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take it personally you went with a little going to be doing stories that make the game so special i. truly treat. my. good more than. mourn. this is due to the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the shops are closed for business in south africa mobs have been underground which can be china's bid township of soweto losing killings owned by foreign nationals the government saying it's concerned and has urged communities to refrain from the criminal activity. and the most vulnerable of the victims of mali's conflict will hear from the children pointed by night means off the fighting. then is kenya on track to ready to give step using doping.
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hello i'm christine want to welcome to news africa i'm gadget chanted there's been a series of looting incidents in south africa residents from the township of celestial say to have gone on an overnight spree on wednesday told the teen shops run by foreign nationals this video is circulating on social media pope wants to show a mob ransacked shop lifting continued on thursday morning this figure taking it so it will stiffen of district shows a separate mob these other african government has on damned the braves. we're going to go over to soweto now way to fulfill those into malaya is standing by he is the direct console him off refugees and migrants in south africa it's an ngo based and it johannesburg welcome sir africa day full so you were at the scene in that deep
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blue this morning where one of those shops was attacked and i believe you actually standing outside of it what did you see. this scene now seems to be calm to cool by is not the. deed where that the life of the foreign national is safe but the police have been not allowed in the scene but the situation is very much better because almost all the foreign shop has been closed down there has been looted and there is nothing more left in those shops ok and you have spoken to some of the victims what do they plan to do now are what are you gauge some of the foreign nation out of the owning some of the shops in the. areas they have now bucketed the area feeling for their lives because they think their life comes fast so what they are thinking of doing is to go big maybe to other areas where this kind of takes as you know for we got to start
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taking place there where they feel like their life will be safe and be protected so they go into their field of friends' families so that for the time being they can be living with them there ok and what exactly are you doing full of these people i know that you're involved if you open a station what if it's if you put in place. what we have plenty to do is to engage the u.n.h.c.r. of which we have already made contact with to see how best can we best assist those who have been displaced and from day out best can we start engaging on issues of free integration and building. process so that people that maybe can be back in the community and also to educate the communities about their rights or for a few days i'm sick and migrate what and how to do so that they can understand what kind of people they are living with in the communities. is this the xenophobia that we've seen in south africa caused when foreign nationals are attacked is it bad
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because i read it doesn't statement condemning this new thing but this statement didn't use the word santa phobia but is this what it is. christine is very much surprising from the south african perspective because in march this year the government as i talk to the national action plan to combat racism what i said discrimination is you know phobia and related intolerance apart when these things kind of attacks happens government authorities and other 11th authorities they shy away a fuse in the words you know phobia whereas the national action plans was launched and is no phobia was identified as one of the areas and one of the problems that normally takes place in our communities so we are starting to wonder when the government will start calling these actions you know. if they could if they were right way they would be able to develop the process and started use in terms of addressing it because most of the time besides the issues of economic development and high rate of unemployment and that question is to us as the constitution for if
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you said migrants if the government and the 11 to authorities they know that these are not caused by economy constitution and high rate of unemployment why are they not doing anything about it these things started in 2008 up to now they still say in the very same thing off unemployment economy issues if they know that those outlay to economy going to play mentally why are they not doing something about each. from the consortium often fiji's of migrants in south africa thank you. onyx story is in mali a country that's been ravaged by war since an armed conflict between insurgent groups and the government broke out more than 7 years ago. in 2012 separatists from the ethnic group and jihadists allied to al qaeda took over most of the sparsely populated north of the country the following year francais inten troops to stop the rebels assault would advance but insurgents remain active in the country and region
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recently the fighting has spread into central parts of the country despite a peace agreement in signed in 2015 the crisis has profoundly disrupted the lives of millions in the country children have especially in a fix that the un's children agency now warns of the shop rise in the number of children being killed in monday's deadly attacks. the scars of a conflict mali 7 year long civil war has left an indelible mark since its outbreak in 2012 the insurgencies killed thousands and displaced countless more but it's molly's young who are increasingly bearing the brunt of war. but i want them. there are not only journey that i'm haunted by my thoughts whenever i sleep i see the bandits in my nightmares. and none of us can sleep because our home is not safe anymore you know and i know that i don't know what to do because whenever i move
