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this is your news live from berlin and clashes that hong kong airport as pro-democracy protesters hope flights for a 2nd day police used pepper spray and tongs as they try and force their way into the building and hong kong chief executive carried last warns that the city could be on a past no good term also coming up to stop this man italian senator scramble to build alliances that might stop the tail salvini getting his no confidence vote in the parliament they are meeting about how to decide if or when the vote will take place and on the anniversary of the building of the berlin wall a firsthand account of escaping communist east germany story of
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a guardian angel that large i knew there were alarms a guarded use until it was a sort of thin piece of wire stretched from the bridge pose to bridge posed if i had touched it would have gone off from they would have immediately fired shots. and the let's hear it for the last hamburgers and they grow designed for right handed people today is the day to put the triumphs and the struggles of the worlds left handers in front and center. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program chaotic scenes have unfolded at hong kong international airport where dozens of riot police clashed with protesters police could be seen forcing their way into the building the demonstrators fended off the attack and started constructing barricades to keep the police out. thousands of
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protesters have returned to the airport for a 2nd straight day they are angry about the increasingly forceful response by police which the demonstrators have condemned as excessive. joins us from hong kong international airport as we've seen there are police storming the airport just walk us through what is happening where you are. full of person was this not to be undercover police officer by the pros has this was taken away by the police just now and. only that person called the police and he was taken out taken away by and all that and then some of the pows has left the airport time ago and they tried to block their police vans by something better a case that was trying to block their way to leave and and then suddenly all the.
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police officers they came here and they tried to like saddam even to the airport terminal and some of them deployed to the protests as plastic bottles to them so on there are some chaotic scenes just now and there's some shop here off of a clashes between the police and the protesters but the police they left after just a few days there just a short while and then they retreated and so far right now. they at the airport remained peaceful again did it appear as if they were making any arrests. yes we have just now at least several off several of them arrested by the police but it was unclear whether the identity of those arrested person and we are not when i'm very clear about the reason behind the. rest but some of them are taken away by the
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police and some of the protesters they are not happy with the actions of the police so that's why the post has some of them react by throwing items to the police offices what are we expecting to happen next because i mean you've highlighted the situation there are many protesters still left in the terminal police kind of a standby mode now after you know pushing in a bit earlier are we expecting them to make another move at some point how are things looking. a lot of the clash as opposed. to the time of now they are still staying at this terminal no staying as today and here and some of them they might stay here for overnight and so far there is no sign for the authority the police didn't express they any warnings to depose that they will carry out a clearance operation so i think so far police they were not dispersed protesters
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who are staying inside the terminal and. there is no accident or there is no. balance than the police they would not come here again and they were not disposed to protest this. at hong kong international airport thank you. the chinese government has been sharpening its rhetoric and it has released a video showing a security build up along the border with hong kong a short while ago i asked you to use china expert for couldn't what this could mean . we saw these pictures of armored personnel carriers and troop carriers in shenzhen which is the city just over the border it's also a big financial hub technology hub and in some ways kind of competes with hong kong and so we saw these rather alarming pictures of these big troop movements and they're clearly seen as a kind of
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a signal to the protestors that china is watching very closely what's going on they're watching very closely and you know one has to wonder because you know you're seeing this build up on the border could they send troops and would they have the right to do so walk us through that well i think in terms of having the right they don't they certainly do i mean if they if they want to protect order if they see hong kong under threat as part of the basic law they are entitled to do whatever means the hong kong government deems necessary to protect hong kong there is a garrison of chinese military already in hong kong between $8.10 troops which could also be deployed if necessary i think that the troop movements an inch and jan are more of a warning shot. something serious i think to be syllogistic issues i mean if they came across the border for example they probably all speak. mandarin rather than cantonese which is the dialect which chinese spoken hong kong they know their way around there's a lot of logistical issues why i think if there were to be an intervention would
