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this is it really was life from berlin entry denied to israel on orders from president trump to u.s. democratic congress women are blurred from visiting the country after tweets by president donald trump prime minister benjamin netanyahu says their visit would quote negate the legitimacy of israel also coming up screen to go gibraltar will release the iranian oil tanker its seas last month on this despite an 11th hour plea from u.s. authorities who wanted the vessel's detention extended and the miracle of the
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hudson by this time in a cornfield near moscow the pilot hailed as a hero after a flock of seagulls forces him to crash land soon after take off. her rocker a very warm welcome to all of you we start in israel israel where that country has part 2 u.s. democratic congress women from visiting the country prime minister benjamin netanyahu the office issued a statement claiming their visit was meant to quote negate the legitimacy of israel representative were she to tell it is born and bred american and omar also american emigrated with her family from somalia when she was a child 1st are highly critical of israel's treatment of palestinians and both have been calling for a boycott of israeli products and the entry ban comes after president donald trump
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tweeted that the 2 congress women hate israel and all jewish people. all right let's unpack here i'm joined now by tanya kramer our drew some correspondent and pablo foley ileus who is in washington for us as well tanya want to begin with you of course this is where this story is taking place has this ever happened before. what has been described even here as unprecedented vessel of policy with a lot of pressure from the white house so the president himself to ban those 2 elected congress members of congress and not to let them into the country now both seen as you said as vocal critics of israel's policies against palestinians and also as supporters of the boycott movement and that's what the interior ministry here has released tonight
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a statement it's because of their boycott of activities that they would and that this decision was supported of course by the whole government by prime minister netanyahu as well who also issued a lengthy statement and it's what i can do that because the amended end from 2 years ago states that they can ban the entry for in this. polling allegedly calling for a boycott of this but it has not been applied so far to members of congress probably want to go to you in washington to get a perspective from there has there been any reaction particularly from the democratic leadership. yeah you're absolutely right there's been a lot of reaction particularly from the democratic leadership in fact the senate democratic leader chuck schumer said that denying entry to members of the u.s. congress is a sign of weakness not strength and it'll only hurt the us israel relationship and support for israel in america the house speaker nancy pelosi said it was beneath
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the dignity of the great state of israel now nancy pelosi has always been a big supporter of israel and quite notably actually we're hearing from the pro israel group apac who has recently been very critical of both omar and they actually said that denying the entry to the congresswoman into israel. is a mistake and should nonetheless be allowed to travel to israel referring to as you to both of them bear and we've actually also heard from representative in omar she said that israel's decision to block her visit to the country was an insult to democratic values and finally let's not forget of course donald trump the president of the united states tweeted after israel has made that decision he said. they hate israel the 2 representatives and both of them are the face of the democratic party he'll be speaking of course later on at a rally in new hampshire so it'll be interesting to see what he says there we've
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got to watch that space very closely pablo tiny want to go to you in jerusalem now this move by the israeli authorities came shortly after president trump tweeted that israel would be showing great weakness if it allowed these 2 elected to congress women into the country did the israeli leadership have any choice but to deny them entry. you know that certainly reading this whole development you don't know exactly when that decision was taken you know that there had been deliberating whether to let them into the country or not for the past 20. i was just so i suppose to to to israel but at the decision came shortly after this speech by president. calderon as well not to let those 2 congress and women into the country and there's a sense that prime minister netanyahu will follow the lead of president trump that mean mr netanyahu is not known for popular contradicting the u.s.
