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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  August 13, 2019 2:30am-3:01am CEST

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like how. is the world really getting better play. a global $3000.00 special report. stuff like this 90 sunday to. cut up. when you. are trying their song in celebration wherever he goes i'm young.
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enough to find out when the silly man shareef story is one of a spectacular career that began in a small town in east germany. thanks . thank you thank you. thank you. for it over 7200 kilometers from noise plannin bark and they've german state of mecklenburg for common minds kindi a guinea in west africa the home of silly man sharif that. while it's obvious that i was this big. and he was this banks it sucks for you.
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he's met his children to play football sherry from one side and 10 of us on the other one against 10 but he used to take it past all of us in school i remember it well. the market is not on the market it. just. departed seriously a month a lot here in ny brandenburg is where everything began but he says if i never got this chance that i would never have become african footballer of the years there and got on well. this is where i started playing at a high level want to do but. knowing you will live performance dice need. to know this is the team from the 19631964 season sells
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them to one you know some songs that are loud busy but i slow. mine at inch 50 awards. so there one sheriff. there you're going for the. fun stuff. over banks. not all this info. was done to him on the ways i'm here to scan. i did not i was to tell him i'm. yanking the system that's the team. unforgotten up to this very day his team mates from noise plan and book. i i.
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hear this week german democratic republic consul general secret camps along with a representative of the ministry of information of the republic of guinea to rector a key opened in exhibition under the title 15 years of the g.d.r. i can praise the exhibition as proof of the successes of a socialist economy and it's a welcome contribution to the increased cooperation between the g.d.r. and guinea. sharif found his way to noid plan and bork in the winter of 1962 as a guest within the framework of the g.d.r. us socialist development aid program he spoke no russian or german. but no division of it people ask me do you have a heart. i said yes. and i'm all about your head still with us and i said here this is my head. so that it did to develop that.
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sharif worked annoyed brandenburg state run building sector where he was able to gain experience to help with his own country's construction. you move the block see we lived in biloxi the athletes and he lived with his colleagues in block d. of so we were all on the same premises we shared a canteen together at meal times got an item out and then there was a hall which we used to train in the evenings and the whole he was there doing some stuff for the ball with his hands and feet he was very talented. on how you could see straight away that he was a footballer that he had owned by the man who got magazine doesn't buy this super team in shorts a brilliant guy who does everyone just felt like he was our pele in a dialogue he's in parties or to a likeable guy with a great character better than some germans this man should. not.
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be. keeping in touch with his family wasn't easy a letter from now i plan and book took weeks to arrive and getting. in the republic fund is my experience the best of conditions in the german democratic republic. silliman shady why suman sharif has decided to get his qualifications in our republic. so what if you see then and how his expectations were more than fulfilled in noir brandenburg then and forced in and then follow and that. the cross from not so into the parts down penalty box in the 17th minute was
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converted by a back heel from shareef to make it to nail a great goal. for her to be effective my. people were curious they wanted to know why i came to the g.d.r. . what children used to touch me up on the trip to find out whether there was coal on my skin at. the site later on people in my brandenburg got used to me or you don't come pretty specially once i started playing football on the fact that you know i think that i developed the film. when i was a wise. man i was. lucky enough was. good.
