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this is deja vu news live from berlin and the u.s. defends a diplomatic standoff over an iranian oil tanker the u.s. has elbowed its way into a court case over this iranian ship seized last month by the brawl took the move prevents a possible swap for a british backed tanker held by wrong. also coming up what lengths would you go to make a point about climate change activists gratitude berg refuses to fly to and of new york a climate summit look at why she's hitched a ride on this special. class today marks half
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a century since the woodstock music festival kicked off did everyone make the pilgrimage to the new york town and now a shrine to those 3 days of peace love and rock n roll. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us the u.s. has applied for the right to seize an iranian oil tanker detained by gibraltar last month now the move led to supreme court to adjourn a scheduled decision on whether to release the ship but a gibraltar government spokesman says the ship's captain and 3 officers have been freed gibraltar police and british marines captured the vessel the grace one that the start of july it was suspected of bringing iranian oil to syria which would violate the e.u. and us sanctions iran denied any wrongdoing and 2 weeks later it seized the british . tanker you know strait of hormuz which is
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a vital shipping route. let's get more on the story now there's a talk a joins us from iraq hi tony do you have any word on what the developments in gibraltar will mean for a british flag tanker that's being held by iran well at least for now the iranians still seem to be preparing for an exchange here we hear from our sources within the revolutionary guards that the british tanker was moved in the past days from the place in the strait of hormuz where it was detained and kept since to another place closer to the port of ponder about us and that's a place we couldn't go to because we were told that there are many military forces out there so things seem to be moving but one thing is for certain iran is not going to make the 1st move 1st the iranian tanker and needs to be freed and then the british tanker here in the strait of hormuz might be reduced as well. as we've seen escalating tensions around the strait of hormuz iran has repeatedly threatened
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to block it in this conflict with the u.s. why is this shipping route so important. well that's because a quarter of the global all consumption the strait and that strait is very close to the iranian mainland so consider the persian gulf altogether and specifically the strait of hormuz as its backyard and people here are living in the region i used to that through their region being a leveraging point for 2 and we just spoke to some of them and they say they are used to it they're not afraid of war right now they don't want a war but if it happens they're willing to stand up for what they believe is right and stand up to defend their country against what they think foreign countries that do not have any business in their region that we see in the e.u. is considering sending a naval force to the persian gulf to protect merchant vessels so would iran support
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backed. no way the islamic republic believes that it. it is supposed to defend the strait of hormuz and make sure that shipping here is safe and so it's willing to build its own mission with neighboring countries like qatar the united arab emirates even the saudis. to make sure that shipment here is safe. all other countries that have ships us specifically warships are considered as threat to security of course especially the ones that are considered enemy countries like the u.s. like great britain and also israel but also the european union so iranians and the iranian government agree that all other ships except their own and other ships of this region would be a security threat to the persian gulf. and is the scope of speaking to us from iran thank you. and let's get some more analysis on the story with scott lucas he's
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a professor of international politics at the university of birmingham hi scott so what do you think of this move by the u.s. why has it applied to seize the reigning tanker. because the u.s. goals are different from that of the u.k. and europe the u.k. sees the ship on the grounds that it was preventing under e.u. sanctions the delivery of oil to syria now the u.s. priority is not what happens in syria do us wants to cut off all your whining while it was wherever they go quite clearly if this ship was released with 2100000000 barrels of oil it would set a precedent which is ok iran cannot possibly send a well to the assad regime in syria without fear of ships being intercepted but it could do so elsewhere and washington is trying to make a last minute stand to say they want no no iranian shipping to be able to move freely so the u.s. has different goals where does that leave britain scott because there were reports
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that britain wanted to a swap the iranian tanker for a british flag ship that had been taken but the u.s. seems to be working to for that plan. it leaves the u.k. johnson government which is only been in office in a month in a tight spot in what may be its 1st foreign policy crisis they have a choice now they either have to accept washington's wishes. by the way from their position because they said that it was up to gibraltar what happened they would have to tell gibraltar no you have to continue to hold the ship or alternatively they have to stand up to the americans and stand up to the drop of ministration what do they do because if they do about washington they are not only possibly increasing confrontation they are splitting from the rest of europe in the european union who do not want to see this ship being held indefinitely scott this is a really complex situation we have tanker sees as you're saying escalating rhetoric what needs to happen at this point to calm relations with iran. well i think we
