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to a new reality and has new ambitions now society has become more receptive to this idea and more accepting of the participation of women and all the areas of life the people in. a new reality where sudanese women athletes can follow their ambitions. this is deja vu news from berlin up next you have used documentary film on germany's intelligence services the b.n. day and don't forget there's more to website for now for me bryan thomas of the entire team thanks for being here. welcome to the body is the game here for d.w.i. . we have plenty to talk about and. let's just coverage. 3 more. we have. let's have a look at so many of them at least look so you don't want to miss.
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t.w. . yeah . when get hard merton's drove his taxi on him a half an in 1949 he had no idea that he would one day do business with the west german intelligence service the b.m.d. and also the cia matins was a former member of the s.s. a daredevil paratrooper many of the government files about his post-war activities remain top secret to this day. other ship was
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a fog of us there is no question that merton's worked at the cia for them especially in the sale of weapons if you see a guy those arms deals lead to foreign policy problems and that's why the files remain closed and so forth not on it's off or just arc much beyond off the focus was. founded his taxi company and primakov and in the late 1940 s. some people who met him said they found him intimidating. initially and so for me i can still picture him it was a big strong guy and he knew how to throw his weight around. stuff relieved it well . met and soon establish connections with powerful government officials around the world and later sold weapons on behalf of the b.m.d. . merton's was ideal for the b. and d.
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because he knew how to keep those weapons deals secret of. my own for over $100.00 have to. matins called his company tax. in the post-war years his former comrades were among his employees. they drove cabs similar to this one. the company is still in business. in the office there's a photo of the original site. files from the braman state archives reveal the names of some of the men who worked for teens at taxi lloyd. one of them served on americans as a paratrooper during the war. his name was going to law bush. 70 years later met his widow ursula still remembers the name of another colleague.
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lindemann i recognize that name right away mchugh my husband and linda man founded the taxi company that. time had a number of men from his former paratrooper unit who'd ended up in braman. their lung the farm. and that's how he was able to build up the company. the merton's now lives near washington d.c. in a quiet residential area in northern virginia her husband died 25 years ago until recently she lived on in the same house she had shared with and. now she has moved in with her eldest daughter and i get to it took 2 years for us to convince americans to give an interview about her late husband she was nervous
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about appearing in front of a camera she may also have been concerned about the subject matter but she feels comfortable in her daughter's company and agreed to talk to us. she shows us some family photographs she says that she fell in love with her husband almost at once. and because he was really ambitious and he always did what he set out to do. in 1901 matins took part in germany's airborne invasion of crete he was one of about 10000 paratroopers that occupied the greek island during the occupation the germans massacred large numbers of civilians the atrocities are remembered on crete to this day. the airborne invasion began on may 20th graphic artist all of a court shows us what it might have looked like. net
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and was a unit commander at the time after the war he was to form a network with many of his fellow paratroopers and some of them became employees in his new taxi firm and famous often. matching for who to merton's was a highly decorated officers. and he started building just network of former paratroopers known as the green devils. but they were all right wing extremists. only until. in august 1943 of these paratroopers matins elvish and took part in a failed german effort to hold back the allied offensive in northern france. after the war mansions and his colleagues turned up in plane which was occupied by u.s. troops. the us authorities soon issued
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a business license to militants taxi company he was the owner and going to allow her she was the authorized signatory. matins hired other former paratroopers including zick hoya. as life slowly returned to normal in post-war western germany business picked up for texas lloyd. it held a monopoly which allowed it to drive american soldiers around and transport goods through the soviet occupation zone to the u.s. kerrison in berlin. veterans and his family lived a comfortable middle class life and braman the couple now had 2 daughters but ursula says her husband soon became restless and was looking for a new challenge. in
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the early 1950 s. he moved to egypt to work for the country's military his family later joined him there. are wired sure is no god 1st he was there all by himself. but he soon recruited some former german officers. who would for you these were people that he knew well and they had a very specific job to do. that job was to train egyptian paratroopers egypt wanted an airborne division like the one the germans had used on crete. egypt higher drummond advisers including form of a marked general vilhelm far. less than in that small intimate i mean from merton signed on with the egyptians in march 951. 1 of many german military advisors and trainers i said that this work paid extremely well
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of the thought. the metals family now lived in cairo in a city that in the early fifty's was rapidly developing into a modern metropolis. but militants often returned to west germany to develop his business contacts. be empty documents show that the diamond corp even gave him a car for his personal use ursula merton's noted that it was a mercedes of course we asked her why he needed such an expensive car. the 1st. i have no idea. it was a status symbol something that would share with others that he was important or other than from the beginning we always had. magical script on. egypt mittens built the foundation for his future career as
