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tv   Doc Film  Deutsche Welle  August 16, 2019 11:15am-12:01pm CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin iran says poil tanker release 5 is ready to set sail british territory ruled the ship could lead signaling of intense diplomatic rift between london and tehran but will the u.s. make another attempt to intervene also coming up president trump's feud with to muslim lawmakers goes international they've been barred from israel their planned visit torpedoed after a tweet by trump. a show of what's to call china's stages power paramilitary drills just outside of hong kong once again raising concerns that beijing make phone calls pro-democracy movement by force.
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hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us a tanker carrying iranian oil is preparing to set sail from gibraltar after being held there since early july the british territory has released the grace one despite a last minute legal bid by the u.s. to keep the ship in detention the best was seized under suspicion of bringing a rainy and oil to syria in breach of the e.u. and u.s. sanctions the red has denied its cargo was ever bound for syria following the capture of the grace one iran's seize a british flag tanker near the persian gulf reports suggest tehran is now planning to release that ship. for now let's cross over to d w's teresa trial for she joins us from an iranian island in the strait of hormuz so theresa iran is obviously
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eager to get its ship back from joe brawl to if it does will it then release that british black tank. from what we're hearing that is very likely to happen yes the british tanker has already been moved from the place where it was detained in the strait of hormuz a couple of weeks ago closer to the. islamic revolutionary guard controlling everything and that's a place we have. specifically as journalists cannot go to as we were told to not quote and danger proceedings so apparently they're still preparing for an exchange but we have to keep in mind that the revolutionary guards and iran as a whole do not have a lot of trust in the united states or the united kingdom so before the iranian vessel is not freed this peril here in the persian gulf will not be released either now the u.s. is against your brawl to releasing the iranian tanker that it has tried to block it
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with legal moves so far is iran concerned that the u.s. could take further steps to prevent the ships return. well at least nobody here would be surprised by that iran's foreign minister zarif said washington's 1st attempt to stop the release of the tanker was an attempt piracy move so he said washington was abusing the international legal system to steal iranian property and that is if you sat by many iranians we've spoken to some people here. and they say they do not want a conflict to happen with other countries not here in their region and elsewhere but that they are willing to step up and defend their own country if necessary so that is why everybody here in the persian gulf is monitoring very closely what is happening. but they were just talking about 2 ships here but there's of course of much bigger story going on the conflict between iran and the united states the u.s.
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under trial has been pursuing what it calls a a policy of maximum pressure against iran what effect is that having on the regime in tehran. well islamic leadership in iran seems very unimpressed by that campaign but that itself is not very surprising because the islamic republic is all about resisting u.s. pressure but really affected by tom's compay no ordinary iranians because in the past 12 months prices for stock items like chicken i'll betcha levels have gone up a lot for example a simple tomato is now 5 times more expensive than last year and the people most affected by that are of course ordinary iranians especially the poor ones who were already struggling to make ends meet before all of that happened so when the u.s. president now says his sanction and his policy as a whole are not targeting iranians but just the islamic leadership of the
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government of iran people here really have a hard time believing him to them that just sounds like simple mockery. to research thank you very much for brains up today teresa tropper there on a rainy in territory in the strait of hormuz. israel has barred 2 u.s. democratic congresswoman from entering the country after president donald trump tweeted that they should be banned congresswomen hon omar of minnesota emigrated to the u.s. with her family from somalia when she was a child and representative rashida leave of michigan was born in america to palestinian parents both have criticized israel's treatment of the palestinians and called for a boycott of israeli products. some have already noted the irony a month after u.s. president trump said congresswoman reseated to leave should quote go back to where her family came from she can't believe took to twitter to protest israel's decision
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to bar her and fellow congresswoman omar from visiting the west bank she posted the photo of her palestinian grandmother who lives there calling the decision a sign of weakness on the part of israel. i know the 2 freshman lawmakers the 1st muslim women in congress are outspoken critics of benjamin netanyahu is right wing government. they support sanctions and an international boycott against israel to end the occupation of the west bank where they had planned a trip netanyahu is announcement that the 2 would be denied entry came after trump urged him not to let them in the prime minister said the move was in line with israeli law. there's no 100 of whom there is one thing we are unable to accept by law israeli law prohibits the entry into israel of those who call for and work to impose boycotts on israel few months and. trump a plot of the decision he had earlier encouraged. the things that they've said
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omar to leave what they've said is it disgraceful so i can't imagine why israel would let them in. while trump claimed without further evidence that the 2 congresswoman hate jews many jewish american politicians were quick to defend them including senator bernie sanders and the mayor of minneapolis omar's hometown. it. has to be and from israel is a jewish man i totally disagree with. i think it's the wrong decision. i. feel strongly that you know you can be of the jew and also say that some of the ways that the israeli government is able things are wrong to lead said she would challenge the travel ban on to continue to fight back. in town demanded they provide access on for me and in any of my colleagues to come to
