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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 18, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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from festival on 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. this is g w news live from berlin a suicide bomber sets off explosives at a wedding celebration in the afghan capital kabul more than a 1000 guests were at the party and dozens of them are now dead but many more injured also coming up hong kong protesters brave pouring rain to gather for a mass pro-democracy rally the turnout is being a closely watched gauge of public sentiment after more than 2 months of violent
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clashes and increasingly a stern warning from beijing. and dortmund opened its buddhist leader season with a $5.00 to $1.00 thumping of outgroup to show that it's a serious contender for taking the championship title. a michael ok welcome to the program a suicide bomber has attacked a wedding party in kabul killing more than 60 people and wounding nearly 200 others no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack comes as the taliban and the united states say they're closer a deal aimed at getting u.s. troops to withdraw and ending the 18 year conflict. cobbles huge wedding halls are centers of community life but the grand design and decor of this
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one belie the carnage of the attack the death toll detailed in part by what many of the victims left behind. throughout the night ambulances ferried the injured for treatment outside of a nearby hospital relatives checked for names of the dead and injured an attacker had set off explosives in the midst of the wedding celebrations. yeah dimon pursuit of the explosion happened near the stage where the musicians were all of the young people and all the people who were there were killed some are wounded and now they're in the hospital and others are dead. this nearby hospital needed every bit of space to accommodate the victims they had arrived in a massive wave of distress. and we came to the site of the blast and i saw that many women and children were screaming and crying many martyrs and injured people were transferred by the ambulances and it
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was really a terrible situation. beyond the weddings themselves wedding halls are also used as simple meeting places for small and large gatherings that's made them the target of a local affiliate of the so-called islamic state. last november at least $55.00 people were killed when a suicide bomber attacked hundreds of muslim scholars and clerics gathered in another kabul wedding hall to mark the birthday of the prophet muhammad. we are joined now by feel answer no less ali and latif in kabul afghanistan ali who could be responsible for this attack. at this point it's hard to tell who's responsible for this attack. i received dire still operates and i'm. told on how flat out rejected any responsibility calling it an anus attacks saying that they will be condemned such an attack. but you know i think it's really important that
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this kind of attack into context because as the video shows you know the fact that the bombers named it so close to the stage means that they made it through the entire crowd of people these wedding halls are giant structures where hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people gather in the tables all around said i'm sharing mainly around the dance floor. and the stage where the performers are so essentially you know the bombers have open access to hundreds of people who have nowhere else to go the other thing that you see in these structures is as big as they are as shocked as they are there's generally only one entrance and one exit. and socially we have to remember that the average on person who can't go abroad who doesn't you know have access to fancy parties who don't know foreigners who drove these wild creatures and things like that this is really like their one chance you
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know to to dance and to swallow great and just singing and to have some kind of enjoying the you know this was like the one last vestige of something like that and the fact that you know it's come under attack this time. in such a heinous way you know it's also very much a blow. to life in the city because although it's like the one form of vision that people want let me ask you this as far as you can tell i mean we've seen attacks like this in the past and couple but as far as your reporting can tell you was the wedding is specific target or might it have been targeting some something else. we don't know yet because we don't know who is responsible and there's no indication that you know this wedding was specifically and by any specific person. i can imagine if they went inside the building that you know usually when they use a building to target somewhere out of they take high rises and try and get to the
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roof so for instance when. a few months ago during the month and when the when they picked it they ministry of telecommunications and the central post office building that's because at one point it was the highest building in all of all so if they were able to get to the rules they have clear access and that presidential palace and so many other important buildings in this case i really think it seems to be sort of a blow against you know it's also coming as tomorrow's the 100th anniversary of us regaining independence from the british protectorate state and you know there have been flags of pictures of king i'm on the law darling house ali thank you so much i'm afraid we don't have much more time that's only in kabul for us thanks so much . and. in hong kong pro-democracy demonstrators are marching through the city center for a major rally tens of thousands of protesters are braving heavy rain to join that
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demonstration organizers have planned a peaceful march to prove they still have popular support despite mounting violence and growing warnings from the mainland chinese government protesters are demanding democratic elections and an independent investigation into what they say is police brutality against the protesters. and killed joins us now from hong kong troll it tell us what more tell us more about what's going on right now. thousands and thousands of people all packed into the park behind me to take part in this the climax of another weekend of protests hit now a short time ago they have an absolutely open to have been quite a sunny day up until that point and then suddenly the rain started pouring down some people started spats they went to shelter but there is still an enormous crowd