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grammar class in a school in candia. in guinea 3 quarters of the population are illiterate. sharif came to the school at the start of the 1950 s. . credit to go through and he spent every minute of his free time kicking a ball around. 7 pm to the gun defend us now now that this sandy pitch was my 1st sports ground. it's very different to the big. i played him years ago. that is used to fall down and graze ourselves and get dirty. they used to go mad. but that's football sort of. this is where he learned the alphabet. the basis for his education leading up to his journey to noise behind him boy. it does after 65 years sharif meets his former teacher once
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again. is. that the right. word brother but rather more to this that there is this is that a. this is a. little bit of this. that the round up. and not the 91 years old. the fantastic that was wonderful he couldn't ski view old news we weren't very good
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either but he was even worse and the movie had to do cross country and it was a catastrophe of this world for him this is of course something new and obviously he got to know the snow up close and personal a few times. but i'm here for you to lose your fire fell over and over and over again but i love them up until a minute he was there my coach took me by the hand place and said let's try it together you know that there were hundreds. in noise behind him but serif became a part of the team but in the league he remained an outsider. shareef like the fountain opponents and was immediately dismissed by the referee for misconduct. very harsh one sold. or whatever some
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spectators make comments like that especially when we played away from home. or here have a banana. shareef was targeted once again and this time it frustrated him usually fan recessed the striker got some more carried away and had to leave the pitch after a scuffle in the 43rd minutes. but sherry's concentrated on his game candace teammates had a name and promotion into the top flight of east german football.
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but. it was. for he's a jolly good fellow for he's a jolly good fellow. of the. sun for the most fantastic moments of. the view it was as if the noise brunt of both people adopted me at that moment. promotions for the novel and then people were ecstatic that is it ever among. primitives.
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the brilliant achievements of our football club scene oig random book and their promotion into the open was celebrated yesterday at an official reception held by the local leadership of the socialist unity party representatives of the free federation of german trade unions and the council of the districts of noisy brandenburg. rick. york is 12 goals sharif was awarded an honorary title. when the gods. it was written in the regulations of east german football the foreigners were forbidden to play in the open league. just that. awful. slow not tuna fish of course it was regrettable that foreign teammates were
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forbidden from playing in the open legal short. lead and unfortunately that was the end of sharif's time with us it. just copied to him and and i'm sure that in the. after 2 years annoyed plan and book sharif left the g.d.r. . when we discuss it among ourselves now we agree that we would never have been relegated if we'd had sharif. surface for instance i was in common so you don't mind it was how to finish to get my mom and sophie to talk. to me for by you know what i'm going to spout how it. should be returned to guinea to the capital conakry. 2 and a half 1000000 inhabitants the official language french.
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football is the most popular sport here it's played everywhere on the streets on the sand by the water and when the ball gets rolling sharif always shares his expertise right out loud to be followed by a lot of what i. heard will do what they want all the. while right. after returning from knowing fine and borg sharif played for the guinea a national team and facing off against sides like senegal book enough paso and mali over a period of 12 years. in 1968 even played at the olympics.
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doesn't push it off one of them walking through the olympic village ladies and gentlemen one occasionally finds a true surprise we were standing in the entrance to the team building when this young gentleman approached us and in a perfect german asked to speak to the german doctor we got talking and more said we discover mr sherry forgets of the poor. many of you will know him as he played football in our german democratic republic for noid brandenburg when was that mr shareef on board one vote us national of the us that was from 1962 to 64 months in the film sixes zeevi where there is a student wanted to study i studied building and construction but as a batsman joyful time yeah it was a great time. in mexico guinea were eliminated in the preliminary round.
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that there was. but sharif successful sporting journey continues at the altar national stadium. here in 1977 was the highlight the african cup champions final between half ia f.c. and across hearts of oak from ghana. i think. about this fantastic i still remember. it was full as well for. 4 people arrived here at 4 in the morning all through from through from 4 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon this into they were here from 4 am until 5 pm. i owe more than
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30000 fans attended time with them on the phone for busy to sunday i just think i should be for the number 5. point 00. 00000 his longball initiated the play which lay. to the winning goal and because i don't think the funding was tough come out on her start that somebody had cut 5 times the victory for half the f.c. . that was. out of the wedding everyone was happy it was a giant party and fest. serif won the african cup of champions 3 times in total.
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are still certainly for most i knew that he'd have a career in football ones we all knew it's who he was that good elin picked football and international player. that also confirms to us that we weren't that bad either. of those films and shift oh nonsense my empty seat in 1972 he was even crowned africa's best footballer for stuff like us. yes he strengthened us coughing up most of the tough ones he was gone we missed him of course some of those are. getting in football today more and more agents scour the country looking for talent. and enthusiastic fans are never hard to find.
