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food security oppression marginalising mission. or not has been achieved so much more needs to be john and i think people have to be at the heart of solutions my name is on the tachyon and i work in t.w. . and sunny skies sandy beaches and ocean waves. i'm on a cruise a dock the 2nd biggest german island in the baltic sea. it's
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a hugely popular holiday destination but why exactly. why because you fall in love with into the woods alone no good vibes good weather sunshine water what more could you want to know is on a nice sunny beach nice people with a sunny island right. it's true those are dumb as one of the sunniest places in germany. but especially now in the summer too much sun can be dangerous here on who's a donkey each go or is have found ingenious ways of keeping out of the sun. the result a colorful scene made of umbrellas and. the more traditional option as the wicker chair invented on the baltic sea coast in $882.00 it's now an essential beach item around these parts getting in on the fun is super. easy if you grab
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a key as one of the many rental spots along the beach and find your chair then you set it up and relax. the wicker beach chair is tightly interwoven with beach culture at the baltic and the north sea and rarely found outside of germany is an island of superlatives it has germany's longest beach some 1900 hours of sunshine a year and it's super full especially the beaches are overrun by tourists what i'm wondering is are there any quiet sponsor left let's find out together on a tour around the island. show you the so-called imperial spots hailing stoff bake and buns eat. local will share with us the beauty of granada in spain. and our mail takes us to mexico.
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to saddam has an impressive 12 kilometer boardwalk it leads you past lots of greenery and beautiful buildings. the prominent is the most direct connection between the popular resorts of headings doff and back and stretches out all the way just here in poland saddam is part german part polish the island is famous for its peers is actually home to germany's oldest it was built in 8082 and. after about a quarter of the way you'll come upon a restaurant in the winter and this is a great place to hide from the cold winds but now in the summer it's a lot nicer out. there. from here. it's
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a pleasant walk to the end of the pier. during high season encouraging boat dock here several times a day. getting stuff back and are nicknamed the emperors resorts why well because already 200 years ago the rich and the famous like to spend their vacation here one of them was german emperor william gray times long past but still very much alive you only have to look. struggle round the imperial seaside resorts known as the kinds of data and soak up the atmosphere you get a sense of what it was like here in the 19th century back when cuz of it had the 1st came to saddam to relax as well as to see and be seen. i was to curt's artists and wealthy merchants from the capital followed his lead and spend their free time here and it was that i'm has remained a favorite vacation destination to this day. the un and is even nicknamed
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brandon's both top. because it was it always located just 200 kilometers from the german capital. columnist balustrades and balconies adorn the islands but as many of which date from the turn of the 20th century. this style is a relic of a bygone era just one that continues to captivate visitors to this day. even back then it was a status symbol to own a house of one of them or seaside resorts. during the communist era the biggest fell into disrepair but they've now been restored with many being turned into hotels or apartments. the tourists don't just flock to the 3 period seaside resorts with the architecture these spawn chalons have
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a charm all their. all as german off a tutor funtown i once wrote the view of the grays see through the trees is poetic and infinitely pleasing to the heart and so. today it's hard to find that poetic tranquility at the bustling kinds of it or that the enticing atmosphere remains. about $1000000.00 visitors come to the island every year especially in some a during the high season. that brings in a bike and rode down the boardwalk. only a couple of minutes later average poland. and. the sculpture is meant to remind border crossers of the fact that it wasn't always
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this easy to get to the neighboring country. these times are long gone today and can be easier to get since we don't wish to. seem like i'm not the only one to notice here too huge crowds everywhere. the street at least shit is popular with shoppers prices being much lower than on the other side of the border but that's not the only thing that makes a visit to saddam's biggest city worthwhile we don't wish to is nicknamed the 4th ever as resorts and as many beautiful spots. back on the german side ride by the border and stop to visit the island sand sculpture exhibit.
