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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  August 19, 2019 3:02am-3:15am CEST

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this week alone will stories. bolivia completely legal child labor. what stuck cashing in on its hippie past but we start off and it's just over a year ago the marandi bridge in genua collapsed killing $43.00 people $600.00 more were left homeless now those affected are fighting for compensation. not read the chart though has lived near them over on the bridge for most of her life she says seeing the last few pillars disappear didn't bother her it was more of a spectacle but now she has to watch as the house she lived in for nearly 60 years is demolished only pieces of the 1st floor remained the same thing and so on there . you can hear the diggers and the jackhammers whacking away.
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the sound is terrible. that effect she has more than watching it. and i rita and her sister me mum were lucky they own a flat in the center of genoa and were able to move there it's smaller than their home near the bridge but they had to leave a lot of their belongings behind anyway they were only permitted to return to their old home accompanied by officials a few times it lies directly under the bridge which at that stage was in danger of collapsing. and i. believe that like grave robbers because there was no sign of life there anymore it's an awful feeling when you don't recognize your own home you know they go most in some ways going back was part of the process of letting go. some memories are painful for the 2 sisters but not all of them there were light moments among all the drama. that will fast. funny when one of the firemen the one with the pasta
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opened a drawer and found some noodles from a good brand and he said you're leaving them here we said tad they're just noodles . and he said i but they're noodles from muddy sunnah we say they're good for another year. you can make a getty but. i said ok ok take them. the courts are currently debating who is responsible for the disaster local authorities or the private company in charge of the motorways the outer strada paddy tallia in a case that will probably last 2 years the motorway company is currently refusing requests for interviews in the meantime traffic is rolling again but infrastructure is in bad shape in many places around the country the bridge which is now being used to redirect traffic to church on
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a rita i mean as old neighborhood has also seen better days volunteers at the committee that campaigns for victims of the disaster near weeks after the bridge collapse out of straw to try to divide those affected. was that. what saved us was that we all said no. we showed that we were united and that we weren't for sale you know. that gave us power in the goshi ations and it was dangerous for the other side i didn't that it didn't go. for the victim. it was a good lesson to learn that there is power in unity but they will still never get their old lives back. during the 28 years in which berlin was divided by the wall more than 130 people were killed or died trying to flee to the worst. possible richter also risk his life to excrete from east germany . the best thing about
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jail hartmut rishta says was being let out of his cell once a day to walk around inside a large wire cage as a young man he was held for months in a detention center van by the east german ministry of state security for trying to flee the country and for aiding others in their attempts to escape. they didn't abuse us physically they called it a corrosion it was a method they used to try and grind to stand through hyper control isolation this information has been the worst 11 months of my life here after a while if you start too long to be sentenced. mr never accepted life under the east german regime and tried to flee for the 1st time by train when he was just 18 he was arrested and put behind bars. when building began on the berlin wall on the 1st of august 1961 he knew he had to escape he saw how brutally the regime was
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cracking down on dissenters. as a young person at some point you have to ask yourself how long am i going to play this raid have how long can i take it we're doing i want to cooperate with them to find myself a little nation who has a long as you're still studying you have to get all of this crap that in every essay there had to be a commitment to socialism and if you needed good marks you just wrote that rubbish down. a short time later richter attempted to escape again he swam across a border river on the edge of berlin and made it to freedom he was in the water for 4 hours before he finally managed to get through a barbed wire fence and onto the shore on the western side on the eastern side he would have been shot. at the company's office that's why i had a guardian angel that night i knew there were alarms regarded as in the twilight i saw a thin piece of wire stretched from bridge post a bridge post if i had touched it he would have gone off and they would have
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immediately fired shots. or false. dozens of people died in this way along the berlin wall it's still not clear just how many the regime ruthlessly punished anyone who tried to flee. nevertheless wrister continued to help more than 30 people escape by smuggling them into west germany in the trunk of his car he was caught again and spent 5 years in prison before being bought out by the western governments he now gives tours in his former prison often for schoolchildren he thinks young people should learn that east germany was a to tell a tarion state. that stealing is held tartlet richer overcome the brutality of the stasi the east german secret police now he's able to tell the story as one of those who paid a price for wanting freedom. and 2014 bolivia's national congress pass laws that legalize child labor ever since children as young as 10 have been allowed to work
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it's estimated that the country no has some 850000 child laborers. was these 4 children are singing to honor the dead but not because the deceased is a loved one. they're doing it for money. at the end they chant our father. their service that is here. for god. and kevin this cemetery is their place of employment they're hired to sing for the relatives of the dearly departed. they receive 20 bolivian knows each time worth about 2 and a half years that's a lot of money for children who are growing up without a father. of. 10 year old kevin longs to buy a football but he has to spend his earnings on medical treatments for his mother who's ill. it's strange working in
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a cemetery that drowning cats and by. docks all around and garbage everywhere is the. city. these children who come every day after school are known as the graveyard kids every 4th child in bolivia has some kind of job that's about 100000 working children. starting at 10 every night 15 year old energy buys cigarettes at a kiosk and resells them for any profit he can manage. and he works in a pub district. 5 days a week he makes his way through rundown bars and clubs selling cigarettes for $0.25 each. but he has to keep a watchful eye. of the. whole districts there are lots of criminal gangs and they are the biggest threat for me. not far from envy is
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christiane all of 10 years old he's collecting garbage because he wants a better life. from premises but i want to buy new shoes. and go to school. like other working children here christiane belongs to a bolivian child laborers union 5 years ago it pushed through a demand to allow minors to work legally starting at age 10. youngsters like and marry and christiane say they have more rights now and they're hoping for bigger opportunity it's expensive in. the singing graveyard children say the only way to support their desperately poor families is by working. at last report takes us to the u.s. home of the woodstock festival on its 50th anniversary the town is cashing in on
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memories of the legendary musical event ag. hippy movements. there are reminders everywhere from peace signs to tie guys 19 sixties hippie culture is still ever present. but is woodstock become somewhat of a theme park. mark hedrick has run a souvenir shop on the town's main street for over 20 years. marketing is a stronghold in any kind of market like this the there was very little marketing done when the concert was done in fact that to the best my knowledge there was never a shirt so. that now the marketing stuff came after the fact. but here in the town you know we still like to take advantage of that. the local economy is benefited
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greatly since the festival took place and it doesn't matter now that it was held over 90 kilometers away in the town of bethel and look. at. this. i think it's just i think it's not just people who are here and. that feeling of woodstock the special place for people like the people that believe in peace on earth this is the place. back at mark souvenir store business a steady who says tourist numbers are up despite this year's festival being counseled the lure of woodstock remains unfettered we do get visitors. many people claim to have been woodstock and. maybe they were. i think there was an article a number of years ago. the number of people who claim to have been at woodstock is probably closer to like 5000000 vested in 500000. the number who attended doesn't
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matter it's the legacy the festival holds for young and old alike and it's its 50th anniversary. i'm scared that the i'm more that's hard and in the end it's a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we mustn't do that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were alliances. what's your story ready. i mean what numbers of women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying always to understand this new culture.
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another villa turn other guests you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. this is a country where the war never ended author.


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