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d.w. dot com thanks for joining the season. s.o.s. europe. is in crisis. if it still has a future it will be champions young champions. more
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troops. to train. to stand a chance for. a safety. oh my god i'm here to stand up for european values and contribute to something important that ship. the future of europe starts september 2nd d. w. . burke is a lizard man we're being poisoned by cam trails that aircraft leave behind and german chancellor angela merkel is hitlist secret daughter social media is full of conspiracy theories like these and many videos supporting them figure prominently on the net why is that and how does social media help to promote conspiracy theory is our topic this time on shit.
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does this happen to you the auto play feature on you tube plays a strange video which seems to fit with what you've just see you don't know whether to be irritated or fascinated but you keep on watching so when you find yourself sucked into a parallel universe of alternative beliefs videos on conspiracy theory seem to do quite well on you tube and for some of us at least its algorithm keeps recommending more and more of them they can be disturbing but it's hard to look away so let's take a closer look at the world of conspiracy if your wrists. reptilians the illuminati or aliens conspiracy theories often postulate that the world is controlled by a small group of strange elites that harm ordinary folks but luckily there's youtube were evil doers bent on world domination unmasked. here are our top 3
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conspiracy theories. number one the moon landing is a myth. july 20th will mark the 50th anniversary of apollo 11 landing on the moon. but many conspiracy theorists are firmly convinced that no astronaut ever laid a foot on the lunar surface. they claim that the u.s. government staged the 1st moon walk in a film studio as a show of american power and to prove nasa's capabilities. the alleged proof is there are no stars in the lunar sky because the pics were shot in front of a black screen. and the flag looks to be flapping though there's no breeze on the moon dubious evidence for this supposed hoax is everywhere on the internet. number 2 the earth is a disk or at least that's what flat earth believes in the us they often hold contests. to compare notes.
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which they claim. prove access to the antarctic is restricted to certain people. how's that for logic. number 3. in their wake but. believe that these. into the atmosphere. or even worse. and who's behind it. that remain popular. when it comes to communication the internet of us both unities and risks it allows us to exchange information quickly and easily everyone has a voice but on many bad forms no one checks the validity of the content that's
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called fact checking so the web is also full of misinformation online even the craziest concepts find an audience but why videos that spread the crudest conspiracy theories so popular on you tube is it because the platforms users are especially interested in them and why do they keep on turning up in my feet i certainly haven't been searching for them french i t specialist use to help program you tube's algorithm today he's one of the platforms most vocal critics he reveals by provocative content always ranks high on social media gender ism is never going to try to find the best. videos that demonstrate that the us is wrong in hate minutes because that would be a total failure from the point of view of the al gore some days no fair al gore isn't i mean it's a myth and then goes and comes home to share and then grissom is going to have one goal only it's going to go for little right now as the goal is to make
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a you tube. as. c.d.'s possible only with it for you tube all other social media beyond the rhythm is programmed to fascinate you know teams will be a mystique cusins on the site for as long as possible. to more polarizing the content the morning 19 teens that uses will stay glued to vent screens for instance that theory is just extremely good basically or isn't whereas like some very solid scientific explanation that's less of a click bait that and we'll be considered a bad because it makes basically less money for. for you cue ball facebook. and other social media and then money through advertising and the more uses of us sites content the more companies can challenge for space along with
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a few counted and interaction rate watch time is a decisive criterion which algorithms used to select content since. with beppo new rising content and often strange ideas conspiracy theory videos generate lots of time very crazy fake informations are really good because you're like is that true you want to know so you click on your trade to look for to see if it's true ups and even if you click on new look fall like 5 minutes on the site over and over this resource ultimately. then he agrees m is still going to consider that as a success. that's a fanfic you tube's algorithm isn't program to deliver valuable information its goal is to keep me on the side for as long as possible because you tube isn't just a video platform is also an advertiser stream the more clips i look at the more as they can show me so the algorithms goal is to maximize watch time is programmed so
