to accept any artistic limitations. these works could indeed become a mural. there canvas as we've created individually to deal with the subjects of social media and technology. i think it's great because in a way we're putting together a cache of ideas. their latest mural is an
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initiative at the university of fribourg with philip tell my is conducting research on intelligence he supplied the basic idea for the work. it's been our experience in the projects we've done so far that art is a virtually ideal means or public forum for or approach to instigating dialogues on such complex topics as artificial intelligence technology and things like that. i agreed to super imposed on the study helps to transpose the proportions to the wall for days of work 6 liters of paint and 10 cans of spray paint went into the freiburg mural it purposely leaves much room for interpretation. we want to mention. we hope to reach people but we don't want to play the part of the educator here we just want to put down a few stumbling blocks and trip people up we want to trip up people's minds and.
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this is what in a field hope to achieve with them here on artificial intelligence. it's science alone makes it almost impossible to avoid engaging with the 1st time without it is time for us to sign off but don't forget about our web site e.w. dot com slash culture any time off to see you next time same time same place for more arts and culture news and until then on a scooter on chased. the. heavy
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clouds loom over this paradox of clouds of bricks it took the caribbean island of nk will act as a british overseas territory its neighbors are french and dutch territory. if britain leaves the e.u. the consequences will also be felt here. except curse in the caribbean. the for close up 90 minutes on d w. it was a season of high pitched star correction as it winds down the next exciting event is right around the corner. the german bundesliga is heating up and does always we're there to keep you updated with the latest on kick off limits in the form does
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guest at frankfurt airport city managed by from. a. business e w news live from berlin the us urges all sides of the hong kong protests to avoid violence that's after the authorities closed down the airport as anti-government protesters occupied the arrivals hall the chinese government has signaled its rising anger at the protests denouncing some of them as terrorists are . also coming up italy's far right interior minister mikhail silva any hopes to
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push through a no confidence vote in the government so that he can win a step election italian.


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