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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  August 17, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm CEST

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what secrets lie behind these memos. find out even worse of experience and explore a fascinating cultural heritage science. d.w. world heritage for 6050. well come to in good shape coming up. probiotics and why they're not always healthy . always online how smartphones have taken over our lives. and time pressure how much stress can we take we'll find out from our hosts dr kristen lekota. well yes i know i know but see i don't have time for this and all
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i have to work don't have time come on. i'm still on the phone sorry. come on come on i don't have time for this sorry i'm on the phone. isn't i will end this call i've got to work i could restart now please i don't have time. oh hello hello and welcome to in good shape you know stress is not good for you it's not good for your health but there are some expert who claims that stress might be good and that might even be healthy and this is back and i will meet him here really i don't need to know. i'm kind of late. of that. you don't think the threat is always
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negative it can have you have a happy life. do you know this problem in your practice there are more than 30 patients waiting for you and you have to do this show presentation and in the evening this is big god i have to attend no you don't have those problems but you certainly have your own problems and you could use more than 24 hours every day but with this solve the problem for. the dance teacher every day begins with a warm up breakfast and emails so multimedia slate. nowadays a lot of people trying to save time by multitasking. but just faster living actually improve our lives.
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trucked overwhelmed. modern life can often leave us feeling buried in demands and responsibilities. the can we withdraw from this constantly accelerating world and liberate ourselves from the tyranny of time. what is a sociologist to on a license time he looks into how time is structured how it changes in our society and the effect it has on us. this on this is. one aspect is the technical acceleration that we're experiencing everywhere ships airplanes and cars are getting faster and they're not only getting faster there are more and more of them and social transformations are also speeding up the world is in constant flux in every way you can possibly imagine work practices fashion trends the landscapes of
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forts and cities are changing ever faster so we try to live faster and it's all rooted in economic processes increase production and pressure to grow. transportation has radically shortened journey times but we generally don't use the time we save to rest and relax instead we work harder rather than write a letter as we once did we've lost dozens of emails and texts. and we often cram the rest of our free time full of other activities striving towards unattainable fitness and beauty standards can also leave us feeling like we're not keeping up. however be it privately old professionally trying to do more in string can timeframes results in a dreadful paradox. the bonus week gained through technological developments results in time pressure not more free time.
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in the skills you do at the end of the day will go to bed with a guilty conscience because once again we didn't finish everything that was demanded office or that we demanded of ourselves that we wanted to get done with the time that we need to complete our to do lists always exceeds the time we actually have and this notorious unease the feeling of. go faster influences how we live enormously. it also influences language coffee to go. speed dating fast food these phrases also express our desire to reduce the time needed for common everyday activities to an absolute minimum we eventually reach a point where we're simply not stable to meet all the demands that come with this increased pressure and acceleration. the result is burnout complete mental and physical exhaustion and the rejection of the unfillable to months being made of us
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. it's obvious that we should just slow down the celebration is the solution but i'm skeptical as long as we don't change the structures of society including our economic systems so we are condemned to keep giving ever more so if we as individuals try to slow down we fall off the treadmill we become outsiders in society who cannot connect with others and if we do it collectively as a society we get left behind in the global system. relating to the world and finding things to connect with can help people to avoid alienation. but also uses the term resonance and it can be found everywhere in nature other people and art. mentions it only humans are astonishingly creative when it comes to finding
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a little escape strategies every daily routine harbors its own possibilities and that's why i think art is so important as is music for many people because it opens the mind to the possibility of other ways of being. not allowing time to overwhelm us. and consciously stepping back to appreciate the all important little things can help us to enjoy life it's all right in place. and i'm with god called on dad he's a psychologist here in berlin and stress coach and he found some time to talk to me this very nice things thank you many people have problems with all the appointments and they feel stressed because they have to go from one appointment to another. stress time pressure a big stress on our society and its example for positive threats because in the
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work environment we need some time smog deadlines to track his energy from the pressure and tension direct to focus and book to reach the deadlines that is good for the head of the apartment it's not good for the employees is it. getting things done but they are stressed by doing it yeah but our brain is sometimes very lazy and we need external pressure and. time pressure on a deadline to generate focus and motivation and to decide what is the most important thing on the in a in the work today or this week on this month or this year and a deadline generates focus and that's very good for the rock environment and is a thing of our days here of this year that everybody feel stressed. it's through the level of stress. growth in the work environment all important to
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the business environment and that could be really negative because if i talked to you and i said i have a lot of stress from morning to evening is it. important you are so busy. that savannah raids moss and most of them must rest. and. every person has a responsibility to find their own way to cope stress and to channel our energy from morning to evening in the right way you say that stress is not always unhealthy it's something like good stress stress that it's a big differences. in stress and long term stress and our brain is made for short term stress like the rhythm of push and pull. we need sometimes to push and motivation and push push push and discipline and motivation and then we need some time for relax to go in the flow and push and that's
