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tv   Drive it  Deutsche Welle  August 18, 2019 1:30pm-2:00pm CEST

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what secrets lie behind these more. find out 1st of experience and explore fascinating world cultural heritage sites. w world heritage 360 get. carlo and welcome to drive with the d w motor magazine coming up the return of a legend toyota g r supra. jaguars all electric s.u.v. vi pace. and the new skoda superb. though was either today or schaefer is testing the new sco disapprove it hasn't
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changed much on the outside and the reason for that is fairly simple this go to has been very successful in recent years while other car makers were downsizing heavily skoda was having trouble filling all the orders placed but enough of the older versions let's see what the new model has got to watch for annoy them even. for its new generation skoda his face lifted the sedan and station wagon lines they now come with new assist systems and l.e.d. headlights as well as a modernized infotainment and connectivity system emanuel is taking a sedan with the sport line trim out for right. personally he admits he's not much of a fan of all the sport line trim options out there as they often only offer a sporty or to sign without really improving performance but that's not the case why. disappeared at least not when it has an enhanced engine like the one we're
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testing today that we give you here test. the 2 leader turbo gas engine packs of punch of $200.00 kilowatts all wheel drive gets you from 0 to $100.00 and less than 6 seconds and max's out of 250 kilometers an hour. and by that another reason a minor well since he prefer the short line trim is the black d.t. of a gives the current exquisite feel i'll turn it to mean there's also a chrome option with a bigger bling effect doesn't like the flashy details either but those who do can choose the chrome option only if they opt to buy a sport line ball plank hole for germany the sport line with a 1.5 liter engine and 110 kilowatts starts in just over 38000 euros. any money well knows a little fun fact over 80 percent of the supreme sold our fleet vehicles one not
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even 20 percent are sold to private customers but the distribution of sedan and station wagons is about even 54 percent of the units sold are wakens while $46.00 are sedans but in germany the station wagon capital the difference is more pronounced here 90 percent of the superb sold are wagons. and speaking a wagons one that skoda is especially proud of is the new superb scout the off roader is raised by 50 millimeters and comes with all wheel drive as standard a specially designed under right guard for the front and back under the line since off road design just like it's because in the uk t.v. a scout the supreme scout is only available as a station wagon but for now back to our sedan. disapproves headlights have become flatter and all the lights now come a standard. the front grill has twin rib structures and is
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a little bigger than before the flat silhouette and sharp lines and hands of the supreme sporty features. at the rear of the scooter will go was replaced with lettering the tail lights are also fully quit. music stuff on top what the manual is pleased that the supreme comes with the keyless entry system kesey just like any top model should it let you automatically unlock your car and open the door but now they've expanded the much wall to include all car doors the question is when would you really need that he imagines how helpful the feature would be if he had kids if for instance he's carrying a sleeping child to his car seat in the back he'd have to settle down to dig through his bag for the keys if it weren't for this add on. but
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thanks to the k.c. function that's all a thing in the past. sure he got through i hold him. inside there's the optional virtual cockpit and a choice of 3 different infotainment systems featuring touch screen spam to 9.2 inches in size. in our model the sport seats are standard. the trunk can hold up to $1760.00 leaders there's a power in monaco says the superb has always been an ideal show for sedan even in his 1st generation the spacious amount of leg room and the back alone attest to that it makes sitting in the back incredibly comfortable and then there's all the clever little solutions you can fight for for. example has holder that works for
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smartphones as well as larger devices such as tablets it's easy to clip your phone or tablet in and use it however you like. it's even great for watching a movie defense but if i'm in love with him. aside from the various gas and diesel engines the school disapprove i.v. has also announced a plug in hybrid version it's expected to hit the market in 2020 making this a per school his very 1st series production hybrid model. was i was in holland all me man no one thinks skoda has done a good job with a superb facelift but his favorite thing is the headlights sleeker form gives the car a more aggressive look and more importantly the technology comes in standard which makes driving at night much safer and at the end of the day safety on the road is the most important aspect to driving that's
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a let me fix that. toyota sports car history began in 1967 with a 2000 g.t. it wasn't dubbed the super yet but it already had all the important features a straight 6 engine and front which put out $110.00 kilowatts and rear wheel drive today only an estimated $200.00 are left a few years back $12000.00 c.t. model sold for roughly $1400000.00 in the us. from 1978 onwards the supra bore the name celica after 4 generations that tradition ended in 2002 and the supra sank into oblivion for nearly 2 decades.
