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my thanks. to. god. this is the daily news live from berlin hong kong on alert for another weekend of violence county government protests there are growing fears of a chinese crackdown this paging masses on a day of calls on the border we'll get the latest from our correspondent live in hong kong also coming up the was a struggle to join one of germany's top boys but as a court rules there is no place in the hollow durant's of singers for a girl. plus the film just to get fixed up and in the very 1st night to the new
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season chunkin is by mika held to a shock to rule by the fact that betty. thanks . i'm on egypt's mackinnon thanks so much for joining us hong kong is facing an other weekend of demonstrations by the pro-democracy movement and the situation is growing increasingly tense that as uncertainty about possible chinese plans to quell the unrest a large force of on the vehicles has been assembled in chen's and just across the border with hong kong and the rhetoric is ramping up chinese state media are condemning the protest as actions as the beginning of terrorism i now our correspondent has on pell is covering the protests in hong kong and as she reports now the government's opponents are becoming ever more inventive in voicing their
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dissent. it's a startling visual reminder of the power of paper and pen face clashes this week left many concerns that message is being eclipsed by violence. but step away from the protest front lines of the scale of peaceful dissent becomes clear. this train station now an ever growing testimony to the resilience of activists and the people power that fuels them. when you walk through this tunnel the sheer number of messages papering these moves is really overwhelming no to all to note these protesters to carry on what the protest movement now needs to work out is how to maintain the momentum and this level of support over the coming weeks. just 15 years old this young activist is choosing post at night and priestesses as her new weapon of protest. once on the front lines of the demonstrations herself
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she now spends up to 8 hours a day here holding her own private vigil promoting her pro-democracy message i would like to do the thing there i think it is right i think it is very important to this trying to just let the government know what we are you for and. to tell you we will never get. across the city a very different kind of protest calls have been put out for people to withdraw all their money from bank accounts a peaceful but perhaps ambitious plan designed to put pressure on authorities to meet the demands of people have to try many different grades choose try to foster home can government to restore the extradition we just want to try after me i have 3 possible mean to stop the people. i massive street protests like
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this also planned over the coming days and weeks some may end in clashes but this movement has been defined by its inventiveness the protest as ability to evolve the strategy to maintain momentum and public support. and alongside the demonstrations there will be those who keep finding new ways. making their voices heard. and. joins us now from home kobe here is. some real determination we've seen from the young activists tell us what the situation is right now. and yes i'm protesting back on this 3 day it's been a very rainy day so far in hong kong 8 i'm sure you can see all the people behind me carrying but that graving this really horrible weather at multiple different locations across hong kong today at the resort teaches protests this now with an anti-government protest in tandem another protest taking place across the city in
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support of the government now this protest here has been authorized the police is said very clearly that people are not allowed to stray from the permitted route but what we have seen so many times over the last few weeks is that these protesters do do spreads they do break those police rules and occasionally yes they do and in clashes ok now a chinese state media editorial this week stated that if hong kong can't restore the rule of law on its own it will it is quite imperative for the central government to take direct action now what to statements like that suggests what effect that they having on the protesters. clearly there is a big cause of concern for people who are on the streets here that ram tough rhetoric is happening in tandem with images that we're seeing of the palin merely paramilitary people's arms police who are taking part in exercises along the border
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very very close from hit to here so people to all concerned although most people that we spoke to don't think that they are going to see imminently any troops from beijing on the streets of hong kong people here believe that that is going to be too high a cost but they both politically and economically they believe that beijing has other ways of getting these protesters on these protests under control like for example putting pressure on authorities here to make sure they clamp down and we have heard from police in the last few days that they say that they can keep these protests under control protesters here they are deeply concerned about what that may mean they say that police are becoming increasingly heavy handed in dealing with these protests as they go on into the evening all right shiela telson killed reporting for us from hong kong thanks so much. all right let's have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world today a u.s.