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a big difference between threats it's a rhythm push and pull it and i'm has. long term stresses push push push push push from monday to sunday and the whole year only push and that's very unhealthy for our brain because it's the rhythm is not natural and they have even been some time in your biography where you felt very stressed he told me yeah i played professional waterpolo in the 1st division and also captain of the team and i studied psychology and then at the same time i worked for an investor on the island and that was the reason that i fall into a brownout mistrust paranoid. 21 feet overweight and the stress made me ill and then my passion for the topic was 1000000000 they have lots and lots of things to do you can go to the cinema to the theatre you can do sports and exercise and so on and so on so this should be a nice thing but it could even be stressful if you have
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a lot of options and austerity you have a lot of stress to find the best one the best the best option and seeing could be. energy to have a lot of options for relaxing venice bogs and nature and so on. and there's one question what makes me happy find my own my own voice and follow my own my own way the way of take up so so asking the question what makes me happy could be the key in coping with stress yeah you could you could release a lot of stress of expectations from this citee or your parents or the neighbor i don't know the colleagues and so on and it's very or unnecessary to find you own way of life your own rhythm your own energy your own expectation management and that's the best way. to know what stresses me out and somebody always calls me on
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my phone i mean we're always online right now with all the smartphones and tablets and made a 2nd. place. then and still presenting the show. isn't it. whether we're on the go or standing still smartphones have become part of our daily lives most of us carry one around with us all the time meaning the devices are constantly commanding our attention. one recent study found that people check their phone an average of 88 times a day to stream videos chat with friends or read up on the news. germans spend around to wonder how fower is a day online. and among young people the average is 7 hours. scientist who refuses to take out his phone while use waiting for the bus we'll reveal the reason later but why is it that we feel compelled to check our devices
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all the time. and mention niggers nothing more interesting than something that's new we're naturally curious right from birth and we love things that are surprising when it's modern it's really cater to the you know. the researcher is visiting a think tank in frankfurt that advises companies on the future trends cultural anthropologist stop us runs a workshop on the effects of digital media on our lives. as crude as techno has on i believe it's driven by the uses desire for response you want to know someone written to me. if someone tried to reach me if i got a new light everyone wants a response. another factor is our hatred of boredom as illustrated by a study in the us scientists left test subjects to wait alone in a room they were hooked up to a machine with which they could give themselves a mild electric shock. after just a few minutes 2 thirds of the men and
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a quarter of the women had indeed pressed the button it's there's a version to boredom along with our natural curiosity and desire to have others respond to us that social media platforms and smartphone apps exploit but what kind of effect is this having on us. all this technology has 2 main effects 1st of all our attention span has got a lot shorter our attention tends to jump from one subject to another check and over time it becomes more difficult for us to set priorities to differentiate between what's important and what's not. ok i've got ability to differentiate it is exactly what we need when we're confronted with so much information. in some cases it can feel like an addiction with people developing withdrawal symptoms when they're without their phones. we shouldn't laugh about the law but it is funny.
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says era of the smartphone has led to an outbreak of abnormal behavior that's no longer a healthy. name so many people take their friends everywhere even if they're just going to another dream or that somebody and even when they don't have their friends with them they start to imagine that hearing 5 brace and so ringing sound coming and it was kind of he said he was in europe he kind of the relationship we have with oftentimes you know you get from hand. you just wanted to check the time on your phone and before you know it you're caught up reading something else. people find themselves checking their apps or email for notifications clicking from link to link or streams or stream. it's behavior reminiscent of animals pacing back and forth in their cages.
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and then there's foam or fear of missing out triggered by seeing what your friends are doing. if it's friday night you had a halt we were planning to spend the evening on the couch with a good book and get to know you know. everyone was just down time like that. but then you look at your phone and you see on facebook that there's a concert tonight that you want to go to manage. and on instagram you discover that your friends are meeting at a ball around the corner. and yet just doing nothing can actually be very fruitful it's when we slow down that our brains have the chance to get creative. the 2 experts are convinced that mindfulness can be a helpful tool in the digital age. and it was a sin when you 1st meet your body. needs time to digest if you just can't find
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getting you to explode it's the same with information your brain needs to be able to review things prioritize and have time to think with i think. that's why handing back leaves his phone in his pocket while he's waiting for the bus that way he can type just the things he's just experienced. with me and we doing the interview both of us we don't have time for that because he's very stressed but we saw during the interview not long ago when we got up in the morning with some coffee right now we just get up and we go to a smartphone i mean this is stressing isn't it. is a solution could be your morning routine because a lot of from morning and evening in that mode off and then react just to guns and react and the news inside the smartphone could be terrorism war whatever and
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that's very negative for our brain and the morning routine and that could be that you are taking your time the 1st 30 minutes of the day to be proactive i my morning routine is 100 pushups and writing in my diary and that's proactive and i'm i'm setting my focus on positive things and a little bit of exercise in the morning and that led to steps every morning of the game changer for healthy life full of energy really i don't do push ups like it came to them but i could write a diary but it doesn't really help to get me away from my smartphone addiction. different it's real because our friends in our family are inside the smartphone and our brain one wants a lot of entertainment every every minute every moment and there's a lot of entertainment at facebook instagram. whatever and great she would die we
