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you know that 77 percent of africa are younger than 6 o'clock. that's me and me and you. and you know what it's time all voices but part. of the 77 percent speech issue stuff bought off this is where. the 77 percent this weekend on d w.
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you know when the other it was created the thing. they were created based on a traditional british infantry structure they had you know tony has as the commander he had a deputy commander. and then his officer corps and usually in army have an officer
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corps and chief of staff and that was that officer corps was called control alter that was the name that was given to it and within the new control to then you have the brigades of the tides and brigades. and within control alter caesar chelan was the director of intelligence he's been with the other a very long time you know since the beginning of the outer ring unlike most of the other a who are forcefully recruited he said he joined voluntarily any rose up quite quickly . so he was part of the high command. this. easy to come back into the community i mean everybody knows you are formal
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comando if there are. not is. not such. thing really. there were those who have the duck they. have to have been had already been taken i swear before me. many an entire village. i had it down. in the mobile those were digging up the duct tape either before me or after. and. of course. the one. whose sign it had been taken into captivity and and they. would generally
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look you. in when we see your 2000 we don't get into the town no. these are the children that are going to concoct. there were deceased once that room for complacency. example like that one of my life. there were. the end there. i was still asleep when the rebels came. they tied me up and their leader started to beat me. first they cut off my ears then my nose and then my
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lips. i cried. they grabbed one of my hands and started cutting off my fingers. and then they took the other hand. there. i begged them to at least leave me with one hand and they're like you. can't make it look good but they said no. stand. to somebody who has never heard of it hope. when they're going to be introduced to the kids. who are in their early years and this is very. kind of in a way to the people. who could just maybe she'll take one for me here. good to have a really nice wave and be
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a bit for being one of their friends 111 are. you from unity. separately and yes but later they came to be good conduct. myself dutch. should. crew screwed. much later in a school. and then were in upper delaware they were playing. this take an example so they go into a school they have that 100 kids. maybe some of those kids will kill a teacher kills some other parts of the community and then then the depends how much time they have in there then they go out. as there are as are going along to the rendezvous point where they're going to meet the other group and start
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redistributing the kids in some of those kids for then they can already start using them as practice so they'll have another kid kill that kid and so they start with 100 and by the time you get to the rendezvous point you might have 70 or something 30 of them might have died along the way. i think they've been used as leaping you sleepy you know anything if they're sleeping in the they get they get killed or something but anyways so by the time the 70 get there that they're already there's already been a vetting process they're already a little bit stronger than those 30 that died or a little bit lucky but mutely they're stronger and then over time. that that number reduces they get there too slow they don't kill fast enough they cry kill kill kill kill kill and so finally at the end you get the you know 5 or 10 that are left and those are the the strongest physically the strongest and the most adept at
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killing because some people are good at it some people do you know some develop an appetite for that. and so that's how the other a function so they go through this darwinian survivalist selection process where only the strongest and the fiercest survive. what happens if somebody with a more formal. role. according to the leadership. from a british printed from those who were of course education. executed a number of people. of course. committed such kind of. through mistakes. it was really going the wrong one there were no goods.
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to be executed. and. there was a woman my commander whose weapon i always used to carry asked the woman for money and she said she didn't have any and my commander ransacked the grain and found her money she took the money and left me there to kill her. first i stabbed her in the heart then in the head she only screamed once. then my commander said ok she's dead let's go now and the woman had her 2 children there and she. demanded the children see you kill her. the older boy was interrogated by my commander under a tree and the other boy was too young to understand he was still very small. he sat by the door and watched me the whole time thinking you can.
