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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  August 20, 2019 8:15pm-8:31pm CEST

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in terms business africa that's the bottom of the world news at the top be our out in the meantime of course as always are all the latest on the web site that state w dot com however does. s.o.s. europe. is in crisis. if it's to have a future it will meet champions young champions. tour activists who are country. they are fighting for the dream. do they stand
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a chance. and they seem to good idea. mike i need to stand up for european values and contribute to something important that ship last future of europe starts september 2nd on g.w. . the 1st. is africa gearing up to show beijing the cold shoulder china is the biggest investor on the continent and its biggest credit hold up some african countries including ethiopia want to get out of the date trap also coming up with germany's chemical and lifestyles company by ourself its animal health unit has to count to epping revenues on traffic. odds put chill game face on because it's against common the world's largest gaming event is back with
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a new focus on smaller developers. but come to this is africa cajones to have you with us. now china is africa's biggest investor in infrastructure projects investment is good but there is a caps with loans worth $143000000000.00 between 200-2017 china has also become the largest creditor on the continent international critics have long said beijing is landing african nations index tops and encouraging dependency and there are skeptical voices being raised elsewhere to in ethiopia for example leave on motors assembles cars for ethiopia's rapidly growing middle class i think of 444 cars in the market because they will do the future so. the other mother company that decided the commissaire tool that they need. the cars
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are chinese and the streets they drive on have also been built by chinese companies today china has led ethiopia 12000000000 euros to upgrade its infrastructure the country is one of the largest recipients of chinese loans in all of africa structured development helping you see up at a little more than 8 percent a year ethiopia has long been considered china's poster child in africa since the early 1990 s. audi's ababa has oriented itself toward beijing successful development model this is included economic upswing by government order but that growth came despite widespread protests in the spring of 2018 a new government was elected the new president liberalize the country and relations with china have also changed. yeah and i don't care about human rights abuse in the country the china don't care about how the government is running their own country it's all about business just like in this new apartment complex in addis ababa
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built by chinese companies with loans from chinese state owned banks it's being built with materials imported from china. it's a similar story with the fun motors all the components come from china but the workers are ethiopian they earn 32 year as a month that's in line with average wages in the country the chinese give little away and that means they will most likely insist on repayment of the loans for ethiopia's infrastructure projects. of for more i'm joined now by health munda rector of our investment and development policy at the german african business association good to have you with us i think one of the most we're biggest questions right now is why and how did african nations actually get that dependent on chinese investment i really think of going back to history it was the chinese saying that we will the group of developing countries will in the same old method
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and google in the same katha let's work together but time now for course were developed a lot faster than the african continent did for example and so now we're getting a little unbalanced a little bit of a balance there and you can certainly sends a sort of a shift of attitude we've just seen this report of ethiopia there was also in recent months tanzania recently suspending a china back to ports project can you hold that construction again of a china backed coal fired power plant just think this is a shift of attitude or are they just isolated incidents i think it's 2 things happening at the same time it's on the one hand it's them the african governments starting to move for development in a sustainable way and they need to look for work places for their for their people for their growing population and if they don't make it so about to have more of the value added in the country they're going to be in a bit of a problem very soon and the other one is i think that the chinese are really
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looking at their 1st of blending feeling and the clustered respect best ought to have in some countries and some sectors i also know for a couple of projects also in kenya preg sample based on the quarter a way that was stopped because the credit was not disbursed by the tiniest so it's a very interesting parallel movements so it's certainly high high time for african nations looking for investment to look elsewhere not just china and we where exactly is germany right now. well that's a good question and i think africa has been looking at germany for quite a long time this that we would like the investments to come from germany but the germans are still quite reluctant we have the technology but it's high end technology and it's still difficult to place it and some parts of the continent and it's difficult to find the financing. we need more german investors to go there to take the opportunities that's according to the uk i think it's a crystal it's a risk. cristian of risk mitigation it's political biased and we don't have the
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backing from the state like time has but it's getting more what we have developed of what the government has developed since a g. 20 i think is a good step forwards with getting more money on the table for more projects so we're hoping for that now in this report we just said that china is likely to ask for its money back sooner or later what happens to african countries when that happens good talk about a lot of money there and we we're talking about a lot of money i'm afraid i think parts has been backed up given collateral with materials that show resources and all of that but at the end of the day i mean if you have a contract even if it's a contract with china and you have a grace period of 20 years so basically money given for free then you can't really come up and say i wanted to be paid back right now but we see what happens but countries will be broke you know right you tell them of the director of investment and development policy at the german african business association they thank you so
