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tv   Quadriga  Deutsche Welle  August 16, 2019 12:30pm-1:00pm CEST

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france which he saw as a symbol of race mixing it was a nation of negroes that's the word hitler used. juicer. if the french were to take these threats seriously they might prevent german rearmament so hitler took preemptive action. in november 1933 he received a visit from a french journalist in berlin. fernandez plain on hope for closer relations between france and germany. he spoke german and had undoubtedly read the relevant passages in mine kampf. hitler offered him a scoop the 1st exclusive interview with the new chancellor by a french journalist. deplane on asked hitler about the empty french passages in his book. that there downplayed their importance.
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explained to her insisted that all he wanted was peace or. i'd experienced war himself and europe had already seen too much death. but my income was a well known book and doubly not pointed out that this was not the opinion hitler had expressed in his book. there he spoke of war not peace with the replied that he had changed on this be just as any politician would do when confronted by a texan depended on his youth he said if not change he's written a book from jail and anger and now he was chancellor 2 more small our evolutions of . the interview appeared on the front page of the matter one of the largest circulation french newspapers of the day it included a reassuring quote from headline or. war it would settle nothing it would only make matters worse for the world. but in germany the ideas contained in the book
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continue to gain traction in public sentiment and on the streets. propaganda minister yourself goebbels read excerpts of mine come on the radio. and hired the regime even developed an f. horrible radio in order to disseminate its propaganda into every home in schools some teachers literally sang hitler's praises . on the hedge was. yes yes was wasn't that. them yes.
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by now hitler was putting his manifesto into practice his anti semitism became an official feature of public life. signs such as this germans your enemy is the jew were commonplace. newspapers were filled with repulsive caricature that depicted jews as monsters who controlled the world. the message was repeated everywhere. remembers how effective it was. trust in us men buddha and why and then goes to school one day my brother came home from school crying and my mother asked what was wrong. the always. my brother said that our guest mr kwan hi i'm who had docked his boat here had given him sweets he's a bowl of cauldron well then my brother had been told in school whoever eats from the jews will die or other that i listened to the conversation and thought well i
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didn't get any sweets so i have nothing to worry about. was mine come from a blueprint for the holocaust. it's a question many historians have explored over the years. i think the moment of course my income doesn't talk about gas chambers and he's also follow up with the book theorizes at length about the need for germans to fight to the death but money . it says there can be only one winner in the battle between the racially pure german people and the juice initially. up until the eve of war europeans held fast to the belief that peace with germany was possible. read in october $938.00 hitler announced his plan to annex the sudan land region of czechoslovakia a violation of the borders settled after the 1st world war. europe
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was on the brink of war and emergency meeting was held in munich. british prime minister neville chamberlain and his french counterpart eduardo cancelled all plans in order to attend at short notice. in return for a promise of peace from hitler a deal was reached. under the munich agreement the addicks ation of the cigarette learned would go ahead. on their return the british and french premiers were lauded as heroes. i had. another thought that the german chancellor had. yet is that they thought. which bears. his name upon it is really a mind. 2 reader god the agreement signed last
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night and the anger of german neighborhood agreement as symbolic of the desire of our. never to go to war with one another to gauge. peace for our time it seemed to have been guaranteed. a british travel agency ran ads. saying don't mind headliner take your holiday. a measure of european society was pacifist they said never again war never again the 1st world war never against such slaughter. even after the munich crisis precious few members of the european elite understood mine kampf as a declaration of war winston churchill and lieutenant colonel charlotte all saw it early on and expressed concern but neither held positions of power at the time. or had no authority and in britain churchill had basically become a peripheral figure. in 939 the policy of
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appeasement by the british and french governments proved to have been a mistake. germany invaded poland and went on to conquer a large part of europe. in june 1940 hitler's troops marched into paris the horrifying vision of nazi rule over large parts of the world seemed more real than ever. it was a rude awakening and one that forced the ruling class across the continent to rethink their ideas about my income. or the one hitler began to put the ideas he put forth into practice it became apparent how dangerous might come from really was because right now people realized what they hadn't seen or wanted to see before. germany's opponents began to use
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mine kampf for their own cause. before 939 europe and the u.s. hadn't recognized its danger now they drew on the book as an effective source of counter propaganda in the us many people were reluctant to go to war ordinary americans song lou. reason to wage another military invention on behalf of europe. another war enough for me this time america should keep out and i know i will in the event of war in europe i think we can play out of the filing by army know by. now. the us war department used this film to try to convince african americans of the necessity of entering the war in this case my income was referenced as propaganda against germany the gulf war according to him. i'm not going to read all of this. but there want to do things in
