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billeted. not only animals should be sent. to. the lions share. of the conservation. this is g.w. news live from berlin clashes at hong kong airport as pro-democracy protesters halt flights for a 2nd day police used pepper spray as the tongues as he try and force their way into the building and hong kong chief executive kerry lamb warns that the city could be on a path of no return. also coming up stop this man italian senators scramble to
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build alliances that might stop mikael salvini getting his no confidence vote in the government they are meeting to decide if or when the vote will take place. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program chaotic scenes have unfolded at hong kong's international airport where dozens of riot police clashed with protesters police could be seen forcing their way into the building the demonstrators fended off the attack and started constructing barricades to keep the police out thousands of protesters have returned to the airport for a 2nd straight day they are angry about the creasing the forceful response by police which the demonstrators have condemned as excessive. if you calling is afghan kong international airport we just saw those violent
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clashes a start while ago how are things developing right now. he has been most of the time the peaceful at the police at the airport has been repeated for most of the time today and post has to stay stations sit in posthaste inside the terminal which is where i am standing right now but just what i'm now going. to. have this happen although there was suspected by the police have stepped on the police officers which is something really sensitive these things to the pows have. one of them. taken away by. hand some have been hired to block away the police vans by setting up barricades and by throwing objects to the police offices and the police then they react by. deploying pepper spray to the protest this and there are some chaos and clashes between the
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protesters and the police officer around like $15.00 to $20.00 and that's the police they retreated and they have that's the time now and now time now for certain peaceful again and some of the protesters they are still staying at these terminal and they're not going home very possibly that will be and not assembly happening tomorrow and there was a tense press conference we know earlier with kerry lam she said that there is a state of panic and a state of chaos there in hong kong and that it was her job to maintain security but i mean it seems as if she lost control of the situation. then asked. to turn off of her lamb and the beijing authority they happen so often that not trying to stop them. the tension between the public and the governments obviously care of them by saying on the
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protesters has no stake in these so sati and beijing farted and now this wiping some of the protesters as terrorists so they are taking a hot line approach and things are not under control right now but they are not trying to solve this problem by me it goes chasing with a protest this is that they're trying to intimidate the protest this by arresting more people by not just the mind being the most used by police some of them used by excessive force used by police but this is the hard line approach taken by the right no t.v. kong and hong kong thank you. for the protective some other stories making news around the world spanish opera star pasco domingo has been accused of sexual misconduct 9 women have told the associated press news agency that they were sexually harassed over a period of decades some saying domingo punished them professionally if they
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refused his advances the 78 year old has said that the allegations are inaccurate. and russian authorities are warning people living in the northern village of need me. to evacuate their homes it's close to where an explosion claimed the lives of 5 nuclear engineers last week russia's state weather agency says that radiation levels in the city of several odense rose by up to 16 times after the blast. kyrgyzstan's former president almost beck. has been charged with murder and plotting a coup he was breastfed last week in a police raid on his house that sparked clashes between supporters and police one officer was killed the central asian state is caught in a growing conflict between the former president and his successor. in greece hundreds of merchants east. workers are battling wildfires helicopters and planes dropping water have been fighting the blaze on the island of via north of athens
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the country has asked for international help of the prime minister has cut short his vacation to deal with the situation. the world wild fund for nature says that an assessment of forest biodiversity shows that wildlife populations have fallen by more than a half in the last 50 years the greatest losses took place in tropical forests such as the amazon basin where the government of president also nado is encouraging forests clearing for agriculture feed the force of borneo vital habitat for the irani tank are under growing threat they're shrinking rapidly as farmers burn down trees to make way for palm oil plantations that leaves less for the running of towns to eat the same goes for the java rhinoceros in indonesia and the wild elephants of central africa the world wide fund for nature is sounding the alarm. division just the most important step to take is an immediate holds to the
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destruction of the forest for the cultural use decides that means we need a comprehensive approach to protect forests or effects free around the wall said time to farm more responsibly and forests are being stripped of high value trees for sale as workers build roads and dams to convert the land for profit according to the world wide fund for nature forest wildlife populations have been reduced by half since 1700 results amazon rain forest is especially hard hit. we have extreme difficulties in brazil even though the amazon was actually a success story for a while and that doesn't seem to be the case anymore but there's still a chance to make progress in other countries. received shows and besides deforestation poaching and the climate crisis are exacerbating the devastation environment. activists are urging world leaders to get involved. to italy now where
