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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 13, 2019 8:00pm-8:15pm CEST

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well you. know. this is g w news live from her lead in clashes at hong kong airport as pro-democracy protesters called flights for a 2nd day police using pepper spray and the tongs as they try and force their way into the building and hong kong teeth executive carrie lambert warning that the city could be on a path of no return. also coming up could conservationists saying that it is nothing short of a planetary emergency a new study shows populations of forest well wildlife has been cut in half since
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1970 it comes as the u.s. and brazil do so in their environmental protection plus on the anniversary of the building of the berlin wall a firsthand account of escaping communist east germany still had a guardian angel but like i knew there were alarms to go for it it would be only twilight it was so thin piece of wire stretched from a bridge post a bridge post if i touched it it would have gone off and they would have immediately fired shots. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program chaotic scenes have unfolded at hong kong international airport where dozens of riot police clashed with protesters police could be seen forcing their way into the building the demonstrators fending off the attack and starting constructing. barricades to keep the police out thousands of
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people returned to the airport for a 2nd day of pro-democracy protests. let's get more now we are joined by hong kong pro-democracy activist joshua wang dust well welcome to the program and i'd like to begin by asking you what you make of what we've been seeing unfolding at the hong kong international airport today. call activist or what i would to call them on produce brutality government to terminate extradition bill and i will course for free you know action before they are published into the airport hong kong activists just get at airport peacefully you know any clash with those police unfortunately when police. guns and pepper spray and try to point to his people to clash happen but i just want to let the world to know that why people in hong kong. because we hope to let
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the world to know that home calls such an international financial center already trying to roll into a polish state ok so so it's very clear that you're you're trying to hits it really where it hurts we're trying to hit it when it comes to the economy there but in the meantime tussle we have to mention that you know there's seems to be no indication so far that your demands are going to be met in fact we've had the chief executive now carry lab warning earlier that hong kong could it be entering a path of no return do you see this as a threat. care will lend the church a 2nd of a paul call it's not elected by people under her heart like leadership where the president xi jinping more than 2 dozen here gets more fires 700 activists were arrested including one young lady temperament likeness being quiet by put it off riot police we know that it's really a long term and difficult path of david versus goliath paul call it similar as east berlin in the last century under the rule but we will never give up we are just
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asking for the fundamental rights elected i would call on government that's the right and joy by people in european countries since last century. just what. we have beijing releasing a video of military vehicles which are building up on the mainland side of the border each border aren't you worried that they might move and and how would you react cheering if were generated by president xi jinping and carol lam but we would not be forgotten and we will continue our protests were planning to have a boss a protest rally on sunday at least half 1000000000 people will join to fight we know that is a difficult battle but when they pick the 2 forces they were doing their 1st step backward and retreat. but just was surely i mean you're not prepared for that kind
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of force are you or have you had any indications that anyone on the international scale would step in in your defense room. he posed strongly having that discussion with the room of people liberation be sent to stop press on the holocaust protests but standing p.o. into a hall might just result in the admission of the hong kong because to be at it would not only trick at this content of hong kong people but also a record high could be satisfied because it does stock market and financial market my 1st serious crackdown when p.l.o. a were sent to hong kong protests sold that's why i don't believe authorities have enough capacity to send me to suppress protests because all of them are it's crystal clear now. pay attention to all call they should not let home you go walk a little so joshua it appears as if you're saying they might be bluffing and it
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seems as if you're prepared to call them on that joshua wang pro-democracy activists joining us from hong kong thanks joshua thank you. let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world spanish offer star plus the domingo has been accused of sexual misconduct 9 women have told the associated press news agency that they were sexually harassed over a period of decades some saying that the men though punished them professionally if they refused his advances the 78 year olds have said that the allegations are inaccurate. italy's senate has put setting a date for a no confidence vote in the government's cut off that will excuse me deputy prime minister. through the coalition government into chaos when he demanded snap elections said that the differences between his far right lead party and its coalition partners were too great. 58 years ago today work began on the
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construction of the berlin wall the barrier was intended to stem the population drain from communist east germany to west berlin and west germany the wall formalized west berlin situation as an island in otherwise communist territory now beyond cliff is now surrounded by more than 150 kilometers of massive fortifications yet west berlin remained a magnet for those wanting to escape east germany at least 136 people were killed trying to get across the berlin wall in total more than 600 people were killed trying to flee east germany the berlin wall its did for 28 years until 1989 that famous day when a series of mass protests set off a chain of events that ultimately led to the opening of the frontier and the end of communism in central and eastern europe during that time dissidents activists in east and west germany that helps local thousands of people across the in and german
