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i have a challenge for you. tasty tied. for september 1st on g.w. . this is the w. news live from berlin the warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe aboard a migrant rescue ship. the. conditions are growing desperate aboard the open arms 2 weeks after italy refused to let it enter an italian port but the drill is now sank that it's offered to let it docked in the
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nearest spanish port also coming up. you really annoying tanker detained interpol to have sailed for international waters with a new name 6 weeks after was captured by british troops. and hong kong streets again filled with protesters but not with tear gas this time around the massive turnout comes after stern warnings from beijing. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us the n.-g. o. operating a rescue vessel in the mediterranean with some 100 migrants aboard has described their situation as a humanitarian emergency the spanish flag open arms is currently off the italian island of lampedusa but italy is refusing it permission to dock there spain says
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the ship can come to one of its ports there's more. good. dried some on the horizon safety on the italian island of lampedusa behind them chaos aboard a charity vessel the migrant struggle through the warsaw. unli to be brought back to the visibly overcrowded open arms and this is what they were turning to. the state of new mutiny aboard the ship the charities direct to sounding an s.o.s. about what might happen if they aren't allowed to dock in need by italy you know we're all here we've spent days waiting there have been people in the water fights violence crises older time what more do you want gets a man who has doubled. the magnificent of the. dice open arms has been more several 100 meters off lampedusa. these people are at the center of
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a judicial and political battle immediately the country's interior minister wants him to go elsewhere. if you don't do what i love you shit tough guy wins in the end so i'm pleased to report that the migrants aboard the open arms have had the good news that the spanish government will open its ports to them most fun year although for. dozens of young and frail papal aboard i pronounce of already being allowed to shore need to leave this weekend. but salvage the out the others would send the wrong signal. corps because. it's a maritime standoff that's lasted for weeks now. at risk the safety of 100 people aboard the spanish best so. well the german government meanwhile is calling on the e.u. to restart naval missions for rescue operations in the mediterranean following this
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i'm joined by hans brought from the political desk good morning what is the german government want to see to prevent these types of all to regular crisis situations in germany by government basically is pushing for an e.u. mission again to pick up people in the mediterranean who are in need. we must remember there was this european nation until it into the sea until spring this year the mission called sofia which basically was cancelled because of the italian government refused to participate in that and you food off of this current italian government came into power and knowledge the german government is pushing for a renewed e.u. mission but i think what they are hoping for is. a number of states to participate possibly not. ok if italy continues to refuse to participate which nations can pick up the slack kennedy even work without italian forces and ports well the german the german foreign minister has been saying that there's a more than
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a dozen states that are possibly interested in participating that have expressed their willingness but of course we have to remember there are a number of states that are adamant that they will not participate it to be has been one of the until recently we don't know what's going to happen in italy since the government there is likely to fall apart very soon but what the germans are doing at the moment i think also because a german woman is going to be the new commission president was a lot from the line she is trying to renu the inside and system in the e.u. and in that context i think i was hoping that there will be a kind of coalition of the willing of maybe a dozen or more european states who will participate in this and will then also take up the migrants that's a crucial issue for it to the obviously and for countries like spain that don't want the migrants all to end up in their countries ok let's let me pick up on that what happens and who decides. to resettle migrants once they make
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landfall once they're allowed into port what's the process for them right now right at this moment was ships like the one we're seeing here are it's a very at talk process there's some cold odd which countries prepared to take some of these may have more than 100 migrants and there's another migrant ship currently waiting for. more than 300 to be taken up then a few countries in disguises maybe 5 or 6 france germany romania luxembourg countries such as these who say will take side take up a number of these and they will then be taken to that country and go into the normal asylum process in those individual does or does it open broad thanks very much bring us up to date on this well it is not just italy a number of other you countries opposed taking in migrants from africa the middle east including hungary 3 years ago though it allowed tens of thousands of east germans fleeing communism to cross its border making their way to west germany it was the 1st tear in the iron curtain between communist eastern europe and the
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democratic west and that event is being commemorated later today we look down at how guerin's view the removal of the border fences 30 years ago and the construction of new ones today. it's a remote village in southern hungry right on the border with serbia this barbed wire fence is 4 meters high and razor sharp this is also the use external border and it's now closed to refugees. cutty book which is visiting the restricted access area in southern hungary. she was here in 2015 when the 1st big wave of refugees arrived from syria africa and afghanistan. i remember these hordes of refugees on the border in 2015 and budapest we heard about the conflicts and problems arising here we brought hundreds of tenders some blankets with donation and it was september and the nights were already very cold