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were close at least in this immediate case to to not a resolution but at least a step back and that is. with assurances that the ship would not continue to syria at least the european union and the u.k. could say that had been accomplished you could then have the exchange of tankers with the u.k. fly swedish owned stand being brought back and perhaps you could then say right this is been a sign on both sides that will step back now can we move to talks to resolve wider conflicts and those are conflicts for example over the security the strait of hormuz. because the americans have now stepped again the risk is the iranians will beat their chest and say we will not back down either and we're back to where we were in june where there were tankers being attacked and we remember donald trump approved but then backed away from american airstrikes inside iran you know it's got lucas professor of international politics at the university of birmingham thank
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you for that analysis. now to some other stories making headlines around the world a russian passenger plane was forced to make an emergency landing in a field after it collided with a flock of birds the collision caused both engines of the ural airlines jet to fail shortly after takeoff from moscow kosky airport all 233 people on board did survive although dozens of passengers were treated for injuries. from a jail the leader of hong kong's 2014 pro-democracy protests has been released on bail many time i was sentenced to 16 months in prison for his role in what became known as the umbrella movement his release comes as hong kong is experiencing its largest wave of anti-government protests in decades a spark in june by a controversial extradition. the washington post newspaper is reporting that an autopsy performed on jeffrey epstein the disgraced u.s. multimillionaire found several broken bones in his neck now forensic experts say such angry injuries can be caused by suicide by hanging or by strangling accident
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was found dead in his jail cell on saturday he was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. and tens of thousands of women have marched through the streets of brazil's capital brasilia to denounce president. and defend women's rights the protesters also called attention to the struggles of dural workers it is a 3rd anti-government protest in the city in 2 days. india's prime minister narendra modi has defended his decision to end kashmir special status he was speaking at independence day celebrations in delhi marking 72 years since the british raj was dismantled and divided into india and pakistan tensions are high between the south asian neighbors more than a week after the indian government withdrew the semi-autonomous status of kashmir pakistan also claims the region as its own. india's national flag
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unfolds at independence day celebrations in delhi a symbol not only of 72 years of freedom from british rule but now also perhaps of the country's nationalistic shift months after his landslide election when prime minister narendra modi defended his recent decision to strip kashmir of its special status he said the step would restore the disputed regions past glory. oh it can greatly contributed india's development journey. we should all make an effort to restore their old glorious days. the new arrangement is a result of these efforts. and it will work directly in the interest of citizens. as noti spoke indian controlled kashmir spent its 11th day under a lockdown and communications blackout authorities there have cut internet and
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phone links detained more than 500 leaders and activists and restricted movement with police roadblocks. meanwhile in pakistan black flags flying at half mast the country observing what it calls a black day to protest modi is decision on kashmir and express solidarity with residents that tensions between india and pakistan hanging like a dark cloud over the region. let's get more of the story with nima such as well our correspondent in delhi hina mr good to see you so they gave a speech today to mark independence day he said he wants to restore kashmir is past glory what did he mean by that. well i mean by most americans or more the has once again read today that the last 70 years all of the special status as being in place has actually been detrimental to christian media in a speech he made a few days ago as well he talked about how it's responsibility for indians to make
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sure the media's can now participate in development project 3 and this is the point he reiterated today as well in his speech as he said that india indians should be proud that we are finally one nation one constitution the reference to the fact that the indian constitution did not apply to me in its entirety because of the special status so this form of lauding it at 1st too is a beautician of this point he's making and which hasn't been making sure that the people of kashmir should finally have access to opportunity is the development of the growth trajectory that the rest of india does but of course this in the midst of an unprecedented near complete communications blackout in the valley itself tell us more about that blackout what's been happening during this time in kashmir. well so we see that someone could meet has been divided into 2 parts and in some parts the communications blackout has been lifted but in the most rest of bought
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off the state of the value of me the communication blackout that's now in its 11th day of the people of fish need not only have no internet access they also have more for one connectivity and they actually have to line up to ours to make a call for a few minutes to their loved ones outside of the states the states justification the government's justification for this communication blackout is to ensure that peace is maintained there's also been a massive military deployment on the ground more than what is usually out there to make sure that there's no progress some process how about how broken are people here and these from media reports that it's of course the government pushing back saying many of these reports are not true but the valley continues to be in shut down and be a still waiting to cure completely fredy what the rest of you think about this abrogation you should just very briefly if you can pakistan is furious as of now appealing to the united nations security council to address india's actions can international mediation help defuse tensions between pakistan and india.