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a weapon stealer. his business contacts brought him to the attention of the b.m.d. the west german intelligence service. in early 1955 militants traveled for several months across the middle east including a stop in saudi arabia. saudi king faisal became an important client. maton soon delivered warships to him. he traveled as far as pakistan where he later sold the government fighter jets for the war with india. a number of post-colonial states were now building up their military forces. during his travels matins met with a number of former nazis who worked as military advisors as well as top security officials including titled to newsy of saudi arabia and mohammedan of egypt. the indie documents indicate that met in strip was financed by german businesses including diamonds the company has so far not responded to our request for comment
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. after militants returned to blame and he came up with a plan to use part of the port as a base for weapons exports. at the same time the b.m.d. was developing a secret plan to export surplus weapons. the project was led by a man known at the time by his code name storm. warm had an office at b.m.d. headquarters near munich and soon began a series of regular meetings with matins. the former s.s. man matins needed the b n d for his ambitious plans and the b. and d. needed matins because he knew who wanted the weapons. but who was strong. as bush norm stone
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is actually how much funding is the head of the b.n. these procurement departments of each of them this was a unique situation with the 2 of the bundeswehr was in the process of updating a number of its weapons systems and that was going to create a lot of surplus. in january 1965 shredding or asked to sex. or terry to come to his office to take notes. b n d president and was there spending an outline the creation of a company to sell the surplus weapons. the company will have to civilians as owners to conceal the b n d s participation. claim and would play a key role. the company will set up storage facilities near the port all the company's profits will go to the b. and d. . the letter was actually a transcript of a top secret discussion that spending or had with
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a senior official at the defense ministry. to be india is indeed a galen's time as b. and d. chief was drawing to a close and the agency was trying to spread its influence to the far east africa and latin america and let her. through the way to do that was to sell weapons to countries in those regions secretly. the despite the fact that such sales were prohibited by west german law the bombs would exports he had feared went on a hunt to communist. the b.m.d. needed an experience weapons dealer like militants to make it all happen. that in 2000 into the mountains was the 1st choice when looking for a shady weapons dealer he has the view had the international connections and the support of the cia. a branch of the b n d r cards and the berlin district of least
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ephedra. some declassified documents on mansions are stored here after months of negotiations we were finally allowed to see them. there was a portrait of the german president. and one of the in hockey and. despite his nazi past the americans made him the 1st head of the b. and d. he served until 968. it was during his period in office that the b.m.d. was involved in arms deals. this is the new b. and d. headquarters complex in berlin the agency allowed us to review 24 declassified files on mittens but declined to say how much top secret material actually has on him. there's information here on militants weapons exports his work with west german companies and the conflicts in which those weapons were used. court documents later indicated that militants closely coordinated his activities with the b. n.t. . there are also documents on militants proposal
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to develop a port facility in bremen which he would then use to export surplus bonus their weapons. the company to be created by the b. and d. would be known as mavic. this strawman shows the site where militants wanted to set up the new business the port of brain that. he proposed to use prison inmates as workers a bank in mecca would handle the finances. met its ambitious plans were never finalized but weapons were transported. militants had even purchased 2 ships for the purpose both were built at the visa shipyard and for him
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one was called the very hot toddy. the other was the billet i. met in is used the ships to deliver weapons on behalf of the b.m.d. . when the vera tar carry take missiles to pakistan in 1966 matins and the b. and d. were informed. at the same time the belittle transported fighter planes to india with false documents at the time india and pakistan were at war. met and had acquired the weapons from the west german army and delivered them to enemies the shipments were illegal under west german law and international law but covered up by the b.m.d. matins was needed for exactly this purpose. but it did have to do you think had business contacts that allowed them to falsify and use declarations of the full
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value of the shipments bound for saudi arabia were allegedly routed through iran weapons for india allegedly went through italy 1st you would need excellent connections as a weapons dealer to do that. the core of merton's empire was a company located near bonn merchants export or merrick's for short. there was also america subsidiary in switzerland with nontransparent business structures . historian peter hama schmidt has a number of merrick's files the documents for example indicate that klaus bobby a former nazi who fled to south america after the war also bought surplus west german weapons from eric's. you may think so spot on iraq's was so to speak an extension of the federal government . would establish networks with the b. and d. and shipped weapons through various channels to latin america for example. the
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b.m.d. actively promoted such deals together intelligence about crisis regions but how much mit says it violated its constitutional mandate to simply observe. this activity began in the 1950 s. and least its peak in the mid 1960 s. with large shipments of weapons. they started taking more risks because the merit system works of well these accounts and so the question. it was an intelligence work but weapons deals. merrick's wasn't involved with intelligence on what the b. and d. found that they could gather intelligence much more effectively by setting up and implementing these weapons deals because of. the size of whatever so it gave them access that they might not have had otherwise. absolutely.
