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it's not only animals who use it. to. line. the conservation. this is the news line from berlin zimbabwe's government strikes back at protesters accusing it of corruption and mismanaging the economy police attacked protesters with the tongs tear gas water cannons in the capital harare the demonstrators at the by the police fanned to take their complaints into the streets also on the program the iranian oil tanker seized by gibraltar gets ready to set sail the
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british territory grant of the ship a mission to leave after securing a promise from iran not to deliver the cargo of oil to syria. and hong kong braces for another weekend of protests as a newspaper seen as a mouthpiece for beijing urges china to take direct action. i'm called aspen welcome to the program to our viewers on p.b.s. in the u.s. and all over the world police in zimbabwe have used tear gas and water cannons against anti-government protestors in the capital harare more than 100 opposition supporters demonstrated despite a police ban which was upheld by the high court supporters of zimbabwe's opposition movement for democratic change accuse the government of corruption and mismanaging
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the failing economy. chaos and violence as police clashed with opposition. supporters firing tear gas and water cannons to disperse the protesters . earlier on friday demonstrators took to the streets of harare after their plans for a large scale marches were banned by police late on thursday nights. they're angry at the government blaming them for the country's daya konami situation if we just want to say no peacefully we want change was rather tired of promises promises promises we had tired enough is enough. it is in the general people people we have the power one thing is the executive that is why you will receive these the mr mr churchill. it was supposed to be the 1st in a series of protests across the country organized by the main opposition party
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movement for democratic change after zimbabwe's high court rejected that challenge to the ban opposition leaders vowed to continue fighting. we are not making doubt we are going forward to the people of zimbabwe i can't give it up i want to end this long suffering so what the city would be my cheese is about. as police launched the crackdown the ruling party zanu p.f. issued a warning to demonstrators. visions no we didn't read in. this and our number has the mend. oh it's jury news here. we are not going to allow him. to do this that. with almost
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a 3rd of the country's population in need of 8 demonstrators a set to keep up their calls to change however police attempt to stop them. so how big of a threat are these protests for the government in zimbabwe the w correspondent privileged most fun hearing is in harare and he sent us this assessed. i think the government is bound to feed to these demonstrations that were planned for today to 10 violent and to become a threat to the government with the background of their january 14 riots where they were spread across the country and ended up being violent and property was destroyed across the country. the government is also weary of just the general sentiment is that obtaining across the country where people are feeling hard done with what the economy is doing because a lot of people the cost of living has gone up high and
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a lot of people are struggling to put food on the table but if you look at the year that has just gone by when prisoner was elected into government a lot of expectations were high that the quantum us going to turn out for the better but it is turning out for the west but you also need we also need to take into account that you inherited 30 years of misrule and economic decay so to turn around such a situation it would take 10 years ask for patients there reforms that the government is instituting but those reforms will not take place or take effect overnight there will need time to be implemented this is zimbabwe had no currency now they are trying to bring back their currency but all these reforms unfortunately are coming at a time when the economy is not performing and people are demanding immediate change
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saw it is a difficult task for the government. the iranian oil tanker held in gibraltar since early july is preparing to set sail the british territory has released the grace one despite a last minute bid by the us to keep it in detention because it said the ship was linked to iran's revolutionary guard which the u.s. regards as a terrorist organization the tanker was held on suspicion of carrying iranian oil to syria in violation of e.u. and u.s. sanctions a charge that iran to nights after the ship was captured iran seized a british flag tanker in the strait of hormuz the entrance to the gold. so will that british tanker now be released correspondent. is on the island of in the strait of hormuz here's. the british tanker has already been moved from the
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place where it was detained in the strait of hormuz a couple of weeks ago closer to the port where the revolutionary guards are controlling everything and that's a place we have. specifically as journalists cannot go to as we were told to not quote and danger proceedings so apparently they're still preparing for an exchange but we have to keep in mind that the revolutionary guards in iran as a whole do not have a lot of trust in the united states or the united kingdom so before the iranian. peril here in the persian gulf will not be released either iran's foreign minister zarif said. to stop the release of the tanker was an attempt piracy move so he said washington was abusing the international legal system to steal iranian property. by many iranians spoken to some people here. and they said they do not want a conflict to happen with other countries not here in their region and not