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israel and enter the cost areas and to be able to listen to your people israel's decision could have unwanted political consequences especially within the us democratic party earlier this year top democrats had singled out representative omar saying statements she made on israel were anti-semitic life but now the party has all but closed rings around the 2 muslim congress women. now some of the other stories making headlines around the world today india says it will gradually literacy frictions on movement and communication in kashmir in the coming days the government made the announcement at a supreme court hearing seeking the lifting of a media blackout because we are has been in lockdown for 12 days since delhi revoked the region's special steps. north korea has launched at least 2 projectiles from near the city of tongue into the east sea that's according to the south korean
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military it's the 6th round of launches in recent weeks in protest of military drills between south korea and the u.s. pyongyang has rejected any further peace talks with seoul. civic island leaders have failed to agree on tough new climate change committee and after 12 hours of talks on the polynesian island of tuvalu many leaders complained that australia was to blame australian prime minister scott morrison has long championed his country's coal industry. and arjun times have taken to the streets of the capital when it's ours to protest the continuing economic crisis a shock election result has wiped 25 percent off the value of the peso organizers set up a soup kitchen to draw attention to this week is. now to hong kong where the likelihood of direct action against protesters by mainland chinese forces appears to be increasing a newspaper is seen as
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a beijing mouthpiece is backing intervention the global times an english language daily says that if hong kong cannot restore the rule of law on its own it's imperative for the central government to take direct action. the paper also insists there will not be any repeat of the tiananmen square massacre of $989.00 when the chinese army fired on protesters in beijing chinese troops have been carrying out drills on the border to hong kong for more protests are planned today. w. charlotte chelsey until joins us now from hong kong charlotte what are we to make of those statements in the chinese media it sounds like beijing is preparing to send in troops to restore order in hong kong. but of course those on warnings that people here are taking extremely seriously no one has forgotten what happened in tiananmen square as you mention in 1989 but i think most
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analysts think that it's still extremely unlikely that china that beijing will send in troops into hong kong sent me a 70 imminently they people think it's unlikely best because it would come at a huge economic and political cost the beijing people here say that their main concern at the moment is the increasingly hardened rhetoric coming out of beijing and the impact that that will have on authorities here in hong kong people here say that the police have become increasingly violent say the recent weeks they worry that that could could escalate even further they were so concerned about the sanctions that protesters could face for taking to the streets at the moment dozens of protesters have been charged with rioting non-sentence a charge that carries up to 10 years in prison and people fear that once here in beijing such as terrorism which now we're now hearing that they describe these processes close to terrorism could mean that we could see even even higher
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sentences even highest sanctions for some of the people who are taking to the streets. and those charlotte charleston pill there in hong kong a terrible french woman known for carrying out all authorized claims of skyscrapers around the world. his scaled a 62 story building in hong kong in a plea for peace a love old bell dubbed spiderman scaled to call center using his bare hands and without a harness the unveiled a banner featuring both the chinese and hong kong plagues the stunt was part of an appeal for the end of the current unrest in. the captain of a russian airliner is being hailed as a hero after he landed his aircraft in a cornfield shortly after takeoff from los go all 233 people on board survived the pilot's actions being compared to the famous landing on the hudson river in new york 10 years ago it both said since the planes hit
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a flock of birds. this is where the short journey ended in a cornfield in the mask just one kilometer from the runway the airbus a 321 was on route to simferopol in crimea. smoke billows from one of the engines some passengers recalled the scene on their phones. this call out the names of their loved ones. of us again try to get as far away as possible. minutes before the plane took off from moscow's zukowski airport's. a but dot spine possibly the moment when a flock of seagulls is sucked into an engine. seconds later both of the plane's engines fail. also lives in york just after takeoff i heard
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a sound like you didn't. know what almost means to get away there was a deathly silence on the plane everyone was just awaiting their fate. passengers say they had no warning from the crew that the plane was making an emergency landing. the captain is being hailed as a hero. mood we must pay tribute to the pilot because he landed the plane as smoothly as possible. it was down the yusupov who brought the airplane down safely the 41 year old captain is highly experienced and has logged over 3000 flights hours. the kremlin says both yusupov and the copilot will receive top state awards for their achievements. you're watching news from berlin coming up next our documentary about hitler's book mind come horse we have more news for you coming up
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at the top of the next hour for me and all of us here in berlin thanks for being with us. school. the 1st economy unless of. dora's granulomas arrives to join the regular chain. on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. the reputation returns home on d w dot com american tanks. april 945 the 2nd world war in europe was drawing to an end in berlin.
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germany's defeat was inevitable the fighting exceptionally fierce. the world was beginning to grasp the unprecedented scale of the conflict. more than 50000000 people lost their lives no warhead ever claimed so many casualties military and civilian. soldiers of the victorious allied forces discovered the concentration camps. in germany american troops were so appalled by what they found they brought civilians from the surrounding area to see the horrors of the camps with their own eyes. many germans claimed to have know nothing of what went on in the camps or the holocaust. at the post war nor back war crimes trials even some leading nazis proclaimed their ignorance when confronted with evidence of the atrocities.
