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this is deja vu news live from berlin a new life for children office law makes state fighters thousands live with their mothers in the camp in northeastern syria some european countries have allowed the sound of them to come home now germany has agreed to take 4 born to german fathers or mothers. also coming up the french president in michael about the home hosts his russian counterpart for a rare meeting with a number of crises fueling tensions between moscow and the west can't even find common ground with flags here but it. also coming up thousands flee
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a raging wildfire on spain's front canary island some 1000 firefighters are battling to control the blades of the flames are still advancing on several fronts officials are calling it fire mental trash. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us we start with a controversial decision here in germany to taken for children born to former fighters of the so-called islamic state earlier today critics of the words handed the children to a german delegation in syria it's the 1st time germany's agreed to accept i asked children from syria other european countries including france and belgium have already done so. departure for germany for children are traveling to the country of their parents who had once joined the so-called islamic state and died now for the
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1st time and after tough negotiations with the kurdish led administration the german government is repatriating children born to yes militants. smallish it's a welcome development that for german children who had been in custody in northern syria were able to leave the country today. in addition will advocate for the possibility of other children in the same circumstances to leave syria this essentially concerned small children whose living conditions are far from. the kurdish quality and not hold. 75000 people live in close quarters among them a many i guess followers hygiene and medical care are minimal deceases spread easily german children are among those growing up in these conditions and their mothers want to return home as soon as possible. he says she arrived in syria in 2014 and lived in iraq and di yes control she has been living in a kurdish come with her 2 children for 2 years.
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so it's very difficult for the children my son is 4 years old i send him here to school he has to learn something i want to learn something too it's already been 2 years that's time i won't get back i hope we'll get picked up so that we can get a 2nd chance. one out of many stories us pressure on the german government grows to bring more of its citizens back from syria and political correspondent william cross with us tell us more about today's decision why is this decision coming now. well it's coming after a month as we just heard in the report of growing pressure on germany that's really been dragging its feet the governments have been dragging its feet for months now and what to do with german i asked fighters are their families and their kids and their legal rights and coming back to germany now we've been seeing this court ruling that was also mentioned earlier saying that the kids have to come back they
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do have a legal right to come back to germany these suits were brought in part by family members grandparents of these of these children who want to see their grandchildren of their relatives returned to germany the reports are saying that they're actually meeting these children now in northern iraq where these children have been brought to under german care and after being checked for that their medically able to do it will be brought back to germany repatriated with their extended family members so what does this mean for the other children with german parents who are still in these camps in syria well that's still very unclear as we heard from in the piece as well as from a press conference on the ground there between german and kurdish officials there does seem to be some kind of plan in the works that will include more of these children more than $100.00 children are estimated to believe to have some kind of right for returning to germany but there's been no confirmed plan yet the german government still needs to go through the very laborious process of checking who
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these people actually are confirming their identities which is of course very hard in a conflict zone in a place where people don't really have identity documents and in a place where the german government itself doesn't have consular embassy representation that is a question isn't it you know these countries don't necessarily want these children or their parents for that matter to return home because they fear they might have been radicalized they might commit acts of violence so how dangerous are these former fighters. well of course we have to distinguish between the children of very young children this case they're all under the age of $101.00 is as young as 10 months if not younger and of course their mothers their fathers those who might have actually been involved in i guess fighting it's a bit of a problem either way they could stay in syria in iraq and face the possibility of being radicalized there in the years to come or they could be brought back to germany and the fear is that even if their parents were tried and found to be guilty and spent time in in prison in germany there would be of the chance of
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radicalization there or their kids could become radicalized or spread radicalization so there is a very delicate balance here between european and international law human rights law and of course serious national security concerns about who these people are confirming their identities and making sure that they're no threat to germany or the wider european union is a question a question that a lot of european countries are struggling with william how important is it that these children are taken to their parents' countries of origin well many of these children do have extended family members outside of this their parents living in germany and of course psychologists will tell you that these kids need to have a normal life and a chance at a normal life and of course can't be held responsible as minors as such young children for the potential crimes of their parents all right our political correspondent william no ugly crossed following this story for us thank you very much. french president in my own mccall has hosted his russian counterpart vladimir putin for a rare bilateral meeting at a summer residence on the mediterranean coast the talks are aimed at improving