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court has issued a warrant to seize the iranian oil tanker grace the vessel had been detained in gibraltar on suspicion of violating e.u. sanctions by taking oil to syria on thursday gibraltar said it was free to go but washington now says the ship and its oil should be impounded. north korea has released images of leader kim jong un overseeing the test firing of a new missile launched at least 2 short range missiles on friday and this could jeopardize efforts to restart disarmament talks with the u.s. . and the american actor peter fonda has died at the age of 79 his family said he passed away in his los angeles home following a battle with lung cancer on that was best known for co-writing and starring in the classic road movie easy rider which made him a symbol of 960 s. counterculture. now should it be allowed to join
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a quiet that has traditionally only accepted boys a bun in court the case of a 9 year old girl who was denied a spot on the city's renowned boys' only state and cathedral choir the girl's mother a suit claiming gender discrimination but the court has rejected that claim finding the quiet sound is unique and should be preserved. the god of the. gods the girl and state and cathedral choir boys only bastion for 550 years since 1465 to be precise back then girls weren't allowed to sing in churches today they can but not as part of this choir. noya susan brookline sought to change that through the courts her 9 year old daughter had auditioned to join the choir but was turned away i did get some beatle it's about
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education opportunity and access to the high quality musical training offered by the choir from which girls have been excluded for 2 loan losses and guns and that is discrimination says the lawyer and mother arguing the choir's tradition was outdated its outstanding education and career opportunities are open only to boys the difference between male and female voices should be irrelevant she argued. in court it was a matter of gender equality versus artistic freedom quince why had it with that event in cool twee said that artistic freedom means that artists cannot be forced to produce something other than what matches their inspiration their concept their vision for she don't think seche as they wish. that we argued that this boy's choir has a very unique sound that needs to be preserved at one dane good. and the court
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agreed it rejected the girl's case finding her unsuccessful audition was not a matter of discrimination but one argument was not part of the court case that boys' choirs receive more public funding. their monthly meeting fun and if you really want to support girls you have to provide the same funding as for boys that's clear but that can be done by funding mixed choirs all girls only choirs. it's a matter of money and willing to just go to disorient. to acquire remains only for boys the berlin court found its unique sound was an expression of its artistic freedom. or it's in sports now in the bundesliga kicked off last night in a lima taxi from debut sports is here to tell us all about the opening match and you know things didn't really go according to plan did they for the defending champions by munich not not at all i mean this is the 1st time since 2011 that buy in munich failed to win their season opener and we all know what happened the last
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time around dortmund went on to win their leaks so if last night's season opener is any indication of things to come we're going to have a very eventful abundantly guess he's in ahead of us because i'm sure a lot of other teams are watching that match and saying to themselves we probably took 3 points from that number one that by and munich are beatable number 2 you don't need to be scared of them and number 3 is that perhaps the bye and nick's days of steamrolling opponents are over and that's exactly what her to berlin did last night that was the attitude so let's take a look at that chalking 22 draw. the 57th bundesliga season started with an opening ceremony at allianz arena in munich by uncynical covert action happens and take over both berlin natives with creation routes shared an embrace price a kick off it looked to be business as usual for byron early in the match but levin
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dusty opened the scoring in the 24th minute of an dusky is now netted in 5 consecutive opening matches but the celebration didn't last long at his new signing doda looked back you know found the net from outside the box to level the score his shot took a deflection forcing manuel neuer in the opposite direction. minutes later neuer was beaten again marco group which rounded the keeper and put the ball in the net to make it 21 for hats or. after the break binds 11 he converted a penalty to level the affair it to all. and that was the final story it wasn't the opening of the defending champions wanted but for hats and on to covert running a points in munich was worth a smile not a bad debut. so we know what was missing by last night though there is a few things missing and also a few things going wrong for buy in munich at the moment for one the obvious they
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way too over reliant on robert lewandowski but number 2 this is probably the more important point is that there's just a lack of creativity they're just not able to break down a good deal hence and this is why they have brought in unknown the cup confront this after the match last night that they have brought in on loan with the option to buy philippe could team yo from boston oh not now fever continue or continue of course he's a very creative and you know he can play on the wing he campaign attacking that field so he's exactly what this team needs right now but then of course you kind of asking yourself if you had exactly a k. like that and how mr greig a. and yet you know you let him go back to madrid so a very confusing time right now at a buy in munich an interesting watch this space now binds big challenges dortmund that plainly says there's a what can we expect so dortmund of course you know it's a say it's no longer a secret they have come out and they've set look where ambitious we have big goals
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this season we have our eye on the title and you know unlike last season where you could tell that they squad was stretched so thin and it often gave them a lot of problems this season they've made in the off season additional signings we have union and coming in talk and. have that's homers and what we also see with dought month is that not only do they have depth but they have this really nice blend of experience of leadership and of youth so expect dortmund you know to make a run for the title and i think they'll be a lot more disciplined this season and i last season i don't think they're going to squander a 10 point lead again in the title you shall see early with a techie thank you so much. now there's a new theory attraction drawing the crowds at the zoo in the peruvian capital lima 3 ben bolt i get thomas has made that public debut with one red white tiger
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positive that's the youngsters were born earlier this month and after weeks of round the clock attention from vets the cubs on now strong enough to leave the enclosure social areas. or just little things you are watching the news from but then coming up next well the stories of the week in revolt thanks so much from washington. the world is getting more soon. more of us could toss to a lot of problems. to global $3000.00 talks would seem british researchers to take a more optimistic view. the world is not always a good plan but it's much much better than it was.


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