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border our reporter christina custer caught up with one of them the best thing about jail which to says was being left out of a so once a day to walk around inside a large wire cage as a young man he was held for months in a detention center run by the east german secret police the stasi for trying to flee the country and for aiding others in their attempts to escape. they didn't abuse us physically they called it a corrosion it was a method they used to try and grind through hyper control isolation this information on the cusp of the worst 11 months of my life here after a while as you start to long to be sentenced pledged to never accepted life on to the east german regime and trying to flee for the 1st time by train when he was just 18 he was arrested and put behind bars. when building began on the berlin wall in effect of august 1961 he knew he had to escape he saw how brutally the regime
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was cracking down on the center as it was the other woman as a young person at some point you have to ask yourself how long am i going to play this raid have how long can i take it and we're doing i want to cooperate with them to find myself a little nation this is a long as you're still studying you had to get all of this crap that in every essay there had to be a commitment to socialism and if you needed good marks you just wrote that rubbish down. a short time later attempted to escape again. this one across the border rev on the edge of berlin and made it to freedom he was in the water for 4 hours before he finally managed to get through a barbed wire fence and on to the shore on the western side on the eastern side he would have been shot. the company's off the food supply had a guardian angel that night i knew there were alarms at the bridge is a minute while i saw a thin piece of wire stretched from bridge post
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a bridge post if i had touched it he would have gone off and they would have immediately fired shots. dozens of people died in this way along the berlin wall it's still not clear just how many the regime ruthlessly punished anyone who tried to flee. nevertheless wish to continue to help more than 30 people escape by smuggling them into west germany in the boot of his car he was caught again and spent 5 years in prison before he was pushed out by the west german government the 71 year old now gives to us in his former prison he thinks young people should learn that east germany was a totalitarian state. and you can see that young people are aware and interested that's why i do this to see out of a sense of a little victualling will be bugged it will always be like that before. back stealing us helped tot mom overcome the brutality of the stasi now he's able
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to tell a story as one of those who paid a price for wanting freedom. the world wide fund for nature says an assessment of forest filed diversity shows that wildlife populations have fallen by more than half in the last 50 years the greatest losses took place in tropical forests such as the amazon basin where the government of president also not always encouraging forest clearing for aquaculture feel force of borneo vital habitat for the irani tank are under growing threat they're shrinking rapidly as farmers burn down trees to make way for palm oil plantations that leaves less for the riaa towns to eat the same goes for the java rhinoceros in indonesia and the wild elephants of central africa the world wide fund for nature is sounding the alarm. division just in the most important step to take is an immediate holds to the destruction of the forest
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for agricultural use decides that means we need a comprehensive approach temperature. forests or effects free around the wall said time to farm more responsibly and forests are being stripped of high value trees for sale as workers build roads and dams to convert the land for profit according to the world wide fund for nature forest wildlife populations have been reduced by half since 1900 percent amazon rain forest is especially hard hit. we have extreme difficulties in brazil even though the amazon was actually a success story for a while and that doesn't seem to be the case anymore but there's still a chance to make progress in other countries. besides deforestation poaching and the climate crisis are exacerbating the devastation and veyron mental activists are urging world leaders to get involved in a world designed for right handers the struggles faced by left handers are real
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from unwieldy scissors to cumbersome can openers roughly 10 percent of the world's population grapples with gadgets conceived of the right handed majority international left hander's day is designed to raise awareness of these everyday struggles and celebrate famous lefties. i disproportionate number of recent u.s. presidents have been left handed 7 out of the last 15 of use their left hand including barack obama that's helped fuel a theory that left handed people make exceptional leader is. the roman empire type arius is one of the 1st left handers ever recorded his biographer said he used his left hand more readily and with more force than his right who could bore a fresh sound apple through with his finger because ranks high on the list of lifetime does although historical accounts reveal he trained himself to become right handed
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he still uses left a sculpture which a quiet strength. left handed musicians feature the likes of beethoven and the if you. were to the recently legendary guitarist jimi hendrix. in the past researches have suggested left handers are capable of a wider scope of thinking to explain the high number of left handed nobel prize winners including albert einstein and physicist marie curie to name just 2. left handed to include stars such as charlie chaplin and angeline has only. been sport tennis player martina navratilova is one of a host of top cleats to we'll done left hands to their advantage i left handedness also runs in the british royal family with queen elizabeth
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a mother and son prince charles and grandson prince william all being left handed suggesting it could be genetic. next up it is business africa with our 1st you're watching live from berlin. thank you so much for joining us to have a good one. s.o.s. europe the european crisis. champions young champions. tour activists the country.


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