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but this year japan has brought the legend back to life the last model and this latest model are 17 years apart but see what's changed my. mind. previously the last super generation came onto the market in july 1903. m. came for model series was offered in coupe a ford target variants each with a front engine and rear wheel drive the engines were from toyota's 2 chains c. model range and are still popular today. the super is 5th generation was a coproduction with b.m.w. its underlying build is practically the same as the z.
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force both have a compact body with an elongated hood 2 seats inside a short wheelbase with large wheels and a wide track with. overall the toyota charms with its self-confidence sportiness. be interior is reminiscent of a b.m.w. especially the way the buttons are arranged on the dash all materials used are high quality and pleasing to the touch. we especially like the sports seats there's stitched with red and white seams and now on to the fun part driving. me out the 1st thing louis notices is the super's incredible roadholding that's mainly thing. and the $5050.00 weight distribution between the front and rear axle
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in corners rule is minimal and that makes the whole experience that much more fun the super is automatic transmission skillfully masters the difficult task of shifting through gears quickly go for purists there are also paddle shift gears high performance brakes ensure the 2 seater comes to a halt safely. the boat still misses most impressed by how exciting the rear wheel drive and front engine make driving it today we're testing a v 8 engine with 500 meters of torque that makes charging along highways and country roads a real joy. b.m.w.'s lively 3 liter turbo charged engine generates 250 kilowatts that let this sports car shoot from 0 to 100 in just 100 kilometers an hour with a full throated but not exaggerated route top speed is 250 kilometers an hour although they shared similar engines unlike this before the supra comes almost
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fully equipped for a base price of $62900.00 euros. and it was all not as lewis points out what makes his supra so special is the active differential on the rear axis it ensures all the $500.00 newton metres of tort are translated to the road no matter the conditions. its design performs particularly well in athletic driving situations and tie corners when you need to brake sharply and accelerate quickly. i thought so all in all lewis says the toyota supra is a whole lot of fun to drive it has a sporty handling and might even give its predecessor from the fast and furious movies a run for its money. out he continues to hold on to his diesel models and is bringing the new as for avant to market with a v 6 d. . engine the $3.00 t.d.i.
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engine puts out $255.00 kilowatts of power and delivers up to 700 meters of torque to the crankshaft vs 14 e.i. avant as a starting price of just over 64000 euros in germany. first sadie's e.m.c. is presenting a new compact super car the a 45 s 4 matic plus it features a newly developed 2 leader engine the 4 cylinder turbo has an impressive and put a 310 kilowatts this new top version of the a classic also features a drift mode though to use it you have to deactivate p.s.p. and switch the transmission to manual. if you have a hard testiness patriots just bought a cheesecake but 1st she's going to test this car. it's the i paste from jaguar the brands 1st of all electric vehicle and
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a completely independent model. that have you know says the eyepiece has won 3 world car awards in 2001000 car of the year world green car and car design of the year and the interior there are 2 high resolution touch screen displays with multifunction dynamic diodes for adjusting the seeds and the climate control system. to electric motors deliver a combined system output of $294.00 kilowatts that's a lot of power we start off with a battery that's charged to 88 percent that should give us a range of 326 kilometers. right from the get go the eyepiece delivers a whopping 696 new meters of torque the vehicle can go from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in 4.8 seconds with no torque interrupt when you put the pedal to the middle.
