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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 18, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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september 2nd on d. w. . this is the w. news live from berlin warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe of order of migrant ship. conditions growing desperate aboard the open arms 2 weeks after italy refused to let it enter but an offer to dock in spain has been rejected also coming up hong kong streets filled with protesters but not as with tear gas massive rallies this weekend are relatively free of violence after a week marred by intense clashes today's turnout is being seen as
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a gauge of public sentiment after stern warnings from beijing. and the islamic state group says if carried out a deadly suicide bombing in the afghan capital kabul that killed dozens many of the victims are already being laid to rest. i'm carl kasell and welcome to the program desperation in the mediterranean as more than 100 migrants are still stranded aboard a rescue ship the migrant rescue vessel open arms has been waiting for days hoping to dock in italy but only unaccompanied minors have been allowed to disembark so far as conditions worsen a few migrants decided to go it alone jumping into the water and trying to swim ashore now a spokesperson for the ngo operating. that ship says it has refused an offer to
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dock in spain saying the 6 day journey would be impossible. with a good. dr some on the horizon safety on the italian island of lampedusa behind them chaos aboard a charity vessel the migrants struggle through the water. unli to be brought back to the visibly overcrowded open arms and this is what they were turning to. the state of new mutiny aboard the ship the charity's directors sounding an s.o.s. about what might happen if they aren't allowed to dock in need by italy loves you know we're all here we've spent days waiting to find people in the water fights violence crises older time what more do you want deaths remember those who don't. remember the visit of one of those. dice open arms has been more several 100 meters off lampedusa. these people are at the center of
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a judicial and political battle immediately the country's interior minister wants him to go elsewhere. loving shit tough guy wins in the end so i'm pleased to report that the migrants aboard the open arms have had the good news that the spanish government will open its ports to them most fun euro low for. dozens of young and frail people aboard open arms have already been allowed to shore neatly this weekend. but salvage the alkies to take the obvious would send a wrong signal to the global economy. it's a maritime standoff that's lasted for weeks now. at risk the safety of 100 people aboard the spanish best so. well in another corner of the mediterranean a 2nd rescue ship is seeking to enter a port in malta so far authorities there have refused to let it dock saying they
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are obliged to do so only for those picked up in the country's rescue zone around $350.00 migrants are aboard the ocean viking that's far more than it was built to carry among them are $29.00 children the ship is operated by french charities as the west mediterranean and doctors. borders they say good weather is coming in weeks and it could encourage more migrants to try to sail to europe from libyan shores. people in hong kong have once again filled the streets in the 11th straight weekend of mass pro-democracy protests but this weekend's demonstrations were about what didn't happen little violence few clashes and no tear gas many in hong kong were holding their breath after a week of escalations marked by violence and 2 days of closures at hong kong airport but today organizers say 1700000 people turned out peacefully to show their
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movement still has a moment. oh my god. the still furious. on the other side of the barriers police protesters pick them out which is now iconic places but today it's been peaceful with even time for this. but it's still deadly serious protest organizers on sunday focused on police violence over the last couple of months. the police the today issued a statement about. target telling them in the theme of our family that is totally true we x.x. li targeting at the police because the police had shown to the world that they had appeals that power breaking down over a belt. they started in victoria park they got permission for this but the park was too small to contain them all. so they disregarded the rain the heat and the rules
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and they started to rule it turned into a march to chill for a cheesehead not sanctioned and numbers that completely dominate the city. later they prepared for tear gas the police seemed absent and there was no violence a victory for open eyes as they really are trying to counter this narrative that sprung up over the last few weeks that some of these protesters are extremely violent that something that wasn't how it by scenes that we saw at the at who was an earlier this week which was brought on by chinese state media as proof that these protesters were violent and not sort of peaceful peaceful demonstrations like the ones we've seen today into the night protesters drew their frustration in light on the police headquarters. in afghanistan the so-called islamic state is claiming responsibility for a deadly suicide attack on
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a wedding party. in the capital kabul the attack left more than 60 people dead and dozens more injured many of the victims were women and children the explosion took place as more than a 1000 guests were celebrating a marriage in a shiite neighborhood i ass considers muslim shiites to be heretics and has targeted them in the past it was the deadliest attack in kabul this year. death amidst the splendor this wedding hall was the center of community life then doesn't start here in the midst of a celebration the college all too apparent in the attacks off to math. ambulance after ambulance brought victims to hospital and relatives desperately searched for their loved ones looking through lists to find out who'd been killed or injured a long anticipated night turned to tragedy when the attacker blew himself up. yeah
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damages they explode didn't happen either stage with musicians everyone who was there including the young people and children were killed others were wounded and now they were in hospital. and this nearby facility was filled with the injured many were totally distraught as they relive what happened on saturday night the bride and groom survived the loved ones died. i've lost hope. i lost my brother my friends who came to join my wedding party everyone is celebrating our independence day today i don't care whether they're going to light up the city it doesn't matter anymore. it's a feeling that many and. big weddings are part of afghan culture despite the ongoing war they feel people with joy it's that feeling which this bombing targeted the attack it killed and maimed and left afghans even more fearful and insecurity.