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need consciousness and a lot of little bit of energy but at the very very we have cause to create the opposite again dangerous and and thoughts about the future and negative things in our lives we see the completely 360 greats of the life. and what i do use in my smartphone and i really like it it's a calendar and all the appointments disc and chase me out of the column the management or number one the 1st surgery is take your time for that rick station and for a break in your new week from monday to sunday and because you know it's into you calendar yet isn't anointment an appointment with yourself ok because if you don't do that there's a lot of pressure and performance appointments in your calendar and then sunday evening oh my god that was a week full of pressure full of performance and so on and no time for 4 no no no
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time for like sation and if your plan that week then put appointments will feel self with your family of us your friends for stress release support and then whatever in ukraine or and you increase the moment of critic station in your week but what if your boss puts all the appointments into your calendar and how do you cope with a boss who's always trying to put things in you when it really is just out. talk has a boss and let's give your. list of priorities and that the that number one that your boss tells you are ok that's number one that's number 2 that sum up 3 very often as your boss wants your breast your best performance and your best pal and you're running in the same direction and that's a good feeling for being environment do you know what i do against when i go out for a run i really love right. so what do you think about sports and exercise yeah it's
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perfect because a lot of people. don't know the difference between stress release like running water. body releases threat and relaxation and what about other things like relaxation yoga what about yoga. your technique or solution to relax. it's very for some people for some people that's running on their or. taking time with your whatever. the results have to be relaxation free mind thank you so much for taking the time today and we recently did a show about yoga and we're giving away for your besets thousands of us wanted to have them and those lucky 4. people rode in from all over the world to win our yoga set and we've drawn 4 lucky winners in the suit from russia terry
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huggins in new zealand and of del rodriguez from guatemala and duri from algeria congratulations all 4 of you. if you are stressed you can feel it in your gut because stress can harm you. which is called the microbiome and you can protect those bacteria. but is this really true. the bar tree grown strains of locked up a syllabus and busy job bacteria in recent years they've been getting a lot of air time they're marketed under the general term probiotics it's claimed they help against era simple bowel syndrome and gas to enter righteous or they can even restore the gut flora after a course of antibiotics. there added to some yogurt with the aim of improving
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consumers' health. but now some studies claim that probiotics can have adverse effects on the body that they can cause flatulence stomachache can't even impair concentration and that's not all. there's a been i'm sure there's also one studies show that people had increased psychological complaints after taking probiotics that's an important sign that we should handle these things really carefully. claim to act in the intestine lines of a variety of bacteria are involved in digestion their probiotics are said to assist them however one of the studies showed that they often don't settle in there in some of the test persons none could be detected in their powell so want to these results mean for pro biopsy. it means that regular check ups previously seen as a precautionary measure are now an essential requirement 5 kong awful have been taking probiotics to treat his irritable bowel syndrome.
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so tell me how are you feeling how are the symptoms. probiotics form only part of his treatment plan a change of diets is equally important and dr georg he also adopts the medication according to the patient's symptoms. the approach i take depends on the patient. sometimes i'll offer them a probiotic and sometimes not. if we do try out a probiotic and it proved beneficial that it makes sense to continue it for a certain period of time and of course the patient is monitored and if there is no benefit or the symptoms get even worse then i would recommend that they stop taking it. one of the is happy the treatment has worked for him he's a policeman in a protection unit for politicians and celebrities he sometimes has to wait for
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hours at a time at different venues in berlin for an event or meeting to and irritable bowel syndrome was a real burden for him. he's convinced that probiotics were an important part of his recovery although he did make some quite dramatic changes to his diet is he used to eat carelessly now he includes lots of fruits and vegetables things like chicory he sticks to fruit with a low sugar content like roasts praise blueberries and the more exotic goji berries which. changing my diet a few years ago without the help. nearly as successful this time around. i think it's the interaction between probiotics and a healthy diet. next week he'll start gradually reducing his probiotic intake according to a treatment plan with support from his doctor. sorry i don't have any
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time by. come on let's take a time see you again next week in toronto then let's all try to stay. close.
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to. the body. to put. the ball in some areas that need some special. knowledge. the be. 30 minutes on d w.
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on a tourist works that has spawned many legends hitler's mind can find. the time to these walls to not just founded nazi manifesto to shame but to actually try to insult did it portend the holocaust and i am 2nd more. mind cam from the secrets of hitler's. conservative and so on to you. know which of it is officially. joined linked to from africa and the world to link to exceptional stories and discussions from our use of easy to our website good evidence comes much africa have joined us on facebook at g.w. africa. the quiet melody
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rizzo's michael white of the mood. ready and it zoom. resonate with in its soul. the mind and the music. to open 1st wand 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. how does tyra taste air. which doesn't correspondent susan homage and host a link to explore the various flavors of the exotic squeezing of our food fusion grandson am the challenge for you. tasty tied to. start september 1st on d w.
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fish says d.w. news live from berlin tang kong protesters defined by his warnings and march again tens of thousands take to the streets for the 11th straight we can't saturday's protests on largely peaceful but across town supporters of the beijing backed government staged their own counter demonstration also coming up. a landmark power sharing deal in sudan as the country's military rulers and civilian opposition agreed to elections within 3 weeks. and easy rider legend peter fonda dies.


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