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company. headquarters and. ship it right but i need them our chief representative of german history and commerce in hong kong thank you for speaking to w. thank you argentina's financial markets are known to be volatile but even by these standards it was a brutal meltdown the marvel stock exchange nervous stock index rather lost almost half of its value in dollar terms what bloomberg said was the 2nd worst one day plunge of any market in 70 years investors panic after the country's business friendly president was walloped in a primary election by his leftist rival who is running mate is the former president many blame for the country's economic mess they're promising more of the state. the peso tumbled more than 30 percent against the u.s. dollar before recovering somewhat on monday shares in argentine companies fell and the price of insuring the country's debt rose investors fear that argentine president moderate c.e.o.
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mock you will lose control of the country before he writes his financial condition in part through a series of painful cuts on the streets upon us i this normal argentinians are running out of patience. i hope the economy revives because many people want to work and can't we get to the end of the month just making it we're now working to pay taxes because being able to save money ended a while ago. fickle global markets and a bad harvest put argentina in recession in 2018 exports are supposed to lead the way out later this year but the global economy itself is running out of steam inflation and unemployment are high in argentina for many mockery is the problem his government accepted a $56000000000.00 bailout from the much despised international monetary fund and put an austerity program in place. is a bad manager of the economy a bad manager of the economy who applied to gradualism that didn't work much. that's where sunday's big winner populist candidate alberto fernandez comes in he
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suggested renegotiating the i.m.f. lifeline and uncertain proposition voters will have the decision in october remain on a stable but painful reform path for follow a new direction filled with big but vague promises. let's get more on the story with. a national correspondent unadvised in frankfurt stock exchange and then to give us an idea of the magnitude of this meltdown and what it means to financial markets. it was actually the biggest market rout of the 2nd biggest market crowd in history after a long can market slump some days ago so it's a huge. vote of non-confidence for the potential new government and the problem is not it's certainly that christine nikhil might be the deputy of the new government and christina kitchenette was the president of argentina between 200-725-2015 she presided over the last the fold of the
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country so let's look at what happened yesterday in the markets because clearly with a deeper sation off the pace so at the forward to getting increasingly likely when asked to know that $455.00 continue and that is denominated in foreign currency that means they have to pay in foreign currency rast their own currencies losing in value and the more that happens the more costly it gets and the higher the likelihood of a d. fold at the same time casino kitchen and the potential new government they have already said they are planning on reopening of the package with the i.m.f. also another bad sign for the markets because it's quick i continue as clearly headed into a scenario where the economy might actually had south and also we have a lot of troposphere most likely when it comes to repaying that debt with that back to you and advice from frankfurt thank you. one thing that all
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citizens living in the european union have in common is the e.u. passport but the document is also available to people who don't live in the european union if you have the right amount of cash they do it's mainly wealthy russians that have been willing to pay big bucks for you citizenship the place to get it cyprus. cyprus is booming again and its 2013 financial crisis seems all but forgotten. the island's real estate market is thriving with the rows of expensive new high rises in the port town of limits. many russians are buying them today they make up about a quarter of a limb of souls total population. that. were all because investing at least 2000000 euros in cypriot real estate will get you cypriot citizenship
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business consultant irina churchill town is one of those who makes it happen for her wealthy clients she says it's easy. i want to give some exams. it's very simple choir the bus parked in here don't have to leave here permanently you'll have. possibility to trial file with no. 154 countries involved but cyprus is used golden passports to wealthy russians and arabs has been severely criticized by the u. but the island's finance minister who oversees this investment scheme so far only 500 people have actually acquired a cypriot passport and these ones may be main focus be dogs which offered after a lot of the more we start the detailed in-depth scrutiny and the background checks
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you put out any suggestions for you before we take the course to. jointly. establish it all it's gotten not done the investment. there is and so on so we would be absolutely willing to engage in such a discussion while the influx of rich russians has changed life none want to speak to us on camera about their new cypriot passports arena churchill turn says most a 1000000 you interested in making a profit. so you call his or terminal 5 percent of you. so all of his investment. also in the benefit of the side of the citizens. a very sweet deal that separate investment bankers are keen to promote after all where else can you acquire an e.u. passport in just 3 months. and for more go ahead and check out
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the website. or. washing.
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robots are still in the development phase. listening to happen when they. will humans and machines should be able to peacefully co-exist why are we on the verge of abolished. if we just bumble into this totally unprepared with our heads in the sand fusing to think about what could go wrong then let's face it it's probably going to be the biggest mistake in history. artificial intelligence. now spreading through our society. experts be able to agree on ethical guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. a robot collapse or 1214 on t w.
