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in a culture of. stereotypes clash if you think it's good for the country that i'm not . yet. prepared for this drama. it's all about ok. i'm rachel join me again and. post. this is. coming up on the program. after 2 days of destructions. across the border from hong kong a crackdown from china india. also coming up. pakistan independence day which goals of support for. victims of oppression. what about the other stakeholders in the disputed region china. and the extreme
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dropping. of police officers. welcome to news it's good to have you with us even as protests continue in hong kong. by the state from the global times newspaper shows chinese military vehicles entering the city on the border with hong kong these images you see over here. and trucks entering the city they belong to the chinese people's police force just tossed with broad control and. it takes its orders from beijing a number of the trucks shown in the video. to end up in
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a stadium in. what looks like. the sports center. and this appears to be satellite images from a u.s. based space technology company that. bucked in the stadium. but could they be given orders to drive into hong kong if so it would take them long to do to do so sean john is just 27 kilometers from hong kong and well connected to the special administrative region the presence of miniature vehicles so close to hong kong is raising questions about beijing's intentions but how do hong kong protest as we've been described as temporist by beijing. spondon phoebe kong spoke to one of them so as a home call and support has this are you worried that beijing would actually into fim to protest on the street home. i think they would during the thing we do all
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the way he can do it so i put but i don't scare so you are just come never never mind. so what is the reason behind like you're saying you're not scared was the reason behind it and we used to carry on to protest even if this happened i found a core my my post. my protest ok. it is just a recap of freedom. i don't i don't know we don't how freedom tower how much freedom we get but this moment i tried tried our best to try against. the press. here but we also seen some solace happening at the airport like last night some of the horse has to come back up clashes with police and also some of the. some of the few hold like el paso and yeah i would have to balance over the last few days so i speak as a homo how do you feel about that i think. the police use to
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i think for my for my for my. phone company is how to treat the people but. they do something. drawn last night after one time. a protester but i i i support them i understand col how they're angry and contemporaneous so i don't i think it's time we protest. there will be kong talking to a protester at hong kong airport joshua wong is a for democracy activist and secretary-general of the pro-democracy party demo c store we spoke to my idea and i asked him if he thought the protest movement will be successful in the battle or they picked this as goliath is not a easy and simple battle we may face
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a lot of crackdown and suppression but we would never suspect that would because hall call is the place where people stand in a forefront to call for an authoritarian rule just like it's brilliant in the last century and we will continue until a day we get that general democracy and we hope people around the world can be our allies to support us pakistan has launched a diplomatic offensive over india's done creating of status formally asking the u.n. security council to hold an emergency session to address what it calls delis illegal actions in the region by distance from minister imran khan traveled to pakistan today to mark the country's independence day there he offered support took this meeting he's on the indian side he said today we are saddened by the plight of media brothers occupied in occupied jungle in kashmir who are victims of indian oppression i assure my kashmiri brothers if you stand with them. india and
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pakistan spotted intentions of occasionally it also have the potential to drag another major stakeholder into the crisis together that india and pakistan control about it to percent of the region they drive new border you see the region of jungle in kashmir but the remaining 20 percent here in the balt and in the north east is actually under the control of china india 2 names these 2 regions but this past week a bold the indian and pakistani foreign ministers have been in beijing the chinese government to make clear that it's not happy with india's actions. well there are some differences between our 2 countries we don't shy away from those differences we exchanged views on those matters in a kind it manner regarding the recent tensions between india and pakistan we made clear china's concerns on the issues that regarding involving china's sovereignty
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and rise in interest we also stated china's principled position and let's talk about this small way it has sharma in the shop who joins me now sherman good to see you how much does the indian government's decision to revoke the shmita special status affect china. well the ratio china is seriously concerned about the move not as much as prime minister mo these this is a decision to scrap the special status but do bifurcate the state and it has started only disputes with india and the like dock region is now in the middle of all this so beijing believes that the decision good to be permanent and permanent be a factor this started during this border between india and china so china is
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concerned definitely but i think the indian foreign minister when he was arrested. china he actually is trying to to convince chinese authorities that there shouldn't be any what about it speaking of they've been foreign ministers counterpart in pakistan shah mahmood qureshi no he claimed. complete support on the. mean does it. i do not think so i don't think that pakistan has china's complete support you see that china has large investments in india and obviously chinese authorities would not like to do ruin the trade relations with india india is a huge market and also china is pretty all combined with other issues at the moment and i believe that on this to know these dining to announce this decision was
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pretty good china is involved in hong kong china has an ongoing trade conflict with the us so china is pretty preoccupied in other things and. i have serious doubts that beijing vid will go all the way to help pakistan out and the situation in some of today's also pakistan's independence day and by mr khan as expressed on the data to me. is on the indian side. have these latest tensions with india unified the polity in pakistan itself. no not at all and it has not unified it it's a pretty chaotic situation domestically in pakistan you see just days off to. this decision on kashmir. the pakistani government arrested former prime minister nawaz sharif's don't muddy i'm not. the joint parliamentary session in pakistan.
