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tv   Arts.21  Deutsche Welle  August 18, 2019 7:02am-7:31am CEST

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i just discovered what i think is the ultimate summer experience swimming down the mighty rhine but the switzerland certainly not understood. summer slump not on arts $21.00 while everyone is out we've set out to and i reporters have made so many fascinating discoveries along the way we've made exciting be able. to create talents. and great heroes. all the way from buy
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a light to south africa. our grands tour of arts on water and land. and this is a 1st my 1st time swimming in a major waterway in the middle of a city i can't wait but 1st i want to find out a bit more about this urban reverse swimming trend. the rhine in basel or father rhine as it's often called in german is the specially popular for urban swimming from it's source high up in the swiss alps that flows through half of europe river swimming has a long tradition here but being more used to pools and lakes it's quite an adventure for me in this sweltering summer people are talking about the concept of urban swimming in fifty's all over europe and as a former swimmer myself of course i'm fascinated by this concept because up there.
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really done it. sure is here everyone seems to be doing it locals wade fearlessly into the chilly 20 degree current even with kids in tow they kind of swim downstream to emerge from the water as if we born easy right and you shouldn't underestimate it a river isn't like a lake. and the current can be pretty scary especially the. how do you feel before your 1st run swim. excited yeah a little. i decided to take a quick detour to basel swiss architecture museum to see swim city the 1st ever exhibition on urban swimming. as you can see basel has a lot of water all throughout the city and the swiss are very very proud of their tradition of urban river swimming so much so that they found it worthy of a museum exhibition. this is where i meet and ask to be curator
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abbott urban river swimmer and a champion of this burgeoning trend and knowing you actually have people from all walks of life who do this all generations all social strata and this becomes maybe the most inclusive public space of balsam it's a very interesting way to be in the city but actually to understand the city is part of a larger environment but in switzerland is very dominated by of course geography. so urban swimming is about more than just cooling off and having fun in the current climate of sydney selloffs and speculative investments it's actually a political act. it is it is really about reclaiming the city as your as your home as your environment this is we're living in this this time where international investment groups take possession of urban spaces and the center is the most. this is the most attractive
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area so local people get gentrified in other areas and this is the backwash hunting us movie shows me examples from switzerland and elsewhere that prove urban swimming is an international trend and where people are hopping into the water already they're planning river pools in new york brussels paris or london every city needs a good swimming hole. in my hometown of berlin the cost was launched a few years ago a competition in the name of a cleaner she has a 2025 the cleaned up water alongside the historic museum island will be freely accessible a swimmer's dream but 1st some tips for bozza remember him from asking to seem from the outside it looks like there's a lot of action on the river on hot summer days but if you're in the river it's like when you're driving a car on traffic action be seen then you understand that they're going that way on that side and that's the bike lane then. there's an order to it 60
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so despite shipping in tanker traffic everyone sticks to the rules high time for me to take the plunge so 1st i have to plan my strategy how i'm going to swim down the run this is where i'm starting at the shots by the book in front of the time to leave museum and then i'm supposed to stay in this green zone all the way around and this is of course what makes me a bit nervous this is the danger zone where all the shipping traffic is. an essential part of river swimming in basel. a little bit of extra sunscreen and now i'm going to pack my. fish because fish is a waterproof bag if you roll it down 7 times otherwise the water gets in let's hope it works. but it. take your marks get set
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go into the waters of the rhine. it takes about 25 minutes to swim and float the 3 kilometers down stream you can catch the current rather than the. urban swimming is part of everyday life in switzerland and it's a truly democratic activity a strong current is a challenge on the get out but an exhilarating one and quickly i meet 3 kindred spirits. tell me where you're from and is this your 1st time swimming in the right that is 1st time for all the states. people around here in. the city shimmering in the heat looks like a film from here and i'm feeling like one of the rhine maidens from the opera.