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the senate is meeting to set a date for a no confidence vote in the government deputy prime minister battaile sell me through the coalition government into chaos when he demanded snap elections salvini is the leader of the far right party and he said that the differences between the league and its coalition partners were too great. joining us from rome is reporter julia juliette we're getting these reports that salvini is proposing a compromise agreement with the 5 star movement what more can you tell us about it well just minutes ago speaking at the senate side of the knee proposed that something that the 5 star movement has been been pushing for and that is to vote for a reduction of the number of members of parliament now that doesn't mean that something is giving up on his plans to go to new elections in fact he proposed that this vote to reduce members of parliament happen next week and then we could go straight to the polls so it's looking like a compromise for both sides at this point and you know he's really behind this
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string of events in recent days was destabilization his intention all along. well that's what political pundits have been saying for a while that so the nie has just been waiting for the perfect moment to escalate this government crisis and that is for 2 reasons on one hand the 5 star movement and the league were never really a love marriage they were a compromise they came together out of necessity and they were never on the same side on many policy forms on the other hand side of the need popularity has grown increasingly over the last few months and it's important for us have been to capitalize on that this growth and try to govern alone or with more similar parties so we have you know as we mentioned the support of the compromise agreement but you know if you were to get his way generally speaking if there were snap elections called does there seem to be a clear indication within the country that he could indeed be the next leader
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well definitely according to polls and according to the results of the european elections last may where the league reached up to 34 percent of the votes that's a huge increase again compared to last year polls now put him at 37 percent and that means that the league could not necessarily govern alone they don't have enough votes for that but it would be enough to form an alliance with the far right nationalists of the brothers of italy to be able to have a majority in parliament and to form a government giulia so delhi in rome thank you thank you. byron munich have signed even paris on a season long loan from inter milan the croatian winger has been brought in to bolster byron's attack german media reports say that fire and have paid 5000000 euros for the loan with the option to make the deal permanent next season for
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20000000. unlike most other european capitals berlin has never been a domestic footballing powerhouse but this season for the 1st time in over 40 years the german capital will be represented by 2 different teams in the top flight in west berlin are joined in the bundesliga for the 1st time ever by rivals union own after the east berlin side were promoted by a playoff. it's been a summer of ecstasy for. the arrival of top flight football at the outer 1st i means that 2 historic capital city darby's are on the horizon. has to be there with both clubs in the 1st league and also real proud of this because we can play against their visibility in the big big derby and that's what we look for this season. and rising in the east means that heter have a challenger for the capital city crown it's the climax of an unlikely success
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story. journey to the bottom is eager has been a long and arduous 120 years ago the club was on the brink of bankruptcy and extinction now they've got a freshly renovated stadium plans to expand it even further and have just become the 1st club from the old east german leagues to make it to the bundesliga. in 2009 but out west ham have long been at home in the upper reaches of german football very accustomed to having the bondeson eager to themselves this year they've got company. a hatter star and current general manager. knows that the rise of heads as rivals puts plenty of pressure on his club it will be of course a lot of pressure in the city. had as the more established side have the most to lose this year underdogs are out to cause an upset all eyes will be on bowling for the east west capital city darby
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with the season about to start the countdown is already on when you'll host hatter here and that's a 1st in november it will be the 1st time ever that these 2 sides meet in the german top flight it's a historic occasion for the german capital and whatever's going on in the bundesliga table it will be a massive footballing occasion for both teams leanings bragging rights are on the line. and in tennis andy murray has played his 1st singles match after having career saving hip surgery in january but has since decided that he will not compete in the u.s. open signals later this month the former world number one face france's rasha desk a in cincinnati losing in straight sets 6464 murray have been asked to make a decision on accepting a wild card for the u.s. open prior to that match the britain says that he still intends to play doubles and mixed doubles at the grand slam in new york which starts on the 26th of it's.
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a quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you here on day to you news there been clashes with police as hong kong international airport has pro-democracy protesters halted flights for the 2nd day chief executive kerry last as warns the city could be on a path of no return and the italian senate is meeting to consider a date for of a no confidence vote in the government deputy prime minister battaile salvini has called for the vote is leaked harvey is driving high in the polls and he believes he can become prime minister. don't forget you can always get either views on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store which will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push your vacations for breaking news you can use the date of the app to send us news relevant photos and videos and can watch this program on stream.
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off next it is business africa with care heart 1st you're watching t w i'm sara kelly in berlin thanks for joining us have a great day. up to date don't miss our highlights w. program online w dot com highlights. the world is getting worse and. worse could just refuse i'm not a problem. the global $3000.00 talks would seem british researchers to take an
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optimistic view. the world is not always a good plan but it's much like carolina.


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