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whatever i do i see them they're always there. rights groups say as many as 400000 young people are at risk in children's home there were herbal suffer in the last children being killed the victim role for gender based violence or back to the being recruited by will groups and of groups offered they will start paying into the child those who never go through. hundreds of school. rules have been forced to close depriving your generation of an education and the chance to turn hardship into harm. the un ses the warring parties that signed a peace accord in 2015 have failed to accelerate its implementation for more of this i'm elected bring in brum posthumous he's a journalist in the modern capital bamako hi brian good to have you why is the
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2015 piece still apparently failing i mean the the un seemingly putting the blame on the signatories. the 2nd carries on of the government and then. a series of armed organizations who are striving for independence of the northern part of mob the faithful as i walk up and a 3rd group which is another amalgam or arms roups who are pro-government they basically never seen or like to lie about this agreement and the big issue here is a town called dollar which is a little more marty and have more of the state control since clinton 12 and these 2 different groups that i just mentioned to you post a coup still disputing who is costing you dar as long as this isn't solved then obviously the peace program or the peace process will mark for a brahmin is there more that the international community can do i mean has this
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conflict been forgotten now either because without being for government anything what is happening here is basically that we are looking at international efforts that are very badly coordinated and hungry and poor in the sense that the people committing these acts know deuterated those wants and will know very little of the brave and don't forget this is a far country where you can hide arms we somehow proves we'll get all right from posthumous journalist in the 1000000 capital bamako thank you. now kenya is famed for its world peace and long distance runners but recently of the country's reputation has suffered following a string of turpin scandals in 2016 that brought the country to the brink of despond if occasion from the real impacts now ahead of tokyo in 2020 the anti
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doping agency of kenya have stepped up their efforts but they face an uphill battle . in kenya the road to fame and fortune often begins on tracks like these this year 38 of the world's top 100 marathon runners hail from the country but kenya's anti-doping agency addict has struggled to stamp out drug abuse since concerns were raised over the country's testing practices in 2016 some reports of since ranked kenya as the world's 3rd biggest doping offender behind russia and india and it's not just the number but the caliber of athletes in 2017 rio olympics marathon champion jim imus i'm gong tested positive for performance enhancing drug e.p.o. as did 1500 metre beijing gold medalist as bell kit prop. in the city of eldoret run a stronghold several pharmacies sell e.p.o. and a local pharmacist who spoke on the condition of anonymity admits business with athletes
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is booming they are more using it now. because. when they use these pieces. the. next and make the prospect of money and stardom leads many aspiring athletes to dope as an anonymous run a admits. there are a cautionary tales another anonymous athlete who has dopes says it wasn't worth it . and if someone has never dug wants to start i do not because the prize money you could get from rice is that end of a using all of it to treat themselves and potentially having permanent problems
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with their body so other huge them not to try to. get these stories that out to build on they say testing has increased tenfold and a new wilder sanction doping laboratory in nairobi will help raise the standard but educating athletes is also a main priority they hope to create what they call a culture of honesty in terms of ethics we want to expose them to know that it's wrong to just but it does even if you don't win it's still fair you for allowed the buzz and we still got the new tweed in there with the do sing in the thing in the myth or or in the substance septembers world athletics championships in doha will provide the next test for kenya ahead of the tokyo 2020 games where the running nation will want to leave any results beyond doubt. and that is it for now from deeds of news africa you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page
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. today for media a good chance of african athletes taken in the time it makes right at night. s.o.s. europe the european. crisis. if it's to have a future it will mean champions young champions. be sure to what. you are trying to. do they stand
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a chance for. the same security. with the budget i need to stand up for my values and contribute to something important democracy of. europe starts september 2nd on g.w. . there is half a century ago the 26 year old jimi hendrix playing his heart out at the famous woodstock music festival. and with god's welcome to arts and culture and that was a clip from the 1970 film woodstock documenting an event that defined the 1960 s. counterculture and as we mark 50 years since the summer of love we'll look into its
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enduring fascination and also coming up. our series on european landmarks takes us to barcelona in northeastern spain where there's a gratify me is still under construction. and we'll meet dimitri poly talk to take the art pole dancing to entirely new life. well it was 50 years ago that some 400000 people descended on max yeah farm near woodstock new york for what amounted to a hippies utopian dream namely 4 days of sex drugs and rock n roll as far as the eye could see janis joplin the who and crosby stills and nash all joined hendrix and many others for what became a legendary lineup and even though heavy rains in the unexpected numbers turned it into something of a mud fest the euphoria of freedom prevailed.


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