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but some i'm afraid the short on flows north of the un and the us have beaten asking both countries to exercise restraint but also do this through dialogue the baucus fund market funds foreign minister himself a cup of tea as a goal said don't expect the international community to have to intervene but of course pakistan continues trying to internationalize the issue and hope that there will be intervention however because of economic interests in india 1000000000 strong population this seems very unlikely all right our correspondent nima says eisel reporting there in delhi thank you very much. still to come here on news on the 50th anniversary of the iconic broadcast to be a visit to woodstock or peace love and rock n roll never gets old. but 1st she's become the poster girl for climate change of awareness gratitude for the swedish teenager is the face of the fridays for future movement so she's on her
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way to the united nations climate summit in new york but since to marcus trying to keep her own carbon footprint as small as possible she's refused to fly there instead she set sail from england on an eco friendly yacht designed for speed not comfort. gratitude bag making her way to the yacht that will be her for the next 2 weeks the 16 year old has never sailed before and she's facing a challenging journey but she says she's willing to rough it especially if it helps bring political action to curb climate change what i'm concerned about is whether we we will do something or not whether the people in power will react and act. with unnecessary force. has been the target of online abuse from across the political spectrum she says she's unfazed by the criticism. there are people who want climate delay years who want to do everything to shift the focus from the
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climate crisis to something else or want to to make people question the science and i'm not worried about that so i'm just going to do as i as i want to do and i think it will have most impact. conditions on board the 18 need to minister to yacht a spouse and there's no toilet and sleeping quarters a basic. you know. it shows her determination to accept uncomfortable conditions so she can get across the atlantic as carbon neutral as possible on a normal job she could have had her own cabin with air conditioning in a shower but she's taking the spars that only produces a small amount of electricity by means of solar power and it's very fast so it can bypass storms and hurricanes. this was. precious father and a filmmaker a accompanying her on the voyage together with the crew they will travel some 5 and
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a half 1000 kilometers across the atlantic ocean. while the oceans are filling up with plastic and dealing with it poses one of the great challenges of our time now researchers have shown that the problem isn't just confined to the world's waterways tiny pieces of plastic are increasingly entering the atmosphere as well and from the air they're spreading to some of the most pristine environments on earth. millions of tons of plastic end up in the oceans every year where the sun and the waves eventually break down the waste into microscopic pieces the so-called micro plastics now blanket the marine environment found in sediments floating free in the water and inside practically every organism that lives in the sea no micro plastics have also been found in snow the researchers looked at how it got there. were trees and that we have. eyes on the beaches.
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but also want to link it to the of. the tiny pieces of plastic are so light that if they leave the water and dry out they can be picked up by air currents and carried high into the atmosphere once they're like dust or pollen they act as a core for coalescing raindrops or in colder regions ice crystals when they grow heavy enough the rain drops or snowflakes fall back to earth as precipitation taking the microscopic pieces of plastic along for the ride. the polar and marine scientists from the hunt for it begin to institute in germany looked at snow samples from a range of sites in europe and the arctic they discovered that even in some of the most remote areas on earth like the arctic ice pack a single leader of snow can contain thousands of pieces of micro plastic the discovery that the atmosphere likely plays
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a key role in transporting plastic has implications not just for pristine environments but also for human health. our science reporter derek rowlands put together that story is with us in our studio now for more hi derek so how can micro plastics be harmful to human health well the chemicals that are used in the elements that are used to to make plastics which have to have a very wide variety of of characteristics they're often toxic for example p.v.c. has as flooring that which is which in greater amounts can be toxic for the human system and we're ingesting them not only through the food chain because these animals these organisms in the ocean are eating micro plastic but also we've discovered now we're breathing them in and then we have no idea what the real what that the results medically are going to be from that particular aspect of this surprising is that we're finding micro particles of plastic in snow in the arctic
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interestingly when i 1st looked at the story a couple of days ago i thought you know as it was coming out i thought. i was really very shocked because i associated very strongly with with the oceans but the idea that it's now also in the atmosphere and not in small amounts in the numbers of particles micro particles that we're talking about $15000.00 per liter of snow that they measured and in areas of the alps and bavaria was 10 times that so it's really talking about a whole new vector for how it can get into the human system and we have no idea what kind of an effect that's going to have on human health ok so it's alarming what can we actually do to stop the spread of micro plastics well obviously we need to cut down on the use of plastics in general i mean that's a very wide question but there are several different things that we need to do we need particularly single used plastics for example the micro beads that are used in cosmetics that would that's a will be a big step forward to to cut down on the use of single use plastics the 2nd thing