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let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world an iranian oil tanker caught in a standoff with the west has now raised an iranian flag and been reading adrian darya one the ship previously known as the grace one is due to set sail from gibraltar after a court in the british territory released it weeks after it was seized on suspicion of smuggling. wildfires on the spanish island of drunken already have forced the evacuation of some 4000 people officials say several communities are threatened in a region already hit by a fire days ago they say strong winds and high temperatures could spark fire from embers from the previous blazes. a spectacular controlled demolition has been carried out in southern england there they go 3 cooling towers at a decommissioned coal fired power station were brought down with explosives and did got
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a huge structures have dominated the skyline of the oxford shire town since the 1960 s. in fact they were once voted one of britain's ugliest sites. now what you see behind me no longer exists it's iceland's 1st glacier loss to global warming today the country is marking its disappearance installing a memorial to the glacier close to the capital reykjavik these satellite images taken in 1986 show large amounts of snow and ice around the fall kaino disappearing in fact today's there is almost nothing left. the glaciers of iceland or a spectacular sight from the air for years regular actual sun has been photographing them among them this one called oak the country's 1st glacier to officially vanish. it lost its glacier status in 2014 and now
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a plaque remembers it with a letter to the future. most schoolchildren who know the glaciers name to vanish or fix people in iceland both psychologically and emotionally a glycine many of known since childhood has ceased to exist. at a ceremony on sunday activists politicians and citizens bade farewell to auk but other clay shares are likely to follow like europe's largest factor your good iceland is losing more than $10000000.00 tons of glacier ice per year and researchers agree the reason is climate change. never nice and history have glaciers melt it is quickly is now everything points to the fact that this will continue in the future we have to suppose that in 200 years almost vanished. axelson flew over the glaciers again
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a few days ago capturing images of a landscape that may soon be gone for ever. representatives from 180 nations are meeting in geneva to agree on protections for vulnerable species and the timing is critical it comes just months after a u.n. report warned that as many as 1000000 plants and animals are at risk of extinction one of the few success stories has to be the elephant a long time ban on the ivory trade has helped spark a population boom and while many african countries support the ivory bed nations like botswana are arguing this success means the restrictions should be loosened. elephant tracks go straight across daniel jeremiah's field the small farmer lives in cousin a on the edge of tobie national park the packet derms often enter his farm and eat or trample his crops you know live in the come every day can see.
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everything. there. botswana is home to africa's largest elephant population with around 150000 the number is growing in some areas there have been deadly encounters between humans and elephants in may but want to lifted a 5 year hunting ban now the country's going a step further by pushing for limited ivory trade at the world wildlife conference in geneva scientists fear that could also lead to more illegal trade in ivory. we know that within africa we really struggle to control trade of products like wildlife and we struggle to sort of monitor it and regulate the legal side of things and we cannot we are not stopping the illegal side of things i mean it's theoretically possible that poaching could get worse and of course and that that's why that's
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a worse outcome for elephants effective controls are needed to ensure that only tusks from legal haunting are traded but countries with rampant corruption often lack such oversight and that could worsen the plight of elephants. coming up after the break it's the bundesliga show with all the goals from the 1st sunday of the season and a look at those big transfers to it bahrain and dortmund plus one young berlin was playing in their 1st ever game in the bundesliga it was an emotional moment for fans just before kick off find out how they fared at home against rb live stick in just a couple of minutes on the buddhist league. and a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you at this hour the ngo that operates the open arms vibrant ship is warning of a potential humanitarian catastrophe on board it says conditions have become desperate 2 weeks after italy refused to let the vessel dock of the group as
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refused an offer to inspect. the washington news live from berlin we'll have more news at the top of the hour i'm called aspen thanks watch. what secrets lie behind these men. find out you know numerous of experience and explore pass an aging brute cultural heritage science. w. world heritage for 60 good enough. to see you when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard.


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