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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 20, 2019 2:00pm-2:31pm CEST

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this is deja vu news coming to you live from twitter and facebook take action against chinese government propaganda targeting hong kong protests as beijing has been trying to counter the pro-democracy movement but social media descend from mission some 200 towns in the counseling to that campaign have now been suspended by twitter. also coming up a landmark case in el salvador of course it creates a young woman accused of murder after suffering a miscarriage the 21 year old was facing 40 years in prison. and cole is at the
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heart of an election campaign in the german state of branded bug but it's a major employer look at how the far right if tea party is fighting to keep the industry going against government plans to shut it down. and if you're feeling blue go green and academic study has found that there's nothing better than a breeze to walk in the park to hide your happiness. hello and welcome i've a myth. social media platforms streets and facebook of shut down accounts targeting the pro-democracy movement in hong kong the platform. for chinese government just information campaign aimed at groups and individuals facebook has closed a number of accounts some of the images posted showed protesters as terrorists and
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cockroaches twitter suspended over 200000 accounts and plans to ban advertisement from state run media. and social media back from the just bonbon part of beijing's propaganda war state run t.v. is also playing a role as we hear in our next report. this is the scene on the border of hong kong 600 illuminated drones hover in the night sky i love hong kong and i love china is their message the mainland urging calm and restraint. but state media is sending another more chilling message as well the evening news presenter says the protesters are plunging hong kong into chaos she's the huntington do you think. the demonstrators are like bread droppings they have angered the people and the powerful in heaven here and yet. chinese state
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media feeds the viewers an endless stream of the same images of violence there's no coverage of peaceful mass protests. demonstrators are equated with terrorists controlled by foreign powers and here to prove it is the us flag. it doesn't strike me as a very young it's very sad that they are being led astray i mean that the mossad. the official narrative features a hero standing up to chaos how a journalist for chinese state media who was bound and beaten by anti beijing protesters at hong kong airport food fake went viral on state controlled social media presented as an assault on all of china's 1400000000 citizens. i don't put your father to demonstrate just say they are defending human rights but they deny journalists my rights to enter viet ports i give a journalist a big films look for the courage he showed. without going into official media has
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also focused on protesters actions seen as highly unpatriotic this clip of demonstrators throwing the chinese flag into hong kong harbor triggered outrage on social media and outpouring of patriotic fervor from chinese citizens branding hong kong's pro-democracy movement an attack on their national pride. it is a great honor for me to be part of the 1400000000 defenders of our flag. and i will do my best to ensure it is always respected. an airborne light show isn't the only spectacle at the border the paramilitary people's armed police have also been holding drills this week a show of force to back up the media messaging. a correspondent shot a chance and bill is in hong kong covering protests that are shot to strong propaganda offensive by beijing what is the strategic thinking and is it likely to
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work. well from what we've seen of some of this propaganda across social media their goal is to prime for trade this movement in its violent light as possible as was mentioned on the report chinese state media release bronc on that incident a week ago today the protesters was seen behaving extremely bodily the president cells then had to apologize for that afterwards but what this propaganda is trying to do is offer a very different narrative to the one that has been coming from the protest movement in hong kong they're trying to counter the images that we've seen on sunday for example of hundreds of thousands of people protesting peacefully on the streets now a lot of the protesters here have become wise to this social media campaign which has been going on for weeks they are adapting that tactics accordingly what we really saw on sunday was protest is determined united in their goal to stay as
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peaceful as possible one protester said to us he was aware of some of the images circling on social media or protests and violence they needed to send a different message that they essentially didn't want to feed this chinese propaganda apparatus anymore so what we're seeing is the protesters being creative and really ducting their strategy so from what you say is this having the chinese propaganda campaign is it having any kind of impact on the protesters and support for the movement. well it's very hard to judge what we must point out is that there have been a number of probation. police protests here in hong kong in recent weeks there was one over the weekend but they simply haven't attracted the same numbers as the number of. democracy protests that we've seen the one on sunday organizers say attracted 1700000 people now
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a lot of what the protest is telling us is that they. becoming do you see this is strategy from beijing they say that's one of the key reasons that they want to take you concerned about the possibility of any chinese forces imminently being on the streets in hong kong they say a lot has changed since 989 when beijing sent in troops to quell on reskilling some say thousands of people in tiananmen square protests here china simply moved on from that tactic it's just a case of ways of trying to quell unrest change the narrative and that's exactly what these protesters are trying to counter. in hong kong thank you very much. let me have bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the russia and china have warned that a u.s. missile test on sunday has heightened military tensions and risks sparking an arms race washington said it had tested
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a new medium range cruise missile the test comes just weeks off to the u.s. withdrew from the treaty with moscow that banned land based missiles. british prime minister boris johnson has called on the e.u. to scrap the irish backstop in the brakes agreement in a letter to the european council president of. what he called a flexible and creative solution to potential problems the northern ireland border discuss rejected johnson's of piecing this letter can. tain't realistic alternative . migrants are jumping off the spanish humanitarian and rescue ship open arms in a desperate bid to reach the italian shore they've been blocked from entering port for 19 days in deteriorating conditions italy's hard line interior minister has refused boat access to the ship. in a landmark case a young woman in el salvador whose baby was found dead after she gave birth has.