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in that pot behind me standing the ground despite the really really heavy rain still chanting that the mugs that slogans now one of the keys means that this protest today is that they want an end to what they say is police violence on the street protesters accuse the police of becoming increasingly a brutal in their tactics and that they were afraid that we're hearing from a lot of people that we've spoken to say fall today now these protests are now in their 11th weekend what's the activist message right now. with this particular protest is is a very interesting point within this 11 week movement that we've seen say fall that is because it's being organized by the civil human rights front they are the people behind to mass rallies back in june which they. they attracted one of them 1000000 people the other one up to 2000000 people huge numbers of people on the streets and
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what is important to remember is so very much has changed since those big rallies back in june we've seen fierce clashes on the streets earlier this week we saw these very violent scenes at the airports which beijing jumped on to say that there was a very violent factions within the protest movement at beijing even likening some of them to terrorists they want the organizers really want to try and prove today is that they can still attract the same numbers as they did at the beginning of this movement back in june people here also want to prove that they can remain peaceful that they are not violent they are not extreme that they simply a peaceful people with a pro-democracy demands and show it tensions must clearly be high at this point how have authorities been responding to this rally. we still ahead very little it from the authorities in hong kong when it comes to addressing the 5 demands that protesters have which includes an independent
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investigation into the police behavior off to the last 11 weeks what we have had though is a real hardening of rhetoric coming out of beijing beijing sending very strong warnings against what they think say as. assemblies so people hear all these things very closely what's coming out of beijing particularly given the fact that in the last week we have seen those images of the people's police how the military police along the border with hong kong people watching very closely to see what authorities next move will be. and kill in hong kong for us thank you so much. sudan is celebrating a historic agreement after months of protests the country's ruling military council and civilian. have signed a constitutional declaration paving the way for a transition to civilian rule and free elections it's a new chapter for
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a nation that has weathered demonstrations and a bloody military crackdown after ousting of the longtime president obama al bashir . dressed for a day that's historic salamon know is taking to the streets again this time to celebrate she was one of the 1st to join the protests spent months demonstrating time behind bars now she feels her struggle has been worthwhile but if we want to sit down where freedom prevails and the rule of law and we want good relations with our neighbors and a country where resources are distributed in a fair way for all people. to signatures to seal the new beginning the military and civilian opposition together adopting the power sharing agreement after weeks of negotiations a document designed to bring democracy to sudan. but there's a bloody stay on the new alliance the june massacre when paramilitary troops
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cleared a protest camp. killing 120 protesters the new deal places the militias under the army's direct control. i promise you that the army will do its utmost to respect the will of the people we want to protect the path to a democratically elected civilian government. of the war. words for hundreds of thousands to celebrate in khartoum. was including salmond nor. was that call up of the other members sacrifices were not for nothing the bloodshed by those who died the wins that were torn and the time we invested from the getting them bit i think the people of sudan have tasted people power and they say they will use that power again if the new partners do not abide by the new agreement. campaign at home to alex
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for good they were keen to take advantage of. her on friday and had an early fright the quickly recovered. dortmund fans are hoping that this is their year and off to buy ins opening day draw on friday perhaps the back 4 was already dreaming of the title as they were cool sound asleep in the 1st minute halves board's new signing through via needle ational with his 1st goal for the club just 55 seconds in. but don't mend responded just 2 minutes later they're attacking the trio of jayden sanchez to marco royce and tackle al casan combined to pull one back was a no look pass from royce showing telepathic understanding with the spanish strike out of in the 2nd half it was outsports defense that started off snoozing axel vittal calmly dribbling down the left flank and his time crossed carried straight
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to jade in some show he was linked with a move away this summer but showed where his loyalties lie was to one after 51 minutes was on the calamitous defending continued. was this time outs book keeper who must come back made a mess of it allowing al cassatt city up captain marco royce the dortmund stood. just 2 minutes later the lead increased to 41 as house will collapse and outcast a see his dress was 3 goals scored in 8 minutes or starting down do it once left on site to round things off new signing european bronze came on to score on his debut was it was the 5th time and don't wince history that they conceded in the 1st minutes of an opening day fixture but after the shock of the early goal they put on a dominant display that. sends a clear message to their time to write us you know. we all took note of the fact
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that by andrew on friday and that was a little added incentive photos we're just happy to have taken 3 points and we're looking forward to the next games the black and yellows will be wary of last season's to refix start but the fountains already dare to dream. you're watching news from berlin coming up a documentary film. the curse and blessings of artificial intelligence sees. how it is time to. respond to some hot and host. of the various flavors of the music. and.

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