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a new football academy 60 kids hoping for a career in europe a career like sharif's and there was a lot. then he was african footballer of the year he's our icon not platini not marathoner but sulaiman shareef. i. have that. i. sharif has one of the most famous people in the country. everyone knows him as ballon d'or through african
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footballer of the year that i know he's the only guinea and to have ever won that title. and i wasn't good over that if you look at the right. and yet you know what i heard them all i say guinea is my fatherland you know it's my fatherland and germany is my motherland. but the go the horns are part of sharif was 25 years old when he met his future wife in the city of pokey. to sell us a default to deny these are the photos from our wedding. me and sell them on. to some sequel. and it was. near la bianca. my this was in germany
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in the brandenburg. simple for so many. similar. to see that it took and these are our children and i seem also. to for. some tongue. all of us time to. play with. he's always away somewhere so he doesn't have much time 1st children so long football is life 1st he had a career as a player and then as a technical director at the football association. technically belong to. come. from here. and. what more about. when sharif returned from east germany he was happy to replace the bread rolls meatballs and hearty german breakfasts with home cooked meals he loved
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. technical guinea and staples such as fish planting in local land. and not. lived. in the mud finally he scored. but it wasn't that the penalty that he hammered into the corner. is not one of the a.r.u. touched. on how. good you look. in your hello pad i hear you see us here
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before you know which invited they were able to greet you really and we want you to know that we remember you we're pleased that we can send you a message church and here it is the form of mouse we've got some papers here for years and we've also got a gift which is special for us as well all of our players have got one of our which invited in grateful that we got to. play with you and we wish you all the best. ideas who do. that even. duncan thank you for annoyed brandon book chair is. going into. today we're all still proud that we got to play with you in our team always there must have to give reasons for. business especially how well you
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integrate it into our team was exemplary. in all of that team. for a big list. i mean i left people. saying it up important. that my view don't. tell a degree no i brought a book was an important stage in my life where by and large in a casual it was the beginning of my career lockers a little. but longer without this experience i would have not been able to become ballon d'or african footballer of the year. maginnis thank you cause thank you no prime numbers i'm no but on the more generous to 40 it's a day everyone respects me. oh sure of the things you achieve the things that really count you just like a night on the books and if a company public you they held me aloft and threw me into the air or some member
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somewhere up for its own belief or if it was incredible and i saw so much to see. her see them for they are let off. good. to.
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me it. wasn't true. you always have your home right with you. brought up a nightmare. but sure there are big polluters. get a tree that. slate. assisting e.w. . take off the top he was the pele from noise brandenburg
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. shall leave. in the 1960 s. the cyclist onto christine into east germany's crimea late today may not be allowed to play in it himself the story of a top flight after lacy with 971 was named to confirm elite player. 90 minutes on d w. s so west europe the european union is in crisis. if it still has a future it will mean champions young champions. playmate philanthropists or country slayer function for the training pitch or. do they stand
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a chance flay say figuratively an idea. of my god i'm here to stand up for european values and contribute to something important coming up see if. the future of europe starts september 2nd on d w. i'm not laughing at him i just sometimes i am but i stand up in which the captain thinks deep into the german culture looking at his stereotypes a question that anyone thinks he says the truth i don't. need it seems we think for this drama. it's all about who am. i my job join me for me the general you. post. about this issue when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard. i even got white hair
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room from. the gym language. this keeps me and they go. to interact with the site you want to know their story. it's worth fighting and reliable information for margaret. hong kong's international airport says it will resume operations on tuesday after it cancels flights due to a sit in staged by pro-democracy demonstrators activists say police use excessive force to break up the protest meanwhile china is describing the movement as quote emerging terrorism. italy's political leaders have agreed to convene the senate on tuesday for a special session to figure out next steps in the country's political crisis.


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