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i have a challenge for you. tasty tried to. start september 1st on d w. cut. cut. cut. this is the daily news live from the lead in hong kong on a look for another weekend as violent antigovernment protests are growing fears of a chinese crackdown as beijing now says on the day it folds on the border we'll get the latest from our correspondent life in hong kong also coming up the zimbabwe's government strikes back to protesters who are accusing it of corruption and olsen
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is managing the economy police attack demonstrates those 3 times out in defiance of the players and. plus the bundesliga kicks off in the very 1st match of the new season champions by munich held to a shell controlled by cats that. i mean you could mackinnon thanks so much for joining us hong kong is facing a nother weekend of demonstrations by the pro democracy movement and the situation is growing increasingly tense there's uncertainty about possible chinese plans to quell the unrest a large force of on the vehicles has been assembled in chen's and just across the border out with hong kong and the restaurant is ramping up chinese state media all condemning the protest as early actions as the beginning of terrorism. now.
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joins us now from hong kong welcome charlotte tell us the situation what's happening there right now. and it's a rainy day so far in hong kong with that hasn't stopped more demonstrating demonstrators gathering on the streets once again there are several protests planned for today this is going to be extremely busy weekend because we've got another big rally taking place tomorrow now hundreds of thousands of people according to organizers are expected to take part in that rally and assembly has so far ne been approved by police but people are expected to to break away from the assembly and march through the streets of hong kong as we've seen through so many weekends in the past now protests so far both last night and today have remained peaceful but of course there is always the lingering concern that we are going to
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see a repeat of some of the extremely violent clashes between demonstrators and police once again on the streets of hong kong absolutely now a chinese state media editorial dis week stated that its hong kong comments restore the rules lauren its own then its quote imperative for the central government to take direct action to statements like that suggest. beijing femi is ramping up its rhetoric at the moment aimed at these protesters and of course those images of those on the vehicles along the border are deeply concerning for a lot of people here in hong kong having said that most people that we've spoken to feel that it's troops and military crossing the border into hong kong is unlikely at the moment certainly certainly in the then people don't think that that is likely they say it will come it to hire an economic and political cost with beijing
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that beijing has other tactics to try and quell these process its rhetoric is certainly going to put pressure on authorities here in hong kong to maintain control. well and people who are on the streets night after night say that big concern is the handling of these protests by police they say police it becoming increasingly violent they're reporting a number of injuries among protested and they are concerned about how this is going to develop going forward or right now that tell us what to explain to us what his that state beijing and for the demonstrators. call it can you hear us. and i think we might have some technical problems in. charlotte can. all right well we're going to leave out there we'll come back to charlotte hopefully she'll be able we'll be able to speak to her again. in the
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meantime we're going to take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world north korea has released images of leader kim jong un overseeing the test firing its new mr ailes pyongyang launched at least 2 short range missiles on friday which could jeopardize efforts to restart the seoul disarmament talks with the u.s. . indigenous women are protesting against the forestation in brazil have broken into a police station the women have traveled from remote areas to the capital brasilia campaigning against presidential you have both seen arias policies as opening up the amazon for development. and the american acts of peace and fonda has died at the age of 79 his family said he passed away in his los angeles home following a battle with lung cancer on that was best known for playwriting and starring in the classic road movie easy rider which made him a symbol of the 1960 s.
