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ends it good malaria must go on so millions can live. to regret it but. this is you know really who's life for berlin on a knife edge clashes erupt at hong kong airport as pro-democracy protesters called flights for a 2nd day in a row police used pepper spray and for times trying to force their way into the building and hong kong chief executive gerry lamb warns that the city could be on a path of no return also coming up from radiation that in
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a russian town authorities clean up the area amid fears that a recent explosion at a nearby rocket testing site involved nuclear materials and child labor in bolivia were kids work legally from the age of 10 that they could only dream of going to school. a very warm welcome to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to our other viewers around the world chaotic scenes have unfolded at hong kong's international airport where dozens of rioters riot police clashed with pro-democracy demonstrators thousands of protesters return to the airport for a 2nd day in a row causing all the parts of flights to be canceled hong kong's chief executive
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ward protesters that the city is on what she called a path of no return. it's shut down day too. was this serious anger from protesters towards the police i with protesters clearly losing their cool i. was demonstrators claim that this man was an undercover policeman i was and shortly afterwards he's attacked i was eventually medics secure his release. was. protesters continue to apologize to frustrated travelers was i was
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right i don't know i was i carry lamb hong kong's leader is fearing or threatening the worst. hong kong society has become insecure unstable and violent no matter who's perpetrating violence it will push hong kong down a path of no return but. it will put hong kong society in a very anxious and dangerous situation. she was then harangued by journalists who want to know whether she's following beijing's orders speaking to d.w. news pro-democracy activist joshua one thinks beijing won't send in the people's liberation army standing you know into a hall call my just wrist out in the mh hall call it calling me and it would not only trick at this content of hong kong people but also a record high current might be if they satisfy because just got back at financial
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market my 1st serious crack when pierre way were sent through a hall called protest sol i would that it's crystal clear now is that high well what we. just pay attention to all call they should not let people walk alone. but images from across the border suggest a showdown a visible military build up just 30 kilometers away over the border in stands in the question now is is this just a threat from beijing or will the chinese military actually move in. and felix at least spent 6 years as china correspondent for the berlin daily detoxed sayto he is with me here in the city here to talk about these very dramatic developments in hong kong let's pick up where that report left off of that video released by chinese authorities a build up of military vehicles along the border with hong kong has a lot of observers very worried my question to you because all eyes are now on
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beijing that's where the real power lies when it comes to any possible future intervention i think really prepared to set boots on the ground while they're threatening they're threatening but i don't believe at this moment that they want to do that because actually beating doesn't want pictures which would remind the world of 1989 the massacre of chinon men. trashing the china democracy democracy movement. china is celebrating the seventy's and diversity on october 1st and they don't want terrible pictures before that because this is such a symbolic year for chinaman all these anniversaries are taking place all right now . if china were to move or intervene how much of a game changer with that be i mean would it be a tipping point this would be. a catastrophe i mean of course but also for china
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and because so far china still has autonomy state for another 28 years it's supposed to have something a little at least a little bit similar to western democracy that's what. form the statesman once promised to the hong kong people and so far the promise is still. the promise is still. yes still valid but i wonder you know from the get go was this an untenable situation this whole idea of one country 2 systems you know can hong kong retain its unique character i mean really be swallowed up by china basically i think what nobody expected back then when they negotiated this contract that whole society would change i mean especially when i look at the young people they are pretty much raised as westerners they believe in democracy they share the
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. democratic beliefs and they're more similar to people from europe or north america than similar to people in china i mean in china and this is a problem they they don't. they don't trust neither the hong kong government nor the china government and everyone expected that after this 50 years hong kong people would draw together with the chinese but. what happened is the opposite is the opposite has happened. how important is hong kong from mainland china it is still important not as important as it used to be i mean just looking at the numbers that used to be. almost 20 percent of the trade with the rest of the world between china and the rest of the world was going on. through hong kong now it's less than 3 percent so already by this you can see that the hong kong.