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been cared of mudda even has orbison intend to in a sense she says she did not know she was pregnant and lost consciousness during birth a case has been closely watched with drives groups calling for her acquittal and for a change in el salvador stuff anti abortion laws. freedom for evelyn hernandez after 3 years behind bars a court in san salvador acquitted the young woman of aggravated homicide charges she had been serving a 30 year sentence. flanked by her supporters a moment of huge relief. that thank you for being here and thank god justice was done i also want to express my gratitude to those who have protested on might be half as well as my supporters and other countries and i want
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to thank my mother for it being there for me all along. hernandez had been imprisoned after suffering a miscarriage and being found guilty of murdering her unborn child. the woman's lawyers argued she had been raped and was unaware of her pregnancy when an emergency at home resulted in a stillbirth women convicted under el salvador's draconian anti abortion law usually face sentences of 2 to 8 years. but often those who seek medical treatment after a miscarriage are charged with aggravated homicide and 2017 commandos was sentenced to prison but in february el salvador supreme court overturned the ruling for lack of evidence over the past years the struggle of evelyn hernandez has become a symbol for women's rights movement and the fight for a more lenient abortion policy in all of latin america that's why scores of
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activists outside the courthouse celebrated the ruling as a collective victory and a long overdue step in the right direction. in less than 2 weeks voters in the gym and states of saxony and brandenburg go to the polls in 2 closely watched elections that's because in both states the far right a.f.g. could become the strong spotty and push the established parties to c.d.u. and the s.p.d. into the background so what's giving the f.t. campaign extra appeal is code the last major producer india canonically week. now the if he wants to keep our fired power plants in operation why the c.d.u. and s.p.d. have decided they must go with thousands of people employed in the coal industry the f.t.'s position is popular in the region. it's half past 3 and stephan kubicki is under pressure he needs to order a crane. that's me again what kind of grain do any kind of wine was it
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again or what. works in a coal fired power plant in the eastern german region of loose asia. lately he's been managing his election campaign qubits key wants to represent the far right alternative for germany party or a f.t. in brandenburg state parliament. seen years ago i never would have thought that i would get into politics so to speak and be there some volatile because i could have gone a fishing and honored taken my dog for a walk i could have had a lot easier it's tough to be in the a.f.d. . hostile to you on your point of but the f.d.a. is popular here germany's phase out of coal fired power plants has many people here worried and the a.f.d. backs coal power which is practically the region's only source of income the party
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thrives on frustration with germany's mainstream parties or. whatever they've done for the last 30 years they make most people sick people don't believe in all the promises being made again just before the election. and. after the collapse of communist east germany many people move to the west sense then the center left social democrats have governed the state of brandenburg. but since the emergence of the f.t. many voters deny climate change and use fear mongering to stir up xenophobia this party that's been tied to the nao nazis could become the most powerful force in the former east only a few people here are willing to comment on the a.f.d. is rise in popularity. it was a 100 times on where they want to go. we won't know until they're in power on the bottom and then it may be too late but it is my sincere. a.f.d.
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candidate stephan kubicki who could lure s.p.d. voters to his camp dismisses concerns that his far right party is too extremist. what if something in the f.t. became unacceptable 90 out fast but i don't think that's an issue. you mean a far right trend yes that's always the assumption that there isn't one it's well informed and yet some of qubits keys own friends and family criticized him when he joined the f.t. problem you have all your. family was divided some other relatives too were really surprised and some were horrified and they said man you're a decent guy how can you join the effort you come through and. even so other parties have been losing ground to the a.f.d.
