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tv   Reporter  Deutsche Welle  August 19, 2019 7:02am-7:16am CEST

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i think. i'm afraid of getting stuck here like most of those who have finished school yet they stay here. i know lots of people who did not follow their dreams. when there isn't sense a clue still is looking one of the most densely populated islands in the world it lies in the caribbean off the coast of colombia and is barely larger than a football pitch. despite the overcrowding and poverty a few of its residents try their luck elsewhere but is determined to live and study at university. because this is my house i live here with my mother and father i'm one of 10 children and my sister and her husband also live here with us the house is painted yellow and red colors that convey lots of joy emotion and feelings
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a pap enos. we live here even though it's not really big bang it's quite small but made with. 500 people live on santa cruz. on one hector with no running water no trash collection no doctors or police. to search at the islamists or islands residents are under 18. there is a school that when attends but it costs money to go there which many parents can't or don't want to pay that's because most of the island's young people and up working as fishermen or in one of the hotels on the neighboring island. say 6 from 17 pupils now you know or it didn't come fewer and fewer kids are coming .
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and any people here are simply stuck in a rut. they can't imagine a future anywhere else. at least we can now earn a high school diploma at our school. but the only trouble is. no one from here can afford to study on the mainland. i mean i thought i was going. to pay his school fees gives the island's residence manicures and pedicures. he always has his cell phone handy so his clients can choose a design for their nails from the internet. knowing about. my fee like that. then its job to get as close as possible to their chosen look. at these things when i say that it's really bad for me to do pedicures manicures
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and hair. but at the time when i asked them why they say. that's good for a woman but not for a man. but i'm doing this because i need the money not because i want to be a woman. did i was born there it's not there that's not like i try to show you. what did you expect. what you really want. to discount. again. are you scared to. do it again i'm not scared if you are scared that you see you're scared but it's really not. for me little music. that you would like a melody and that i'm. who. hopes to become a pediatric nurse he's often seen children on the island get ill and there's no one
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. to help him. but to get his nursing qualifications in colombia he'd have to go to university and that means moving to the mainland he's already written to the closest university to request an interview. if i had to choose between our island anywhere else on earth i'd stay here. the best thing would be if there were a university here if there were i be really happy. well then i wouldn't have to do with. a few weeks later who has a haircut appointment. does not day has granted his request for an interview he also has an appointment to learn how he can apply for a scholarship. i think fairly well given that i'm happy i've taken the 1st step. and i know that
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with god's help i can do it. but i'm a bit scared too after all it's the 1st interview i've had in my life and the most important thing is that i'm happy and i know i can do it without it. most students in colombia come from wealthy families who wouldn't only be the 1st to get into university he also be one of the few poor students there. the night before who had plans to set off for the mainland the island to struck by a powerful storm. the full. house was one of the largest my bedroom is completely gone and parts of the other rooms are too it was awful.
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but undeterred he travels to bed and to the north it's the 1st time he's ever visited the colombian mainland. he's taken his best friend diana along for support there sharing a small room at a gas tank. yesterday during the storm i thought i'll miss my appointment i can't go. but now that it's worked out i really feel blessed i want to keep going. first i have to say what i can wear to the appointment tomorrow. this year or something else instead we have. to go we. we've been mercy is on my side. although yesterday was very difficult i have to leave that behind me. the material things you can get back but not your life and i have to keep looking forward. i don't it's
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a city of 1200000 people that's huge compared to who has island which has just 500 residents he's not used to the traffic. no way i'm not going to cross over here. i don't limit you know jackie i want our island there was once a woman had wanted to cross the street at a zebra crossing during a visit to the mainland. she got run over by a car there wasn't much left of her you know i'm too afraid i won't go over there on my own for all. there's just 2 hours left to his appointment at the university. to make sure he arrived safely takes a taxi even though it's quite expensive. how do you like about that is it's wonderful. to see you here to the school isn't it the people on the streets. that it. was
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put on i mean over and over and i only agree that one scholarship won't work out but i can't get a single bad grade in school but you can always have a bad day you think and then they go along with about me and because it's for. the only 30 days campus alone is bigger than the island comes from it's among the best universities in colombia. but last year fewer than $170.00 of its roughly $10000.00 students were awarded scholarships. first appointment is with the head of the nursing faculty. you want to tell me why you want to study here. i have to tell you about where i come from. on high island there is no regular healthcare there is no doctor. you
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know now i understand his interest is rooted in the fact that there is a lack of healthcare on his on and he wants to help and that's something really valuable i'm certain that if he makes it he'll be of help. but for now she can't do much more than give her a flyer a decision can only be made after whoever has submitted all of the relevant documents. and what they're going to support any thanks for everything i mean they've also brought you something from the island late at their. own lovely is that typical of the island yes we sell lots of them. then he's off to a 2nd a point. went with an employee in the finance department to learn how to apply for a scholarship.
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how well wouldn't be able to afford his accommodation on the island let alone the 2 mission there but it's saying you know their own doing you can apply for the scholarship no matter what region you come from. we mainly focus on your exam results your previous report cards and you extracurricular activities. goes on and then we decide. that. the fact that grades are so important could prove a problem for. the questions on the school leaving exams are the same nationwide and welfares the exam preparation at his school on the island isn't very good. i would really like to stay here. on a p.c. but i'd like to take part in the dancing or go to the gym.
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it would just blow my mind. but what if shark nice one might be overcome with joy so. if well stays on the island his future plans would be limited he would expand his nail design business and maybe open a waxing studio he'd much rather go to university and hopes he won't be the only one from his island to do so. i mean nobody i came in i hope i got my fellow pupils will also make it i mean it would be sad if just one of us dead there are lots of people on the island who want to achieve more and want to look ahead i mean to get in there are many who also make poor decisions due to money problems for the cubans and i was like oh my mother this is see on me. a few months later receives a letter informing him that he won't be studying at the university in bed and. the
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reason his grades weren't good enough. it's a real setback but who else not giving up hope hill applied to other universities now. don't. want any time. with him her to be to go so close with the highest high you know if i had known the boat would be that small i never would have gone on a trip i would not have put myself and my parents in what i'm trying to move out of 16 of the going to give us leave the world. that one little thing to give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there whether it was from going to.
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