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elsewhere but that they are willing to step up and defend their own country if necessary so that is why everybody here. the persian gulf is monitoring very closely what is happening in gibraltar. that was used to raise a reporting for us from iran let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world u.s. democratic congresswoman rasheeda to leave has rejected an offer from israel allowing her to visit her power within grandmother in the west bank saying the conditions for the trip were quote oppressive special permission reversed a previous israeli ban on her entering the territory israel's offer came after to leave agreed not to promote boycotts against the country during her visit. a bomb has exploded in a pakistan mosque during friday prayers killing 4 people and wounding at least 20 it happened near the city of quotes an area with a strong taliban presence the brother of the afghan taliban leader is reported to
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be among the dead. police have clashed with demonstrators in indian administered kashmir after friday prayers several 1000 people rallied in the main city of st which is in its 12th day of the security lockdown after india stripped kashmir of its entente. well china appears to be readying to take direct action against protesters in hong kong with a newspaper seen as a mouthpiece for beijing backing intervention the global times said quote if hong kong cannot restore the rule of law on its own it's imperative for the central government to take direct action chinese armed police have carried out drills just across the border with kong ahead of fresh pro-democracy protests planned for this weekend. these pictures show a paramilitary police exercise in the chinese city of shenzhen on the border of hong kong forces here appear to be practicing how best to handle angry protesters
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it's clearly a signal being sent to hong kong a warning to the quote riot is there that's according to the global times a mouthpiece of the communist party it says that hong kong cannot restore the rule of law on its own it's imperative that the central government take direct action the message is a thinly veiled threat to the demonstrators in the former british colony in hong kong on friday thousands of people gathered for a peaceful demonstration in the city center. the slogan for the evening was stand with hong kong. many hero hoping for support from western democracies and feel that beijing could soon intervene. for. his race scare as. i'm close to dying. home call we are at the point of no return so we have to put our homeland and know and stand on my own code you know come back to that's why i'm here. mall rallies and protests
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munches upland over the weekend. charlotte chelsea hill was at the protests in hong kong she met leader and chan as the territory enters its 11th weekend of demonstrations i think this is the best we can to protest since a violent scene that we saw at the atwood on tuesday night a lot of people are asking questions about how this weekend of protests will go what the new strategy will be to demonstrate is what do you envision how do you think this weekend is going to kind of our icon tell you 102 what is going to happen but i'm here competent at the crowd and a famous strong ability to self correct in the past we have time even time takes you know we have failed we call in the police but on the prowl has to be more able to simply read and post new ideas obo news type takes to you know given
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circumstances so i might call it that although we don't know what's going to happen . the crowd has the intelligence to decide what to do. wanted by switching beginnings of people who are planning to take to the streets again this weekend so it was just people to keep air for any conflicts all stomachs just because. although we don't want to confront the police police do you come for us so when they tear. to the pair of you criminals to protect ourselves oh my god ok then. what is your take on a lot of the speculation about the military presence currently on the board a is not something that is consenting and. i think the majority of the home grown people i know do not believe that hero a will really be deployed in a home grown what you find stairs already 10000 spiotta a station home policies not united 7 so they're already here but they are really
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going out coming out you're killed on people we tell ted because he will cost china a lot and at least he will face sanctions from all busy over the wall so we are like all of them that they are not going to do that. we. are doing good by what. they do what is you a long time goal for this protest me that what if you what is your all snit's dream . we have by making goals all 5 requests but i got them in but. one i will of them the most important one is democracy we want general election all for our chief executive and i'll let your call once we can control our government and that's your goal we can fulfill all the adda goals because we have democracy as you know thank you very much but how well it's a city of 10000000 people or maybe 30000000000 it depends where you draw the
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boundary line what is certain is that the indonesian capital jakarta is one of the world's most crowded cities and one of its most polluted and on top of that it's sinking the result of uncontrolled groundwater extraction and for these reasons the government is looking to move the capital today indonesians learned roughly where that might be. young the capital city is not only a symbol of national identity but also a representation of the progress of the nation that. this is for the realize ational of equality and economic justice this is for the vision of forward indonesia indonesia that lives for ever. here by request permission to move national capital. kali mountain is the indonesian name for the island of borneo it's also shared by