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that we need to do definitely is keep these plastics from entering the oceans because that's where they both break down most quickly and particular it's a big problem particularly in asia we need to keep them out of. the waterways and from reaching the oceans in the 1st place and then obviously we also need to think about long term about new plastics that break down all the way to the molecular level that don't just break down into smaller and smaller pieces but they can break down to be absorbed by organisms in the environment completely so there are really no quick fixes but we need to be start doing more of these things in order to come to long term solutions all right our science reporter derek williams bringing us the story thank you derek now same sex couples in the animal world are not uncommon scientists have observed homosexual pairings of species as diverse as beetles and monkeys but 2 male penguins at the berlin zoo have attracted huge public attention for their fatherly dedication to hatching an egg together did every went to visit the expected couple. the happy parents to be these 2
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male king penguins skipper and ping have adopted an egg together they're taking turns to keep the egg warm nestling it in their flaps of belly skin and they completely dedicated to the task at hand even the daily feeding can to struck them from caring for the long desired a. it's emerged rather quickly that the pair belong to each other and have become a couple and wanted to have genetic so they started taking stones of fish they hadn't eaten and looked after them pretty well or and. would want to come out. and that's why the carrots gave the couple an egg which had been abandoned by the zoo so female penguin same sex couples and males which brood aren't so unusual in the animal kingdom but these visitors still found it fascinating. life and sometimes i think it's really great and i think that's in our world many more men should take
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more time to do just that and do something for the children. zookeeper i knew also things that these penguins are doing it right. thank you that kind of wish to mention that i think humans could perhaps learn a thing or 2 from them because penguins are really tolerant and the large breeding colony a same sex penguin couple wouldn't be looked at strangely by any other pair it's just the way it is and they just and they're preaching sports just like the others . at the start of september it will become clear whether the egg was successfully fertilized are not and if it is could be welcoming its 1st penguin to be born to to father is. this week marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic woodstock music festival the event became a key moment in history as a symbol of a counterculture movement and an entire generations hope for the future in 1969 an estimated 400000 people descended on
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a farm in upstate new york for 3 chaotic days of music and indulgence the festival featured acts like a janis joplin and jimi hendrix but it also became a byword for mind expanding drugs and useful idealism 50 years later pablo foley ileus visits the town where it all happened there are reminders everywhere from peace signs to toys 19 sixties hippie culture is still ever present. but as woodstock become some want of a theme park. mark hedrick has run a souvenir shop on the thames main street for over 20 years. marketing is a stronghold in any kind of market like this the there was very little marketing done when the concert was done in fact that to the best my knowledge there was never a shirt sold and now the marketing stuff came after the fact. but here in the town
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you know we still like to take advantage of that. the local economy is benefited greatly since the festival took place and it doesn't matter now that it was held over 90 kilometers away in the time of bethel it's been 50 years since the woodstock festival and the town of woodstock still draws tides and is of tourists every year but why do they come here when many of those weren't even born when the festival took place back in 1969. like this one i think it's just i think it's obviously we're hearing. that feeling of woodstock lived a special place for people like the people that believe in peace and this is the place. back at mark souvenir store business a steady who says tourist numbers are up despite this year's festival being
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counseled the lure of woodstock remains unfettered we do get visitors. many people claim to have been at woodstock and. maybe they were. i think there was an article a number of years ago about the number of people who claim to have been at woodstock is probably closer to like 5000000 residents 500000. the number who attended doesn't matter it's the legacy the festival holds for young and old alike on this its 50th anniversary. coming up next news asia will be looking at whether cricket to can gain a foothold in china we'll leave you with more images from history's most iconic music festival woodstock on its 50th anniversary.
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projects around the world like to use the protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action google ideas the environment series of global 3000 on t.w. and online took to. this is a shot coming up on the program the diplomatic rift over japan's wartime past as the japanese emperor speaks of remorse for what it's world war 2 atrocities south korea remembers the women forced into sexual slavery come to 2 sides reconcile their troubled history also coming up. on the front foot to meet a new challenge chinese women hope to excel in a sport that's been the domain of south asian teams for many years. and it's crispy and green.


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