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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 13, 2019 5:15am-5:31am CEST

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in that he's against the deal that he won't implemented however he won't take office till january 2020 so by the time he takes office the agreement might actually be in full swing however right now go to. mate till the constitutional court of the country the rule about the riemann sol i guess we 1st have to wait for this step and then you can. see here minus briefly what this deal entails just just broadly speaking well broadly speaking it means that central americans who try to. get. in the united states they vill they can be sent back to guatemala and be talking about hundreds of people that is a substantial amount of people there but can't quite a mob really be considered a safe country well i think that that's been the discussion that has been going on
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and in my opinion it's quite ironic to perceive got a model as a safe country because you have. you have no new one durance or as of a dorian's fleeing their conference but also go to mounds of by the thousands fleeing guatemala to look for a better life in the states they're fleeing violence or fleeing. but like all for party unity. to consider going to save the country in my opinion is. would be kind of very strange to do so only smart in the rescue thank you so much things. now an exceptional young woman who's equally at home in the water and in the television studio full of paralympic swimming a champion from egypt who is making a splash on television and it's not just her gold medal that sets her apart she
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also has down syndrome. rocked my car lead has truly swum her way to freedom the 23 year old has down's syndrome. here with her new friends she's in her element. to the head i'm happiest when i'm here practicing with my friends the house and i chat and play with them. and i feel like a champion. yeah. but following. their training for the upcoming international competitions. rocked was mother is often hurt by the cruel discrimination her daughter endures. but swimming has helped compensate for people's poor treatment. after all she's already won several medals in international competitions. another thing that makes her special
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is the morning show she presents on the popular egyptian t.v. channel d m c before the recording rock my has a briefing with 2 colleagues and some guests rock my has been presenting the morning show for 9 months together with a colleague rockmart always opens the show she's one of 2 main anchors both rock my and the station are pushing boundaries well it was a fuckin side i'm proud and happy because i'm doing something to enlighten society young and tender the society knows that we can do this now. that we're integrated into society. that we belong to it. that one chromosome doesn't make a difference when they're down syndrome makes a special. we won't be discouraged by that label given that to give a yes no. to the book in the. book by khalid says her message is well received
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she's already succeeded in convincing mothers of children with down syndrome that they are a gift from god. all right that's it for the day but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either added overhears or you can follow me at like a lot herad don't forget to use the hash tag the day i am back tomorrow for another look at the day.
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kick off. he was the pele from noid brandenburg. shall leave. you 960 s. the sun kissed onto christine into east germany's crimea late today and not be allowed to claim it himself the story of a top flight athletes who in 1907 she was named african focus of the.
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next on t w. heavy clouds loom over this terrible. clouds of bricks of. the caribbean island of nk well it was a british overseas territory its neighbors are french and dutch territory. if britain leaves the e.u. the consequences will also be felt here the brics curse of the caribbean. close up in 60 minutes on d w. what secrets lie behind the small. find out in an immersive experience and explore fascinating both cultural heritage sites. the d w one. world
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heritage 360 good. how about taking a few friends so you could even take a chance on love. don't expect happy endings. the church. well that. was. what. was on their song and celebration wherever he goes beyond i was.
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very fond of my silly man sharif story is one of a spectacular career that began in a small town in east germany. was . nice thanks. thanks. thanks thanks thanks. for the. job thank you for 7200 kilometers from noise plannin borken they've german state of mecklenburg for common points kindi a guinea in west africa the home of silly man sharif. while jarvis it i was this big. and he was this banks it sucks for you always
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matches children to play football cherie from one side and 10 of us on the other one against 10 but he used to take you past all of us in school i remember it wow. why you think he marketed.


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