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systems. robot collapse aug 14th on d w. 6. this is the deputy news live from our lead hong kong airport is shut down for a 2nd day after protesters blocked the terminals demonstrators are rallying in solidarity with victims of police brutality over the weekend hong kong chief executive kerry lam has warned that escalating tensions in the city could put it on what she calls a path of no return. also coming up on the anniversary of the building of the
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berlin wall a firsthand account of the speech being communist east germany despite a guardian angel that lied i knew there were alarms or guard it was until it was like i saw a fin a piece of wire stretched from the bridge close to bridge post if i touched it would have gone off and they would have immediately fired shots. and the let's hear it for the left to use in a world designed for right handed people today is the day to close the triumphs and the struggles of the world's left handers front and center. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program hong kong airport has canceled all remaining flights for the rest of the day after another mass sit in by pro-democracy demonstrators thousands of protesters have returned to the airport for ace. 2nd
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straight day they are angry about the increasingly forceful response by police which demonstrators have condemned as excessive now hong kong's chief executive kerry lam is warning that the city is on quote a road of no return if the escalating violence is not brought under control the chief executives responsibility is to ensure that hong kong remains a safe and orderly and law abiding city that is my utmost responsibility is not there let's bring in now the analyst clifford kuhn and with us here in the studio we also have phoebe kong joining us remotely from hong kong she is just setting up right now so clifford i'll turn to you 1st we've heard all flights canceled again what is happening right now just walk us through what the picture must be there in hong kong home but this is the 2nd day now the flights being canceled the airport is such a symbol for the city so clearly this is
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a big blow for hong kong standing in a way and it really brings home the effect that these protests are having internationally in a way that this is the business hub the beating heart of this financial hub has been closed now for a 2nd day running with the closure of the airport meanwhile we're talking about china we know that the government is sharpening its rhetoric we have seen this video showing a security build up along the border with hong kong tell us a little bit more about what we saw on global times which is website newspaper strong newspaper part of the same publishing group that produces the communist party mouthpiece people's daily we saw these pictures of armored personnel carriers and troop carriers in shenzhen which is the city just over the border it's also a big financial technology home and in some ways kind of competes with hong kong and so we saw these rather alarming pictures of these big troop movements under.
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clearly seen as a kind of a signal to the protestors that china is watching very closely what's going on they're watching very closely and you know one has to wonder because you know you're seeing this build up on the border could they send troops and would they have the right to do so walk us through that well i think in terms of having the right they don't they certainly do i mean if they if they want to protect order if they see hong kong under threat as part of the basic law they are entitled to do whatever means the hong kong government deems necessary to protect hong kong there is a garrison of chinese military already in hong kong between $8.10 troops which could also be deployed if necessary i think the troop movements an inch and jan are more of a warning shot. something serious i think to be saluted just pick issues i mean if they came across the border for example that they probably all speak. mandarin rather than constant ease which is the dialect which chinese spoken in hong kong they might not know their way around there's a lot of logistical issues but i think if there were to be an intervention would
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possibly more likely to happen from within hong kong is a different stand by for just a 2nd because we've we've just got contact with our correspondent in the field there phebe kong who is joining us from hong kong you're actually at the airport there phoebe and you know we've we've heard about all these flights canceled again just walk us through the situation there on the ground right now because we know that there was a tense press conference a bit earlier kelly lamm kerry lamb essentially saying that there is a state of panic a state of chaos in hong kong and said that it was her job to maintain security but it seems as if she's losing control of the situation isn't she. oh oh well it's already a late night in hong kong and the hundreds of itself thousands of protesters are still gathering at the airport this is the 5th straight day for them to have assembly at these international airport aviation phone call and as you have most of them seems to. she insists on the hotline the pros to handle the crisis in hong
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kong she's not retreating at all she's not making any further compromise despite the fact that this movement has lasted for over 2 months but right now she is working in lie with a hotline the post with beijing that's trying to suppress the protesters trying to intimidate the protesters by arresting more and more people hundreds of them have been arrested it's already so good to see these to several was taken by the hong kong government as well as the beijing authorities and not softening the tension but a straight go to anger and try and and raising the public in fact given those intensified measures phoebe given you know the sharpening rhetoric that we have seen from the chinese and the build up of the troops on the border we've seen evidence of backs. you know what could this be because surely the protesters are not prepared for that do they think anyone will step in to defend them.