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bernard and malaysia we know didn't reveal the exact location on borneo but as in the past toward the island looking for the ideal location borneo is said to be favored because unlike other parts of indonesia most of the island isn't prone to earthquakes or volcanic eruption. the plan is for the government to start moving there by 2024 something that's expected to cost upwards of $33000000000.00 for many though in jakarta the move could be their only hope. jakarta is disappearing slowly being swallowed by the sea an abandoned mosque no more than human to the city's bleak future scientists estimate as much as a 3rd of it could be lost by 2050 1000000 are at risk. that allowed us to get it why is the water level now higher than my home. why am i now living below the water level. maybe because the sea water was swallowing the
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soil little by little. but that's all i know. but luckily we now have that seawall . below out of. the sea defenses though showing cracks that oceans of shacks that dot the shoreline here flood regularly. leaving behind hazardous waste and pollution. in the past it wasn't like this it was nice there and the sea water was good the beach sand was nice and we could still play in the water now we can't do that anymore the water is murky and dirty it floods every high tide. that out of. jakarta. to climate change and poor resource management excessive grown water use has led to massive subsidence the city is sinking residents are heading if not for
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higher ground then higher floors resigned to chaos. but i'm one of you know us well so today i'm not so nervous about the flooding. in the past when the floods came i used to tremble i nearly drowned back in 2007 it would be true that all my belongings were swept away and i had to start all over again. with. the government to planning a fresh start hoping to relocate the capital to born. such drastic measures aren't an option for the poor to carton's living on the edge of this unfolding disaster. thanks to germany now and finance minister of all off shots is in the running to lead the country's center left social democratic party or s.p.d. the media are reporting that he told the party's interim leaders he would run if they wanted him to scholtz would be the most high profile candidate running to lead
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the government's troubled junior coalition partner. shows now says he will run for the leadership of his social democratic party if the party wants him his decision has only been made public now but charles is believed to have told e.s.p. interim leaders of his intentions last weekend the s.p.d. has seen several potential leadership candidates withdraw from the running and the race to head the s.p.d. has been lucky to say the least as finance minister and vice chancellor shorts is the 1st big name politician to say he'll run. it's likely to have taken dizziness ran under by surprise the politics professor in the current deputy party leader also launched a joint bid on friday. yes but it's very much you know sometimes the s.p.d. can be quicker than people think and competition is good because we want people to see the whole spectrum of our party so to anyone else who joins the race i can only say welcome have fun because we certainly will the race started at
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a snail's pace but now seems to be picking up speed and the state premier of lower saxony pistorius and sex and his interior minister such a clipping have also now thrown their hats in the ring that means there's suddenly a field of 13 candidates including 5 female male teams running for dual leadership and 2 running alone while schultz is still looking for a running mate that might be seen as an americanized version of the leadership race like in the race to run for the democrats there are many candidates but not much joined up thinking among them old hands and newcomers arguing about the party's strategy for the next presidential election. in germany's support for the s.p.d. has been flagging and a listless leadership race has done nothing to turn that around that could change now the competition has gained some momentum. i'm joined now by our political correspondent simon young from our parliamentary studio simon good to have you how good you think all off shelters chances are of becoming the new s.p.d.
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leader. i think he's got pretty good chances or at least these chances would be good if this candidacy turns out to be confirmed at the moment we're just hearing media reports that mr schultz is ready to run but looks pretty likely and choses would be good because he's the 1st real political heavyweight who would be joining this contest there are 12 or more other candidates who've already said they're running but you know he's the 1st one from the front rank as finance minister and deputy chancellor obviously he carries a lot of weight he's got a few more hurdles to get over though he needs to find a woman running mate because it's been more or less decided the s.p.d. will have a sort of double headed gender balance leadership in future. and he needs backing from some of his cabinet colleagues as well and then of course he'll have to appeal
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to the majority of the 420000 members of the s.p.d. who are the ones who will be voting on the question of who will lead them in future simon let's assume that he clears those hurdles i mean the yes to be a p.d.f. and slumping in the polls and through the asm is low and that's being nice is sold as he the hero that this party needs. yeah well a hero isn't perhaps the 1st word that you think all in this connection all of shorts has often been described as sort of cool and technocratic and even arrogant and he doesn't have much of that sort of down home charm that many german politicians of the left. have had and of needed to get to do to advance in the past so. that spats against him or what's for him is that you know as finance
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minister he has shown that the social democrats are capable of exhibiting financial probity fiscal probity and good financial management because that is worth a lot in a national poll where germans look in particular at the economy when they come to vote yes of course in a coalition with the chancellor merkel's c.d.u. party what could scholtz mean for the government if he were to become the new head of the s.p.d. well i think whoever takes over as leader will have to look at the question of how much longer they can carry on in the grand coalition of conservatives and social democrats. as a junior partner in that coalition the s.p.d. have been doing very badly as you said they've lost massively support and many of their own supporters even say that they no longer know really what they stand for