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president but having said that it is really a sharp turn around because a decision is a. reversal from an earlier decision that was announced by the israeli ambassador to the united states just a month ago when the 1st reports of such a plan this it published and he actually said out of. respect for the u.s. congress is going to not deny entry to any member of congress so this was actually huge with most of this apparent decision at that time now you know of course and this netanyahu aims for reelection a month's time that might have played a role to please his right wing base but there's also concern by critics of this decision what it means for you know the in the long term for the relationship between the u.s. and israel well let's continue on that on that. note because pablo hitching your
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wagon to president trump is kind of a very dicey decision to make a miserable enjoys great support and in both congress the senate it's bipartisan what kind of consequences could this type of decision have. what it appears the reason the republicans have amplified the views of the left wing democrats like to leave in march to present the party is deeply divided and odds with israel but in fact just in july the democratic led house of representatives in fact voted overwhelmingly in favor of a resolution against the israel boycott movement and i'd also like i said there's been a lot of criticism particular from the democrats over a decision because you know there is a strong belief that you know there is this sort of bipartisan that. sentiment here in the united states and we've even heard from the house majority leader stanley hoyer who was saying it was
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a grave mistake that undermines the bipartisan pro israel consensus here in the u.s. so you know it appears that there's a lot of backlash at the moment but interestingly we haven't really heard very much from the republican party time yet creamer in jerusalem and the public fully ileus in washington my thanks to both of you. when i bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. tensions have spiked in kashmir where a border clashes left 8 soldiers dead on this according to the pakistani army it says 3 of its soldiers and 5 indian soldiers have been killed kashmir has been in lockdown for 11 days since india revoked the special status of the region and sparked an international crisis. a spanish charity rescue ship with some 150 migrants migrants on board has been allowed to dock on the italian island
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of lampedusa all this comes amid a legal fight over whether passengers can leave the vessel yesterday an italian court overruled the interior ministry ban on the ship docking italy says 6 you countries have agreed to take in the migrants. and. france has marked the 75th anniversary of operation drew good known as the other d.-day which liberated southern france from nazi occupation friendship and i can name leaders attended the ceremony in recognition of the role of tens of thousands of soldiers from what were then france's african colonies. gibraltar was supreme court has ordered the release of the iranian oil tanker seized by britain last month one has despite an application by the united states to keep the ship and detention gibraltar police and the british navy seize the vessel of grace one at the beginning of july it was suspected of taking iranian oil to syria which would
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violate e.u. and u.s. sanctions gibraltar's chief justice says iran has now guaranteed in writing that the oil was not going to syria 2 weeks after the grace one was seized in iran captured a british flagged supertanker. these are the news iran has been waiting for here in the persian gulf pep. aeration is has been made for potential exchange for days now our source within the iranian revolutionary guards told us that the british tanker has already been moved from the place it was detained in the strait of hormuz to another place closer to the port of. and that is a place where we couldn't go and see all cells because we were told there's an increased number of military forces there so apparently they're ready to set the british tanker free but there's no official confirmation for that yet there is however an official reaction to the fact that the u.s. try to prevent the release of the iranian. foreign minister zarif treated that this
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was an attempted act of piracy and that it showed the trump administration's respect for international law. such operate there reporting from tehran you're watching it every news still to come. the miracle of the hudson but this time in a cornfield near moscow where the pilot is held as a hero after a flock of seagulls forced him to clash land soon after takeoff we talked to some of the relieved passengers. but 1st right wing extremist violence in germany is on the rise and that's at least according to the country's interior ministry authorities recorded more than 8 and a half 1000 offenses in the 1st half of this year in germany and many people fear they could be targeted because their names have appeared on far right enemy lists distributed online the interior ministry says the lists don't pose a tangible threat the critics say authorities are not making are not taking rather
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matters seriously enough. ruben i gave out his name is on an enemy list put together by right wing extremists they also put his address online in an attempt to scare him and his colleagues. in my view on what we get a lot of death threats busy. sometimes these death threats are very concrete. it's something we live with and we've made a decision to deal with it so we're not intimidated by it that's. the reason ruben oig a bow is on this list is that he works for c watch an organization that rescues refugees in distress at sea. right wing extremists are constantly uploading lists of their political opponents online the same list that ruben norgate bow is on also includes journalists and geo team members and
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politicians sometimes with insults next to their names another less time it's jews their names are marked with a star of david and although the authorities are aware of these lists and most german states they have not informed the people who are named are authorities taking this matter seriously enough in june conservative politician botha lived there were shot dead by an alleged right we're going to stream asked that his name had appeared on a list compiled by the n.s.u. an extreme right tara network. the victim's advice and reach out documents rightwing and racist attacks unlike the german interior ministry workers here think the lists are definitely dangerous. than that and as i meant data is it not connected and of course it's going to be used at highest that can reach our host is a danger maybe not right now could be the chaos in the future the thing is