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well actually that have been rumors that power the. troops the chinese troops they might be the ploy to handle the crisis in hong kong that might have been room a school weeks already and some of the pope asian politicians say they think this family is such a message to the public to the hong kong so sad to be so in my view i think most of the protest is they're familiar with these kind of like a message from the pope beijing cam and actually some of them they are mentally and they're prepared for this kind of this way sion and but most of the whole cokie poll most of the citizens here they actually they don't believe that the chinese government would have a crisis in these 2 way because this will further harm the economy in hong kong and that will be actually the sauce to do to the hong kong international repetition so in their view this is not something. likely to happen in hong kong and most of the
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people they think in this way did have used to the congo at hong kong international airport where those pro-democracy protests continue all flights suspended as we have heard and clifford couldn't here in the studio china analyst thank you so much to both of you for putting this into perspective for us. let's get a quick check now on some other stories making news around the world russian authorities are warning people living in the northern village of the no sca to evacuate their homes it's close to where an explosion claimed the lives of 5 nuclear engineers last week russia's state whether agency says the radiation levels in the city of several dense rose by up to 16 times after the blast. spanish opera star plus hugo domingo has been accused of sexual misconduct 9 women have told the associated press news agency that they were sexually harassed over
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a period of decades some saying that domingo punished them professionally if they refused his advances 78 year olds has said that the allegations are inaccurate. kurdistan's ex-president almost back a time by if has been charged with murder and plotting a coup he was arrested last week in a police raid on his house that sparked clashes between supporters and police one officer was killed the central asian state is caught in a growing conflict between the ex-president and his successor. 58 years ago today work began on the construction of the berlin wall the barrier was intended to stem the population drain from communist east germany to west berlin and west germany the wall formalized west berlin situation as an island in otherwise communist territory now the young cliff is now surrounded by more than 150 kilometers of massive fortifications yet west berlin remained
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a magnet for those wanting to escape east germany at least 136 people were killed trying to get across the berlin wall in total more than 600 people were killed trying to flee east germany the berlin wall it stood for 28 years until 1989 that famous day when a series of. mass protests set off a chain of events that ultimately led to the opening of the frontier and the end of communism in central and eastern europe during that time dissidents activists in east and west germany they help smuggle thousands of people across the inner german border our reporter christina custer caught up with one of them. the best thing about jail says was being let out of a cell once a day to walk around inside a large y a cage as a young man he was held for months in a detention center run by the east german secret police the stasi for trying to flee the country and for aiding others in their attempts to escape.
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they didn't abuse us physically they called it a corrosion it was a method they used to try and grind just down through hyper control isolation this information has been the worst 11 months of my life here after a while if you start too long to be sentenced tricked and never accepted life on to the east german regime and trying to flee for the 1st time by train when he was just 18 he was arrested and put behind bars when building began on the berlin wall on the 13th of august 1961 he knew he had to escape he saw how brutally the regime was cracking down on the center as it was the other woman as a young person at some point you have to ask yourself how long am i going to play this raid have how long can i take it we're doing i want to cooperate with them to find myself a little nation as long as you're still studying you had to get all of this crap in every essay there had to be
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a commitment to socialism and if you needed good marks you just wrote that rubbish down. a short time later to attempted to escape again. he swam across a border river on the edge of berlin and made it to freedom. he was in the water for 4 hours before he finally managed to get through a barbed wire fence and on to the shore on the western side on the eastern side he would have been shot. the cauldron is off the food supply had a guardian angel that light i knew there were alarms of the air it was in the twilight i saw a thin piece of wire stretched from bridge post a bridge post if i touched it he would have gone off and they would have immediately fired shots. because of what also the force of. dozens of people died in this way along the berlin wall it's still not clear just how many the regime ruthlessly punished anyone who tried to flee. nevertheless wish to continue to help more than 30 people escape by smuggling them into west germany in
