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well for and your family for most users of mobile by plying the 5 keys to see folks who use them you also have a role to play. this is the news live from berlin jubilation in sudan as the nation plots a path towards civilian rule the country's military and pro-democracy opposition sign a landmark power sharing deal that should lead to will lections within 3 years we'll find out what's at stake also coming up after a week of violence and warnings from beijing saturday's anti-government protests in
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hong kong are largely peaceful but concerns are mounting about unauthorized rallies planned for sunday and easy rider legend peter fonda dies aged $79.00 born into hollywood royalty the actor and producer will be remembered as an icon of the counterculture. i'm call master and welcome to the program sudan is celebrating a historic agreement after months of protests the country's ruling military council and civilian opposition alliance a signed a constitutional declaration paving the way for a transition to civilian rule and free elections it's a new chapter for a nation that has weathered demonstrations and a bloody military crackdown after the ousting of longtime president omar al bashir . they came to khartoum from all over the country to celebrate
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a historic day the military council is history and a new era begins. today we can finally breathe free again everything was so expensive we were desperate. in a festive venue amid foreign dignitaries representatives of the opposition and the military signed the agreement after months of tough negotiations a sovereign council with even representation from the opposition on the military will govern the country overseeing the formation of the government that elections are set to be held in just over 3 years. paramilitary groups will be integrated into the regular army earlier this summer a militia mounted a brutal raid on a protest camp leaving many dead that left a scar but hopes are high that the country can turn the page. that we hope that things the stocks to look up and to done we want to be proud of our country again.
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and agree on a real pain. for millions here today is liberation day so they realize the road to democracy is anything but easy. let's get more now on that historic agreement joining me now in studio is thomas he is with africa and he's been reporting on those developments in sudan 1st of all i mean is this the deal that civilians wanted let's say it's the deal that some civilians wanted it's affected group of opposition parties that have come together just the group that signed the agreement today the lines of freedom of and change themselves on bread old and i say since a lot of different groups political activists political parties and human rights activists to come together but some civilian activists have been saying that they will not agree to any military involvement whatsoever in this agreement and because of this they have even threatened already. to go to the streets the biggest
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question really hovering over all the celebrations today is will this landmark deal hold up yeah i think that is the big question that everybody in sudan of course ask themselves but also in the region because it has big verifications for the whole region in itself but a the opposition groups a fractured but also the military a fractured we have seen strobes more crews in the last few weeks and this paramilitary groups that is militias and all these groups omar bashir the previous president played very cleverly up against each other but i also want to say in all this and overall there's been very little trust in the military so people who would be watching very carefully these course in these reforms that the a promising and see whether there's any delays or changes shoulders well one about former dictator omar al bashir i mean he's currently sitting in prison he's wanted for war crimes
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charges charges of genocide by the international criminal court will he see a trial of fair trial well you probably see a trial the question is is that fair i mean there's no history of free and fair justice system in sudan even his own supporters have questioned whether this is the right process he's also wanted in the i.c.c. the international criminal court full list genocide in darfur that's unlikely that they going to hand him over but he will probably stand trial are probably going to see a couple of delays but whether it's going to be free and fair is a good question we heard there in the piece i mean the road to democracy in sudan is anything but easy just tell us about some of the roadblocks along the way i mean the big question or the big issue has always been the economy. the sudan has been on the sanctions there's been a steerage the measures one of the reasons why these protests they have been simmering for years in december. they came to the surface then they collided in
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april when bashir then was ousted but those problems haven't changed there's no oil because very little oil production because it went to south sudan when they split and then also the expectations there's very little opportunities you might be able to to get an education for young people but then there's no jobs out of the woods that's why we see some of them even coming to europe but overall people have very big hopes maybe 2 big hopes and the expectations of going to be very difficult to manage just a matter of months that we've seen this historic deal come to fruition thomas thanks very much. thallus take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world a suicide bomb blast has ripped through a wedding party in kabul many are feared dead and dozens are confirmed injured according to an afghanistan government spokesman no group has claimed responsibility for the attack where more than a 1000 people have been invited to the event. some 4000 people have taken part in
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a moscow rally organized by russia's communist party ahead of city council elections other opposition groups were not granted permission to hold demonstrations and supporters have been holding single person take it's instead as a way of getting around the back. far right groups and counter protesters have been gathering in the u.s. city of orlando florida authorities there of close some streets and bridges to keep the rival groups part police arrested more than a dozen demonstrators hundreds of officers were deployed to prevent i. to italy now where the government has allowed 27 unaccompanied minors to disembark a migrant rescue vessel off the thai at talian island of lampedusa interior minister mateo's of any reluctantly authorized them to leave the open arms ship but he says he won't allow the other 100 migrants aboard the vessel to enter the country 6 e.u.
