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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  August 19, 2019 12:15am-12:30am CEST

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nations 50 story and 15 very personal tips cumberlands very best features. book now planet for our girl max series every week on d w. they say don't believe the hype but i do mean is numero uno buyer off to a rocky start and we witnessed history being made with you in berlin making their bundesliga debut. new beginnings you know in berlin had a tall order in their 1st ever but as they can match facing rb life like a champions league qualified side was quite the litmus test and by earning don't mean to favorite to win the title we saw fire struggle and don't mean tommy for
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long stretches last season but we all know how that 6 ended will this year be any different. welcome to the but as they go on d w i'm chris harrington joining me in studio for the breakdown of match day one are 2 members of our very own but it's a good team alan hoagland welcome alan to the show thank you chris match day one let's do it right and we have our very own max merrill max are you ready to be only attack ready to give the people what they want cross all right but 1st let's take our viewers to our backyard. lots of emotions surrounded you and berlin's but as they could debut the old school football club has an unwavering fan base and they are promotion the old school way supporters of the promoted side player to be silent for the 1st 15 minutes of the match in protest of their opponents rb life's a a side basically created overnight with corporate money ever heard of red bull so there
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was that an r.v. life that had a debutant as well and you have novels mine now running with the bulls as head coach his story versus history few. who knew and then fans have been waiting for this moment to decades and the emotion showed finally in the big time those who didn't live to see the day were also there in spirit. we have the 1st of i is a very different ground to what i'll be like to get used to in the bunkers later. but the negative reception for the club backed by an energy drinks firm was very familiar but you know. who knew and players were looking to hit the ground running and show the togetherness which helped win and promotion. the game had a muted start on 15 minutes the supporters rode into life just as they did like 6 muscle house them struck. here now guzman's 1st one is
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a good goal celebration is like the boss who knew him gave the fullback far too much room but it was still a fine finish. a crack a phenomenal sun it's a double the lead on 31 minutes if you knew and didn't know how tough the blunders they get would be they knew now. we don't coach fish of bravely put these glasses back on but it soon got worse as you move than a bus through to make it 3 nil just before half time. to sniff and conclude graf the 4th after the break. who knew how broken at the end it will be a tough season for the perp. belinda's club's supporters will keep on singing. so you'll berlin their 1st game against the club could not be any more different to them red bull backed rb lifesaving met let's start with you you know what makes this newly promoted side you know in berlin so special how much time you go across
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i mean the bundesliga prize itself on foreign culture and find involvement and in your own embodies that here's a prime example back in 2008 the kastrup club needed a new stadium to comply with the vision regulations $2300.00 fans volunteered for an incredible 13 months and that was the end result we saw i mean so they're invested yeah and it's a club that has anti establishment in their blood very vocal protest club even in the former east german republic and the philosophy of defiance we saw that about protests won't change in the talk to. stay on this protest topic do you think fans should just get over it i mean it's where the game is going on right so much breathless commentary is devoted to this crass right let me play the disney villain here for a minute yes corporate money may darby's rapid rise possible but ok they followed the letter the letter of the laws but not the spirit but the game today is all
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about money as i see some hypocrisy here you know when 1st of all they don't spend nearly as much as clubs like buy in munich not to mention english and spanish clubs and 2nd all big clubs nowadays have rich corporate sponsors you know alley on 71 so let's not forget too they have a huge devoted fan base in leipzig now and the city has been helped out tremendously financially by having this club there those people have no problem with the way they do business the ok the it was quite that you know the match up with the promoters side in the season rb live see now. at that performance do you think you and your own can survive you know their 1st season in the top flight makes well let alan get away with his cause i mean when you and i think we'll stay up they won't be playing leipsic every week that's for sure and off to the match we can take a look at after losing 4 mil the fans was still in full voice they all stayed and fired up this team for the next match day and this is going to be key for them
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staying up they showed steel in the playoff series against it got that brought them here into the link and i think even more teams this year will be in the relegation mix because a lot of teams have failed to better their squad now let's talk about the rb life exciting things you cannot go as my taken over now do you see them being a contender for years to come and maybe 8 or 10 years to come probably not this year but they are bringing up so many promising young talents through their exceptional youth program and he's just the man to develop those young talents so i think they have a bright future ahead of them and good news for their legions of devoted fans max. there is more action to get to which brings us to frankfurt where the eagles fresh off of qualified for the europa league hosted hoffenheim for their opener both of these clubs lost major pieces during the transfer window hoffenheim even lost their coach formalized frankfurt are flying high they'll play in europe opponents hoffenheim however have already showed size of decline after struggling to get past