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the boot of his car he was caught again and spent 5 years in prison before he was pushed out by the west german government the 71 year old now gives tours in his former prison he thinks young people should learn that east germany was a totalitarian state. as you will mention if you can see that young people are aware and interested that's why i do this isn't as you out of a sense of a little victualling will be back when you will always be like that before or. back stealing us help tot not wish to overcome the brutality of the stasi now he's able to tell a story as one of those who paid a price for wanting freedom. and i am joined now here in the studio by axel klaus maya director of the berlin wall memorial welcome to the program and thanks for being with us on this anniversary. let's really start from the very
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beginning remind us why the wall was built to begin with. well i was the enormous pressure on these german regimes and so many people escaped war germany as you know was divided in 45 and especially during the 49 and between when the 2 german states found it and then between 1989 and the actual date of the war 961 to 6 of the entire population had fled the country and in that respect the government or the regime was under pressure and so apparently it's as the last exit to last a possibility to stop people from escaping building a wall in the center of berlin since the in a german border have been sealed off in 100 $52.00 already and it was really more than just one wall was it wasn't it tell us a little bit more about the fortification. and the area really surrounding it as well it's around it the entire west berlin's was approximately 100 miles
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155 kilometers and it was not i mean the term the wall is actually incorrect because there was a whole sequence of obstacles. a sequence of different walls paramita defense but also an electrical signal signal friends and a watch tower. a vehicle ditch all of this and of course as the actual and the most dangerous part of it were the border god said after 979-7172 approximately 12000 border guards were on permanent duty around west berlin so only around west berlin of course the new german border was also protected and it was approximately $12000.00 border guards or any given time. and yet people tried to escape some of them successfully some of them you know their attempts actually ended up fatally they were killed do you
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think that we will. never ever know just how many people tried to cross where we have relatively reliable figures we know that in berlin alone we have. 5000 people that made it through the border fortifications we generally talking about 50000 people that crossed the border. but on the in a german border and and in berlin that of course the. people also found other ways to escape so for example we know of people that escaped through 3rd countries like romania or former yugoslavia we know of people who even crossed via china so east germans. entered the west german embassy in beijing for example and then were flown out into the west so it was
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a very long way from east berlin even to the west via beijing we have this phenomenon we have to say also is that is that not not everyone thinks the things were all that bad in the former is in fact there's there's a bit of mist all among some sort of a longing for the way the things used to be what do you say to that. well. it is certainly a phenomenon that has been referred to. many times over the last 30 years and i think there's no stalls or and it was called all styles are mixed with with the east in the german. certainly something about when things change promptly when when there are very fast changing movements and then all of a sudden for example the entire political system that surrounded you and this is
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understandable but i do believe that it's a bit over exaggerated because a lot of people really very much value the new germany and the majority. of former is germans do value the new democratic germany thank you so much for joining us to speak on this anniversary of the beginning of the building of the berlin wall axel klaus meyer director of the berlin wall while we appreciate you very much for. we had to italy now where the senate is to convene in the coming hours to set a date for a no confidence vote in the government deputy prime minister met me through the coalition government into chaos when he demanded snap elections southie me is the leader of the far right league party and he said the differences between the league and its coalition partners were too great. for.