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much for being here and share your insights with us. well moving on to our next story and that brings us to germinate chemicals and life science giant bio the take over all of us agriculture john one son till date not only caused by a billions of dollars it also led to lawsuits of the company's weed killer round up which is alleged to cause cancer so foggy and used by a has lost every single round up related lawsuit and stiff fines of just the chemical company to the verge of bankruptcy or at least a lot of shareholders have dropped out now by its selling some assets to stay quit man's best friend is trending with incomes rising worldwide the demand for animal health products is also increasing now german pharmaceutical giant buyer is selling its animal health unit to u.s. based drug firms a langkow for $7600000000.00 the move will create the 2nd largest company of its
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kind for buyer animal health is only a small part of the group's business and 20 again it brought in revenue of around one and a half 1000000000 euros it's larger units include consumer health with $5400000000.00 euros crop science with just over $14000000000.00 and pharmaceuticals with almost $17000000000.00 euros selling the animal health division will allow buyer to bring in some urgently needed cash the company has had a few rough months with multibillion dollar lawsuits over the weekend a round up on its active ingredient delightful said with phones dwindling and share prices dropping fire has recently moved to sell units not directly related to its core business of life sciences most recently it on loaded some time lotion brand coppertone as well as its dr scholl's foot care unit buyers planning to focus more on its traditional divisions including pharmaceuticals and consumer health.
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and i just some of the other business stories making headlines. african swine fever has decimated the poor trade in china but help some breeders to a healthy profit according to the chinese ministry of agriculture at least one 3rd of the market has been wiped out prices of homes have now reached $200.00 an all time high and they are set to rise further as demand goes up after the summer months should help. thousands of people in ghana are worried they could lose their lives savings the country's central bank has cracked down on 23 savings and loans companies and from the boat to their licenses due to a lack of cash reserves around $70000.00 people are affected with as much as $1600000000.00 u.s. dollars tied. now this is games called the world's largest computer games trade fair has opened its doors to visitors in cologne the opening was streamed live on the internet meet us around the world could tune into the
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spectacle over 370000 visitors at last year's games on this yeah even with what i expected to check out several new titles from some of the world's most prominent develops but this year's gabe's com is also growing bigger on smaller studios indie game village is a new addition to the program a showcase for small developers and one of them is called the good evil and it's run out of a small flat in cologne it's a tiny operation and the studios games are no match for major developers but that doesn't bother them we're as it's not set off to make millions and millions of money but for us it's to a profit be a profitable business case that were to gives us the freedom to do. a bit maybe we nicer games for like a very specific audience that you wouldn't to. aaa environment. they cherish the
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freedom to build games for kids under 12 years old all their big projects come with a lego mock up the indie designers used to construct entire worlds from scratch. the studio in cologne creates its own graphics animation does its own programming until finally they've got a game ready to play on popular console's like the nintendo switch for p.c.'s to top it all off they also print their own merchandising and design marketing material for squirrel and bear europe their upcoming educational jump and run game about european cultures so there's like i'm still like a lot of preliminary material have been years for building life in the area so all these orange and yellow planes they of course need to be houses still was just like hundreds of other in the developers at games come they're looking for exposure and feedback from a variety of players they can't get anywhere else before their game launches next year. now then this is no joke south african born comedian
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trevor noah is the 4th highest paid stand up comedian in the world that's according to the forbes rich list $29000.00 the new york based uno raked in 28000000 dollars last year from his various jobs among them his day job as t.v. host of the daily show but the bulk of his income came from his wall tour as a stand up comedian congratulations and that is your business update here on d w for me and the teen in berlin as always thanks for keeping us company.
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to go. on to the bundesliga season start off. mediocre in the. implant back. to the b. team. and done in don't mind the 1st weekend of playing on the. 16.
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he takes it personally. with all of the wonderful people and stories that make the game some special. truth. my. god more than so long line. this is the deputy is africa coming up in the next 15 minutes drought storms and profanely is a study finds more people in africa austine and feeling the effects of climate change. the house everything there's nothing left. we're here to suffer. we're suffering i don't know where we're going to be able to stay right. and the hidden traces he gets to be and did i read these national museums and i'm catalogued inside in.


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