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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  August 18, 2019 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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up next the bundesliga show is back with a bang bringing you all the balls from saturday's matches pokemon conceded and early one at home to out. find out if last season's upon us up could battle back all that and much more in just a couple of minutes on the bundesliga. i'm rebecca races in the end i'll have more news for you at the top of the hour thanks for watching. sex make. raring to free. if there is any other product than just remember you have to find it between the lines . to literature 1st 100 german plus treats. how does time taste.
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correspondent susan cox and host a link to explore the various flavors of the exotic creasing hot food fusion and some kind of challenge for you. tasty tied to. start september 1st on d w. 8000000 call the mood in munich just look at these faces barred season opener spoiled after head to brought some bike on friday night dropping points in the 22 draw leaves buyers rivals thirsty for 3. men everybody thinks it's their time to shine thanks way handful of new signings put the black and yellow city message to the lead. vs out her and 2 new coaches face off against each other
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a slot by take on shaka who would make the right call well they're pulling as they get debut. german football is back and so are we welcome to the but as they get here on d w i'm chris harrington the development match is a good place to start last season was almost magical for losing 5 or and company dominate for most of the campaign however the title slipped through their fingers towards the end well this season dortmund on paper look to be unbeatable with the pieces they've added the black and yellow are locked loaded and looking to make up for last season out burger the 1st ones to test the hype. dortmund fans are hoping that this is their year and off their bye and opening day draw on friday perhaps the back fool was already dreaming of the title as they were cool sound asleep in the 1st minutes of
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a household's new signing through the needle ational with his 1st goal for the club just 55 seconds in. but don't mend responded just 2 minutes later they're attacking trio of jayden sanchez to marco royce and pack o.l. kasa combined to pull one back by a new look pass from roy showing telepathic understanding with the spanish striker . in the 2nd half it was outspoken defense that started off snoozing axel vittal calmly dribbling down the left flank and his time cross carried straight to jade in some show he was linked with a move away this summer that showed where his loyalties lie was who won after 51 minutes was on the calamitous defending continued. was this time outs book keeper too must made a mess of it allowing outcast to tee up captain. mocker royce the dog stood. just
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2 minutes later the lead increased to 41 as out school collapsed and outcast a seat of his dress. 3 goals scored in 8 minutes starting down 2 weeks left on site to round things off new signing union cons came on to school on his debut. it was the 5th time in don't wins history that they conceded in the 1st minutes of an opening day fixture but after the shock of the early goal they put on a dominant display that sends a clear message to their title rivals you know. we all took note of the fact that by andrew on friday and that was a little added incentive photos were just happy to have taken 3 points and we're looking forward to the next games the black and yellows will be wary of last season's to refix start but the fans already tense a dream. 7 bullets to go clubs have a new coach this season the go out and shock
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a match feature to newbies getting their 1st taste of the top flight shaka has given david wagner the keys to the royal blues he's known for getting his players to bond and pushing them to their full potential and the odd something shaka is in desperate need of after last season's dismal performance the other new coach club in this team they're coming off a completely different scenario just missing out on champions league qualification last season the falls apart it brought in marco rosa he's won the bundesliga twice in austria where he managed a site that had a good european run so is he the right man to help move up the table let's find out . most of the focus was on new coaches david wagner. but some are also on brylin bono who moved from shock at a club back before the campaign to switzerland for what was eager to make an impression and was in the wolves early on. but he was happy to get his 14 on form
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a strike partner di dio book style are no love lost there. the 1st big chance came after 27 minutes for shout his benito garman but the new arrival from doesn't often fail to get a clean shot away. soon after glass that got their 1st opportunity laszlo been a shot but alex nubile was equal to it. nil nil at the break and both coaches had much to think about in the 2nd half the hosts continued to press. new signings stefan lineout. and marcus to come combined well but to no avail on the hour and that's something of a fight against the post. so close for the outback. slack shock at defending gave 2 of them another chance but noodles stood firm it ended up being the last chance of the game