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do for people who try to escape i'm afraid. some of them. are going to. give in and is. going to be in there. i've. got a british. are moving there was a boy. they ran away. now. but we caught them again. even when they tied the boy up. and gave. they told her
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they choked the boy to pieces. going on so she started cutting him but she was too weak. then she said that the older kids should come the big ones. they came and they started cutting in different places. they were cutting and cutting that thing. and they told us again and again. the same will happen to you if you try to flee to. the other and they threatened to kill us then one of our families. i was shaking with fear. and now we knew what they wanted the girl to carry the head of the boy knew the way to long to me they said they'd kill her she dropped the hand of god she had to throw the head up in the air and catch it 4 times. they said they cut into pieces
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and she dropped the head will land so she threw the head in. the ground again and again. like this among middle ground on the moon long m r n n y s . s s. s. ever feel the need to go to. there production done it to us yet you us who don't even feel good you are being abducted. and i want to refute it with program and those who are dead no one good book. so you've been one of the cut off the group.
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you're right. you're right. you many if you can't keep teach. and a kind of luck fifties or explain. at least lifted the need for shit and never will. probably to shoot. even though. it's. a.
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sly faithful saving the most awful existence so i support n.g.o.s on the ground because they do great work and i say it's a lie. for the time. but then he made that promise to a little and that state authority both come together to say i ending modern day slavery will be cried for us tonight. and the great fred economy will be
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correct from paper and it will be correct for global credibility that how do we do it and that's when i don't see if you can portray even a strategy that want to see implementation plan with a budget so they say yes or no. and out of that that collectively state by state becomes. the budget to end slavery in india. and then put the other 19 to 20 other really serious slaves suffering countries. their budgets in slavery in their country put together. then becomes a dollar number to end slavery in the world. and that's where i'm heading that's where everyone up around me government supporters n.g.o.s that's where we're already.
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showing off a little. bit . more growth for. the full but. if you can put it away from. the left i'm not going to have my son had to work as a slave in the big factory i might even have a slave an obese him. but you can never paid him and constantly beat him have a bunch. of other cheek up atlanta you know maybe 28 other people working as. slaves together with my son. i. feel.
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eastern thank you for idealistic he sure would be very articulate what we see tortured others used by the people against the ladies against their son suggests to . me if i had my friends the police and the body were maltreated the entire time back 500 of those might run into with the money into going into nothingness owner of the brick factory gave his no money and no food. we asked for money to buy some food or if a child needed medicine because they were ill. but he just beat us and say your parents borrowed money from me and never paid it back suddenly there were a few women are right about any attractive women were right by the owner of all the
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gods of god if i knew how to buy me a lot of problems on were forced to work if we didn't want to work the factory owner threatened to throw us into the furnace we did take home. whoa whoa whoa. whoa whoa. whoa so i could be about that did you try to talk to the slaver when you realized you weren't getting paid well how much time until i'm someone the benefit of when we're thinking about it. of some unknown or worker tried to talk to the owner. if i was right they killed him but i want to look at them good my mother and. father then have set of values about. 2 months later i found the courage to
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secretly go to the office of a human rights organization. though some little hollow so i told them everything. the theory being that. mother india and i said to them. if you don't for us i'm sure we'll all be killed with with a lot of names. january 26th you were freed from slavery and you know it's tough but i was there the police stormed the brickworks. so everybody here has been freed from. the. oh yes all of us. will be from this is. just to look up. all the people who work here get paid now look at how little money is put aside for call on medication work in case the children fall ill. but in the future we want to free more people and find work for them to. get to some of. the boys we're
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thinking about opening another brick factory because we wouldn't pay a fixed salary but it depends on what we earn. and he's not with them we share the money among the families. but and everybody's in agreement without. looking but at the soap box of the new book. they're. never like that if. you. want more money one more thing that i'm going to give anything you know you're asking for children to see if you want to learn to choose to
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believe that more than one. or. good morning ladies and gentlemen. i am here today just to offer a master of ceremonies so to speak friend avenger forests i've known him for quite some time and i had a great deal of respect for these attempting to achieve with a little slow very index earlier today is privileged people fortunate to achieve to succeed in life because of the opportunities we've been given as an actor my role is often to patrol a broader human emotion but nothing really compares to the reality of the lives reflected in the reports being published today 44800000 people. living across every single country in the world. bell and by slavery those in