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says it's unbelievable how the car accelerates and doesn't matter whether you're just starting off or already going 120 kilometers an hour the power goes directly into all 4 wheels and the acceleration is simply overwhelming. as is usual with electric cars the top speed is electronically limited to increase the vehicles range but this selector jaguar can still spring up to 200 kilometers an hour and germany the i pace has a starting price of just under 80000 euros though our test car with the h.s.c. trim level will set you back over 93000 euros. so an emmy nominee says the car's handling is impressive simply in the normal driving note but it gets even better when you switch to dynamic mode here the battery gives you all it's got when you excel or 8 this is spent in is also tighter and the steering more direct
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has compares the feel to that i was sports car accident the long haul. truck that. you wouldn't expect that kind of sportiness from his 2.2 ton vehicle at 1st glance to strike the right balance between cooling the battery and aerodynamic performance active aims in the front grill only open when the battery really means cooling. the coop a like sloping roof line and the eye catching rear end are prime examples of the eyepiece and so electrifying design. the panorama glass roof and light colors give the car's interior an airy feel buyers can choose between fine grain windsor leather seats or a premium textile alternative. you want to.
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be. on the scene assess the 1st thing you have to get used to is the jaguar so-called one pedal driving through speed up she naturally steps on the right pedal but as soon as she releases it there regenerative braking kicks in she says the system takes a bit of getting used to for instance rolling to a red light and coming to a stop way too soon but once you've gotten the hang of it it's a lot of fun to break and accelerate with the same pedal with the spot that far but i'm going to ask the amount of that i pull that from. the 90 kilowatt lithium ion batteries fitted into the floor of the vehicle between the axles. the eyepiece can be charge from 0 to 80 percent inches 40 minutes at any $100.00
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kilowatt d.c. fashion charging station the various charging cables can be stored under the trunk floor. or in the additional cargo space at the front of the vehicle when fully charged the display shows that the vehicle has a range of some 400 kilometers but jaguar says the eyepiece can go $470.00 according to w.l. t.p. standards. as it is says it can get a little confusing even in a vehicle like this which has such a huge range she catches herself checking to see how full the battery is how much rain she's got left but on the bright side she's driven roughly 70 kilometers and the system really has subtracted 70 kilometers from the remaining range it predicts so it was fairly reliable in this case but in other cases the calculation index more kilometers from your range and what you've actually driven it's not always consistent. that's because many factors come into play one
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determining the range they include the outside temperature the driving mode selected each driver his personal driving style as well as which of the myriad of extra features are drawing power but even with the battery that. still has a range that well exceeds the distance most people travel in a day. speaking of battery power. remembers her cheesecake. she explains how the battery is the heart of every electric car is the sum of it's a battery it's made up of many valuable raw materials like cobalt nickel graphite manganese and of course with the m. p's raw materials are often obtained at a heavy cost to environmental protection and sustainability in south america
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billions of leaders of water have been evaporated to extract lithium from underground reservoirs of salty water this lowers the groundwater level and often cost people their livelihoods electric cars which are thought of as key to tackling climate change or actually destroying functioning ecosystems in parts of the world be uncomfortable truth is other people are paying the price for our green conscience that's something we prefer not to think about or simply choose to ignore . what about environmental protection and sustainability to begin with people only take as much as they really need but we humans are creatures of habit so we want our electric cars to have the same range as the internal combustion models we're used to and the industry has delivered the result huge batteries and huge vehicles but do electric s.u.v.s really make that much sense when. most of us are traveling
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alone or in our cars most of the time anyway. it's different if the large batteries are powering buses carrying lots of passengers. or as penis puts it. bend them off one needs to have a whole cheesecake all to themselves when one slice would do. the beatles sold over 21 and a half 1000000 units during its record breaking 65 year history the very last speech pulled off the production line and b.w. splat in pueblo mexico in 2003 indisputably this is the cool car from germany.