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was unable to reach a consensus the opposition parties blaming on for the mess the foreign policy mess the domestic crackdown on opposition and civil society activists so we see a pakistan domestically very fractured very divided very polarized pakistan domestically has not been able to take any single any unified stance on the kashmir conflict me crisis. of the time thank you so much for joining us. in thailand farmers have been hit hard by the worst drought in a decade the lack of rain has their fields parched and dried up in a given systems more than a dozen major dams across thailand are almost empty a dire situation with an unexpected silver lining at one drought struck reservoir a last buddhist temple has reemerged from the receding water. a cultural treasure
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long hidden on the water the construction of a dam 20 years ago inundated this buddhist temple in thailand for a province. now after months of drought it's reemerged leaving the memories to flood back. seeing the temple again is really emotional. when i was young i always came to meet friends at the elephant sculptures in front of the main building. that place was a landmark for children back. from a little the temple is normally covered by water and the rainy season you don't see anything. but the exposed to ruins but also a reminder of the harsh reality for local pharmacy the reservoir which kept the temple under water is at a record low as thailand faces its worst drought in
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a decade. we. currently have the water level in perceptual as it dam is even lower than the last record low in 2015. back then it was $33.00 centimeters above sea level. today the water level is lower than that was several centimeters. life in the midlands. the reservoir normally irrigates more than half a 1000000 hectares of surrounding farmland but currently there is only enough water for just over a 1000 hectares the land is drying out and with it the crops. the people in all sectors need to be made aware that they have to change the way they consume walcha we need to save more water because i believe this kind of water shortage will happen increasingly often. couldn't. and that means peace temple ruins may once again become
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a common sight for the people of look laurie province. post orders on our web site these are both dogs always flashed up that's or to be relieved your knowledge of them are just focused on just celebrating it's a 2nd in the pits to consider but. sometimes books are more exciting than real life. preparing to. go. what if there's no escape. list. german must create. it's time to take a step but can't face. time here of just such
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the not. and find for the truth is. hard to overcome down dreams and connections. it's time for. a new deputy a scumming up ahead. mines. the u.s. post gongs tariffs on chinese goods as beijing releases new figures it says show that it was chose the economy is still growing the slowest price for 17 years. don't use the r word just yes for the 1st time in nearly 10 years germany's economy contracts is the golden decade of growth coming to an end for europe's economic problems. fungus wipes out the. experts say
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95 percent of the world's banana production could be at risk. this is business. as well come the latest figures published by china show output from its factories is growing albeit its slowest rate for 17 years the impact of the trade war with the u.s. is taking its toll at home bought a white house decision to delay some to the u.s. plan to slap on chinese products because of least some hope that tensions could be easing. the delayed tariffs if they'd hit in september would have been no laughing matter for ordinary americans for the 1st time they would have affected consumer products including closing tronics that's why president trump says he's perspiring them for festive reasons explaining to reporters that the tariffs would have had too much effect on people's christmases. the president also says the decision follows can.


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