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germany forced. so ladies and gentlemen thank you 1st. really familiar brothers and sisters during a family of battle a war we're going to win a war where we're not going to. pass. this battlefield in britain. or. spain. china india is based out wherever it is. we're not going to leave this field of life this still upon us. it's not the numbers which really matter here it's because the most valuable of resources in the world as a people the spark started for me. for the little 15 year old girl who went to nepal she's actually my hero if you be embarrassed to think that but i'm she. spoke
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up 7 or 8 years ago. and said dad. i think. i know about some child trafficking. and after she explained to me that. i've been started to look at the threats of child trafficking child sex trafficking around the world. and that of course later looking for forced labor and bonded labor and then to the conversation with rights and conversations all of the world sorry actually enough is enough the final emancipation is our generation. well i i decided to i wanted to understand how exactly as human trafficking was
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happening what i did was a full trails of all the cartels and then. i found victims for example of victim for minutes while another was sold into a brothel in mexico. a victim from the u.s. that was sold into a brothel to japan so i interviewed them i went back to the country where they were caught and i sold a choice of everything they told me so i spent 5 years going around the world visited $135.00 countries and i had to train for a year how to do pole dancing and how to dress up a surprise to go into certain places all over central america and and in mexico on in other countries and then i dress anon because in some areas the only plays the only people that can go into these areas in mexico city were they are exploiting girls little girls and prostitution from 4 years old to 1010 or 11 years old the
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only people that come cuddle when and get out alive are nuns. i started investigating child pornography years ago it's a story about $200.00 children and documents that were. bought and caused by this businessman very famous businessman in cancun this man who was. what's getting this children i've gone the way children and 2345 year old girls and boys to be sexually exploited in his hotel by their reach people by businessman politicians senators governors. and one of the girls. state the network and she told me the story so i will do pull
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the bought it and. this guy came into my office he made you know an appointment and he came to my office and started talking and telling me that the senator wanted me to get out of this business. so anyway he said he said $1000000.00 for me. i told him to get out of my office and everything's which is laughing at me and saying then if you don't want the money then you will get the you know the gotten sued will get killed and it wasn't from people i mean they did they didn't care as such mobsters if they didn't care that we had witnesses to all that so then months later day i was driving on my office and i have the federal guards that were waiting for me. and and then all the stars like close to the street one car on this side one call on the other side and there were 2 lot of cars that were closing in to me and then 2 got man came out and one of them could have gone you know that's my body and to say kill you
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a couple of bodyguards not to move and not to get the kongs household it was everybody's going to dies so i told them you know go on move don't move and they put me in a car and they could not. all slid 20 i was the torch me. when they took me away people in my office knew that i was in danger so i told my team like months before i published the book i told them listen they want to kill me i'm going to this is 3rd tensions so if something happens to me whatever it is
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saves me they kill me and think it me whatever you have to do this so i give them a long list of people to call immediately as they took me they started doing that they called everyone and that saved my life because these guys keep saying that they were going to kill me and one point being stopped in the middle of the way when they took me by the hair and they put me in front of the ocean and they said they want to drop me in the water. and then also some they got this phone call and it was the governor of playable out telling them not to kill him that she said you have to bring her life and that happened because of all these people you know call the governor and people said you know if she doesn't come alive we know what's you the one who are the the police meant go get her then you will pay for it. and then i place the case against them in the supreme court and when that all being able to get to the chief of this mafia of human tawfiq us paul johnson got. a 1st time in
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a sentence lean left in america 113 years for child pornography which is a 1st ever. so it was worth. it was really hard and i once of typing for a long time to get over you know the nightmares and. talks and everything but it was it was i mean 200. feet from that network and the boss is in jail this is from jail.
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let me ask you something personal. if you have kids. if and in what. i mean. your. words are going to be in my heart since ready to be a doctor. who was born in 1990. she living through it a bad life. and their kids. are 2. for one they're wrong 1415 years you've been. in the bus in the jungle in that yes. or yes. where were the woman coming.
