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and you know when i lived there again i don't know so i'm not sure. witness global news that matters. made for mines. this is news coming to you live from berlin world stock markets take a tumble spooked over signs of recession. 3 main u.s. stocks closed 3 percent down with the dow jones industrial average posting its biggest one day drop of the year also coming up more on rest in hong kong police
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fired tear gas to disperse pro-democracy demonstrators and chinese state media air footage of mass and she riot drills seen as a warning from beijing to protesters plus what lengths would you go to to make a point about climate change activist ready to turn back refuses to apply to a new york climate something we look at why she's hitched a ride on this special. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us stock markets around the globe are dropping amid signs of a looming recession the sharp sell off follows the release of poor economic data from germany and china a key u.s. benchmark also signals more trouble ahead on wednesday the dow jones industrial average suffered its worst day of the year so far closing 3 percent down. well
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european equities should more than 2 markets look a bit colder today. well for the very latest let's cross over to frankfurt where a financial correspondent another buzz is standing by another stock markets have been dipping around the world what's the picture in frankfurt this morning. well off a kind of a staid start of the trading session and you see it at the back here at the big with all the shares now dropping at least the dax is now in negative territory not by a large but at least 5 or point 2 percent ok we're still on a rocky road it looks like what's got investors spook is it mainly true stone tools trade policy particularly regarding china. well actually it's the effect of its trade policy meaning a recession risk in europe especially in germany we have seen g.d.p.
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data contracting for the 2nd quarter and economists are expecting also a contraction in the 3rd quarter which that would mean germany is in recession and that's in russia the recession and then yesterday came the bond market reaction that the bond market curve inverted meaning that the longer and the 10 years traded below the 2 years which is the harboring heir off a recession in financial markets theory also experience so the risk is that also the united states will fall into a recession there is scenario and that's why people got really spooky yesterday because clearly the biggest economy in the word the u.s. currently still looks pretty stable but the industrial production also this week and leading indicators point to the fact that there's also an increasing weakness and this is not going away with a trade war being escalated. another thank you very much for bringing us up to date
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i never buy stuff there in frankfurt. out of some of the other stories making headlines around the world today and all topsy performed on jeffrey epstein the disgraced u.s. mint multimillionaire has found several broken bones in his neck forensics experts say this can occur to people who hang themselves or who've been strangled epstein was found dead in his jail cell on saturday he was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges tens of thousands of women have marched through the streets of brazil's capital brasilia to denounce president changable sonora and defend women's rights protesters also called attention to the struggles of her old workers it is the 3rd anti-government protest in the city in 2 days. hong kong is bracing for more mass protests over night police fired off tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters in the city's financial district the pro-democracy
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demonstrations are now in their 10th week marked by firsts of violence u.s. president all trump has linked a possible trade deal with china to a peaceful resolution on hong kong on twitter he urged chinese leader xi jinping to solve the crisis in his words humanely meanwhile beijing is ramping up its rhetoric saying the protests are approaching what it calls terrorism. yet another night of protests. and more tear gas as police and demonstrators clashed on the streets of hong kong. 10 weeks since millions marched against a controversial law the protest showed no sign of letting up the police respond to take us truncheons under arrest. and protesters are beginning to retaliate. as police stormed decision at home homes airport on tuesday
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demonstrators bs a police officer who attacked a woman. the police have seized on the incident to discredit the protest movement. vital like we denounce extreme and radical rioters for the use of violence where they might even deprive others of their lives to pursue their so-called human rights. as for such illegal behavior of extreme violence the police must early enforce laws and follow them up beijing is backing your forces state media released these images showing a build up of paramilitary police on the border the message is clear if i'm asked continues china will intervene. on wednesday a small group of demonstrators were back at the airport with a message of their own and apologies to travelers and for the protests turning violent. and in germany chancellor merkel chimed in to call for restraint on both
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sides. still owns it's important for us that the basic law of 1907 is in shrines in law which also guarantees freedom of speech and the rule of law in hong kong. see how it is at all and is a law that has a long history there and therefore everything must be done to avoid violence and to find a solution through dialogue. the protesters police no china appear willing to compromise the specter of confrontation looms launch over hong kong. she's become the poster girl for climate change awareness burke the swedish teenager is the face of the fridays for future movement so she's on her way to the united nations climate summit in new york but is too and is trying to keep her own carbon footprint as small as possible she's refused to fly there instead she set sail from england on
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an eco friendly yacht designed for speed not comfort. making her way to the yacht that will be her for the next 2 weeks the 16 year old has never sailed before and she's facing a challenging journey but she says she's willing to rough it especially if it helps bring political action to climate change what i'm concerned about is whether we we will do something or not whether the people in power will react and act. with unnecessary force. has been the target of online abuse from across the political spectrum she says she's unfazed by the criticism. though people who want climates delay years who want to do everything to shift the focus from the climate crisis to something else or want to make people question the science and i'm not worried about that so i'm just going to do as i as i want to do and i think will
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have most impact. conditions on board the 18 need to minister to your spouse and there's no toilet and sleeping quarters a basic. it shows her determination to accept uncomfortable conditions so she can get across the atlantic as carbon neutral as possible on a normal yard she could have had her own cabin with air conditioning and a shower but she's taking this part that only produces a small amount of electricity by means of solar power and it's very fast so it can bypass storms and hurricanes. precious father and a filmmaker company on the voyage together with the crew they will travel some 5 and a half 1000 kilometers across the atlantic ocean. you're watching news still to come the concert that defined the 960 s.