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swimming takes a lot of boxes. environmentally friendly an age old tradition and just plain cool. several trips down the river i am really grateful for the sunshine because i'm actually frozen stiff. i can hardly speak but it's an absolutely wonderful experience and i think i've been hit by this bug i'm going to have to check off all the other swimmable rivers in switzerland and possibly everywhere else on the globe we'll see. it's not easy to leave the behind. it's so easy to go with the flow and to sometimes simply leave the blur of the daily grind behind us. this is a. little. bit. germany's
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oldest music festival since $876.00 it's been the dream of all wagner fans to visit the legendary hall greenhill. i've been coming here for 30 years and i'm still captivated by wagners musical dramas this year my personal highlight was meeting the heroic tenor or held in tenor. a low fellow stephen stephen colbert he's one of the most sought after wagner singers in the world even after all these years by roy still remains a magical place for him. what gives me these magical moments is when you discover something especially in wagner singing that you probably could never have
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discovered anywhere else. this year he's singing a new production of time hawza. i was a little skeptic sometimes when a new concept was presented to me but i was just really. i have to say within just one day of being here i was totally convinced. it's a multimedia production and very demanding for gold. toys it was the 1st role he sang and by a voice in 2004 his warm voice and commanding presence immediately won over audiences and critics alike my 1st year here of course i was just terrified to be almost completely terrified no matter how much experience you have as a singer the 1st time you're here at this temple. you will have nervousness
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and things like. the fact that gould performs about narry and heroes and by right it all is a small miracle. for years he toured the u.s. in the musical phantom of the opera he was also using incorrect technique until a music teacher suggested he try the more taxing german works as a heldentenor use. so can you explain what is ahead of time a dramatic verity tenor has to have those beautiful just round holes bays cause seas that they can just hold for other held and tender might need those notes but they're produced more with steel that cuts through the orchestra and then you put on top of that you have to have insurance. in 2006 gold was able to showcase his insurance when the late. daughter katarina cast him as it played
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in a new production of the ring cycle i. was i eat. too many singers today are pushed into their big wagnerian rolls in their twenties if you sings it treat at the age of 28 i can guarantee you one thing you won't be singing anything by the time you're 38. it's just wrong. the problem today is everyone wants their their heroes to be young and vibrant and look like brad pitt in his early days but you have to give the voice time to develop. the tenor was over 40 the 1st time he sang as ethan eaten by whites he initially underestimated the colossal role but this didn't seem the travel experience festival director phil going back. for me wagner was
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really. one of the great influences of my life when i was doing those secrets you know i think he saw one day that i looked like i was about to go under p. patted my knee and he just started telling me stories stories of all the great tennis and that's when i realized this was his way of telling me every one of the great tenors were not was not a great sea treat the 1st time. it's a zig treat isn't and victor long. i. you work for the grandson of the composer and the grand grand daughter. so how was your experience was she wanted me for for the tristan project and i was very adamant that i needed to do it the right way this
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time. to restore is the bag normal posts for holden tunnel and we see all the different manifestations of his relationship with ease although materialize on the stage for us. some bucknor fans objected to the restrained psychological interpretation of the tragic love between tristan and isolde but this role became steven gould's greatest success. this year he's in the spotlight with the new toys a production that opened the 21000 by white festival. i. his favorite scene is when tom has a goes to rome to ask forgiveness of the pope in vain. that's
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a dream moment to sing and to play because you can you can let all of the heartache all of the pain come out through that. in the current production tunnel as it is part of a wild anarchic group that celebrates sexual expression and demands complete freedom in the arts. it was clear right from the very beginning when we were doing the staging that i needed to rethink that and try to come up with something less. angry and completely defeated it's a way of looking at myself. as serious and yet i part of my and our chris group is i'm i'm i'm a cloud. i come out as a cloud. stephen
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gold stays curious even after hundreds of performances he keeps finding new ways to interpret classic characters it was wonderful meeting him and watching him on stage even more so hopefully he'll be back again next year. if. he. either back home to the high go music festival. this year south africa's bunch of been a string orchestra performs use of haydn's missing. or mass for troubled times with a quiet from austria.