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a 3rd division club in the german cup coffin himes new coach should have being woman he welcomed by his frankfurt council. but not when the hospitality ended. keep well if obama was still sorting out his defense when the ball was in the net after only 36 seconds found favorite martins aggregates in frankfurt season off to picture perfect stunts. and smooth moves with the corner and hoffenheim acute completely off guard. after that the visitors had moved position but they couldn't do much with it except for 2 off cycles. frank fans are happy about a successful start to the campaign while hoffenheim they clearly have some work to do. frankfurt with 3 points to begin their
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campaign now max you seem to be happy don't frankford the eagles here they lost a lot of talent out there but you'll see them stripping the same type of success as last season no i mean i think you ought to be realistic it's a bit of a reset after look at yo bitch and sebastian left put it bringing in 100000000 euros and they haven't really spent a lot of it they've kept that coach i think what they're going to try and do his keep the system and build again and just try and build from a base but i'm a bit disappointed that they haven't brought in much firepower i don't know where the goals are going to come from right you have a good point now their opponents often time lost a lot of talent in the window well they struggle yet i think they're definitely going to struggle it almost seemed like they were focusing on stockpiling cash and not spending any and then of course the biggest departure in my opinion was the leonardo's minus their coach you know he's been replaced by his former assistant if it's kreuger it doesn't strike me as the move of a club with big ambitions right now yeah as your good point now speaking of
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ambitions and moves let's look at this season's title race a lot of activity in the transfer market let's go to the business so far by the defending champions i mean it do you think that they've done enough to retain their title. i think it's pretty poor i mean the transfer market is still open for a little bit but who nist has said we are done and i think that's not good enough i mean i'd give it a grade c. it best you look at the defenders they brought an early on that's a good good hole for them but then since then firepower not really that mean they've missed a key target in there or sunday albeit with an injury complicating things no replacements. for robert lewandowski and the long term replacement replacement for robin and really there's a reason by and of only loaned a total of 9 players in their entire club history it's week moves short termism and only who knows who probably will be leaving off for the season what's his legacy then you're right you know that remains to be seen now there's been a lot of false news out there in terms of targets for buying but we do know could
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tino is you know one player they just sided rumored to be in munich given his medical leave you think that's a good move i think it's a hugely good move i mean it's exactly what they needed now they haven't quite gone out and signed another striker to be a tandem with robert live in it which i think that's something they need to do you know they've had problems scoring goals they could score goals against liverpool in the champions league last year but could tino does give them fire power and let's not forget paris that you know he studied i mean that the croatian still has a lot left in the tank yeah ages it can serve for him in the out there of course he's approaching the twilight of his career but i think you still get a few more good years in him. on defense i think i nando's was too expensive but together with that's a that's a heck of a combination right now speaking of last season's runners up do i mean they were pretty smart and what they've done do you think they've done enough to actually hold on to the top of the table this season i think it's been shrewd i mean they
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cleared out the deadwood ugly last no one they really wanted to keep aside from bruce sick and look at all the strength they brought an established bundesliga players players with pedigree homo's being key for me last season they collapsed i think the lack of experience now he was there the last time they won the title in 2012 and that core intact and really built on that i think is a great transfer window yeah you showed his effect and this is going to go as well so who went to the enemy what do you think do you think that it'll be a head to head race like we saw last season i mean it was only a marginal 2 points they gave byron the title yeah look i mean the question is i would ask as you know how many times do you have to be bitten before you say damn that dog bites you know it's been enough because that's what do they when it's in their d.n.a. you know they're the reigning bonus they get champs and they're still the team to be until they're knocked off their perch you know that's why the bookies still have them as clear favorites and let's not forget in spite of his saying it's over there
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are still 2 more weeks in the transfer window they could surprise us yeah i think that they have something in the works and in terms of the right side they are thinking maybe a winter transfer window depend upon how the surgery goes and so on i think it's too little too light dortmund have beaten them to the chase i think for me they're the cliff favorites there's hardly any weakness in the team quality and depth in every position for me they're going win the title this season so it looks like we just have what 33 more match days to go to see if you know the prophecy comes true from both of you guys well that's full time for us i'd like to thank our guests alan hoagland as well as max merrill. be sure to tune in next match day until then. darko. albion is.
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