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outlets and a 1st prototypes appeared in 1935 explains our car man clothes stuff but this 2nd world war cut short plans for mass production that finally got underway in 1905 the starting year of an amazing success story was a book that came from pretty much what a table got to thinking that it wouldn't help it of course. but this spiegel was no mass production model it was one of just 10 built by hand not in wall spork or mexico but in switzerland this extremely rare species of beetle goes by the name volkswagen beutler pick up it came to life in 1950. 5 christo says after the war german industry was at rock bottom people had to improvise and work with whatever they had what they had was the beetle so someone got the idea of using the dependable as the basis for a van. what every transporter needs is
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a cargo bed mounting this rather bulky component on the rounded rear of the beetle and a halfway elegant manner required an artistic touch swish builder beutler was up to the task. there wasn't a 1st or says beutler have its roots in the construction of fancy sports who pays in convertibles it was a design house right back tony to charo impugning fair enough i'm so when it was asked to build a commercial vehicle it added a touch of evidence this split rear window was replaced by a single rectangle but look how it has cargo platform nestles on the shapely rear and then there's still a canvas sunroof it says luxury is as a pickup can get. though it was born in this was town of 2 and there's no denying this beatles heritage the bed of its distinctive rear end they can haul up to 380 kilograms of cargo thanks to their good connections brothers
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abstinence beutler received the basic body shells direct from v.w. german factory. the delicate 2 spokes steering wheel and all kinds of chrome embellish mitts show these beetles were really the more expensive export version. one to him and here in the back is the legendary v.w. boxer engine with 1 point one leader displacement in 1000 killed once of power and he really like to show it but that's not easy because you have to unhook the cover here and squeeze it's a good fit i think he wonders how another 380 kilograms would affect the vehicle was so much weight on the rear axle already with the front wheel stay on the road.
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he could hardly have wished for a better commercial vehicle ensured worldwide the air cooled an unpretentious v.w. boxer enjoyed a reputation of absolute reliability you'll probably never see a boiler pick up on public roads the german swiss project came to an end after only a few were built. efforts on cristo says the volkswagen beutler pickup soon got some tough competition from within its own ranks and 1952 a flatbed version of the v.w. bus went on the market it could haul 900 kilos and cost less than the handbill beetle pick up so it's no wonder that just under a dozen of these were produced and beutler itself used the 1st $5.00 vs the 1st so to sum up what has the stock to most top. the reason was simple the price of $8000.00 swiss francs was out of reach of most small businesses in $1015.00 even whole was a commercial flop the concept of the v.w.
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beutler pickup was groundbreaking. to outfox irish so says the host wagon beutler pick up it's an impressive example of the v.w. beetles versatility who'd have thought that a swiss coachbuilder could transform this little car into a bonafide work course it also set a shining example for later small delivery vans from v.w. such as the free to lean which hauled mail bags ensure money for decades it's clear the most wagon point where pick up is a mile stone and automotive history eligible people. because it's so rare the v.w. beutler pickup is much more expensive today then in the early 1950 s. these days early and exotic beetles have a big following. and
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next time we test mini's face lifted john cooper works club. and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ford capri. the been. going to.
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you're up the your pants is a crisis. if it's to have a future you call me champions young champions. place to play for activists country players play chancellor to train the teacher a player do they stand a chance to play can they save think european idea thanks to. the need to stand up for european values and contribute to something important coming up see if. the future of europe starts september 2nd on d w. houser view of the wall. where i come from the
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door that to get to cisco it's just like this chinese for it doesn't matter where i am it's always reminds me of home after decades of living in germany china's food is one of the things i miss the most but that taking a step back i see something new to different terminology pinafore it's a process of negotiation that exists to add up part of the wall haven't been at the mention of it in china you chinese people wondering if they're going to take it but if you have the right to learn all that is there just a job just that or to how i see it and that's why my job because i try to do it exactly maybe an hour a day by the name of the newsroom and i work at it up here. this
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is news live from berlin hong kong protesters gather for a mass for the markers tens of thousands braved heavy rain to take part in the protests the turnout is being closely watched as a gauge of public sentiment after more than 2 months of violent clashes are sending peacefully stern warnings from beijing also coming up. to the funeral.


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