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or 5 hours or. it wasn't easy to get past the armed guards protecting the border cutty help the refugees put up tents their feet were wrecked from walking long distances she recalls and no provisions had been made for them. 30 years ago at hungary's border with austria the world witnessed another wave of refugees. it was only so reporters applauding and here we are we can't believe it's it's own. it was in the border town of shop run that the iron curtain began to crumble when $500.00 east germans fled to the west. out of pod belo was one of the soldiers guarding the crossing on the 19th of august 1909 a peace demonstration was being held what's gone down in history as the pan-european picnic hungry opened the border fence for 3 hours in
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a symbolic gesture agreed to by austria and hungary. suddenly droves of east germans appeared in the cornfield and fled across the open border it was an escape that had been carefully planned the border guards could have prevented the escape he's been called a hero. and of course of course that's only half true i don't feel like a hero not in the least but it's true that we turned a blind eye we made sure we were looking towards austria and didn't see what was happening on behind us the borders to. the east german refugees were dazed but elated. i am tired of it we're free. we're glad to have made it to the shaft i'm. now hungry has rebuilt expenses to keep refugees out the right wing government is anti immigration to the dismay of cutty book which then put them on manual i mean i wonder how many people these days would be happy to see the iron curtain that stood 1030 years ago rebuilt that would have been
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a neck and neck. many hunger ariens have the same opinion as the owner of this ice cream parlor. we had no idea what was going on. we didn't know who they were there were no more and more of them kept on coming. we were afraid many for children. we didn't know what these refugees wanted when we got together made up a dish and i would talk with. ironically now that the border is closed business has dried up the ice cream parlor is close in this year. as brief you know some of the other stories making the news at this hour a malaysian court has postponed a trial of the country's next prime minister on fraud charges. he used to revolve meant in the looting of a state investment fund he faces 5 trials in total after losing elections last year
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he's accusing his successor of c. . in political revenge. in the bangladeshi capital dhaka several 1000 people have been left homeless after a massive fire swept through a crowded slum area many of the makeshift homes had plastic grooves which help the flames spread no deaths were reported of though a number of people were injured. u.s. president trump says he doesn't want to do business with chinese telecoms giant wall way even as washington considers allowing that company to buy supplies from american companies that decision is expected to be announced later today always considered a threat to the security of u.s. communications. wildfires on the spanish island of gran canaria have forced some 4000 people to be evacuated from their homes officials say a number of communities are threatened in an area hit by the fire they say tackling new blazes is being complicated by
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a combination of high temperatures strong winds and low humidity. now the iranian oil tanker seized off the british territory of drawl to house set sail after a court there released at the greece one was held on suspicion of smuggling oil to syria that contrary to e.u. sanctions has been renamed eatery and darya one and as raised in a rain in flight before it sets as expected that tehran will now release a british flag tanker that it sees in retaliation there is more. to life 4th moments that further inflame to the west's tensions with iran british royal marines and gibraltar officials seize a tanker carrying iranian oil accusing it of plans to deliver its cargo to syria they halted the ship off of the coast of gibraltar the british territory located on spain's southern tip 2 weeks later iran responded in kind it also seized a ship a british tanker sailing just south of iran in the strait of hormuz. iran
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published this video of troops wrapping down to capture it to iran allege to the british vessel violated maritime rules. then deadlock both ships stayed where they were until gibraltar announced last week it would release the iranian tanker gibraltar said it had been assured the tanker full of iranian oil would not go on to syria but that wasn't enough for washington the u.s. submitted its own request to seize the vessel over sanctions violations gibraltar's government denied that petition on sunday trading the e.u. sanctions regime against iran which is applicable in gibraltar is much narrower than that applicable in the u.s. . iran's bustle has now set sail once more raising hopes of a deescalation in the dispute with tehran. so let's get some analysis now with used
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research proper she's just returned from iraq and from the strait of hormuz good morning teresa do you know 1st off if we have any idea where this newly named arabian flag tanker is headed well that's the $1000000.00 question here i mean iran has never disclosed the original destination of the tanker but always saying it was not headed for syria and now marine checking apparently shows that it's heading toward the east of the mediterranean maybe towards greece listing kalamata as a potential for this final destination. but it's absolutely unclear what will happen to the tanker like even if it goes to come on time because greece was one of the countries that was still allowed to buy iranian oil even under u.s. sanctions until recently but that's no longer the case so any country that will buy the cargo the ship has might be subject to u.s. sanctions and it's still unclear whether the ship will reach this final destination because iran is not just warned the u.s.