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this photo shows matins at his office in boston he was now selling weapons worldwide with the approval of the b. and d. . he also became an international representative for the u.s. firearms manufacturer cult matins and his family later moved to america as eldest daughter margarita now lives in northern virginia. my guitar is 70 years old now and has become an accomplished artist this is a self-portrait. some of her works have been displayed at local exhibitions. might get a tells us that her father was often away from home on business. this is enough you know what he did for a living this with you know all that. advice profession he was known as dina. 24 almost every week my brothers and i would see in until about my father in death
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the german news magazine. and one occasion my high school physics teacher told me at the beginning of the year zeke that he was going to give me the worst great possible on. this because of your father. i think so my father had bought me a house in the oil district of bone. and. i had a car too i was the only student who had 1. 1 of my teachers said to me i ride to work on a bicycle and you come driving up in an alfa romeo it wasn't good for my image are . not good public relations in the us did you feel like you had to defend him. you know all fathers have some sort of job. to find. your heart matters on a number of properties including this estate near bonn of course he always arrived
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at his headquarters in his mercedes he often held meetings here with his international business contacts. on rare occasions he also received journalists but they were not really welcome. in the mid 1970 s. matins did agree to an interview with journalist advocate. we meet figured in hamburg back then he was working for monitor t.v. magazine he was doing research for a report and came across material on militants in his weapons deals including claims that bribes were paid vica had talked to some politicians about this and now he wanted to interview matins the 2 met and met in the state near bonn.
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so i went over there and he was very polite and. we went into his office and he asked me what i wanted to talk about. and i replied i'd like to ask you about saudi arabia saudi arabia right. i wanted to ask about the connections between merrick's and the list and ship it out for the payments that were made and so on i don't. know what happened after to get drafted and he started shouting get out of. the house about he was very quick tempered. and so the interview came to an abrupt end before it even started but vic it decided to pursue the story from a different angle. he said offered to some shipyard braman to check on allegations that bribes had been paid in connection with the sale of 3 patrol boats
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to saudi arabia. so i went to the shipyard and i brought along all the documents i had about the steel. diffuses. but the cameraman shot some film outside and then we went in. the. company official came out to meet me and he said my cameraman was welcome to go to the cafeteria and have some coffee but i said that he had to stay with me to recall the interview. so we went to this room and there were about 20 people sitting there. for the shipyard officials lawyers and so on. they asked me what i wanted to talk about and so i told them because. they asked me to be more specific so i showed them the documents and then everyone got really angry and they
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threw us out of. the shipyard headquarters and braman. the family owned company with each ship yards bills luxury yachts and warships. british person is the company's c.e.o. he has good contacts with the german political establishment including german president. when he was foreign minister listen accompanied him on visits to saudi arabia and iran. here they are the shipping trade event in payment in 2016. there were plans to sell loose and build patrol boats to end goal. in 2012 loosen signed a 1500000000 euro contract with saudi arabia but the indie documents indicate that it was. who introduced them to some shipyard to the saudis.