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but not the environmentalist greens they've won supporters on the issue of the climate crisis and say they don't know why eastern germans vote for the far right. people are doing well and that's why they're willing to do ridiculous experiments we have 3 percent unemployment and our district is at the top compared with others . but when it comes to the f.d.a. they act crazy and take risks. with us he. has nothing to offer and they don't contribute to solving any problems at all he said they just make complaints about their discontent. hearkens this evening another drawn out complaint. they have tea party leader alexander gallons made an announcement he thrives on polarizing communities stephanie also knows how to score points with this crowd.
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the funniest question was what do i think of the climate activist great to turn back i was taken aback so i answered i drive a v.a. with 388 horsepower do i still have to answer this question. but the party chief gets even more applause added i'm going to ladies and gentlemen if the f.d.a. governs brandenberg we will patrol our borders again. when. we leave him dear friends even if that means things get ugly many voters say gallons unvarnished frankness compliments steffen complete skis more amiable style i am sure for mr tibbetts he talks so much like ordinary people other politicians use more of a parliamentary language but he talks like the workers in the power plant and of
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course people really like it. the f.d.a. can do what it wants in eastern germany at least it's set to become the party of the people. i was elections coming up in the region and let's find out more detail because chief political editor michel is with me michel we got a glimpse of the 50 and its appeal in the region do you think that the party really makes strong electoral gains in the newsroom elections coming up well certainly the opinion polls do tell us that the f.t. can expect gains that it is potentially the strongest party in brandon and in the state of saxony also a key state it's expected to become the strongest posse of essentially dethrone ingham ackles conservative c so that is a warning sign to the big 10 posses here and they know they already on the whole in decline and the if he is clearly benefiting from that they themselves want to be
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the party of the people they put on the election post the post says we are the people these and us for the slogan from 30 years ago of those people who bravely brought down the wall so they're trying to catch on to that positive history and change their profile from this one issue party against migration to actually having a much wider appeal so appropriating actually symbols which have a completely different context but really they expect to chew and have implications for the government at the national level yes they will it will make it give the far right if the an even stronger voice after in the last elections we saw them into the parliament for the very 1st time makes a difference in the odds germany's upper house of course if they end up becoming stronger but it's unlikely that they will actually be in government because they're still trying to find a potential coalition partner nobody really wants to go into coalition with them
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which they would need to actually be in government at the same time there's an. underlying fear with individual voices of within going back we'll see do you having in the past already called for at least entertaining the idea this we can rule out for this time around so but the vote for the if t. is going up and we have to remind ourselves the if he is the far right party which also has alleged links with neo nazis what are the implications of such a party gaining more and more support electorally in society here well we've seen that the debate is becoming a much much more confronted here in germany that populism rightwing populism has become more socially acceptable gone more mainstream at the same time they are democratic party the far right wing is actually being observed here by the agency for basically looks at whether there could potentially be a breach of the general constitution so that under suspicion of being anti democratic but for now they seem to be changing the political game and briefly. a
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good one of the party would be if to actually lead a regional government at any time soon that's not on the cards but their success and certainly the social democrats failure who are now in government could actually see a risk and to the german coalition here nationally but the situation has been as open as it has been for decades here in germany right now. thank you very much for that analysis. now if you want to see happy go green a new study from the us has found that a good walk in the park is an excellent week for tiny's to get rid of the blue is the only that of course but the research is in the notably virgin state of vermont took an innovative approach to reach their conclusions have a look. life can be hard in the concrete jungle and increasingly research is revealing that greenery and open spaces can have a big impact on how urban dwellers feel but how to show that spending time in
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a park makes you happier in their new study researchers from the university of vermont in the us turn to a popular social media platform twitter and an online tool called a heat and ometer which has been used to analyze billions of tweets the 2 ranks common words typed into the short electronic messages on a scale from one to 9 and assigns them a score words like happy and flowers score high while words like crash and jail scored low the researchers focused on almost 5000 twitter users in san francisco who publicly identify their location the scientists geotagged and analyze tweets from one end where the users spent time the he nominee or then spat out a score on those tweets and the scientists analyze changes and sentiment before during and after the twitter users time in green spaces their results show tweet happiness wars rose dramatically for the users and parks in fact they were equivalent to scores only otherwise averaged across the social media platform on
