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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 20, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin twitter and facebook take action against chinese government propaganda targeting hong kong protesters beijing has been trying to counter the pro-democracy movement with social media dissin from asia some 200000 accounts linked to that campaign have now been suspended by twitter also coming up. germany agrees for the very 1st time to take back the children born to german islamic state fighters in syria but will their parents becoming back with
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them. and a landmark case in el salvador court acquits the young woman accused of murder after suffering a miscarriage a 21 year old was facing 40 years in prison. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us also show media platforms twitter and facebook have shut down accounts targeting the pro-democracy movement in hong kong the platforms said the accounts were part of a chinese government disinform ation campaign aimed at groups and individuals facebook as close a number of accounts as well now some of the posted images showing protesters as terrorists and cockroaches twitter suspended about 200000 accounts and plans to ban advertisements from state run media. or posts on social media platforms are
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just one part of beijing's propaganda war here's a look at state run t.v. his role in broadcasting the government line on hong kong. state propaganda can seem so harmless at hong kong's border china's communist rulers have rustled up a fairy tale $600.00 illuminated drones however in the night sky i love hong kong and i love china is their message but propaganda can have another aspect the evening news also has a message protesters are plunging hong kong into chaos. she's the only indian who should take to the demonstrators are like bread droppings they have angered the people and the powerful in heaven here in the u.s. . china's state media feed the viewers an endless stream of the same images of violence there's no coverage of peaceful mass protest demonstrators are equated
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with terrorists under the control of foreign powers no coincidence that the stars and stripes flutters into the shot. it doesn't start as a very young it's very sad that they are being led astray that most of us i hope every good tale needs a hero that rules are reserved for fuqua. a journalist for chinese state media who is seized the sound and beaten by anti beijing protesters at hong kong airport whose fate went viral on state controlled social media presented as an assault on all of china's 1400000000 citizens. while the demonstrators say they are defending human rights but they deny journalists their right to enter the airport i give that journalist a big thumbs up for the courage he showed to the images we don't get that propaganda is especially effective when it stirs up deeper feelings the signs of demonstrators throwing the chinese flag into hong kong harbor triggered outrage on
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social media and in response an outpouring of patriotic fervor from chinese citizens branding hong kong's pro-democracy movement as an attack on their national pride will soon trollish to say you it is a great honor for me to be one of the 1400000 defenders of our flag and i will do my best to ensure it is always respected without which as you well know it's injured teacher in china isn't only flying drones at the border close by and the paramilitary people's armed police has been holding drills this week more profit ganda that doesn't seem as harmless as i love hong kong. ok let's break this down now with did abuse a charlatan until she's been covering the protests in hong kong for us today to charlotte what have you been seeing where you are just how broad is a propaganda war being waged by beijing. boys thing
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is a real battle over the narrative of these process of course we've been seeing for days . weeks this narrative that's unfolding from beijing in the social media from chinese state media as well suggesting that all of these protests is a place to terrorists but the people here who are taking to the streets every day of course have their own social media campaign going on as well they are frequently posting images old what they say is police brutality just today we've seen one video in particular going viral that shows. an elderly man apparently being assaulted by police in a hospital that is absolutely everywhere on social media today people getting very upset about that because of course anger at police is has become one of the main motivating factors for people taking to the streets so people here in hong kong are really trying to challenge the narrative but it is a case of course if you believe who you trust trust on social media that will
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dictate of course how affected you are by any of the posts that you read in our shows facebook and twitter are fighting back against the propaganda coming from beijing they're closing down accounts and pages is this going to make a difference. well the concern is of course that this sort of a whack a mole situation that facebook and twitter are going to be facing they set up shut down some accounts will then pop up just as quickly in twitter in fact has said that it's already got up to 200000 other social media accounts under review at the moment so that just gives us a sense of the scale but this. way this narrative that we're seeing being played out is one of the reasons why people here in hong kong were never too concerned about those images that we saw of the people's arms police on the border with hong kong beijing people the police they felt that
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a lot has changed since tiananmen square in 1909 when beijing crackdown on protesters killing some suggest thousands of people people here know that china has other ways of cracking down on protesters social media being one of them they see those tanks on the border is just one part of this propaganda war that is being waged in beijing aims not only at people here but also people on the mainland as well proof that beijing isn't sitting on its hands when it comes of watching this protest move in and that they are prepared to take action it's a show of force if you like ok what about the damage that's being done by this propaganda how much has a curb the protesters image and their calls. this propaganda has been going on for weeks and what we saw on sunday is that these protests still can gather an enormous crowd they still do have broad support here