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relations between moscow and the e.u. despite a number of international crises the leaders about a fresh effort to bring peace to eastern ukraine but disagreed on other pressing issues. some a spectacle even for tourists on the coat a plan to meet putin's helicopter churned up the mediterranean sea as he arrived for a choppy meeting with the french president. despite initial appearances it wasn't putin who came bearing gifts to this may being robbed of the french president again signaled his willingness to reset relations with moscow he's i'm to tackle the region's problems true corporation. we have to rebuild structures of security and the confidence between the european union and russia. but the french president simply doesn't agree with putin on how to solve problems such as syria and you cry and and the merge group all could win mccrum was asked about the protests in moscow
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today you'll note i'll repeat what we've already called for something for the freedom to protest freedom of expression freedom of thought the freedom to run in elections that human hooten has been under mounting pressure from pro-democracy protesters that olim the russian leader mccracken's own domestic problems that may be convenient for oil time and again the kremlin has played down russia's protests while playing those in france. so we do we all know about the yellow vests. according to our figures 11 people died during those protests 2000 were injured. and we don't want anything like that to happen in the russian capital. since he came to power mccrone has stressed that he wants to maintain a dialogue with putin's but monday's meeting again indicates that talking and deal making a very different things. that's some other stories making headlines around the
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world turkey's defense ministry says 3 civilians have been killed and 12 wounded in an attack on a turkish military convoy in northwestern syria a human rights group says the syrian regime and allied russian warplanes hit rebel held province blocking the line of military vehicles to prevent the convoy from advancing the u.s. says it has tested a medium range cruise missile off the country's west coast it's described as not being equipped with nuclear weapons but the move is seen as a sign that washington is ramping up its defense capabilities it comes just weeks after the u.s. withdrew from a cold war era pact with russia that banned all land based missiles a raging wildfire on the spanish island of gran canaria has forced thousands of people to flee some 1000 firefighters are struggling to get the blazes under control it is the biggest fire fighting operation ever carried out on the canary islands it's the 3rd well file since last week more than 1000 firefighters and
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soldiers are on shift work night and day to try and control a place in some areas flames from the fires reach 50 meters into the sky making new she drops from across the difficult work is now concentrated on keeping the outer limits of the fires contained so they don't reach an area as. mine you know from today and tomorrow are decisive then we'll know whether the fires are under control that doesn't mean they'll be out yet fires like these can last for days or even what are you of the several villages were evacuated as a precaution during the night and early hours of the morning around 9000 people left their homes they're staying with relatives or in emergency shelters. now there waiting for permission to return home to your group. i'm 87 years old and i can't remember a fire like this. it's unbelievable that it's happened again we simply have to look
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after the forests and fields better. the wildfires are raging and part of the unesco biosphere reserve strong winds are making firefighting operations even more difficult. german chancellor angela merkel has arrived in iceland for talks with prime minister starter on issues including climate change this comes just one day after he took part in a ceremony marking the 1st death of a glacier in the country due to global warming scientists predict all glaciers in iceland will face the famed fate in the next 200 years as chancellor merkel is welcomed in the icelandic capital reykjavik prime minister constructive reminded everyone about the consequences of ignoring climate change and you can see actually that everything scientists have predicted is happening now and that's why i think it's so important to do everything that's human live possible to prevent the
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climate crisis that we're already seeing around the world with these rates drop its flaws and very serious disappearing and i think it's also so important to remember that in our fight against the climate crisis we always must remember to. social justice gender equality and human rights because climate change affects people differently rich and poor rich and poor nations men and women. now to football after a slow start to the season byron munich have made what could be a figment ficken defining barcelona's phillipe cuttin you know on a loan deal the bonus league is waning champions have struggled to find top tier players in this transfer market and it showed in the 1st match but now the club's president says they're transfer business is done. by in munich season got off to a rocky start off so they drew the opening game against has a berlin and off the pitch the top brass have started in the transfer market
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falling short of expectations after losing key attacking players by and bulked up their defense spending big on lucas and on doesn't budge on my own pov but missing out on key targets further up the pitch instead signing 2 stopgap solutions on one year loan deals 1st 30 year old into milan winger even parazit and now barcelona's felipe continue by and will pay the spanish club an $8500000.00 loan fee and have the option to make the deal permanent for the staggering sum of 120000000 euros and the brazilian certainly knows he is under pressure which will subsidize uganda to see if it's a big responsibility wearing the byron shirt is a club with a great tradition and he especially the number 10 shirt which was previously worn by aryan robin who was a fantastic player here. i know there's
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a lot of pressure on me to deliver. little but i think i'll fit in very well here and play good football to meet the expectations of the club and the fans quest that's most of them. alone signing is a rare occurrence here before this summer by and it only brought in 9 players that way in their entire club history a short term fix which leaves the squad little time to gel on the pitch. right that's it for the news business with to now to milan is coming up in just a few minutes we'll leave you with images from the crowded skies over north macedonia and the world kerrick landing championships and we're serious when we say crowded skies here you can see there were hundreds of men and women from some 60 countries competing over and around the town of for several events stretched over a weekend after the final day covering the last 100 kilometers enjoy the ride.
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in a puzzle yourself it's not easy to go to another country and know nothing about. do this because we can't stay on venezuela. that. closely global news that matters d.w. made for mines you know that 77 percent. are younger than 60. that's me and me and you.


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