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against seizing the oil tanker in the open seas that he was just coming becoming a post a few moments ago get this still not sure whether the tanker will be allowed to go away at once to ok you know you were in the strait of hormuz you were been talking to people there you are out on the waters as we're looking at the vessels underway there around the u.s. and britain have all been seizing tankers what's the strategy at play and in tanker seizure well at least this seizure of the british flag tenko was an act of a tele ation that's for sure the iranians said the official reason was a violation against international law but everybody knows it's been an act of retaliation and that's the reason that resonates very well with a run in public because they feel that the detainment off their bessel in gibraltar was unjustly done so and this is also the sanctions against their country of a hostile act and i've been talking to people and they said we don't want any conflict with any other countries but if they treat us that way we're willing to
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defend. our country against that so whatever the initial strategy was behind the 10 minute of the tango it has somewhat backfired because the tensions with iran and in the region have only become worse and ok so the seizure of the iranian tanker got the people to back the regime in tehran. with the iranian tanker now released from job roll to does that mean that tehran's going to free the british flag vessel that its older yeah well that's very likely to happen yes i mean i was in. just a couple of days ago that's where they took the bridge flecked tanker from the open sea where it was detained so now it's in the port there and remote controlling everything there is what i was told i couldn't go that far no and specifically as a journalist i'm not in danger proceedings so they've been preparing for some sort of an exchange so far but as i said the trust in the u.s. and the united kingdom as well is not very high so i suppose they're waiting until
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their own tanker has reached a safe destination until they set the bridges tanker free ok to secure the flow of oil and to protect the freedom of shipping it in the gulf region britain said to join the u.s. task force now in the gulf germany has turned down the call from washington to trumpet ministration of course not after about that what's germany's justification for its refusal to protect its oil as well that comes through the gulf well germany still believes that negotiations are the best way to deal with iran that's why they've been advocating to save the nuclear deal they signed with iran back in 2015 the one us president pulled out of a year ago and apparently they also know that tehran will see any type of naval mission in the gulf as a hostile act specifically if it comes from countries that the iranians consider enemy states like the u.s. like the u.k. and also israel so that's why germany is not taking part of that and people they also see it the same way they don't want any extra regional forces in their
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backyard so any. sort of mission well and to complicate things even further and germany still looking for a political solution ok and iran has just underscored with the news from the foreign ministry that it will not tolerate america seizing any vessels that news coming through this morning teresa thanks very much. still to come on the show the people of iceland say farewell to a glacier it's the 1st one to officially disappear we'll look at the future of that nation's glaciers as the globe continues warming. but 1st people in hong kong have once again filled the streets on the 11th straight weekend of mass pro-democracy protests organizers say while some $1700000.00 people us nearly a quarter of the total population turned out to show that this movement still has momentum but this weekend's demonstrations were also about what did not happen
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there was little violence no rubber bullets few clashes and no tear gas. was on. the still furious. on the other side of the barriers police protesters pick them out with now iconic places but today it's been peaceful with even time for this. but it still terribly serious protest organizers on sunday focused on police violence over the last couple of months. the police the today issued a statement about. targeting them in the face of our family that is totally true we x.x. li targeting at the police because the police had shown to the world that they had appeals that power breaking down over a belt. they started in victoria punk they got permission for this but the park was
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too small to contain them all. so they disregarded the rain the heat and the rules and they started to move it turned into a march to chill for a cheesehead not sanctioned the numbers that completely dominate the city. like i said they prepared for tear gas. the police seemed absent and there was no violence a victory for open eyes as they really are trying to counter this narrative that sprung up over the last few weeks that some of these protesters are extremely violent that's something that both held by scenes that we saw at the apple was an earlier this week which was brought on by chinese say media is proof that these protesters what with violent and not sort of peaceful at the peaceful demonstrations like the ones we've seen today and into the night protests is to their frustration in light on the police had. well today is
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united nations annual world humanitarian day when tributes paid to aid workers who risked their lives and humanitarian service in syria the white homeless or one such group there based in the city of idlib where 7 of its fall gears died in the course of a syrian government advance on that city it's the final stronghold of forces opposed to president assad. racing to save lives rescue of mohammed tommy receives details of the incident over his radio a russian warplane has dropped bombs on an apartment block in moderate on a town in syria's province right now every moment counts. they arrive at the scene to look for survivors buried in the rubble who can't get out without their help and their ownership. this time at least it seems no one has been hurt or needs the white helmets assistance.