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so the danger of analysts is really being laid down in the. higher form is an expert on right wing extremism he wants the authorities to be more transparent and better at communicating especially where it concerns those who have already experienced hostility and are now more of a target than ever. is it only in the fair to these people already is a danger now for even more so that her biography added if the security services were doing a good job they would see that danger and make that assessment of public of. ruben i gave our has no idea who put him on the list but it won't stop him doing what he believes in and saving the lives of refugees out at sea. i'm joined now by a political correspondent simon young more on this rather disturbing story simon how many people are on this list yeah some cases tens of thousands one
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of these lists is reported to contain 25000 names and the n.a.s.u. terrorists so if you remember them the nationalist national socialist underground as they were called who murdered 10 people they had a list reportedly with 10000 names on it identified as potential targets so potentially as a lot of people are affected by these lists is it clear at all simon how these right wing groups go about compiling these lists. yeah i think in most cases aids from public sources from the internet from the media because a lot of the people named may be politicians or journalists other people in the public domain obviously there's a lot of information out there including information about people's addresses another source that has come up here is stolen or hacked this list with a $25000.00 names on it was reported to actually be a list of customers of
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a music store which the far right group could decided was essentially the same as a list of people with sort of left wing anti fascist views and that's why they targeted them now the interior ministry claims that being on one of the list doesn't automatically mean that the person is in danger how can they make that type of call well presumably on the basis of you know then looking at the number of attacks or attempted attacks that are connected with these lists and making an assessment there i mean clearly the the numbers of people involved is relatively small we've had this conservative politician about to live he was murdered in june but a case like that is extremely rare mercifully so you know there is reason to say
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well you know not every name is a target the police also say that they do look at each case in detail to assess whether there is a risk and that so far they haven't found concrete indications of people named on the lists being terror targets now critics feel that authorities should be more transparent about this issue why do they feel that it's so important . yeah i think it i mean if this really is is a very serious issue because a lot of these lists you know they carry texts lloyd care you know these people are traitors of these people should be brought to book. you know in other words there are threats being made even if not specifically against people so the idea is that if you warn people who are named on these lists it would at least allow them individually to assess what risk they face on the other side of course the police
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say that there are other oath or to say that they're reluctant to spread this kind of a kind of information because that risks spreading fear which of course is exactly what the extremists would want simon young from the political desk thank you next to russia where the captain of a russian passenger plane is being hailed as a hero after he landed his aircraft in a cornfield shortly after takeoff from moscow on all on board survived and the pilot's action is being compared to the famous landing on the hudson river in the u.s. 10 years ago in both cases the planes hit by flocks of birds were caused which caused the aircraft engines to malfunction. this is where the short journey ended in a cornfield in the mask just one kilometer from the runway the airbus a 321 was on
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route to simferopol in crimea. smoke billows from one of the engines some passengers record the scene on their phones. while others call out the names of their loved ones. others again try to get as far away as possible. minutes before the plane took off from moscow's zukowski airports. dot spying possibly the moment when a flock of seagulls is sucked into an engine. seconds later both of the plane's engines fail. all civs they don't just after takeoff i heard a sound like. what almost been to give away there was a deathly silence on the plane everyone was just awaiting their fate. passengers
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say they had no warning from the crew that the plane was making an emergency landing. the captain is being hailed as a hero. mood we must pay tribute to the pilot because he landed the plane as smoothly as possible. it was done me that you see both who brought the airplane down safely the 41 year old captain is highly experienced and has logged over $3000.00 flies out as. the kremlin says both use of both and the copilot will receive top state awards for their achievements. deservedly so now it's been a staple of psychology textbooks for almost half a century these so-called bystander effect which basically means that the more people who witness an attack or a crime the less likely they are to help the victim or intervene but a new study says the entire phenomenon my actually be
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a myth and mccrae has been looking into this another one of those things that you're going to burst your bubble tell us more about the story yeah as you say the bystander effect may not be accurate all through now this is the biggest study of its kind in the public to public conflict situations all captured. on c.c.t.v. receipts into more than $200.00 of those situations and they found that 91 percent of the time at least one person often moral jumps into how the do this either by gesturing for the aggressor to calm down or sometimes getting involved physically this is some of the footage they looked at and the interesting thing about this study is the streets it's easy for them cape town in lancaster in the u.k. and they discovered that was pretty much identical across all 3 said that he does suggest that people have a natural instinct to help others in danger and in fact the more bystanders they were the more likely that people were to help out there in direct contradiction to the bystander effect myth and we spoke to one of the researches on this study and