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he who welcome from berlin and welcome to arts and culture the hills are alive with the sound of yodeling which i'm not very good at but we'll look into how this form of communication has evolved and flourished also coming up. in our series 100 german must raids we revisit the berlin wall through the eyes of a west german author of the world and see how german division affected both sides east and west record. and speaking of walls the berlin based artist collective inner fields uses them as their canvas for some of the most sought after street art around. well anyone who's a fan of the sound of music will remember julie andrews yodeling her heart out in the song the lonely goatherd heard and indeed long before the advent of smartphones
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cow and go herds used yodeling in the alps as a way to call from one mountain to another but what began as a melodic language in switzerland and austria has evolved into a sophisticated musical form in itself and it's one that has remarkable staying power really poppy to pop up into pop up. poppy could. be totally meaningless and loudly. we don't know where the 1st point. dairy farmer let rip with the 1st yodel. perhaps the most plausible explanation courting the scattered herd of cows in for milking but with so much artistic creativity be invested into such a monday in task. or you can go far you are 2 on your my thesis is that the 2nd variation
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is much more penetrating that's the reason the german police or the fire department have this lalu are that goes just like that. it goes up and down and that's basically a yodel. the odor was originally a distress call the invention of someone high in the mountains feeling threatened by the uncanny sign of someone who felt they must release this feeling of lost ness in a primal yell and this became an entertaining form of music. it's rather hard to imagine now but there was a time when yodeling was considered revolutionary. you could even say there was a kind of republican yodel for example in switzerland one of the 1st democratic
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countries or role of the was to free it from the code in at the beginning of the 19th century. these countries were associated with freedom in the eyes of the rest of europe. so the euro songs that came down from the still europe were transformed into songs of freedom. an interesting theory where the battles are just great p.r. measures point folk music well christoph doctors research does suggest that there was a yodel at that. one which gripped the whole of europe and soon produced its 1st superstars growing a family from silla tar. they were adored and got rich and that energized the same mate this alpine song into a kind of 1st pop music so instead we see commom in addition to the rhinos hundreds of outpoints singers and even opera divas took yodeling to the live
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. overseas postures near 0 balance yards at the new york metropolitan opera their views were not great but that didn't stop your mania gripping the us. the whole world's met in the usa in the 19th century and a mix of languages were spoken my idea is that yodelling was the lowest common denominator of the clouds to combine some in the. music market was soon sexually did with a new sound and some began to find it just plain irritating mark twain generously rewarded the 1st yodeling shepherd he encountered as sending a space mountain but after encountering never moan at 10 minute intervals he soon resorted to bribing them just shut up for a. train did not live to experience the blue yodel jimmy rogers went from graduate brakeman to wreck and start his style was allegedly inspired by howling coyotes and
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steam locomotives. in the usa yodel mania lost its luster in the 1950 s. . but joe decades ago yodeling was liberated from being solely the preserve of german folk music t.v. shows indie folk music bands and evans garde vocalists have breathed new life into the and why not what could be more. transforming those cries of distress and positive heartfelt yeah. around the well. meaning. well august 13th marks the 58th anniversary of the day the berlin wall went up practically overnight here in the city itself it proceeded to divide into communist east and capitalist west and for 28 years it was the most tangible symbol of the
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cold war and during that time author and journalist. was one of the 1st west germans to write a novel about it 30 years ago i could have been shot to death just for standing here the space on the east side of the berlin wall was called the street. people risk their lives trying to escape from the communist east so the west but who would have been crazy enough to try to jump over the wall from the west to the east. the wall is about germans from both sides trying to overcome the border. mr cobb who was in his mid forty's and welfare 1st came to the attention of the police when with a running start from the west he jumped the wall heading east the guards of the other german state arrested as a border violator he wore out his interrogators who wanted to know why he hadn't used a border crossing by pointing out time and again that he lived right across the way
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and had taken the only direct path over the wall when the book came out in 1902 the wall was already part of people's d.n.a. hardly anyone here believed that east and west germany would agree unified and most people didn't even want them to win the war. weaves together political analysis and report taj with his own youthful adventures and his complicated friendships with germans from both sides the book proved to be prophetic it will take us longer to tear down the wall in our heads than any wrecking company will need for. the wall we can see. the wall jumpers still one of the most important works written about german division and it's probably because history lesson you'll ever read. nice little slim addition to your summer reading list while walls play a central role in our next report because we're going to meet the guys from inner fields who specialize in massive street art murals now for
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a decade their art has reflected how ai and technology are taking over our lives and the more surface they manage to cover the more they hope that they can change the world along. do and hold in a field has collected for 10 years now they've been painting giant sized colorful and very precise works using building walls as the campuses and giant sized tools. it's all. these are our surprise brushes our favorites if you were to do the same thing on canvas this would have to be a mini british. mini you need in. this theme is the effects of the digital revolution on people's lives as flog sees transforming huge facades into murals like this one in fribourg as a.


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