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fish says d.w. news live from berlin tang kong protesters defined by his warnings and march again tens of thousands take to the streets for the 11th straight we can't saturday's protests and largely peaceful but across town supporters of the beijing backed government staged their own counter demonstration also coming up. a landmark power sharing deal in sudan as the country's military rulers and civilian opposition agreed to elections within 3 weeks. and easy rider legend peter fonda dies
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at age 79 born into hollywood royalty after a producer will be remembered as an icon of the counterculture. i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program tens of thousands of protesters in hong kong kept up their pressure today with another weekend of pro-democracy demonstrations fears of an imminent crackdown by chinese authorities have started tensions that saturday's protests were largely peaceful after nightfall place began fanning out on the streets and chasing down protestors chinese state media has been condemning the protest as actions as the beginning of terrorism meanwhile thousands of probation supporters have gathered at a rally on the other side of the city they're calling for an end to the violent protests that have broken out over the last 3 months. charlotte shells and pill has
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been following those protests in hong kong and she reports now the government's opponents are becoming ever more inventive in voicing their dissent. it's a startling visual reminder of the power of paper and pen fierce clashes this week left many concerns their message is being eclipsed by violence. but step away from the protest front lines of the scale of peaceful dissent becomes clear. this train station now an ever growing testimony to the resilience of activists and the people power that fuels them. when you walk through this tunnel the sheer number of messages papering these rules is really overwhelming no towel to note these protesters to carry on what the protest movement now needs to work out is how to maintain the momentum and this level of support over the coming weeks. just 15 years old this young activist is choosing post at nights and priestesses as
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her new weapon of protest. once on the front lines of the demonstrations herself she now spends up to 8 hours a day here holding her own private vigil promoting her pro-democracy message i would like to do the thing there i think it is right i think it is fair in portraying this trying to just let the government know what we march for and. to tell you we will never get. across the city a very different kind of protest calls have been put out for people to withdraw all their money from bank accounts a peaceful but perhaps ambitious plan designed to put pressure on authorities to meet the demands of people have to try many different way to use try to foster home can government to withdraw the extradition we just want to try after me
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i suppose mean to stop to be. massive street protests like this also planned over the coming days and weeks some may end in clashes but this movement has been defined by its inventiveness the protest as ability to evolve the strategy to maintain momentum and public support. and alongside the demonstrations there will be days who keep finding new ways. making their voices heard. eggshells glance of the walls of this police station that left over by a small gathering of protesters who conferred here after a peaceful rally earlier on today now there was a moment where it looked like this gathering could descend in some of the violent scenes that we've seen in recent weeks we caught on camera several demonstrations hurling bins at police vehicles down below the riot police acted swiftly they dispersed those protesters who left chanting the people should gather in
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a mass rally plans for tomorrow now organizers of that rally said they wanted to remain peaceful and rational their teams were void some of the violent scenes that we saw at hong kong airport earlier this week which would jump on by chinese state media with beijing calling some of the more violent protesters close to terrorists organizes a gets approved that's far from the truth and that this pro-democracy movement still enjoys broad support on the streets of hong kong. and take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. some 4000 people have taken part in a moscow rally organized by russia's communist party and head of city council elections other opposition groups were not granted permission to hold demonstrations and supporters have been holding single person pickets instead. 9 people have been killed and 10 others injured in a hotel fire in the ukrainian port city of odessa over 100 guests at the tokyo stock hotel were evacuated to safety authority as are investigating the cause of
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the blaze. italy has allowed 27 unaccompanied minors to leave a migrant rescue vessel in limbo off the italian island of lampedusa interior minister mattel has some very reluctantly authorized them to disembark the open arms ship 6 e.u. countries say they'll take the migrants. sudan's ruling military council and civilian opposition alliance has signed a constitutional declaration paving the way for a transition to civilian rule and free elections this comes after months of protests against the military which took power after ousting longtime president bashir. they came to khartoum from all over the country to celebrate a historic day the military council is history and a new era begins. to come to today we can finally breathe free again everything was so expensive we were desperate idea in a festive venue amid foreign dignitaries representatives of the opposition and the
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military signed the agreement after months of tough negotiations a sovereign council with even representation from the opposition and the military will govern the country overseeing the formation of the government that elections are set to be held in just over 3 years. paramilitary groups will be integrated into the regular army earlier this summer a militia mounted a brutal raid on a protest camp leaving many dead that left a scar but hopes are high that the country can turn the page. back we hope that things will stop to look up and to done we want to be proud of our country again. and agree on a real pin. for millions here today is liberation day though they realize the road to democracy is anything but easy. when now we're going to talk about do you gongs with my colleague carried raid these key creatures as you