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on the 50th anniversary of the iconic rock best visits woodstock for peace love and rock n roll never get old. same sex couples in the animal world are not uncommon scientists have observed homosexual pairings and speech he is as diverse as beetles and monkeys but 2 male penguins at the berlin zoo have attracted huge public attention for their fatherly dedication to a get together the w. want to visit the expectant couple. the happy parents to be these 2 male king penguins skipper and ping have adopted an egg together they're taking turns to keep the egg warm nestling it in their flaps of belly skin. and they completely dedicated to the task at hand even the daily feeding qantas tracked them from caring for the long desired egg. such elocutionary it emerged rather
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quickly that the pair belong to each other and have become a couple and wanted to have genetic so they started taking stones of fish they hadn't eaten and looked after them pretty well or and anguished afghans able to come out. and that's why the keris gave the couple an egg which had been abandoned by the zoo so female penguin same sex couples and males which brood aren't so unusual in the animal kingdom but these visitors still found it fascinating. life and sometimes i think it's really great and i think that in our world many more men should take more time to do just that and do something for the children. through this you. know the parents and leave. zookeeper on your side also things that these penguins are doing it right. think of that kind of wish to mention i think humans could perhaps learn a thing or 2 from them because penguins are really tolerant and a large breeding colony
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a same sex penguin couple wouldn't be looked at strangely by any other pair it's just the way it is so and they just end their breeding spots just like the others on a forceful. at the start of september it will become clear whether the egg was successfully fertilized or not and if it is balanced it could be welcoming its 1st penguin to be born to 2 fathers. this week marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic woodstock music festival event became a key moment in history as a symbol of the counterculture movement and entire generations hopes for the future in 1969 an estimated 400000 people descended on a farm in upstate new york for 3 chaotic days abusing and indulgence the festival featured more than 30 acts including janis joplin and jimi hendrix i don't suppose a byword for mind expanding drugs and youthful idealism. 50 years
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on. visits the town close to where it all happened. there are reminders everywhere from peace signs to tie guys 19 sixties hippie culture is still ever present. but is woodstock become somewhat of a theme park. mark hedrick has run a souvenir shop on the thames main street for over 20 years. marketing is a stronghold in any kind of market like this the there was very little marketing done when the concert was done in fact that to the best my knowledge there was never a shirt so. now the marketing stuff came after the fact. but here in the town you know we still like to take advantage of that. the local economy is benefited greatly since the festival took place and it doesn't matter now that it was held
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over 90 kilometers away in the time of bethel it's been 50 years since the woodstock festival and the town of woodstock still draws thousands of tourists every year but why do they come here when many of those weren't even born when the festival took place back in 1969. this night i think it's just i think it's not just people who are here and. that feeling of woodstock like this special place for people like the people that believe in peace and this is the place. back at mark souvenir store business a steady who says tourist numbers are up despite this year's festival being counseled the lure of woodstock remains unfettered we do get visitors and many people claim to have been what star and. maybe they were. i think there was
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an article a number of years ago about the number of people who claim to have been at woodstock is probably closer to like 5000000 residents 500000. the number who attend it doesn't matter it's the legacy the festival holds for young and old alike and it's its 50th anniversary. watching d.w. news up next our documentary on artificial intelligence a blessing or curse thanks for being with us. her 1st day in school in the jungle. for 1st occurring less of a minute or as grand the moment arrives. joining a regular chain on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary tour
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in a regulating returns home on t w dot com tang's.


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