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met and set up the patrol boat steel that had investigated back then even proposed to build a military port facility for the saudis. here are the blueprints. west german steel giant corp was also to have participated in the project. the project would include barracks for $1500.00 men a shipyard and storage bunkers for tippy toes. to be india said to have been aware of these plants the loose and company declined to talk to us at all about this but it seems clear that manton's represented the shipyard and informed the b.m.d. . he was also involved with a b. and d. right this is the us. i know nothing about that. i have no idea what the b.n. d.s. is it the cia you know what you're here he had a lot of contacts and they included the cia he knew 1st hand what was going on
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around the won't. contest and. you know so you see so he had cia contacts yes i knew that. it's difficult to document the extent of americans contacts with the cia many of the files are still top secret. but b.m.d. long suspected that he was also working with a foreign intelligence service later and even considered him a security risk because of his extensive network of contacts he didn't always share what he knew with a b. and d. . but the b. and d. continue to work with meetings. its staff sometimes attended meetings it is a state near bonn. today the state is deserted a neighbor remembers when we had to live here he returned often even long after his family had moved to the united states. we're told that
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a month ago he was a really nice guy. but he was selling weapons for the government at the time. and i was well known so many even wrote a book about it. when he lived here 30 years ago he took care of the place he had 7 gardeners the top. of the 50. the neighbor says the sheik bought the estate but left it empty but back then mansions used to host intelligence officers and other people. who show for host weekend meetings there who had weapons manufacturers and people from the defense ministry. and it was reportedly a lot of drinking. in terms of even before the introduction of. documents from the 1000000000 dnd other sources indicate the agency was losing control of
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militants in his business activities the material includes photos and transcripts of confidential meetings between b. and d. officials in manton's. a report from one meeting hints that the agency had no idea how to rein him in. in november 1965 matins met with to be india officials the warm and helms off at his villa in switzerland the talks went on for days. matins picked up hams dorf at the geneva airport storm arrived later that evening the men started drinking wine. merchants who reportedly had drank whiskey before him was quoted as saying that they were going to have a real party. at one point he was also reported to appraised of hitler. matin said that he was negotiating with iran to allow surplus bundeswehr aircraft to land
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there for leadership meant to pakistan. he also admitted that he was working with the cia. but then the alcohol got to him. the v.n.d. people experienced militant erratic behavior the next day he brought out a secret report from the egyptian military and documents from the cold company. he said that the b.m.d. could make copies there is no record of how the 2 guests responded to all this. what was merton's relationship with the b.n. deal like. that's difficult. in the beginning i think the b. and b. had a lot of respect for him. and he was a self-made man who set up an international corporation in just a few years. and then it's not about a year to. rights but it became clear early on that merton's was
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unpredictable. made it clear that he was going to pursue his own interests regardless of the people who were protecting him and for all its list of the unique and even shoot some of the in the b.m.d. office and he also knew that if something went wrong he wasn't going to have to take the blame. at the end of the 1960 s. the b.m.d. wanted to break of contacts with matins he was called to appear before an internal b.m.d. commission that was investigating the agency's involvement with weapons teams. they wanted to know about his other contacts and how much they knew they wanted to take control of the situation. perhaps he was a double agent course. probably yes. what do you think of the sessions honestly so i can't say but it was very self-confident but i can't imagine
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that he felt intimidated by these people. did he bring lawyers. for what. he had all the documentation he needed from the b.m.d. exactly. hard mittens now turned against the b.n.p. that could be dangerous for a lot of top government officials. this is villa hama schmidt your boss the official residence of the west german president on 1904. karl causton served as the president from 1979 to 1904 he began his government career in the 1960 s. as a state secretary or deputy minister 1st in the foreign office and then in the ministry of defense. in 1968 and 69 carstens was the head of the chancellor's office his responsibilities included keeping an eye on the b.m.t. so he must have been familiar with the hard manton's weapons deals and his
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cooperation with the intelligence agency. your dude is a member of the b. indeed historical commission. he would interest this ecstatic a lot of stuff came across carstens desk at the chancellor's office including some things that could turn out to be illegal. but he said later that he couldn't remember a lot about some of it's. so later he was called to testify before a parliamentary committee that was looking into the b m d's a to video. in 1974 costin's was interviewed about the be india's involvement with the sale of surplus weapons. and how if the b. and b.'s role in weapon deals is to be fully clarified with a special investigation must be carried out. would you be prepared to testify. of course but i'm not convinced that such an investigation will be in the country's
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best interests there's no point in asking questions about activities that were perfectly legal and the phone call they give eases in. cost and told the committee that when he was head of the chancellor's office he was not aware of any b. and d. weapons deals that implies that he knew nothing about the internal b. and d. investigation into merton's activities. chancellor court new york using on scene here on the far left appears to have had a chief of staff that was rather poorly informed on this matter. the s.p.d. was particularly upset about the reports of weapons sales to india and pakistan and demanded answers from kissing his government. in 1969 and became chancellor the s.p.d. launched an investigation into the b.