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can see behind me the rain animals they're a bit big and a bit old quick they found all around the world but they're vulnerable to extinction because ocean pollution is threatening the habitats in thailand a baby gone he became instant famous has died after ingesting plastic have it say this should warn all of us about where all plastic ends up jared this is a really awful story. it's pretty sad this is all about a baby jew going named mary who was rescued off the southern coast of thailand a couple of months ago when found her she was malnourished she was off and so they took her in and these pictures that we're seeing here went viral she became the internet celebrity in thailand and counted among her fans the thai royal family so she became really she was the sweetheart of thailand and basically what the vets would do they would paddle out to her habitat about 15 times a day and feed her and they went to her habitat last week and
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found merriman in pretty bad shape she had bruises on her body and what they discovered was that probably she had been attacked by a male jew gone and very sadly she was unable to recover and she died and what they discovered when they opened up her stomach was a mass of plastic in her intestine that had built up and caused an inflammation and led to a very sadly her death it's just shocking i mean she looks like such a sweet heart. but the autopsy showed exactly what what was the cause of death exactly they posted pictures from the autopsy on facebook we can take a look at them they're not graphic they're fine to look at let's have a look and we can see. on that autopsy photo there to the rise the massive plastic that was taken from merriam's stomach plastic that she ingested just swimming
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around habitat we have to keep in mind she was only around 8 months old so in that time she was able to eat enough plastic that that led to her death and very sadly this is one jew gone fewer in thailand now also there around about $250.00 in southern thailand and now there's there's one less and this is really indicative of a major environmental problem we have now which is a plus. that is clogging up our oceans the un says there is around $100000000.00 tons in oceans at the moment and it's just growing every single year by about $7.00 to $10000000.00 tons the positive news if there is any west dying to become more aware of it back in may around $180.00 countries signed this treaty that would make the global plastics trade more transparent and we're talking about this now and that means that we're all getting aware that single used plastics like plastic bags like water bottles we need to stop really using them because we see the effects of it on little animals like like baby merriam and it's kind of an urgent problem that
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we need to get on top of absolutely unfortunately there are probably many more stories like that it's shocking thanks for coming in explaining it to us. as to the bundesliga now as brucia dortmund have made a flying start to the season on the opening saturday last season's runners up hammered out 51 leave a kosan produced a battling 32 win over promoted possible on braman suffered a surprise 31 defeat at home to disallowed often involves had a good start with a 21 victory over new comers cologne freiburg also one got back facing shocker in the late game and there are 2 more matches on sunday but it was a season opener to forget for by munich fans on friday the defending champions had to settle for a draw despite opening the scoring against head to berlin the only good news of the night for brian was the announcement of the impending arrival of philip continue from barcelona. 57 as they get season started with an opening
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ceremony at bally and so they now. buy ends nico colebatch and hats and to chose which both birth the natives with grace notes she had an embrace prior to kick off it looked to be business as usual for by an early in the match robert levin dusky opened the scoring in the 24 minutes left and is now netted in 5 consecutive opening matches the celebration didn't last long at his new signing don't you come back you know created some space and found the net from outside the box to level the score the shots like a deflection forcing manual noir in the opposite direction minutes later neuer was beaten again marco drew yes rabbit the keeper to put her through in the lead to one . after the break bye and levon dosti converted to penalty to level the affair. my it wasn't the opener the defending
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champions wanted but fair to and show that she turning a point in munich was worth a smile not a bad deb you. hollywood is mourning pay to fund a star of the sixty's cult classic bike a movie easy rider the actor and producer died of lung cancer at the age of $79.00 we probably won't want to follow what was the grave digger but there is a. piece of fonda hails from hollywood royalty his dad was an oscar winning actor henry fonda the actress and activist jane fonda as his big sister movies are a family affair this is great for me to be able to join my father that my sister and daughter will be following as soon in fact my son cameron when my oldest son. peter fonda found fame is a drug taking antihero in the cult film easy rider about outcasts by ca's crisscrossing southern usa alongside
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a very young jack nicholson and the writer and director dennis hopper neither received an oscar for the film but it inspired a generation of fans growing up watching movies like easy rider really inspired me to take up the motorcycle lifestyle and just you know almost always follow in his footsteps seeking freedom and maybe being seen as an outcast i believe he had his own persona he had to rise out of his father's image henry fonda and he became his own man in a different way entirely. while his later films never reached the same cult status peace of fonda's korea spanned decades including t.v. series and films and he was embraced by a younger generation of hollywood directors like steven soderbergh who directed funder in the film the lining. but he will always be remembered for the easy rider . path.
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you're watching in t.w. news from berlin coming up t.w. reporter count as men will be here next hour with your news headlines. don't forget you can always get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website at www dot com i'm rebecca thanks for joining me. to learn german heritage from the. why not learn with him as he learned course the coast very. closely. soon. to be a good. actress.


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