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possibly more likely to happen from within hong kong. it was you know because china analysts clifford couldn't speaking with me a short while ago let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world's spanish opera star plus you know domingo has been accused of sexual misconduct 9 women told the associated press news agency that they were sexually harassed over a period of decades some saying that domingo punished them professionally if they refused his advances the 78 year old has said that the allegations are inaccurate. kurdistan's ex-president all must beck. has been charged with murder and plotting a coup he was arrested last week in a police raid on his house that sparked clashes between supporters and police one officer was killed the central asian state is caught in a growing conflict between the ex-president and his successor. 58 years ago today work began on the construction of the berlin wall the barrier was intended to stem
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the population drain from communist east germany to west berlin and west germany the wall formalized west berlin situation as an island in otherwise communist territory now beyond cliff is now surrounded by more than 150 kilometers of massive fortifications out west berlin remained a magnet for those wanting to escape east germany at least 136 people were killed trying to get across the berlin wall in total more than 600 people were killed trying to flee east germany the berlin wall it stood for 28 years until 1989 that famous day when a series of mass protests set off a chain of events that ultimately led to the opening of the frontier and the end of communism in central and eastern europe during that time dissidents activists in east and west germany to help smuggle thousands of people across the in and german
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border our reporter christina kushner caught up. with one of them. the best thing about jail says was being let out of a cell once a day to walk around inside a large wire cage as a young man he was held for months in a detention center run by the east german secret police the stasi for trying to flee the country and for aiding others in their attempts to escape. their music of christmas i knew they didn't abuse as physically they called it corrosion it was a method they used to try and grind us down through hyper control isolation this information has been the worst 11 months of my life here after a while you start to long to be sentenced trista never accepted life under the east german regime and tried to flee for the 1st time by train when he was just 18 he was arrested and put behind bars when building began on the berlin wall on the 13th of august 1961 he knew he had to escape he saw how brutally the regime was cracking
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down on the center as it was the other woman was a young person at some point you have to ask yourself how long am i going to play this raid have how long can i take it and where do i want to cooperate with them to find myself a little nations who is a long is just a studying you had to get all of this crap in every essay there had to be a commitment to socialism and if you needed good marks you just wrote that rubbish down. a short time later attempted to escape again he swam across a border river on the edge of berlin and made it to freedom. he was in the water for 4 hours before he finally managed to get through a barbed wire fence and on to the shore on the western side on the eastern side he would have been shot. the cotton is off the food so i had a guardian angel that night i knew there were alarms regarded as in the twilight i saw a thin piece of wire stretched from bridge post a bridge post if i had touched it he would have gone off and they would have
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immediately fired shots. because of. the force of. dozens of people died in this way along the berlin wall it's still not clear just how many the regime ruthlessly punished anyone who tried to flee. nevertheless wish to continue to help move them 30 people escape by smuggling them into west germany in the boot of his car he was cool again and spent 5 years in prison before he was pushed out by the west german government the 71 year old now gives to us in his former prison he thinks young people should learn that east germany was a totalitarian state. as you will mention if you can see that young people are aware and interested that's why i do this out of a sense of conviction will be back when you will always be like that before. that stealing us help tot mom overcome the brutality of the stasi now he's able to
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tell a story as one of those who paid a price for wanting freedom. russian authorities are warning people to leave their homes after a rocket explosion caused radiation levels to spike people living in the northern village of me a nascar being warned that the explosion which claimed the lives of 5 nuclear engineers last week is still dangerous russia's state weather agency says that radiation levels near that city rose by up to 16 times after the blast. let's close over now to moscow and our bureau chief there you're even shadows of here what more can you tell us about how this accident is being reported in the russian media. well russian media also have very little information about what happened exactly. both of the accident itself nor about the danger of a people in the area where it's happened according to the russian state whether
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engines see the radiation went up by 67 times last week and thursday you said it already directly after the explosion the ministry of defense in moscow had claim to there was no increase. because the city located close to the explosion had supported a short term increase in radioactivity but that event then that information disappeared suddenly from their off usual side so nearly a week has passed since the exposed explosion and we still have almost no information about what happened and even today there has been contradictory information about whether the area has to be evacuated on or and that information i mean it's been trickling out little by little it is it raising eyebrows about the authorities handling of the disaster. actually russians are used to tied to live to statements from the authorities in that sense not much has changed since the soviet union in this country is the most obvious case of this was of