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that's going to be changed whoever's leader. shows might not be the man to do that because he's very identified with this coalition because he's been quietly supporting angela merkel for many years as finance minister d.w. political correspondent simon young thank you very much. our next story comes from the central african republic one of the poorest countries in the world and one that's seen a series of vicious conflicts since again independence from france in 1960 muslim up the most recent civil war was started 6 years ago with muslim rebels and christian fighters sparring over religion power and natural resources today there are more than 10000 peacekeepers in the country many of them from elsewhere in africa but on the group's control about 80 percent of the country in february a peace deal was signed between the government and 14 rebel groups it was the 8th he's deal in 6 years a un bat's tribunals known as the special criminal court has been tasked with
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holding to account those who have committed crimes against humanity in the cia are a troop of entertainers is touring the country to tell people that the court wants to hear their stories. loud music with a heavy beat it draws children from the neighborhood for some terrific interest payment. but at some jet is a serious one the central african republic sneering special criminal court order to swell tongan knows that if the children come their parents will follow. he hands out information brochures it's the adults he actually wants to reach. it was very good to go over here to inform central africa and the prophet but especially the victims of war crimes are committed in our country there is going to open up some coffee. and they're doing it with theatre this woman's daughter was killed she expresses her suffering to the audience loudly and dramatically.
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in this cabaret heavy subjects easy to digest. but of his what tongue is getting ready for his role he wrote the play which is meant to reflect daily life in. the cia our. lives inform us all so you can all see the book the important information is communicated in bars and nightclubs in our country that's why i decided to fashion a theater piece in this way that those who don't speak up. and his own scene plays out in a bar part of his meet some friends and gets drunk then they hear about the new court on the radio and they explain it all to the audience even the little people can now bring charges against their torturers in their own country. so that i the court will prosecute war crimes sexual violence and the targeted killing of
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ethnic groups which have been committed since 2003. there are still about $100000.00 christian and muslim rebels in the c.a.r. but the struggle is no longer about religion it is rather over land power and raw materials. a peace agreement was signed but it is fragile the court is meant to help bring about a lasting peace and justice for the victims of whom there are many in this country since i remember the south now but i thought you would know about the rebels arrived and killed my younger brother when he met them and then they came into our house and beat my husband and that's a big i mean up until after the performance the audience is given legal advice. to make their venue was the day i opened my eyes we've been through so much now i know what to do about it it's up to. the play is set to become a film which will be shown in the central african republic very special tribunals supported by the governments the un and the e.u.
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but it is short of funds. so at present i think it's a very important but without justice there is no security we can't live in harmony of peace. on not a morning. that is what everyone here wants. and reminder now the top story that we're following for you at this hour protesters and police have clashed in zimbabwe's capital. the supporters of the opposition movement for democratic change accuse the government of corruption and of mismanaging the failing economy. you're watching t.v. news live from berlin we'll be back in a moment with the day in review stage. the
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world is getting more simple. more concise tributes a lot from. the global $3000.00 talks would seem british researchers take
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an optimistic view. the world is not always a good plan but is much much greater than it was. just to lose really getting better. a global $3000.00 special report. starts aug 19th on t.v. . i don't think. i get some time down but i'm standing up in which is that we're going to have a mistake so you consider german culture of looking at the stereotype the question if you think if you for your country but i don't blame. you you didn't seem to get this grandmother down to you it's all about a new i might show join me to meet the jetman from d.w.
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post. planet earth little tourist guide for germany's. i love berlin. 50 nations 50 story and 15 very personal tips on berlin's very best features. book now playing it for your own back series every week on d w. before he was president donald j. trump was one of the biggest names in real estate buying apartment buildings of tells and senos now could president trump purchase the entire country well trump reportedly wants to buy green went land the world's largest island would of course have a lot to offer a real estate developer ocean front property it between europe and the us vast
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mineral resources and a perfect location near both china and russia.


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