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we help injured civilians children women and old people. i work is really important there's no other organization on the scene that's saving lives he was up for when it was shown that. mohammed joined the white helmet and 2013 he's one of 180 volunteers based here at this emergency center. of rescued thousands of people from the rubble that's what inspires muhammad to keep going. still not every mission is a success and the memories of what he's seen still haunt him i. woke up that what the new and the worst was when i pulled 2 brothers from underneath a concrete ceiling they'd both been sleeping in the same bed and one of them was already dead you know we say the other one that made me cry not by. the white
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helmet have been working around the clock since the government launched its little offensive. syrian and allied russian fighter jets have been bombing targets here in the last rebel held controlled region in the country. the government says it's only targeting militias loyal to al qaeda but in reality they've also been hitting apartments hospitals markets and schools. the white helmets document the reality of this war from the ground sees them as terrorists and that's why they themselves have become a target. and again as we were rushing to save people's lives russian jets launched a 2nd wave of bombings hitting the rescuers many of our people have been killed or injured in that way. 9 white helmets have died in the past 3 months alone the group says a good friend of mohamed's was one of them. couldn't
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deal with what happened for a whole week he couldn't talk to anyone and couldn't understand what had happened i was with him when he was hit we wanted to save civilians. mohammed has also been injured in the field several times. but he says in the end all that pain has just made him stronger. now what you see behind me was the location of a massive glacier that no longer exists as iceland's 1st glacier to global warming over the weekend that country marked its disappearance installing a memorial to the former glacier of the capital reykjavik satellite images taken in 1960 large amounts of snow and ice around the volcano today there is almost nothing left. to glaciers of iceland are spectacular sight from the
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air for years right there axel son has been photographing them. among them this one called auk the country's 1st glacier to officially vanish it lost its glacier status in 2014 and now a plaque remembers it with a letter to the future. most schoolchildren who know the glaciers name to vanish affects people in iceland both psychologically and emotionally a glycine many of known since childhood has ceased to exist. at a ceremony on sunday activists politicians and citizens bade farewell to auk but other clay shares are likely to follow like europe's largest fuck new yorker that iceland is losing more than $10000000.00 tonnes of glacier ice per year and researchers
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agree the reason is climate change. never nice and history have glasses melted as quickly as now everything points to the fact that this will continue in the future we have to suppose that in 200 years almost lysias will advantaged. axelson flew over the glaciers again a few days ago capturing images of a landscape that may soon be gone for ever. we have some sports ause the tennis and the cincinnati masters where russia's daniell medvedev beat davidoff and in the final to seal his 1st masters 1000 title medvedev in blue had lost in the final in the last 2 tournaments he played in but despite suffering cramps nothing was going to stop him against his belgian opponent he kept off the win with an ace to get all straight sets 7664. well coming up after the break it's the bun this league is show with all the goals from the 1st sunday
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of the season and a look at those big transfers at byron and the door plus when you own berlin are playing in their 1st ever game in the in this league and it was an emotional moment for fans before kick out find out how they fared in just a couple of minutes. i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being with us.
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alexandre for home ball. our series on tomorrow or today. we want to see what he saw to experience what drove him. but journeys through latin america following the footsteps of the great scientist. the next stage of our journey takes
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us deep into being amazon rachael to me just as much water people to borrow today in 60 minutes gentle. s.o.s. europe. is in crisis. if it still has a future it will need champions young champions. meeting bottom is what i'd just about spin away for a long time i took pieces of the things we value about europe for granted that now i sense this need be something that we don't people in particular need to find out it. comes to. me for activists from for a few countries. they are fighting for the dream of
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a united europe. to stand a chance. and they saved and european idea. was beyond anything stand up to you know the pain of an innocent and contribute to something implemented no disagreement upset. the future of europe starts september 2nd on d w. they say don't believe the hype but i do mean is numero uno buyer off to a rocky start and we witness history being made with you know in berlin making their bundesliga debut. new beginnings new in berlin had a tall order in their 1st ever but as they can match faces.


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