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so. is he going to make some significant work around the corner the german bundesliga is heating up and as always we are there to keep up the lead. after 16. this is the deputy news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the death toll in tanzania is fuel tanker explosion climbs to 75 this comes as relatives spent the 2nd day of national mourning identifying their loved ones at the morgue in the hospital. and the homemade wooden stitches bridging a logistics gap in the democratic republic of congo you'll be surprised.
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hello i'm christine want to welcome to news africa. we begin in tanzania where the death toll in the field tanker explosion in moral coral has risen to 75 hospital officials say 4 more people succumbed to their injuries the 2nd day of national mourning sole relatives identifying their loved ones at the moco morgue on sunday a mass funeral was held for some of the victims. mourners as far as the eye can see tons of humans are gathered in grief. the bereaved struggle to overcome the shock of this tragedy c. some still waiting for confirmation. but it was a. he used to work as a motorcycle korea and he loved to go to work like normal been around 8 am one of my. customers told me about the news of the explosion and most of the victims were
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motorcycle drivers. most of them. comes up there because of his job that i rushed to go to the hospital because even now i have no news about where my husband is whether he is still alive or that. that's that like we just knew when. disaster struck moore goro on saturday morning doesn't run to siphon petrol from across to fuel tanker when the combustible cargo exploded ripping through this community. but the good people were all over collecting the fuel i was there myself but i had no intention of joining them but i was urged by friends to join in collecting the fuel but i refused later i heard people screaming fire fire. that. such was the scale of the carnage many of the survivors had to be airlifted 200
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kilometers away to doris. doctors say most of the victims have severe burn injuries covering 80 percent of their body. president john mica foully visited some of them in hospital and begged his citizens to stop rushing to dangerous field spills in the future. across africa deadly blasts like this one are all too common nevertheless many here hope this tragedy may get sarah as a cautionary tale. joining me now for more on the story africa's harrison and william a welcome steve harrison you're from tanzania and you have been hearing a lot you know from home and just just how are people reacting to this tragedy it was very hard to see 1st of these pictures and videos circulating and social media and all of the people. abundant. on the ground it was very very hard to see those
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pictures and there were quite some discussions in social media on why it's happening again so many people died within a very short time. so it was tough yet tough tough as it may be harrison i mean it begs the question it's been say that the death toll was as high as it is because people literally ran from the homes they brought jerry cans to the sides to to to siphon feel it begs the question house and is is is it a sign of desperation that people would risk their lives in such a way i mean some people in our report told us they were called to come to the scene and said no it's dangerous but so many people did go is it is it this parishioners of why would so many people have gone. one can talk about dispersion because you know this is an opportunity to get free fuel so for some people seeing overturned tongue lying on the ground then it's an opportunity to get free
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or you're right but again the president of 1000 have also mentioned this when i was visiting the hospital that some of the people he met at the hospital we're not going there to steal you or to steal fuel some of them we're going there to rescue people so there are some people who are desperately going to steal oil some people are going there to save people. and that complicates things because some are calling full some of the survivors to be prosecuted for this what can you tell us about that debate about prosecuting so those people who are stealing the fuel and who have been injured as a result. you know because here you have some people who are who are still alive but they participated in stealing of oil but then again there are also some people who are who are supposed to take charge yeah yeah because what we hear from the media is that the who situation was almost lasted for almost 2 hours so there was
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some police in this area fire departments who would have reacted fast because i mean people there they should be some ways to sions to stop people from even getting close to the truck so these other people probably were of 3 percent you to don't know so the prime minister has already established a committee for investigating what has happened so that some people can be prosecuted on the issue ok. thank you thank you very much. in goma in the east of the democratic republic of congo's so-called. the king of the road the homemade wooden script has helped transport goods around the city at breakneck speed and some of their drivers have become local heroes.