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joining us now here in the studio to discuss more we have i mean she is a journalist living here in berlin welcome to the program. you know how did things get to this point right how could i mean we have 14 months just 14 months into the current administration where that that is not very unusual for in tallinn know the bridge was going on and didn't last much longer than that so this is not a big surprise for italy the thing is that this gone on and when it started was a really very awkward. to get the 2 forces together 2 parties together which actually are completely different and have have a completely different agenda and all this time from their position. and also within the single party going on in part this we heard that the gun on has to go it's not capable to do anything so i actually there was a big pressure to and this parliamentary term and now that we've got to that point
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everybody's unhappy. obviously because well there are many i'm sure you will. yeah and i have to ask you because i mean you know is really behind these events was this is intention all along disable ization apparently i'm in according to what we're to always say not so he always said we want to. to bring our agenda to the end but then recently what happened was that in very important. vote in the parliament the 5 star on movement voted against. the government initiative same 3 lists and 3 different major projects of the government so that was really for solving and above all for its part the part
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inside was getting very very nervous about this i have to have an ally which blocked everything you propose in the in parliament so that was the form of the formal trigger. which brought selvin into $2.00 to $2.00 and the government and so what happens now say for example he gets his way napal actions are called is there a clear indication that he could be the next leader and you know for those who are not familiar with the time politics what would that mean for the country ok so if we go pretty soon to election chances are that sabina will become the next prime minister but there are a very strong pressure now from many sides not only from the. opposition from left not only the did the democratic party but also from other smaller parties to. to avoid days to to avoid to go too early to the election because then it would
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win so. what we are seeing is that there is a coalition now going from did the former prime minister renzi an old saw with the 5 star movement so a former governor and party which are now. apparently aligned with iran see in order to avoid to go right now to the election that would be i mean the proposal on the table are to have. so-called parliamentary government where which would last maybe one year. or a complete parliamentary term government on that rig out going to the election which is a class or so a lot of uncertainty is actually going forward in summation i mean episode journalists of a hair or a lamb thank you so much. in a world designed for right handers the strugglers faced by left him bers are real
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from unwieldy scissors to converse and can roughly 10 percent of the world's population grapples with gadgets conceived for the right hands of majority international lefthander say is designed to raise awareness of these everyday struggles and to celebrate some famous lefties throughout the ages. a disproportionate number of recent u.s. presidents have been left handed 7 out of the last 15 of use their left hand including barack obama that's helped fuel a theory that left handed people make exceptional leaders. the roman empire type arius is one of the 1st left handers ever recorded his biographer said he used his left hand more readily and with more force than his right and could bore a fresh sound apple through with his finger because ranks high on the list of left
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hand as all the historical accounts reveal he trained himself to become right handed he still uses left sculptures which a quiet strength. left handed musicians feature the likes of beethoven and really if you. were to go more recently legendary guitarist jimi hendrix. in the past researches have suggested left handers are capable of a wider scope of thinking to explain the high number of left handed nobel prize winners including albert einstein and physicist marie curie to name just 2. left handed out to include stars such as charlie chaplin and angelina has only. been sport tennis player martina navratilova is one of a host of top athletes to wilt the left hands to their advantage. left handedness also runs in the british royal family with queen elizabeth
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a mother and son prince charles and grandson prince william all being left handed suggesting it could be genetic. of. it from science science desk 1st things 1st very important question are you left or right handed. right from the us i'm normal right hander and you say normal because i mean ultimately only around 10 percent of people are left handed why isn't it more evenly spread. yes that's a very good question but the answer isn't quite so easy it's clearly related to genetics probably about 25 percent of the. of c. decision whether someone is a left or right handed is genetic and the rest develops through epigenetics and hormones very early in life so that when we look at children who are younger than one year old about one sort of them have decided to head that this yet but when
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they reach 2 years of age. almost all of them can be determined as is our left or right handed us also it's interesting to see that there is something called cross handedness so to say which means that people can use one hand for one specific task another hand from other specific test but so called m b dexterity which means that bull's hands are equally good for using for all kinds of tests almost doesn't exist in humans we refer to it as you know left handed that's right handedness but i mean ultimately is it only about the hands or do we generally tend to prefer one side of the body. yes we do prefer one side of the body for all kinds of tests including sports that's why we see that soccer players always use the same hand actually the brain is designed in such a way that it gives certain tests to certain parts of the brain and it's always
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one or the other copy and schmidt from the science desk thank you so much. you know watching v.w. news i'm sorry kelly in berlin coming up next it is kick off looking at the footballer known as the pele of noise brandenburg you're watching news from our land because so much for joining us. to.
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kick off. he was the pele from noid brandenburg. shall leave. in the 1960 s. the summer stock to christine into east germany's premier league today may not be
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allowed to claim it himself the story of a tough line actually to win. 19 since the mom was named pretend to be. next on t w. it's time to take stock. and face. time you're just such they are not. and fun for the truth. is hard to overcome boundaries and connection. it's time for. the wus coming up ahead. minds. the
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world is getting worse and worse lawrence could just abuse a lot of problems. the global 3000 talks with team of british researchers who take an optimistic view. while it is not always a good plan but it's much much fairer than it was a hot against the roof really getting better. by close to $3000.00 special report. starts aug 19th on d w. point.
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their song and celebration wherever he goes.


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