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it should be said. to. unlock. the conservation of. this is that every news lie for an entry denied to israel on orders from president trump to u.s. democratic congress women are bird from visiting the country after tweets by presidents donald trump prime minister netanyahu says the women's visit would negate the legitimacy of israel also coming up free to go drones or will release the iranian oil tanker it sees last month and that's despite an 11th hour plea from
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u.s. authorities who wanted the vessels detention extended. and a nother miracle on the hudson this time in a cornfield near moscow a pilot is healed as a hero after a flock of seagulls forced him to crash land soon after takeoff. on the rocks thank you so much for your company everyone tonight israel has barred 2 u.s. democratic congress women from entering the country after president donald trump says they should be banned in a tweet prime minister benjamin netanyahu is office is shoot a statement claiming the visit was intended to quote negate the legitimacy of israel representative rashida tal of michigan is a born and bred american of palestinian heritage. omar of minnesota and
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a grated with her family from somalia when she was a child both are highly critical of israel's treatment of palestinians and both have been calling for a boycott of israeli products president trump tweeted that the 2 congresswomen hated israel and all people. all right let's unpack here i'm joined now by tanya kramer our drew some correspondent and pablo foley ileus who is in washington for us as well tanya want to begin with you course this is where this story is taking place has this ever happened before. what has been described even here as unprecedented reversal of policy with a lot of pressure from the white house so the president himself to ban those 2 elected congress members of congress and not to let them into the country now both seen as you said a spokesman critics of israel's policies against palestinians and also as
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supporters of the boycott movement and that's what the interior ministry here has released tonight a statement it's because of that boy could have to tease that they would and this decision was supported of course by the whole government by prime minister netanyahu as well who also issued a lengthy statement and this way i can do that because the amended entry law from 2 years ago states that is why i can ban the entry of a foreign as. calling allegedly calling for a boycott of this but it has not been applied so far to members of congress probably want to go to you in washington to get a perspective from there has there been any reaction particularly from the democratic leadership. yeah you're absolutely right there's been a lot of reaction particularly from the democratic leadership in fact the senate democratic leader chuck schumer said that denying entry to members of the u.s. congress is a sign of weakness not strength and it'll only hurt the us israel relationship and
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support for israel in america the house speaker nancy pelosi said it was beneath the dignity of the great state of israel now nancy pelosi has always been a big supporter of israel and quite notably actually we're hearing from the pro israel group who has recently been very critical of both omar and they actually said that denying the entry to the congresswoman into israel. is a mistake and should nonetheless be allowed to travel to israel referring to as you to both of them there and we've actually also heard from representative in omar she said that israel's decision to block her visit to the country was an insult to democratic values and finally let's not forget of course donald trump the president of the united states tweeted after israel has made that decision he said. they hate israel the 2 representatives and both of them are the face of the democratic
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party he'll be speaking of course later on at a rally in new hampshire so it'll be interesting to see what he says there we've got to watch that space very closely pablo tiny want to go to you in jerusalem now this move by the israeli authorities came shortly after president trump tweeted that israel would be showing great weakness if it allowed these 2 elected a congresswomen into the country did the israeli leadership have any choice but to deny them entry. you know that's one reading this whole development they don't know exactly when that decision was taken you know that there had been deliberating whether to let them into the country or not for the past. 24 hours or so as opposed to to 10 is where that at the decision came shortly after the street by president trump called in as well not to let those 2 congress women into the
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country and there's a sense that prime minister netanyahu will follow the lead of president trump i mean mr netanyahu is not known for popular contradicting the u.s. president but having said that it is really a sharp turn around because a decision is a. reversal from the on earlier decision that was announced by the israeli ambassador to the united states just a month ago when the 1st reports of such a plan this it published and he actually said out of. respect for the u.s. congress would not deny andrea to any member of congress so this was actually much worse of this apparent decision at the time now you know of course in this netanyahu aims for reelection a month's time that might have played a role to please his right wing base but there's also concern by critics of this decision what it means for you know the in the long term for the relationship
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between the u.s. and israel well let's continue on that on that. note because pablo hitching your wagon to president trump is kind of a very dicey decision to make a missile enjoys great support and in both congress the senate it's bipartisan what kind of consequences could this type of decision have. one of the piers the reason the republicans have amplified the views of the left wing democrats like in. to present the party is deeply divided and odds with israel but in fact just in july the democratic led house of representatives in fact voted overwhelmingly in favor of a resolution against israel boycott movement and also like i said there's been a lot of criticism particular from the democrats over a decision because you know there is a strong belief that you know there is this sort of bipartisan that. sentiment here