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this might be the 1st time many of the young musicians from south africa visit europe but they're already very familiar with the continent's classical music i think it's a beautiful because i love the way. european people just. various there are very serious about the music and the beauty of music as well so i love it african music is. playing its funky has that rhythm whereas classical music is like you have to me you are in control of the piece in expressing their emotions even more when you're playing and when you're playing the snow piece and lengthy you're saying for no reason or whatever bummed you out and
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then you play a small piece and slope has called me so that really brings out the frustration or for me. rehearsal for their concert long walk to freedom its program included antiapartheid songs. many are here today thanks to the mongo home string program. founded under the lead of peter going in 1908 this initiative supports young aspiring musicians from historically disadvantaged backgrounds. the orchestra really just if i can say the public face for the program so i always associate the 2 sort of hand in glove as we would say for the future of the program made for the future of the orchestra of course. eat it
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eat eat. eat eat the. long walk to freedom also pay tribute to south africa's 1st black president the anti-apartheid revolutionary nelson mandela whose autobiography best the same title. the. economy of the weimar him in part because she states of the basic idea was to tell the story of apartheid being overcome in a musical way. mr king. this is a little i was thinking about the moving anti-apartheid songs and thought that they would work extremely well with parts of haydn's mess. it's a mess of a bin. the talented youths are full of passion and exuberance no matter the genre they perform
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. the possibility string orchestra has to europe many times before and they always bring along fun and familiar tunes as well. one of them is past. it's been a huge international effort pop success ever since of african star marian mccabe stormed the charts with it and $967.00. aside from enjoying their travels the young musicians also see themselves as cultural ambassadors. different people learn a new language when you're really fun and a bit experimental and a bit hard. i guess i can just say it's been a wonderful trip all rollercoaster. and at the center of it all nelson mandela and broome fontayne some 400 kilometers southwest of johannesburg
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a statue commemorates his life was. apartheid officially ended in south africa a quarter of a century ago in 1994 yet somewhere else have yet to be healed music projects like these can help of a campaign full divides. the african national congress or any and c. was founded in the township of mongol whom poverty and segregation are still an issue. differences in music on houses the mungo string program in the wealthiest city center. ok. over 500 children have lent violin viola cello or double bass here since 998 the
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program receives funding from the state as well as private donations mainly from europe and the u.s. . pisa guy is very proud of the program's development and have the students have progressed so many more children now have access to learning a string instrument you know in the bad days of apartheid the government would tell you what you could learn and what and spent you could play and what your interests were so i mean just the fact that we could introduce string instruments to young people who've never had the chance that was obviously a big big success was. the children's families pan attendance fear of a 1000 runs some 60 euros a year this includes classes transportation and a borrowing fee for the instruments the rates are set low yet some families still struggle to afford them come home we're told he is a former music on people now she's become a teacher that. the 19 year old is possibly born free generation the 1st to be born
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in the post apartheid era she thinks of africa today is not quite what mundane i had worked for. i feel like i'm in between the sometimes where i feel like are. but then there's sometimes i get so interested like i want to know this i mean if it wasn't for him i wouldn't be here i feel like nelson mandela wouldn't be proud of the south africa we are today crying and. standing and it's too much crying makes it unsafe for children to travel to class so he said guy has bought buses for the project sometimes he drives them himself. transport is a is a big issue for us because unlike a lot of places in the rest the world the transport here there isn't a reliable safe and so inexpensive public transport so i
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realized early on that if we can provide the transport that a lot of a lot more children will have access to music tuitions so either bring the children to us after school hours or we go to the children in their schools and where we where the schools will allow us to teach in the morning then obviously we travel to those places so it's so transport is a real key part. once a week some of the teaches travel north defeated for some 300 kilometers away the idea is to spread the concept to other regions and let directly with local schools . here on the outskirts of freedom is where cutler. lives the viola player from the
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budget a string orchestra. he lives here with his mother sisters and his niece. and . they enjoy hearing could go on a plane he started learning 4 years ago and practices 4 hours a day to hone his tug. 2 2 2 2 of prejudice outside on most days because i feel like for me. it doesn't strike me that much as when i'm going to sing inside the house because you have a baby and then should be playing and sometimes you have relatives then you want to play tennis so it's really. it's. coming from egypt into the inside and inside of. course it's special
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but it as long as people see this is something. unusual but i think we know we still live in an abnormal society. nelson mandela once said everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do in. the s.c. this whole concept speaks to that sentiment quite well thank you. and that was 21 on tour see you next time and bye bye.
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good shape i don't have time for this now i have to work we never really have enough time stress is not good for you it's not good for us. sure but how can we use a hamster wheel. and either time management help us lead healthier lives.
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solutions come us region is one of the earth's great treasures that's why when a. new national park in peru is now seriously threatened by human creatures the damage covers a wide area and it's been going on for a year comes to the wealth of bio diversity on the ultimate profit in 30 minutes on d w. s o s europe the european idea is in crisis. if it's to have a future it will mean champions young champions. for it to more countries. your finances to train for europe. do they stand
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a chance. and they saved the european idea. of the market i'm here to stand up for european values and contribute to something important that ship. future of europe starts september 2nd on d w. well come to in good shape coming up. probiotics and why they're not always healthy . always online smartphones have taken over our lives. and time pressure how much stress can we take we'll find out from our hosts dr cost and.


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