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culture counter culture. now police in zimbabwe have used tear gas and water cannons to disperse anti-government protests. as in the capital harare more than $100.00 opposition supporters despite a police and a court battle to take to the streets. chaos and violence as zimbabwe police clashed with opposition supporters firing tear gas and water cannons to disperse the protesters. earlier on friday demonstrators took to the streets of harare after their plans for a large scale marches were banned by police late on thursday nights. that angry at the government blaming them for the country's daya konami situation if we demonstrate peacefully they want change was rather tired of promises promises promises riyad tired enough is enough. it is in the general people people we have
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the power in is the executive that is why i am i want to see these mr musser action . it was supposed to be the 1st in a series of protests across the country organized by the main opposition party movement for democratic change after zimbabwe's high court rejected that challenge to the banned opposition leaders vowed to continue fighting. we are not taking down we are waiting for the people of zimbabwe i can't fit up no one in this long suffering so what this city would be my cheese is about. as police launched the crackdown the ruling party zanu p.f. issued a warning to demonstrators. visions no we didn't really in. any of this and our number has
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remained. oh dear no shit. we are not going. to get rid of peace that he said. with almost a badge of the country's population in need of aid demonstrators are set to keep up their calls for change however the police attempt to stop them. now should a girl be allowed to join a choir that's traditionally only accepted boys a burl in court has heard the case of a 9 year old girl who was denied a spot on the city's renowned the boys only state and cathedral choir the girl's mother suit claiming gender discrimination but the court has now rejected the claim finding the quiet sound is unique and should be preserved the was i was. barely in state and cathedral choir boys are only bastion for 550 years since 1465 to be
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precise back then girls weren't allowed to sing in churches today they can but not as part of this choir. lawyer susan brookline sought to change that through the courts her 9 year old daughter had auditioned to join the choir but was turned away i think it's brittle it's got education opportunity and access to the high quality musical training offered by the choir from which girls have been excluded for too long this wasn't done and that is discrimination says the lawyer and mother arguing the choir is tradition was outdated it's outstanding education and career opportunities are open only to boys the difference between male and female voices should be irrelevant she argued. in court it was a matter of gender equality versus artistic freedom to conspire had it with that
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event in cool to. he said that artistic freedom means that artists cannot be forced to produce something other than what matches their inspiration their concept their vision for she don't exactly as they wish. that we argued that this boy's choir has a very unique sound that needs to be preserved hearing it one day in good. and the court agreed it rejected the girl's case finding her unsuccessful addition was not a matter of discrimination but one argument was not part of the court case that boys choirs receive more public funding. from undercliff she thought and if you really want to support girls you have to provide the same funding as for boys that's clear but that can be done by funding mixed choirs all girls only choirs it's a matter of money and will get as good as it does for it. to acquire remains only for boys the berlin court found its unique sound was an expression of its artistic
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freedom the. discipline now and it was a season opener to say get a buy and fans the defending champions has stayed has had the lean and despite scoring the 1st goal of the match battled back to share the spoils. the 57th one is legacies and started with an opening ceremony at allianz arena in munich by and snicko covert action hatice and take over both berlin natives with gratian roots shared an embrace prior to kick off it looked to be business as usual for byron early in the match but levin dusty opened the scoring in the 24th minutes of an dusky is now netted in 5 consecutive opening matches but the celebration didn't last long at his new signing doda looked back you know found the net from outside the box a level to score the shot took a deflection forcing manuel neuer in the opposite direction. minutes later neuer was beaten again not
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a group which grounded the keeper and put the. all in the net to make it to one fattah. after the break finds 11 converted a penalty to level the affair at to all 5 and that was the final score it wasn't the opener of the defending champions want it but for hats and on to covert ch running a points in munich was worth a smile not a bad debut. say by munich that only managing a draw in that opening match that closest rivals dortmund play it later today and i don't want to spent big money bringing in new players and after last season 2nd place finish they thought they'd been this league a title in their sights. i could the speed this season for dortmund since last claiming the bundesliga title in 2012 don't win founds of how to watch by and win 7 in a row and yet the disappointing collapse in last season's title race has not dampened coach lucien favelas mood. and i think it's fair to say that we have high
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expectations we're coming off the back of a very good season this is what we finish with 76 points. so this year we can't just say we want to be there or thereabouts we have to be ambitious and. they showed plenty of ambition and promise in the german super cup earlier this month beating by on 2 nil in the pre-season showcase after a successful transfer window the squad is looking in fantastic shape don't have brought in key reason for smith's like forwards tall guy and usually on begun to as well as defend months homo's who rejoins them from buy on having previously been part of dortmund's last title winning side in 2012. fans of the black and yellows are certain the title is once more within touching distance. i think will definitely be crowned champions. we may even finish well ahead of.
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what it bluntly it's our turn to win it. fighting that will ramp up the pressure but this season dortmund may just have the edge over their perennial rivals. now there is a new theory attraction during the crowds at the zoo in the peruvian capsule lena 3 ben gold tiger cubs have made their public debut with one red white tiger possum than this and the youngsters were born early last month and after weeks of around a cup around the clock attention some bets the cubs on are strong enough to leave their inflation social area it's. gorgeous a quick reminder of the top story that we're following for you hong kong is facing another weekend of demonstrations by the pro democracy movement is the live pictures you're seeing here and the situation is growing increasingly tense as uncertainty about possible chinese plans to quell the unrest.
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in washington good news life in the but then coming up next a documentary called just a dream but it's all about the pollution from a luxury cruise line and i'll be back with more news at the top of the hour don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock now website. and now thanks so much for watching. welcome to the book is a good year for d.w.i. thanks we'll try to talk about the. list. 3 more. possible we have. time let's have a look at how the other must leave look so you don't want to. go.
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