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we saw open eyes and say 1700000 people on the streets and one of the really. defining features of this protest movement is just how inventive these protesters are how creative they are to try and counter the narrative to keep momentum going we've seen them on the streets night often. right we've seen that they plan different ways of protesting that remain as peaceful as possible that big fear of course is that any image is a protest is behaving violently i will go around the out on social media they need to show that this is con as possible charles thanks so much for that from hong kong . it's a preview now on some of the other stories making the news today british prime minister boris johnson has called on the e.u. to scrap the so-called irish backstop in the bracks agreement and a letter to the european council president instead proposed a quote flexible and creative solution to potential problems at the northern
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ireland border you have so far insisted the withdrawal deal can not be renegotiated . a far far on the spanish island of gran canaria has forced evacuation of some 9000 people firefighters are struggling to get that blaze under control as strong winds fanned the flames this is the biggest fire fighting operation ever carried out in the canaries it's a popular tourist destination that sees millions of holiday makers every year. chance wrong machall is in iceland taking part in a climate summit with leaders of nordic countries she company iceland's prime minister on a visit to the stork national park and will visit a geothermal power plant later today. well for the very 1st time german authorities have taken in children born to former fighters of so-called islamic state the children were living in a refugee camp in syria in june
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a german court ruled that the country must take in children with german citizenship . departure for germany for children are traveling to the country of their parents who had once joined the so-called islamic state and died now for the 1st time and after tough negotiations with the kurdish head of ministration the german government is repatriating children born to i.a.s. militants. it's a welcome development that for german children who had been in custody in northern syria were able to leave the country today. in addition will advocate for the possibility of other children in the same circumstances to leave syria this essentially concerned small children whose living conditions are far from. the kurdish squalid in our whole camp alone 75000 people live in close quarters among them are many i.a.'s followers hygiene and medical care are minimal and deceases
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spread easily german children are among those growing up in these conditions and their mothers want to return home as soon as possible. he says she arrived in syria in 2014 and lived in iraq and die yes control she has been living in a kurdish camp with her 2 children for 2 years. so it's very difficult for the children my son is 4 years old i sent him here to school he has to learn something i want to learn something too it's already been 2 years that's time i won't get back i hope we'll get picked up so that we can get a 2nd chance. one out of many stories us pressure on the german government grows to bring more of its citizens back from syria. a 21 year old woman you know salvador whose baby was found dead in the toilet where she gave birth has been cleared of murder during a retrial evelyn hernandez had always maintained her innocence she says she didn't
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know she was pregnant and lost consciousness during the birth women's rights groups have been calling for her acquittal. it's a happy ending for evelyn hernandez after 3 years behind bars a court and send salvatore a quid at the young woman of aggravated homicide charges the prosecution had requested a 40 year sentence. finally free hernandez couldn't hide her joy. thank you for being here and thank god justice was done i also want to express my gratitude to those who have protested on might be half as well as my supporters and other countries and i want to thank my mother for the being there for me all along . hernandez had been imprisoned after suffering a miscarriage and being found guilty of murdering her unborn child the woman's
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lawyers argued she'd been raped and was unaware of her pregnancy when an upset trick emergency at her home resulted in a stillbirth. woman convicted under el salvador's draconian anti abortion law usually face sentences of 2 to 8 years but often those who seek medical treatment after a miscarriage are charged with aggravated homicide and 2017 hernandez was sentenced to 30 years in prison but in february el salvador supreme court overturned the ruling for lack of evidence over the past 2 years the struggle of evelyn hernandez has become a symbol for the women's rights movement and the fight for a more lenient abortion policy and all of latin america. that's why scores of activists out so. the court house celebrated the ruling as a collective victory and a long overdue step in the right direction. we have some
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sports now and a surprise draw at home has byron munich trying to strengthen its side with the signing of forward philippe continue from barcelona the brazilian joining them on a season long loan will be wearing number 10 as you can see that was the number of the recently retired football icon are you and robin of all goes well will then have the option of making the deal permanent while that for a cool 120000000 euro. and italian champions event to say their coach radio sorry is being treated for pneumonia the diagnosis means he's likely to miss is team season opener against parma that's coming up on saturday the 6 year old had already sat out a friendly on sunday with the flu sorry to go over at eventis in june before that he coached the english side chelsea leading them to last season's europa league title. this is the interview news live from berlin coming up
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next our documentary north korea all the dictators for now for me brian thomas and the entire news team thanks so much for being with us and rita will join us at the top of the hour. welcome to the book is the game here the. place to talk about. this country. 3 more. little we have. let's have a look at some of the. good morning. we can p.w. .


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