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general manager. kluger leads me past 100 sculptures to the work of 25 artists from all around the world. how does and become art yes how does sand become art we have these big crates which are prepared and filled with sand and water then the mixture is compressed and the next last added on top. and then next when it solidified the artist can start working on it from the top and work from the top right down to the bottom of the whole story about if there isn't only sand don't you spray it with anything to make it stick together. let them know it really is just sand that's why there's a roof over our heads to protect the sound from the elements it's simply compressed and the artists many many years of experience in dealing with this material within the actual that's the secret of income. but not the only one
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the artists also use a special kind of sand. shows me how that works one to stand back that you know you have to try here we have our baltic sea sand like you'd find on the beach it's very fine and even if you squeeze it together not much happens. when that happens there's our sand sculpture sand. and take it. pretty sure and press it together quite firmly. and you have a really nice group. sam they use here comes from a gravel quarry in a village on. ready ready the sand hasn't been worn smooth by the sea sold packs together better. than sculptures don't last forever so each year there is a new exhibition with a different motto this year's is expedition earth.
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but i'm going to if i wanted to build something like this although of course much smaller on the beach how would you recommend i go about it. yes with my 1st it would be to get the right kind of sad but i think that's a bit difficult otherwise i advise you to work from a. don't go up too high but well from above and then you can create a lovely object. time now to meet a local our viewer that i want to take us around his hometown granada in spain back in the middle ages it was ruled by the morris nazareth dynasty and they turned the city into the center of andalusia arabic culture that legacy can still be felt today.
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hello and welcome to grenada one of the most beautiful cities in spain my name is manuel and today i will show you why i mean not with this city. not a family now where in the. also known as the america itself grenada this name comes from its resemblance to typical streets in iraq over here. we can find different products from the arab lateral thought than one lot i. if you at the mall and if you want to take a break you can have a seat and relax in one of the many cafes to enjoy a moroccan see. how don i'm going this is how they see the family more supporter of the city and one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in 1904 it was declared a world heritage site by unesco so i love it i love getting lost in it streets in
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it are in that beauty. like your. mother. i mean what right now we're at the meter do with the new collage which is one of the most important and beautiful a few points from granada to from here we have a view of the sierra nevada mountains and yell ombre which is the symbol of this city as i don't feel now 30 get that one point though it's made up of the now 3 palaces by the more recent months and more to lived as one of the elica saba the walls that surrounded the ancient city and the gardens of the hen early thing the royals recreational and holiday residents at iowa state that make avail that i feel i've been one in a piece of advice if you want to visit. be sure to reserve tickets send them as
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they usually send out a month in advance. i mean this is one of the most beautiful walks to take and her daughter officially it's called said robin or the to say the last 3 so this woke up a sad one piece since the road led to the cemetery. this is the really cool the jewish quarter of granada and among other things this popular front street by world famous graffiti artist. or one of the most famous place to listen to farming community kanada is the state but today i want to take you to one of my favorite boss lets go.
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after you look at buffalo they are. going to go to get tough. down there. and i hope you enjoy touring my city and i hope to see you soon and get out of. that. comes out. is a long island the beach stretches out over 42 kilometers. in the hinterland you'll find forests meadows and lakes the island is separated from the mainland by the october informed by the river pina flowing into the baltic
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sea. all the places i've seen so far were full of tourists now i want to discover saddam's more quiet parts so i'm off to the hinterland and i'm treating myself to a truly special experience i'll discover in the area on horseback on goes a dumb there are many riding stables i've chosen this one in. a group of locals had planned a tour and they've invited me to join. this is adriano my best buddy for today or at least i hope so before hitting the road we need to curry the horses. saddled them. and put their boots and. almost ready but safety 1st. oh gosh i don't like her a long time 123. made us do this.