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one day a year christmas. has vast numbers of people moved to urban centers and the number of city dwellers who suffer from mental health disorders grow sharply proof that green spaces can make you feel like it's christmas could have major implications for both city planning and public health. and give that support was by dint of. eric williams from a science desk you know and joins me this is a welcome derek so the study came so that you know box make people happy can really measure that well actually this is kind of a no brainer in a way for anyone who lives in a major urban center we know that going into the park can make you feel better and make you feel more positive what's really interesting about this research though is the methodology it's really pretty cool i mean to use a tool like twitter in order to estimate or figure out how people are feeling at a particular given moment in time is not a simple thing to do 1st of all you have to have
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a parameter you have to have this he denominator this this tool that allows you to do that now it's based on a group of human volunteers that these words are not are not generated by machines and they're not interpreted by machines the data the but at the base was was interpreted by people people decided how positive happy was or how positive flowers was but that what's interesting is that it's able to then crunch these tweets and and spit out a number that allows you 1st of all then to measure it and this tool has already been used in city planning to interpret things like levels of positivity within cities or across seasons but now what's interesting about this is that they've also added an extra dimension which is you have to interpret where people are when they're tweeting these things and in order to do that these researchers tracked people who were publicly announcing their locations over a period of about 3 months and they were then in terms of time seeing that their stare positivity their levels of positivity as interpreted by this human ometer
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were surging when they went into parks and that effect was continuing for about 4 hours afterwards now whether a surgeon positivity is the same thing as happiness exactly is a philosophical question actually but it's really related to that what did me well this is the a conclusion is after all just methodology and whatever they conclude is that if you're going to fuck you feel happy as happy as if you did christmas it's as easy as that somebody else would say i go to a pub and i drink 3 pints and i feel happy well as has. use your christmas i don't know how have your after you've had 3 pints but people are certainly tweeting very positive things i mean what's the what's probably the most normal tweet in the world to send somebody were to put out there on christmas is merry christmas or maybe happy holidays and so it's really kind of an artificial benchmark in a way but at the same time what they're saying is they were able to observe people actually hitting that artificial benchmark on a regular basis when they were in parks ok but only tricia from a methodology only true to uses was. in this thing about how representative rich a
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uses for this such a big conclusion which is as you said an obit on the 1st place that's actually a very interesting question because when you think about it the whole idea of going into a park you know somebody who's twitter obsessed somebody who's pulled out pulling out their phone and tweeting all the time you wouldn't assume that they would actually bring the full benefits of being of sitting in the park so but the demographics the information that we have in the research that's been done into this the demographics of the average twitter user it looks like the research is fairly robust and i mean it certainly strong enough that after work i'm going to go out into the dark i'm just going to stay off of my thing i'm a big fan of fox's bill derek millions of us i'm sick thank you very much for giving us the science of why we feel happy when we go into the green park or into the countryside. that officer misfortunate still surprised to see land and messy. which make the shortlist of the year but this it add the day of billie simpson to that stellar list simpson please focus in the ladies in the know than on in women's league she volleyed this stuff from inside her own half against.
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simpson is one of 3 women making up the 10 shortlist the winner will be announced at the fifo football awards next. it's been dubbed the great mass migration of 2019 the day strong winds created a viral video sensation. in the u.s. state of colorado picked up dozens of actresses that had reportedly been dug for an open net movie night captured on video by a local resident they migrated across the park and finally found a resting place in a public swimming pool. you're watching the news here's a recap of the top story that we're following for you this hour. twitter and facebook have taken action against chinese government propaganda targeting hong
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kong protests has. suspended more than 200000 accounts trying to discredit the pro-democracy movement there with information. coming up next close up a documentary with a reporter. if you can. a
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number of hopes for world cup glory concerns building stadiums the host of these suckers events of 2022 for the appear to be big changes afoot in the state itself how much progress is really being made behind the scenes i'm extremely surprised to hear that is anything remotely resembling a democracy. lifting the veil and. close up next on w.
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welcome to the what is the game here for d.w.i. . trying to talk about. this us on coverage. more for. us a little we have. let's have a look at some of the other much of the around the league is still shaking in their boots who could breathe a sigh of relief so you don't want to miss. this guy. b.t.w. . how does time on tapes to. w. correspondent susumu her. coast maybe only. all of the various flavors of the exotic are missing i am
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a challenge for you all during him and the week. confusion and the fun. from street food the 5 star restaurant tasting taipei starts september 1st 2. on t.w. . the top land of shakes and of big business. but it's a world that these people live in to millions of migrant workers drafted in to make the dream of a modern monarchy become reality. millions of gas and petro dollars continue to flow into the building sites mushrooming across a country that prides itself on its rise while observers remain skeptic.


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