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of you to get rid of. british prosecutor frederick l. when jones was among those who insisted this could not be the case he believed that there had been a virtual blueprint for the holocaust with the body count. and up to it all to opt in. for it. this is the story behind one of the bestselling political manifestos of all time. it's. sick.
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in november 918 millions of german soldiers were returning home after the end of the 1st world war among them was a man who refused to accept germany's defeat austrian born out of hitler this photograph shows him as an ordinary lance corporal shortly before demobilization. at the end of the 1st world war out of hitler was a complete unknown young he was born in 190900 now 30 he didn't have many prospects for the future at the last it's used as new security stood out easy. on him and again what hitler seemed to sense is that there was a risk in returning to the life he had before the war. of all. the life of you not to put too fine a point on it or of a loser if you dotty. at all hitler had no formal qualifications no profession family or money so he decided to stick with what he knew the military.
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there he caught the eye of captain karl my on. the whole bear that i don't keep her recognised hitter's talent which could be used in 2 ways. in the military intelligence service and for propaganda purposes or props even as a speaker the possibility that while the. karl meyer recruited hitler as an undercover agent. he was instructed to infiltrates the german workers' party. keppler felt an immediate affinity to the far right group. is this going to make the bit lower followed the orders he'd been given but then he went beyond that . he gave a speech himself and that was a turning point because he discovered his talent as an orator say so.
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at rallies and had speeches in munich where hall's hitler ascended the ranks to become leader of the newly formed national socialist party the nazi was. several times a week he took to the podium for speeches often lasting 2 hours without a paddle or anything i thought he did a very good 1st hitler won over only a handful of true believers with his polemics on international conspiracies but soon he drew crowds of thousands by the early 1920 s. hitler had become a skilled beer hall agitator. he had no plans to write a book but that too changed. what happened was miscellanies march in rome was with him. about gave her ideas he said on this day. in november 923 if there decided to follow miscellanies lead now 34
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hitler was at the head of an aspiring political party at his side was a hero of the 1st world war general admission luden doff. the 2 men decided that the time had come to seize power by force. hitler and his stormtroopers interrupted a meeting of leading berrien politicians. is that hitler burst into the meeting. shots from a revolver were fired at the ceiling. the whole. there was a somewhat farcical aspect to it all. hitler arrived that fired his pistol and gave a speech school charlie chaplin's portrayal of him didn't exist yet get your but you can imagine that something like not measuring because i was a mess i threatened everyone who didn't want to follow him soaking with. the
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attempted coup what became known as the beer hall put failed the demonstration led by hitler in the streets encountered a police cordon. 16 nazis were killed and the subsequent exchange of fire hitler brought himself to safety but was later arrested. when hitler arrived in london spared prison 60 kilometers from munich he was in a state of utter desperation. as a brick on the said look we know that hitler weighed 73 kilograms when he arrived and a few days later he fell into a depression and began a hunger strike and the whole not cool if you love him m.d. told me apparently considered suicide after the failed putsch it was a pitiful failure. in addition to failing to gain the support he hoped for and varia hitler become a laughing stock in all the newspapers. from cell number
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7 of landsberg prison hitler could have faded into obscurity instead he found a new purpose. hitler knew he faced a possible death penalty for treason for the 1st time in his life he decided to write some 60 pages intended as a defense in his upcoming trial. in state of the n.f.l. this is where he came up with the idea for a larger work about his experiences. and his enemies when he wanted to settle the score with his political opponents. 3 months later the trial began amid considerable media interest. this photograph shows hitler and his 9 coconspirators. the rest pled not guilty to high treason rather than deny the charges hitler admitting to wanting to overthrow the government.
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he used the trial as a stage. as a platform community. on it laura had charisma and that captured many people around him. that's what was so disastrous and his ability to exert so much influence over people. in the top 2 people hung on his every word everything he dreamt up every fantasy thing and people just believed it. was my interest was kicked off the. general and i salute and or force acquitted the remaining defendants were given light sentences. ready for hitler the trial was a victory he had risked the death penalty instead he was sentenced to just 5 years in prison of which he would serve only 9 months.
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as an inmate headlands bag hitler lived in relative luxury he had access to newspapers and drank tea from porcelain cups his room boasted a beautiful view of the countryside he wore his own clothes and was able to hold court with fellow inmates. he found new friends and deepen ties with coconspirators like hess who would become a central figure in the 3rd rise. in the i'm going to. go into the common room whenever they like during the day and have discussions or to. have snippets of us on the menu i'd say it was more like a social club or. delete. in this rather upscale prison hitler was treated like a celebrity. his trial had made him famous.
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he received no end of visitors and gifts cake fly. hours and fan mail like this letter which opened with a line d. of fervor. the bavarian social and political elites flocked to speak with him his visitor's log was full to bursting some 330 visitors with every conversation registered down to the last minute. a range of high profile visitors went to land's bag including general lute and off. wagner starter in law.


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