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a points apiece for the 2 new men in charge. it's time for our match day wrap but where will see 2 promoted sides in action and bar labor hosted part of born in a match that was level at the break but 1st cologne at wolfsburg colognes a last bundesliga match was 2 seasons ago and they were defeated by the wolves when history repeat itself on colognes this legal welcome back. cologne are back in the bundesliga a team that won the 1st league title in 1964 when new coach akim by a lot so wasn't even born has been this league debut. it was just 16 minutes old when volves board took the lead thanks to maximilian arnold the wolves new coach oliver glass now might have mustered more enthusiasm thank you because it was a perfect volley from on all my with 15 minutes gone in the 2nd
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half out big post double the lead thanks to neil volves for their center forward picking up where he left off last season when he netted 17 goals. freshly promoted cologne didn't make much noise until injury time when cmon ted auda bagged a consolation goal off for ran out to one victories and coach class now could have mustered more enthusiasm about his debut when. another promoted side peter born have a no name squad and a total of only $83.00 just league appearances on surprising that they were trailing leverkusen after just 10 minutes courtesy of leon bailey. patter born answered fast though 5 minutes later span michel pulled the side's level and there was still half an hour to go until the break i after only 19 minutes chi however it's put laver couzin back in front of about $21.00 however it's the 19 year old
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wunderkind has played more bundesliga games then the entire patter borne team. that team struck back shortly afterwards michelle shot saved but not strangely mambas a goal in his 1st win just league game for a man who played in the 3rd division last season. laver cousin can thank heaven fallen for retaking the lead in the 69th minute the result a bit too close for comfort for leverkusen but they were happy to escape with a 3 to fix 3 against lucky that are born. there's no real experience how far through it all the boys that's exactly what i wanted a game i'll still be talking. but in 10 years saying that was my day going to be. my better braman are pretty much the opposite of rising stars against us will go off they broke the record for the most games played him but just league history. but it won't be
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a fun memory out of nowhere with their 1st shot on goal visitors just took the lead . by roving henning's hitting the target with a little help from the brain and defense i'm but braman started the 2nd half with a bang getting me realize or after just 2 minutes i hear highness egg this time getting some help from 4 tuners strangely passive defense. but braman joy was short lived once again the team in attack faced little resistance canine karaman putting dusseldorf back in front on 64 minutes and they added another through can i to round out the 31 final score 4 to no room braman season opener and deal them their 1st home loss of the 2900 calendar year. my and the game between freiburg and mights was goal is for more than 80 minutes
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before a fast and furious final fling freiburg lucas who the put the whole side in the lead with 9 minutes remaining i. and then the floodgates open. jonathan schmidt and luka vol schmidt added a goal each to seal an easy victory 3 mil the final school. here's a look at all the results so far from the new season of the bonus think a dog man blew out outwork 51 in shock of failed to score goals for barely beat newly promoted cologne leverkusen downed but is there going to be padded born braman were upset at home by dusseldorf freiburg easily as we just saw mice on friday defending champions byron slipped up at home again on sunday frankfurt host hoffenheim and a big day here in the german capital union berlin will make history play in their 1st ever game in the buddha's league again to rb life seek it's the early days
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of the new season but dortmund are already where they want to be right at the top of the table freiburg dusseldorf leverkusen and wolfsburg also riding high by an end joint 6th after their slip up at home against down on the bottom nobody has any points of course some teams haven't played yet right down at the very bottom braman my outs were all 3 are in the drop zone but a lot of more matches to be played of course it's time for the play of the day as voted by you on twitter and the winner no big shocker there pocket don't mean fuck all concert with 41 percent of the vote for his 2nd goal against alex berg. a little trickery right here from james sanchez who set him up as a spanish striker sealed his brace with a superb shot passes stretched out outward goalkeeper dortmund you know they were smart to sign him to a permanent dale until 2023 the 25 year old can score every which way. and that
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was your play of the day. well that's full time for us here on the be sure to join us for the rest of the magic action on sunday as the experts will be here as well to talk us through the action we'll leave you with some of the best scenes from saturday. won't be present. to. cut. cut. cut.
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in 60 minutes on t.w. . i'm not nothing. well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing with me but i mean i think deep into the german culture he knew to keep this drama yeah you know it's all about who knew i'm rachel join me me think i'm going to dump the host. i just discovered what i think is the ultimate summer experience swimming down the mighty grind it's not the switzerland certainly not what i'm used to.


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