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the fall that will interest you. i quote from time to time illustrated papers show how we need grow and become a lawyer teacher perhaps even a minute it never dawned on the degenerate middle class america that this is truly a stand against all reason that it is from no meds to train a bomb have $8.00 to $1.00 believes one has made a lawyer of. this book was written 20 years ago. the plan which it foreshadowed. every out. by 944 the defeat of the german army. was merely a question of time. the book that had served as the nazi final became a liability. to avoid being branded as nazis many germans now parted company with
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the book. he was an acceptable form of the most copies i ever saw was on april 23rd 1905 is in your office a river was right next to our house and i saw this mass of copies floating in the water. so. all of it was poison. it had to be disposed of. there were these trenches and people freely in all manner of things. and whatever other kinds of weapons they had. written and undesirable books like mine come frank which was like a red beacon. hoard and. then they buried it all with earth and that helped to protect them. you know. your verdict not true as does the year now that the red army were approaching of course people
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were afraid they'd have to account for themselves or be checked or somehow identified as owners of this book. mentioned these days they feared the consequences for all i. germany had been defeated the victorious allied powers demanded that all nazi symbols be destroyed that included the printing presses that had been used for mind come. after $945.00 the copyright to mine camp was kept under lock and key in germany at the time no one could have imagined its longevity its author was dead his manifesto was a testament to hate and his policies ended in unprecedented disaster. but the book continued to be printed elsewhere. my struggle in britain. amenia luto in brazil wotif saying don't in china hitler's manifesto has been
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published around the world attempts to ban the book proved largely ineffective and with the rise of the internet impossible since 945 millions of copies have been sold around the world. my income continues to be read people remain fascinated by naziism the 3rd reich and hitler. forbid something a little exerts a kind of fascination if something is forbidden it must be interesting so people seek it out for. the manifesto is a favorite of anti semites especially in arab countries hostile to israel. in 2005 the turkish edition became a bestseller coinciding with the rise of nationalism in turkey the publishers of color claimed they had sold nearly 100000 copies in just 2 months. the book is also popular in india where hitler is sometimes cited in business schools as
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a model of successful management. a country like india where for years decades my income for has been successful. the new college. it's a symbol of a warmongering ultra nationalism that poses a threat to its neighbors it was our. on january 1st 2016 a new chapter in the books history was opened under german copyright law the book is now in the public domain now it may be republic lawfully in germany too. but in its birthplace the book is still considered dangerous. a meticulously annotated critical edition was published in 2016. the original text is accompanied by 3 and a half 1000 comments written by historians. it's almost an hour edition takes a stand and it's
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a critical edition which takes the basic stance that it refutes hitler contradicts him and corrects him or. confronts the fiat publishing house took the same approach it has likewise preparing a new edition with a critical introduction in order to counteract the hate and lies in the original now infamous diatribe. could be good international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week punk or trigger this week's refocus on kashmir one of the most beautiful and most troubled places in the world now india has revoked the region's long held all talk
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of me and suddenly all the talk is of conflict so how bad can things get find out on quadriga. quadriga 30 minutes on d w. public sunder for home bowl. our series on tomorrow today. we want to see what he saw to experience what drove him. a journey through latin america following the footsteps of the great scientist. our next stop the avenue of the whole genome in the ecuadorian n.p. . to morrow to dick in 90 minutes. how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance on was. referring to.
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don't expect a happy ending. to the church of last. cut . player. this is t w news live from berlin a u.s. lawmaker will be allowed to visit israel after all u.s. representative rashida to leave and another congresswoman have been barred from israel just yesterday their planned visit she told by a tweet from president trump so what's behind the reversal also coming up
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a call for japan to face up to its cost south korea wants japan to compensate women forced into sexual slavery during world war 2 a demand that is real to the long running rift between 2 nations. nearly half of the nations on earth that are threatened by rising sea levels lie in the pacific but the region's leaders walk away from talks without a strong action plan to combat the threat i'll tell you why. and the new bundesliga season is getting underway fire in munich host have to berlin tonight it is the start of their bid for an 8th straight german title but they expect to be tested to the limit this time.


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