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importance of hong kong is much less than 20 years ago and and there are other cities just across the border which was mentioned she has more successful economy knowledge more power you growth rates in hong kong holiday so it's getting harder for hong kong felix where do you see this going i mean both sides are just so entrenched in their respective positions do you feel that beijing is also partially to blame by how it handled the situation for its spiraling out of control absolutely i mean 5 years ago the people off hunger were already protesting wanting more democracy and it was a peaceful protest back then and beijing and the hong kong government did nothing since then made it even worth and now we see that the especially young people are frustrated and that's why i've had to in order to violent to felix
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a leader who is the china correspondent for the berlin daily the toughest sidetone thank you for way thank you we turn our attention now to russia because authorities in that country tell people now to evacuated after a rocket explosion caused radiation levels to spike only to cancel the order just hours later adding to the mystery already surrounding the accident russia's state weather agency says the explosion which claimed the lives of 5 nuclear engineers last week caused radiation levels in the city of sanford offices to rise by up to 16 times of normal levels. and we asked our moscow bureau chief for your ear shadow how the accident was being reported by the russian media and he gave us this assessment. well russian media also have very little information about what happened exactly. the accident itself nor about the danger
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for people in the area where it's happened according to the russian state whether engine see the radiation went up by 16 times last week or 30 you said it already directly after the explosion the ministry of defense in moscow had claim to there was no increase. to close to the explosion had reported a short term increase activity by the that then that information disappeared suddenly from the they are officials right so nearly a week has passed since the explosion and was to have almost no information about what happened and even today there has been contradictory information about whether the area has to be evacuated on or your rachet are were reporting from russia soldiers in portugal are driving fuel tankers to distribute gas because of an open ended strike by tanker drivers overpaid which has entered its 2nd day police
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officers were also making deliveries because almost $500.00 gas stations have run dry the government has now imposed fuel rationing. fully laden and under police protection the convoy leaves a warehouse near lisbon this is how the portuguese government has been trying to guarantee a minimum amount of fuel is available for the country's drivers reluctantly the picket lines allow them through. u.s. . support to go i think this strike gives the impression to people abroad that portugal does not respect labor rights. if this so these people have their rights in the country the government and the companies are doing their best to limit the exercising of those rights. to take a drivers were just 17 hours a day. wage in an effort to change that they're protesting for the 2nd time and for
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us during the strike fuel has been rationed pumping stations and special legal measures have been brought in to force drivers to deliver the minimum supplies after the government on monday complained refineries weren't doing enough. costa to scoop but the quarter meant that we noticed that particularly in the afternoon shift the unions that caused the strike and the work examples did not comply with the minimum services to terminate for example there was not one single supply port refinery service at the southern region of the country zinj said with them into sports steve oakley that's a super nice. 6 more than 14 tankers have left the seams are finery driven by soldiers. with no end date set for the strike portuguese drivers are having to be conservative at the pumps where the pumps aren't already running dry i. want to
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tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. spanish abra star placido domingo has been accused of sexual misconduct 9 women have told the associated press news agency that they were sexually harassed over a period of decades the los angeles opera where he is the general director says it will open an investigation. the allegations are in accurate. barely senate has put off setting a date for a no confidence vote in the government deputy prime minister met their salvini through the coalition government into chaos when he demanded snap elections salvini said the differences between his far right elite party and its coalition partners were too great. in greece hundreds of emergency workers are battling wildfires helicopters and planes dropping water have been fighting a blaze on the island. north of athens
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a country has asked for international help and the prime minister has cut short his holiday to deal with the emergency. now it's a bolivia where 5 years ago the parliament made it legal for children to work from the age of 10 that's the world's lowest minimum age for child labor children there can work legally for themselves or their families and once they have 12 they can work for others it's estimated that almost a 3rd of children between the ages of 5 and 17 work that's almost 850000 child laborers. and that no man these 4 children are singing to honor the dead. but not because the deceased is a loved one and they're doing it for money. at the end they chant our father. said that for god.