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that the next video will be even cooler and more exciting than the last so of course i want to stay tuned it's addictive a bit like eating potato chips though at some point the bag of chips is empty whereas with you there's always another video up next. people watch more than $4000000.00 videos every minute and every minute more than 400 hours of content is uploaded onto the platform no wonder fans of conspiracy theories can find plenty of proof to support their ideas but you don't have to go hunting for these videos they're also shown to users who seem like they might be open to the. social media can really read the minds of their users thanks to the masses of personal data available to them. so they also know which people are most susceptible to watching content involving conspiracy theories. is going to find the
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most vulnerable people on try to brainwash them with a conspiracy between be like they were on drugs of times a conspiracy so after some time to start to believe it's a test to be true because i got like $200.00 recombination is on the flattest maybe it's true. psychologists say people who believe conspiracy theories are looking for simple answers about how the world works they often believe it's controlled by an all powerful force and on the net no one's making sure they're not being fed deliberate dissent from ation we've seen that it's a conspiracy theories on the rise in and in many countries on tape vixen conspiracies like people taking vaccines now people are dying from lack of vaccination in europe. so we see that this says very serious issues. and it's a serious issue with real life consequences for example measles is on the rise in
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many places because many people are refusing to vaccinate and measles is a very contagious disease and can cause disability or even death and have access believe that vaccines holds a health risk they find lots of reinforcement for their beliefs on you tube thanks to its algorithm. a recent study found that anti vax theories disseminated by fewer than 20 youtube channels reached more that 170000000 people in the past decade you tube's algorithm promotes the dissemination of controversial videos extreme content delivers watch time and that brings revenue google's parent company alphabet doesn't publicize how much money you've makes but analysts estimate it raked in some 13000000000 euros in 2018 that's a lot of cash but wasn't google's old motto don't be evil so if the company wanted to stop the spread of conspiracy theories could it can you program algorithms to push informative content instead. believe it can be done you could closely every
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verse of the felt you made towards facts so as as soon as there would be a public awareness thinking indicate we can't continue always agrees i'm recommending a. false statement like that because it's it's going to be a disaster for society as are all run. as soon as they separate as soon as people are willing to use a turn a to use on i was reading to pay for eternity use then you can easily technically you can easily build the systems. the platform operators are more interested in providing clean paint and providing factual information scientific facts often aren't as entertaining but conspiracy theories attract attention and get plenty of use in spite of the often terrible events they show you might find 911 terrorist attacks. to this day some people still believe that the us government was behind the attacks on the world trade center they claim the twin towers went brought down
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by hijacked planes but were blown up instant. refuses to delete such controversial videos even though they contain paid to me false information instead. the platform operate is planned to display text from wikipedia articles alongside him. doesn't believe this approach will do much to help and once they get very engaging very exciting video content that's going to convince your something on the other side you have like this boring wiki page article and you don't know wrote it. so it is starting to seem to be less official never mind the fact that we could pedia isn't always the most reliable source of information the social media algorithms filter what we see and what we don't so we have to be aware that algorithms neutral there are a means to an end and for you tube that and is to make money that's what most
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companies want but they also have a duty to their uses and should play by the rules we also need to think about how to combat misinformation and hate content effectively and personally i'd like companies to be more transparent about how their algorithms work as users we must understand that not everything on the net can be taken as the gospel truth. should we put pressure on owners to take responsibility for the content on their platforms do we need to regulate the programming of algorithms join the discussion on d.w. dot com on facebook and on our you tube channel there you'll also find a detail explain about how you tube's algorithm works i and still next time.
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good shape i don't have time for this now i have to work we never really have enough time to stress is not good for you it's no good oh yeah. sure. thing i'm stuck with. their time management helplessly to healthier lives so. next. to her simply. don't understand people and stories me so special you're waiting. for.
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60 minutes total you. take it personally you went with a little bit wonderful people and still make the game so special. for all true fact . more than football. well come to in good shape coming up. probiotics and why they're not always healthy . always online how smartphones have taken over our lives. and time pressure.


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