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countries say they will take in the migrants. accompanied by the italian coast guard the migrants finally reach land medical stop a 1st to see the unaccompanied youths before they're allowed into the receiving center in lampedusa. but just a few 100 meters off shore more than 100 other migrants are in limbo as the italian government refuses to let their rescue ship talk. of being on board the open arms since they were picked up near libya on august 1st really asking for their constant fights and arguments on board it's been 17 days of unbearable tension and living. in overcrowded conditions even a detained person should not be treated this way and for the good people is holding us against our will even though a court has mandated the evacuation of these people so they can receive medical attention not. the spend this rescue ship one a legal battle to enter italian watches despite a ban by far right interior minister matteo 70 he still refusing to let vessels
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dock in italy despite offers from up at you countries to take in the migrants his hardline stance is popular with many people here oh why should they come to lampedusa why. the age group has now filed a formal complaint with prosecutors in sicily accusing salvini of holding both the margarets and the crew hostage. fans about thousands of protesters in hong kong kept up their pressure on saturday with another weekend of open market see demonstrations fears of imminent crackdown by the chinese authorities have stoked tensions there but saturday's protests were largely peaceful while thousands of probation gathered at another rally where they called for an end to the violence on . charlotte charleston hill wraps up saturday's events in hong kong for. eggshells blunt's of the walls of this police station that left over by
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a small gathering of protesters who can search here after a peaceful rally earlier on today you know there was a moment where he looked like this gathering could descend and some of the violent scenes that we've seen in recent weeks we caught on camera several demonstrations prelate bins at police vehicles down below now riot police acted swiftly they dispersed those protesters who left john saying that people should gather in a mass rally now organizers of that rally say they want it to remain peaceful and rational that king's will avoid some of the violent scenes that we saw at hong kong airport earlier this week which would be jumped on by chinese state media with beijing calling some of the more violent protesters close to terrorist organizes a gets approved that's far from the truth and that this pro-democracy movement still enjoys broad support on the streets of hong kong. representatives of 180 nations are meeting in geneva to agree on protections for vulnerable species like
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elephants the trade in ivory has been banned worldwide for years but some african countries hope to change that. elephant tracks go straight across daniel jeremiah's field the small farmer lives in cousin on the edge of toby national park the packet derms often enter his farm and eat or trample his crops you know i've been there come every day can see. everything. there. botswana is home to africa's largest elephant population with around 150000 the number is growing in some areas there have been deadly encounters between humans and elephants in may but want to lifted a 5 year hunting ban now the country's going a step further by pushing for limited ivory trade at the world wildlife conference
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in geneva scientists fear that could also lead to more illegal trade in our everyday we know that within africa we really struggle to control trade of products like wildlife and we struggle to sort of monitor it and regulate the legal side of things and we cannot stop in the illegal side of things i mean it's theoretically possible that poaching could get worse and of course and that that's why that's a worse outcome for elephants effective controls are needed to ensure that only tusks from legal haunting are traded but countries with rampant corruption often lack such oversight and that could worsen the plight of elephants hollywood is mourning peter fonda star of the sixty's cult classic biker movie easy rider. producer died of lung cancer at the age of $79.00. we probably won't but you probably would walk a very favorite body down there is a. piece of fonda hails from hollywood royalty his dad was an oscar winning
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actor henry fonda the actress and activist jane fonda as his big sister movies are a family affair this is great for me to be able to join my father and i certainly know that my sister and daughter will be followers do in fact my son was a camera man my aunt is now. peter fonda found fame as a drug taking antihero in the cult film easy rider about outcast by ca's crisscrossing southern usa alongside a very young jack nicholson and the writer and director dennis hopper neither received an oscar for the film but it inspired a generation of fans growing up watching movies like easy rider really inspired me to take up the motorcycle lifestyle and just you know almost in a way following his footsteps seeking freedom and maybe being seen as an outcast i believe he had his own persona he had to rise out of his father's image henry fonda
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and he became his own man and in a different way entirely. while his later films never reached the same cult status peace of fonda's korea spanned decades including t.v. series and films and he was embraced by a younger generation of hollywood directors like steven soderbergh who directed funder in the film the lining. but he will always be remembered for an easy ride. half. well there is a new story attraction drawing crowds of the zoo in the movie capital bhima 3 bengal tiger cubs have made their public debut with one rare white tiger arthur with youngsters were born early last month and after weeks of around the clock attention from bats the. umps are now strong enough to leave their info for short periods. ok reminder now the top story that we're following for you have is
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our sudan's military photo mockers the opposition of signed a historic power sharing deal if lots of boards civilian rule that should lead to elections within just. watching the news live from berlin don't forget all the latest news and information are available around the clock on our website that's d.w. dot com i'm calling us with thanks for watching. s.o.s. europe the european idea is in crisis. if it's to have a future it will meet champions young champions. meet your interests.


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