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there are many ways to transport heavy loads. and this one in in the democratic republic of congo is unique but powered scooters made of wood their culture could use and they can used to carry everything imaginable. for years eastern congo has been wrecked by war. peacekeepers from the united nations with their distinctive blue helmets on the ground they don't need to could use to get around but scooters painted in the un kindness can be found this one's own public seed claude giovanni he and his 2 could do are a familiar sight across the city and not bother underway at all much ado like this because the area of trouble through is home to many rich people from the u.n.
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. he makes a roll of not transporting objects that might make his brilliant scooter dirty but his work is the same as it is for all other to put in the driver's transporting heavy objects to customers. because i want to build us on a bus i would send a cousin i'm going to my job i don't have any other than my chick who helps me feed my family and thanks to this work i can afford to send my children to school boy. and when the route goes downhill even the heaviest load is easy to transport. alexy has been memory alive for his victories in the city's annual 2 could do race he's proved himself the fastest scooter pilot several times over that use a major attraction in golmaal but the work itself isn't so glamorous. started
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a worker's union for drivers. it helps us plan our lives and ensures nobody tries to trick us and you want to look at little bit. of us the more you try to stick together so we can all be successful and how. nobody can say exactly how many wooden scooters there are in goma definitely more than 100. to come by lives and works on the outskirts of the city he's a chill could do specialist and the man who killed alexey giovanni's race winning ride. after close inspection he spotted the problem. with more to come by lead gets to work he knows exactly how to build a robust roller using 2 different types of wood the axle would comes from a strong tree that grows around goma.
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she. isn't turning properly. it needs adjusting so. i just can't work as well as i want to when it's not running smoothly so. that she could do has to be fast. you can see here that something's chafing. up. within a few minutes the transporter is dismantled and reassembled and it's wooden wheel is spinning freely again. one alexy giuliani can once again provide 1st family with a simple emission free made of free nubile locally sourced natural material perhaps the biko of the future. perhaps it is now today is international youth day and this year there is a focus on education in africa school and university remains in accessible to many
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especially those in rural areas beyond be hard reality in certain instances all peoples hopes and dreams we took up cameras to the streets to people about their vision for the future of our dreams. be successful you know to live a better life because right now i would love to see you live are so hard especially in this part of the world. you go to school you know every sense of security which was seen then you find out our jobs you know good at a couple right so many children suffering here we don't have schools we don't have water you can say we just come from fetching water and we buy one jerry confort 20 us cents and it's about 5 konami's as a way to post your future in the future i want to stop being a motorbike operator and it will grow and make you become
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a taxi driver i want to be able to deal in many businesses not just taxi work i could even run a business. all or live my life to the fullest how to become someone my parents are proud of all of this someone my siblings also would be proud of the biggest change i would like to see in south africa is to see young women leading the country improving themselves standing up for themselves and been fair and so independent that's no either men or any other person can see why it's they have actually used from. and that is it for now from africa as well. ways you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page because it's international youth day today we leave you lots of images of some young people in africa the next time i back.
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i'm secure in the by a more tolerant and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here and more innocent of that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with clients of the what's your story ready. i mean when i was a women especially a victims of violence and. take part and send us your story you are trying in
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order to understand this new culture. another very little another year you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. your. welcome from berlin and welcome to arts and culture the hills are alive with . the sound of yodeling which i'm not very good at but we'll look into how this form of communication has evolved and flourished also coming up. in our series 100 german must reads we revisit the berlin wall through the eyes of a west german author and see how german division affected both sides and west.
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and speaking of wall berlin based artist collective inner fields use them as their canvas for some of the most sought after street art around. well anyone who's a fan of the sound of music will remember julie andrews yodeling her heart out in the song the lonely goatherd heard and indeed long before the advent of smartphones cow and go herds used yodeling in the alps as a way to call from one mountain to another but what began as a melodic language in switzerland and austria has evolved into a sophisticated musical form in itself and it's one that has remarkable staying power.


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