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first we need to cross town i've been in the saddle a couple of times already so i was able to join the tour right away but if you've never sat on a horse you'll have to do a couple of practice rounds at the stables or let someone else take the reins in any case this is a great way to discover nature in the in. here in the hinterland there aren't nearly as many tourists as there were at the beach and in the resorts nature and beautiful scenery and as far as the eye can see. but before i get too romantic we decided to sleep it up a little to attract is as far as i'll go this time around but. the leave the gallop to the pros but i do have to say this area is the perfect spot
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to go horseback riding and we could even take a good dip with the animals. move. not to move. now if you're interested in military history you should take a trip to the other side of the island to peenemunde during national socialism it was the site of an army research center specialized undeveloped in new weapons the historic technical museum reappraise is this history. archivist told must current shows me around the premises. now we come into the
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rocket which made peenemunde a famous the one most people associate with this black and white rocket known as the v. 2 or retribution weapon to aggregate fear as it was called here. yet how destructive was a. little just wipe out a single building it leveled half the neighborhood especially when buildings were hit directly the impact was already devastating thought of it wasn't just precise as originally planned so it was only used to bomb bombed want to area target selection area targets meant big cities. the v 2 was launched about 3200 times targeting mostly london and and were more than 8000 people died as a result of the attacks. take an elevator to the roof of the museum in order to get an idea of the extent of the area occupied by the former military training center. to this day a big part of saddam's northern tip is it's only guarded exclusion zone to protect
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people from left over ammunition buried in the ground. between 943 and 44 the majority of the center was destroyed in allied airstrikes what was left was the army research center's power plant and 991 the museum it describes the history of the center of its technologic milestones as well as the horrific and inhumane sacrifices made in the name of scientific advancement. the months i cannot. there was europe's largest military research facility 94312000 people worked here they had different professions only a few were engineers there were heaps of administrators a huge bureaucratic machine went along with it and many others who weren't here by choice. that's forced laborers p.o.w.'s and prisoners and concentration camps many of them lost their lives working on the weapon serial production the museum also conveys the idea that the v 2 should not only be seen as
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a destructive weapon that killed thousands its launch was also a watershed moment for the evolution of modern space technology. it was the 1st manmade object to reach space wasn't. $942.00 was an historic day october 3rd is now reunification day in germany but this was in 1942 the rocket took off and reached a peak altitude of 84.5 kilometers. back then the 50 mile mark was sent as the boundary of space that's roughly 80 kilometers so the gateway to space was really pushed open here. on which side of history would you place the v. 2. really that's really a tough question it's a balancing act we try to perform here in the museum too it was the mother of all wrong kids but here it was primarily about weapons development off shore they motivated the engineers by saying after we won the war with it will go to the moon
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but they could only say that behind closed doors. games you know how do you go about it here in the museum with this heritage that very much needs to be put into context for the visitors. and we can do right by everyone your technicians are often disappointed that we don't explain how all the plants functioned in say just a concentration camp memorial on the other hand others accuse us of glorifying nazi engineers and their technology. it's hard to please everybody but we try to find the middle ground if we are attacked from both sides then we know we found the middle ground and we hope to continue doing that in the future in the new permanent exhibition we have. a lot of. pain in the end it is a place in history that offers a stark contrast to the beach holiday now it's your turn again it's time for our weekly v well as always we'll show you travel impressions of one of our viewers
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this week we got mail from new york who visited mexico and to.
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my stay here in new saddam is almost over but there's still one thing on my to do list. me to face up to the late 19th century fishing was the islanders livelihood i mean kozel where fish was made more durable by coding and what solves food conservation kept the island's mostly poor population from starving in winter today the historic salt trucks are under a preservation order. and 991 the family restaurant because it was i would sit to
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open. stores but here at the fish. and smoked that's typical for a who's a dog and master smoker steph and i live just going to show me how it's done. and you will how do you prepare the fish for smoking does it have to be salted or otherwise spice to move them over 1st becoming to pushing soldiers and then hand it to dry just like we have here. how long do you leave it hanging a street called it's been our just to drive when smoking fish. smoking takes time. well working for them because. they can which types of fish are particularly good when smoked but here we have elan salmon. and below that's part of the that's one of us are here. once the fish is dry in the oven is closed for about an hour.
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in case you were wondering why they call it smoking. time to get a taste i'm going to try them all ill salmon and howl of it. i wonder if these are the ones i smoked but at this point care the most important thing is they're all delicious. bustling life at the beach and tranquility in the back country good food and plenty to do offers all the ingredients you need for a perfect summer holiday i for one had a great time i hope you get to see you next time somewhere and germany.
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we can be the generation that ends it for good malaria must start so millions can live. police in zimbabwe have used tear gas and water cannon against anti-government protesters in the capital harare the protest took place despite a police ban which was upheld by the country's hard court supporters of the opposition movement for democratic change accuse the government of corruption and mismanaging the economy. north korea says leader kim jong un supervised another test firing of a new weapon on friday the late.


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