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she explained to us how analyzing real life situations on c.c.t.v. help dispel the myth. what is characteristic for what we have been ready looking at is that very sick russian involved into actions that we study and most of the lab studies never included attention to aggression because you're ethically simply not allowed to place people in the context of aggression. and because of this issue we have now been able to study those type of context it's really reassuring though that this now is no longer true but at the same time how did it become scientific fact in the 1st place well this whole bystander effect is dominated pretty much psychology textbooks or about 50 years and it all came about after the brutal rape murder of a new york woman kitty genovese in 1964 now that made headlines at the time because of a new york times report that reported $38.00 people have watched over half an hour period as she was being attacked maybe in to be nobody sort of called the police
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now it's since emerged the number of bystanders was a bit of an exaggeration but nonetheless that incident shaped psychological thinking which when the people felt less responsibility to act if other people were around then of course if nobody is intervening then it may be gives the impression that actually everything is ok now here in germany actually we have a law that made that obliges us to intervene in a situation of emergency yeah indeed in defining the criminal crowed as owns the last name his allies do which basically translates as a failure to provide assistance now if you don't do that in someone's life is in danger you could face up to a year in prison it's pretty serious and it was a famous case in germany actually about 3 years ago that involved in 83 year old man he craps outside a bank in essen and people just ignored and they thought he was homeless actually you see on c.c.t.v. they were recorded just stepping over him so they could withdraw money from an a.t.m. now the man died a week later in hospital street people were fined for not acting but he's so cool
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as a good samaritan or as i say the not so widespread good english speaking. reason the common nor there is no kind of jaycee's rescue dogs actually in some cases some countries people are worried that if they intervene and it goes wrong they might get punished so that's what puts people off and might be the case in the states right get serious if something goes wrong all right john thank you and thank you so much. and some sports now for you in the long long way to is nearly over for germany's football fans the bundesliga kicks off this weekend and are the lights go into the season under a new coach julien nagas not while the 32 year old made headlines 3 years ago by becoming the youngest ever born to sleep a coach in the state still being more useful than some of his own players he's expected to lead the club to new heights he's in the driver's seat oh. the most in demand bundesliga coach in recent years in light sic he has set himself
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clear goals while also calling for patience yet on problems i've said before the aim is to win some silverware here or some gold or any metal. he also has a clear footballing philosophy and aims to build on predecessor ralph run next aggressive attacking system by adding more possession based play into the mix. is a deal we've covered all bases so that every player has heard the ideas at least once every player has animated tactics instructions on their phone and we're happy to help them out any time now goes man likes to train with high intensity putting an emphasis on mentally testing his players and demanding only the best there's a lot of new stuff. he's having a lot of new ideas that we are training here in the preseason i think it's. interesting start hills so inject plenty of passion in team talks even as a youth team coach he was known for his motivational skills owning him the nickname
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mini marine yo he. said oh my god. the key new arrivals on the pitch all french midfielder christopher i think wish when i demoed to look at men who had previously played for like shit during a loan spell in 2018. put is basically with them overall i'm happy with the squad there's lots of potential my job is most interesting when there's room for development if everything was perfect on day one it'd be a boring season. and i'll be light sick are a match up with bags of potential sunday's game against promotion side on your belly will provide the 1st test of this new era. and the top story that we're tracking for you this hour 2 u.s. democratic congress women have been barred from visiting israel after a tweet by president trump prime minister netanyahu says their visit with quotes to
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negate the legitimacy of israel trump tweeted the congressman hit israel and. we're watching the news from berlin up next could reach the base the kashmir crisis . the entire new sea thank you for spending part of your day with us i'll be back at the top of the hour. to washington. and.
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lincoln and gloom. and doom and. gloom to. the un in a. ring around the international talk show the 4 journalists discuss the topic of the week of course reader this week we focus on kashmir one of the most beautiful and most troubled places in the world now india has revoked the region's long held autonomy and suddenly all the talk is of conflict so how bad can things get find out on quadriga shore. quadriga next on d w.
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war. the quiet melody resounds michael white of the mood. and in small rooms resonate with and it's all. the mind and the music. beethoven 1st 12019 from september 6th to september 29th. the world a student chorus and. morris gets asked to do a lot of profiteers. of. the global 3000 talks with sci. british researchers take a more optimistic view. the wireless is not always a good thing but it's much much better than it was and how. is the world really
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getting better. a global $3000.00 special report. starts august 19th on the deeds are going. on a very warm welcome indeed to quadriga coming to you from the heart of berlin and this week the focus is on the crisis in kashmir a territory claimed by both india and pakistan making it one of the world's most volatile flashpoints and in the latest development india's government has strips kashmir of its long held autonomy saying it's time to bring peace and prosperity to the region but the muslim majority is furious.


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