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in the united states and we've even heard from the house majority leader stanley hoyer who was saying it was a grave mistake that undermines the bipartisan pro israel consensus here in the u.s. so a you know it appears that there's a lot of backlash at the moment but interestingly we haven't really heard very much from the republican party. creamer in jerusalem and the public fully alias in washington my thanks to both of you want to be up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. italian authorities have allowed 9 migrants to disembark from a rescue ship for medical reasons at the island of lampedusa the remaining 138 people on board are still not allowed to land while this comes amid a legal battle between an italian court and the interior ministry which had banned the ship from docking. climate scientists say that july was the
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hottest month ever recorded on earth although heat waves across asia europe and north america were part of a broader trend a u.s. agency says temperatures last month were almost a full degree celsius warmer worldwide than the 20th century average and that the 10 hottest ever months occurred in the last 14 years france has marked the 75th anniversary of operation for a group known as the other day which liberated southern france from nazi occupation friendship and given leaders attended the ceremony in recognition of the role of tens of thousands of soldiers from was what were then france's african colonies. tensions have spiked in kashmir where a border clashes left 8 soldiers dead but that's at least according to the pakistani army it says 3 of its soldiers and 5 indian soldiers have been killed
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kashmir has been in lockdown for 11 days ever since india revokes the special status of the region and sparked an international crisis. i want to turn our attention now to the brawls are where the supreme court has ordered the release of the iranian oil tanker seized by britain last month all this despite a last minute application by the united states to keep the ship and detention gibraltar police and the british navy seize the vessel the grease one at the start of july it was suspected of taking iranian oil to see. syria which would directly violate e.u. and u.s. sanctions druggists chief justice says iran has now guaranteed in writing that the oil was not going to syria 2 weeks after the grace one was seized iran captured a british flag tanker near the entrance to the persian gulf reports suggest that
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iran is now planning to release it earlier and the data we use to reset tropper in iran told us that preparations for an oil tanker exchange have been in place for days. our source within the iranian revolutionary guards told us that the british tanker has already been moved from the planes that was detained in the strait of hormuz to another place closer to the port of fonda and that is the place where we couldn't go and because we were told this creates number of military forces there so apparently they're ready to set the british tanker free but there's no official confirmation for that yes there is however an official reaction to the fact that the u.s. try to prevent the release of the iranian tanker and people foreign minister zarif tweeted that this was an attempted act of piracy and that it showed the trump administration's respect for international law. to stop our reporting from tehran next to russia where the captain of a russian passenger plane is being hailed as
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a hero after he landed his aircraft in a cornfield shortly after takeoff from moscow all those on board survived and the pilot's action is being compared to that famous landing on the hudson river in the u.s. 10 years ago in both cases the planes hit flocks of birds which caused the our craft engines to malfunction. this is where the short journey ended in a cornfield in the amount of just one kilometer from the runway the airbus a 321 was on route to simferopol in crimea. smoke billows from one of the engines some passengers recalled the scene on their phones. while others call out the names of their loved ones. others again try to get as far away as possible. minutes before the plane took off from moscow's zuckoff ski airport's.
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a bird darts by possibly the moment when a flock of seagulls is sucked into an engine. seconds later both of the plane's engines fail. most lives they don't just after takeoff i heard a sound like you didn't. know what almost been to give away there was a deathly silence on the plane everyone was just awaiting their feet. passengers say they had no warning from the crew that the plane was making an emergency landing. the captain is being hailed as a hero. mood now that we must pay tribute to the pilot because he landed the plane as smoothly as possible my lou no. it was done me a huge super who brought the airplane down safely the 41 year old captain is highly
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experienced and has logged over 3000 flyers hours. the kremlin says both yusupov and the copilot will receive top state awards for their achievements. and they definitely deserve it now a reminder of the top story that we're tracking for you this hour 2 u.s. democratic congress women have been barred from visiting israel after a tweet by president donald trump prime minister benjamin netanyahu says their visit would quote negate the legitimacy of israel from tweets that the congressman hated israel and on jewish people. who are watching that we hear is from berlin up next business news with stephen grossly i'll leave you now with more images from history's most iconic music festival woodstock on its 50th anniversary see you next .
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