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course after the chernobyl reactor explosion in the eighty's last century of course we shouldn't jump to conclusions now but even recently there has been a similar incident in russia 14 the sailors died on july 1st in a fire on a submarine in the bar in sea confirmation about this accident is classified as a state secret and this irrational authorities seem to be being just as secretive about last week's explosion so now it's unclear how much of the official formation we can believe or whether the russian authorities are perhaps trying to hide the true extent of what happened at your ear shadow with a view from moscow thank you. we had to italy now where the senate is due to convene about how to set a date for a no confidence vote in the government deputy prime minister mattel's salvini through the coalition government into chaos when he demanded snap elections salvini
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is the leader of the far right league party and he said the differences between the league and its coalition partners were too great. and joining us now is quite appellate she is a member of the parliament for the italian democratic party thank you so much for joining us here on the program and i'd like to begin by asking you do you trust the senate to make such an important decision in terms of agreeing on a no vote against current prime minister conti. i actually want to do that inning is that i mean doesn't have the numbers for a majority in the senate and it doesn't have the number as to vote for a no confidence vote on our call and. he even rush. to war and surprises we don't know why we think that he rushed to the
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crisis because he has there are doubts in training about then they should be doing is piracy and is close associates and putin's russia on the one hand i don't get it hence we think actually irrational which is a crisis because. he doesn't have the money to do divide the flow in the way it probably has to do to the actual rate but when we see i mean we don't we want to fight back we don't want somebody who was 17 percent right of the end even. though i mean you clearly you you don't think that he's going to be able to push this through but you know let's just take ourselves through the scenario if he is indeed able to do so is your party the democratic party which is currently opposition are you prepared to table a motion of no confidence against me in reply. well we take this a month ago that the fire started and said he didn't allow us to discuss it with.
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watson believes it what it is going. to destroy yet alliance he had with the 5 star and. this is no longer going places the question is not how whether we go to elections or whether we can find a new majority in the parliament for a different kind of god this is the big question mark beauty sassing these. he doesn't have the majority politics so i don't know that turn of the majority it's possible but. it's not clear whether it's desirable. member of parliament for the italian democratic party thank you so much for joining us this afternoon to share your view. thank you. police in sydney australia have arrested a man suspected of stabbing one woman to death before wounding another they say the
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suspect is known to the authorities and has a history of mental health issues police are not viewing the rampage as an act of terrorism. the attacks occurred in the early afternoon near a busy intersection in the city's central business district after the alleged stabbing and other attempted attacks by the perpetrator some bystanders pursued the suspect. despite the danger they quickly disarmed him. they believe is that you don't stop stop stop the police then arrived and brought the suspect to the station much of the area was closed off because of the incident police are also investigating the death of a woman whose body was found later in a nearby building. you know when you. walk in conclusion. and there's not a person complete at the start so the fruits of a community is going to guided very very clearly. the injured woman was taken to
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hospital and is reported in stable condition new south wales state police said in a statement that they were also investigating whether the rampage was linked to the death of the other woman. the trump administration has announced tough new measures aimed at cutting legal immigration into the united states the rules would deny permanent residency and citizenship to migrants who use public assistance such as food stamps or housing vouchers let's get more now we're joined by reporter kroll nast men so what is all this about yeah i mean it's a bit of a complicated legal move here we've seen the trump administration cracking down of course on illegal immigration this would respect legal immigration this is a new rule it will officially take effect in october here's basically what it would do this would affect hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants who are applying for permanent residency in the country something called a green card that gives you that right to stay there now the rule targets
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immigrants who have used government assistance program so something like food aid subsidized housing and immigrants who are seen as likely to need those programs so in other words those 2 groups would be denied a green card this is really targeting immigrants who are struggling financially and embracing immigrants that have money. given the trump administration's rhetoric against mexican immigrants against central american migrant caravans and in ministration official was asked does this rule specifically target latino immigrants here's part of that response. this is 140 year old legal structure we're dealing with the most recent iteration of it but this is not new this was the same question might have been asked when my italian immigrants were coming in the green ancestors who were coming in and all through that 140 years were simply making effective what congress had already put on the books so there's