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from you go that are safe. how did you meet them in the jungle. towards on the structure. according to him. hayes. the machine as. he put it. so was usually done i'm not going to uganda pretty numb over here is restricted to be fool. one is instruction. you know i look at the snow and i stayed with that in the.
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sun you know i was 11 years old. the rebel leader khomeini gave us to a man. this man came at night and threatened us. he said we should have sex with him or he would kill us. a call on the man started with me and. he wanted me most of all. we cried and screamed. but nobody helped us. what happened to woman will be those who are if you. will.
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some of them. would be african. there was a logistics section within the other in food thank you you would go in abducted food you'd go in a good suit going to women children. bring them and the same guy that distributed sugar or race is the same guy that distributed the wives and once the allocators wives they can rape them. so the higher rank you get the better the more wives you get. but they had to be
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allocated to you. and then from there you could you can you can have sexual relations with them and then you produce children so that the children produced in that process the bush babies. they don't they are have any family back home there or have any knowledge of what normal life is. so. that's because he's relying on that some bush. they have no family new guy and they have no idea of what normal life is and he's raised those guys up to senior position because of bush they you know he's been around for more than 20 years you know 25 years to some of these bush babies especially the ones that were born you know earlier i think in their twenty's and they're all they know is coming oh they know as the bush.
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yeah i mean amnesty the blanket amnesty i think started in 2000 in uganda but now is and that time there's a lot of different rebel groups to than just celery and so that was a way of of uganda of uganda you know try trying to get these guys to come back. you know be integrated back in the army being to get back in his normal life and to stop the rebellion so this is a counterinsurgency tool as a way of also references and national reconciliation. and that's been renewed renewed renewed renewed renewed and renewed until today. and it's a blanket amnesty so. blanket is unconditional and misty. i know that you guns of been trying to prosecute one or 2 of the guys that have come back but until now they have been successful for the court has an accepted it. so until parliament
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changes the law then they they can't prosecute anybody and you received amnesty true so you were a free man or not. grown for according to our. religion . not marriage. marriage because the government. missed you. but had to do community. look at the. kind of lake. you ready lou create the price who had been granted amnesty. and guilt depression deep into i don't say eat. you know mean.
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different you're less pressure. you're going to meet somebody in debian h. n. do do we expect you could explain all about he more. to you. what do you think today about it that the group has kidnapped 1000 kids. to see where tasty cupboards. can be.
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difficult to explain but. the 1001 of just 130 to one of 800814 hundreds. of kids got very affected the u.n. said it's over 20 years around $100.00 thousands and yes. let's talk of that's a figure. on 2 3rd and kids of there are over 20 yes i didn't say he said he'd been here. they were victims. in those kids call those 3. where victims. come out idea. on later they were forced. in fighting.
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safe usually i know what you're doing well. i know. people of course and i sent it. on abduction school today. that's why we're the abductor. in that one but. then number one other me made 100 cars. on the macnow griper death march. 4th to be serious and look around $100.00 or so $50000.00 fewer fingernails or. less time to.
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for the temple challenged. the rhythm of the markets. the momentum of the morning more.
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your business magazine made in germany in 30 minutes on t w. enter the conflict zone with tim sebastian the song east european state of moldova has a new coalition government my guess is bridges lead the mixture of what caused the fights president of the outgoing governor. and the former justice minister with moldova now to find good food corruption you see a showing of these causes record in. conflict so for a few minutes on the double. how does taiwan taste their.
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w correspondent susan hernia. and coastal maybe only good. for the various flavors of the exotic holidays and i am a challenge for you all very in and they're really awesome. confusion and fun. from street food the 5 star restaurant tasting taipei starts september 1st on d w. in the. u.k. prime minister bars johnson has begun a week of crucial matings on bret's and here in berlin with chancellor angela merkel johnson is trying to renegotiate london steel with the e.u. back to the 31st when it will crash out of the bloc merkel expressed optimism about the chances of that happening but pointed out that what to do about the future of
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irish border would be not a kingdom still isn't resolved. brazil's president has ignited a firestorm of criticism.


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