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and kevin this cemetery is their place of employment they're hired to sing for the relatives of the dearly departed. they receive 20 time worth about 2 and a half years that's a lot of money for children who are growing up without a father. has his. 10 year old kevin longs to buy a football but he has to spend his earnings on medical treatments for his mother who's ill. it's strange working in a cemetery that grounding cats and barking dogs sold around and garbage everywhere . these children who come every day after school are known as the graveyard kids. every 4th child in bolivia has some kind of job that's about 100000 working children. starting at 10 every night 15 year old energy buys cigarettes at
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a kiosk and resells them for any profit he can manage. but. but this face will be up to since you announced you give i have to work so i can bring money home that's why i try to sell a lot sleep but the to sleep and he works in a pub district. 5 days a week he makes his way through rundown bars and clubs selling cigarettes for $0.25 each. business is always sluggish at 1st. then more profitable as the night progresses. pleading when clients are seated it's easier for anybody to make a sale. but he has to keep a watchful eye. level to the. districts there are lots of criminal gangs and they are the biggest threat for me as well good. not far from envy is
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christiane all of 10 years old he's collecting garbage because he wants a better life. from premise if i want to buy new shoes. and go to school. like other working children here christiane belongs to a bolivian child laborers union 5 years ago it pushed through a demand to allow miners to work legally starting at age 10. youngsters like and marry and christiane say they have more rights now and they're hoping for bigger opportunities. i want my own business a house and the car i'd like to be an important person. expansion in. the singing graveyard children say the only way to support their desperately poor families is by working. i mean they pay us 10 to 20 bolivia an
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os for every prayer sometimes a 100 because i'm so. young said hamilton that's nearly 12 year olds a lot of money for a working bolivian children. and go ma in the case of the democratic republic of congo so-called sugar jews are the king of the road the homemade wooden scooters helped transport goods around the city at breakneck speed and some of their drivers have become local heroes take a look. there are many ways to transport heavy loads. and this one in the democratic republic of congo is unique but powered scooters made of wood that kolchak could use and they can used to carry everything
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imaginable. for years eastern congo has been wrecked by war. peacekeepers from the united nations with their distinctive blue helmets on the ground they don't need to could use to get around but scooters painted in the un kindness can be found this one's own public see claude giovanni he and his 2 could do are a familiar sight across the city but i'm not bothering about how much you could do like this because the area i travel through is home to many rich people from the u.n. it's really a mugger you know. he makes a roll of not transporting objects that might make his brilliance good to dirty but his work is the same as it is for all other to put in the driver's transporting heavy objects to customers. because i want to build us on
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a bus i was not cause and i like my job and i don't have any. other than my chocolate who helps me feed my family and thanks to this work i can afford to send my children to school. and when the route goes downhill even the heaviest load is easy to transport. alexy has been memory alive for his victories in the city's annual chill could do race he's proved himself the fastest guta pilot several times over was that use the major attraction in goma but the work itself isn't so glamorous. nor did a workers' union for drivers. it helps to supply our lives and ensures nobody tries to trick us and you want to. try to stick together so we can all be successful and how to. fix the gun.
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nobody can say exactly how many wooden scooters there are in goma definitely more than 100. to come by lives and works on the outskirts of the city he's a specialist and the man who build alexy giovanni's race winning ride. after close inspection he spotted the problem. to come by really gets to work he knows exactly how to build a robust roller using 2 different types of wood the axle would comes from a strong tree that grows around goma. she got a new woman dynamo isn't turning properly. it needs adjusting so you know. i just can't work as well as i want to when it's not running smoothly so i. could do has to be fast. you can see here that something's chafing.