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no reason for any particular group to feel like this is targeting them as a comparison it's a bit misleading i mean many of these public benefits didn't exist 140 years ago as he was saying but some version of this rule has existed it's been on the books since the eighty's this is essentially a big expansion of a rule that's already been in existence and you've actually been digging into those numbers haven't you turn up the government benefits mentioned in this policy would you find that mean it's interesting when you look at these numbers and we wanted to know how often do you do non-citizen immigrants end up using these sorts of welfare programs and the numbers are interesting to see and take a look this is what we found in terms of the numbers now according to u.s. census data less than 7 percent of medicaid participants are non-citizens all me around 9 percent of food aid recipients are non-citizens and according to an analysis of that same data that same groups are non-citizens are actually using
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these welfare programs at a lower rate than comparable citizens so it really is us citizens that are using these welfare programs more then this immigrant group part of the worry here though is that this new rule could discourage immigrants who need this type of aid from using it and experts say they're already seeing that the some immigrants are just simply not applying because they are afraid it might affect their green card status and when we talk about the proposed law at how does it compare to other countries well i mean it's really hard to make a blanket comparison so many countries have different rules and different regulations here we looked at germany just as an example you know. immigrants who is currently on government assistance here in germany would not be able to apply for permanent residency that's pretty clear we spoke with a spokesperson for the german interior ministry they told us that you know an apple can't for permanent residency would also have to prove that they can essentially make it on their own here without the help of the government so there are some strict rules in place in germany and in other countries of course germany doesn't
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bill itself as the nation of immigrants the way that the u.s. does called aspen. thank you in a world designed for right handers the struggles faced by left handers are real from unwieldy scissors too cumbersome can roughly 10 percent of the world's population grapples with gadgets conceived for the right handed majority now it's international left handers day it's designed to raise awareness of these everyday struggles and to celebrate some famous lefties throughout the ages. i disproportionate number of recent u.s. presidents have been left handed 7 out of the last 15 of use their left hand including barack obama that's helped fuel the theory that left handed people make exceptional lead ins. the roman empire type derrius is one of the 1st left hand is ever recorded his biographer said he used his left hand more
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readily and with more force than his right who could bore a fresh sound apple through with his finger. because ranks high on the list of left although historical accounts reveal he trained himself to become right handed he still use his left a skull just which a quiet strength. left handed musicians feature the likes of beethoven and really a new. word to the recently legendary guitarist jimi hendrix. in the past researches have suggested left handers are capable of a wide disco profane king to explain the high number of left handed nobel prize winners including albert einstein and physicist marie curie to name just 2. left handed to include stars such as charlie chaplin and angelina jolie.
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in sport tennis player martina navratilova is one of a host of top athletes too will turn left to their advantage i. left handedness also runs in the british royal family with queen elizabeth a mother a son prince charles and grandson prince william all being left handed suggesting he could be genetic. and tennis star rafael the doll is another athlete who has used his left hand preference to his advantage the doll is one of the greatest tennis players of all time a lot of stalin and says put down to the fact that he is indeed a left hander but the twist in the doll's case he does everything else with his right hand from signing autographs to brushing his teeth he decided to play let's hand it as a child. a
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quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you here and the news there have been clashes with police at hong kong airport as prose of ocracy protesters halted flights for a 2nd day on kong chief executive kerry latham has warned that the city could be on a path of no return. coming up next on dean w. music. indian prime minister narendra modi gets up and close with wildlife to come out a message of environmental conservation but not everyone is convinced and reviving purchased sounds nomadic traditions at an annual festival celebrating its sometimes heritage. but more is coming up in just a few minutes with my colleague dear ash better gene in asia i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching have
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a great tate. modern .
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technology. markets. the momentum of the working world. is made in germany. your business magazine d w. explain it further let's listen to this guy for germany's booming i love berlin.
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if the name shows 50 stories and 15 very personal tips from berlin's very best features the 1st. book no planet earth live our hero max series every week on d w. robots they're still in the development phase 5 foot that's going to happen when they grow . will humans and machines spiegeltent peacefully co-exist or are we on the verge of a robot collapse. if we just bumble into this totally unprepared with our heads in the sand fusing to think about what could go wrong then let's face it it's probably going to be the biggest mistake and history. artificial intelligence is now spreading through our society. will experts be able to agree on ethical guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems are going to
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use all robot collapse the floors august 14th on t w. this is the it up for news a shot coming up on the program tonight i got more the in the wider range of crime . when i started on survival skills on t.v. with british and french rob. what was the message and the theme to take the lot of them on an exercise instead of commercial. birds of prey.


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