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within a few minutes the transporters dismantled and reassembled and its wooden wheel is spinning freely again. one alexey giovanni can once again provide for his family with a simple emission free should do made of renewable locally sourced natural material perhaps the beacon of the future. football news now and history will be made tomorrow night in the u.a.e. 1st super cup for the 1st time ever a woman will referee a major men's match in european competition and france's stephanie will take charge of the all england clash between liverpool and chelsea is taking place in turkey. istanbul is the venue for the latest milestone in the career of stephanie frappe
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the french referee has already taken charge of a men's game in her country's top leak but she says she doesn't feel like she has to stand out from her male counterparts. i don't think so i think is the same we had to prove i was physically they'd make me a tactically that we have the same that demands so i'm not afraid about that so i think nothing changed only. the respective coaches say they're proud to be part of history. because so many things of the world which we are still obviously not. smart enough to make the right decisions that are very very smart decisions that we finally can bring able to put to you and to be the referee of a very very important game in a big game in front of millions of people we were very slow everywhere on this and now we are trying to make strides and it's the long nights ago that in terms of
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tomorrow i think it's a huge moment it should be very well addressed and very places are in place we are pleased to historical moment as more strict in the right direction outside. as well as from this super cop is notable for other reasons it's a 1st between 2 english clubs and for liverpool it's a returns we stand scene of the greatest ever european triumphs and miraculous champions league final victory over ac milan in 2005. and we're going to sing on the theme of football because unlike most other european capitals berlin has never been a domestic footballing powerhouse with this season for the 1st time in over 40 years the german capital will be represented by 2 different teams in the top flight or heard to in west berlin are now joined in the witness league for the 1st time ever by rivals only on the after the east berlin side were promoted by
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a playoff. it's been a summer of ecstasy for. the arrival of top flight football at the outer 1st i means that 2 historic capital city darby's are on the horizon. has to be there with both clubs in the 1st league and also real proud of this because we can play against the believe in the big big derby and that's what we look for to see the new and rising in the east means that heter have a challenger for the capital city crown it's the climax of an unlikely success story on your journey to the business league or has been a long and arduous 120 years ago the club was on the brink of bankruptcy and extinction now they've got a freshly renovated stadium plans to expand it even further and have just become the 1st club from the old east german leagues to make it to the bundesliga. in 2009
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but out west ham have long been at home in the upper reaches of german football very accustomed to having the bundesliga to themselves this year they've got company. has a star and current general manager. knows that the rise of have as rivals puts plenty of pressure on his club it will be of course a lot of pressure in the city the city. hatter as the more established side have the most to lose this year underdogs are out to cause an upset all eyes will be on bowling for the east west capital city darby with the season about to start the countdown is already on when your host hats are here and that's a 1st i in november it will be the 1st time ever that these 2 sides meet in the german top flight it's a historic occasion for the german capital and whatever's going on in the bundesliga table it will be a massive footballing occasion for both teams but leanings bragging rights are on
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the line. they certainly are we're all very excited for berlin's teams now before i let you go reminder of the top stories that we're tracking for you this hour there have been clashes with police and hong kong airports as pro-democracy protesters halted flights for a 2nd consecutive day on konk she thinks they're going to have to carry last more and that the city could be on a half an hour return. you're watching to every news a firmer burleson with me leyla hard rock i'll be back in just a couple of moments with the day that is the news and it were of you so please stick around and don't forget you can always get the latest news by going to our web site that's d w dot com see in a couple seconds. think
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. the world is getting poorer soon. more's catastrophe has a lot of problems. the global $3000.00 talks would seem british recent. to take
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a more optimistic view. the world is not always a good plan but it's much much better than it was. just the rules really getting better in. the global $3000.00 special report. starts on this monday sunday to. nothing to ask the well if some time found but i said nothing which would be for german think deep into the german culture looking at the stereotype the question to you think the future of the country i now live. via nudity in picturesque grama day out to you it's all that. new i'm rachel join me from the jam and from p.w. . post. the quiet melody resounds
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michael light of the mood. for repeat recently with a new song. the mind and the musing. tovan 1st bond 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. more turmoil in hong kong the territory is teetering on the brink for a 2nd straight day the science pro-democracy demonstrators shut down one of asia's busiest airports jamming terminals and leaving passengers stranded all the dramatic sound off pitches protesters against riot police in ever more violent confrontations with the world's.


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