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india's involvement with weapons deals. matins sought as a move to discredit customs. either so often i'm tired of people picking on. just this morning i weighed in spiegel magazine that a court judge in lower saxony is looking into some new allegations. as if that was i can only say to those who attacked custance that i could make similar claims about the activities of the current shots you know the flu study but it does the same thing. it does there. matins felt that he was being targeted by the new s.p.d. government. chief of staff last proposed a series of b.m.d. reforms but at the same time he refused to hand over files to prosecutors who were investigating matins him to said that to do so would be detrimental to the
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interests of the government. in november 1975 met in stood trial in bonn on charges of violating west german export laws particularly in connection with weapons sales to india pakistan and saudi arabia. matins is seen here on the right along with some of his merits co-defendants no charges were filed against anyone from the b. and d. . in november 1905 the court ruling from the slow vodafone for both merton's was acquitted on the charge of violating export laws his attorneys convinced the court that the weapons sales have been made on behalf of the b n d that was bad news for the agency that. we visited the north rhine-westphalia state archive and to a sport where a copy of the verdict is stored. unlike the regional court in bonn it considered it important to keep it.
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we weren't allowed to take pictures of the actual documents just the covers of the files but we were permitted to quote from the documents matins was acquitted because the weapons exports were approved by the b n d and he was convinced they were legal because. the b. india received requests from individual states and enabled contractual agreements. to be indie took steps to provide financing options for america a.g. . the be a nice warm erik's representatives to secrecy. had to be in the implemented its own foreign policy agenda was it a state within a state a so-called deep state. used to refer sums up his findings. is chattanooga and as your car it was a very bureaucratic organization that operated but
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a great deal of vanity and weakness in highly complex circumstances and that is what the weapons deals were probably known to just a small group within the b.m.d. so i don't think it was a deep state system as such but it had some of its characteristics i was and from other stuff. mehrtens weapons deals made him a very wealthy man. he sold 90 old west german fighter planes to. to stand as well as automatic weapons ammunition and hand grenades to chad as that country descended into civil war in the mid 1960 s. . after met and was acquitted the west german government was ordered to pay him $5000000.00 marks in compensation an expensive end to a close business relationship between arms dealer and intelligence agency should be in the order for the b. and d. bears the final responsibility because the merton's deal got out of control and if
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he was actually conducting foreign policy by selling weapons to various countries the b.m.d. probably underestimated americans completely. merton's wife and daughter gave us the impression that they know little about the full extent of his business dealings he didn't talk much about them and he was away from home much of the time. but my get are has come to terms with the fact that her father was a weapons dealer. would you like to know more. no it doesn't really matter. you know that's football what's done is done you have to get on with your life. matins worked for the cia in the u.s. he allegedly supplied weapons to anti communist guerrillas in central america on its behalf. and he maintained unofficial connections to the b.
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and d. . the nightmare 13th and was when he was excluded from the operational side of the agency's activities. but in the 1970s the b.m.d. used them and his contacts to find out more about the international arms trade for that so he continued as an informer and was never completely locked out of it. historian dealer has found evidence that linked militants to the infamous colonia dignidad settlement in chile which was a step lost by german immigrants. it appears b. india official said mehrtens into the settlement. sheila found evidence that militants had close ties to pinochet security apparatus. and that in southern africa merton's repeatedly stated that he traveled to chile on
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behalf of the b n d. he met manual control as it was later head of pinochet's secret police and officials of colonia dignidad including heart let's hope it appears they stopped as close ties. as for. this video was made in the 1980 s. it shows the main road that led to the settlement. here is the main entrance. the sign over the gate says benefactor or of the or benefactor of dignity. met installed state prosecutors in 1909 that he had visited the settlement several times on behalf of the b.m.d. he called the. state prosecutors in a bid to help its leader paul shaffer when he was under investigation for crimes including physical injury and deprivation of liberty.
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in a statement merchants praised the settlement as a model german community he denied reports that people had been physically abused in a room known as the potato seller. matins testimony runs to $31.00 pages and sheila has a copy of it. john sheila sums up the statement. merton's described in detail his visits to colonia dignidad and he attempted to refute a number of allegations point by point for point for example he said that he'd seen no evidence that people had been tortured there and he saw no underground corridors we also spoke with a doctor at the settlements hospital he concluded it was impossible torture had taken place there. before. but in fact the potato cellar was used by chile secret police to torture political detainees.
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we asked did the be in do you really ask matins to visit the settlement what was his exact mission there the b. and d. declined to comment. ursula merton's says she only knew her husband as a private individual. business ownership figure i just don't have any information on his business deals or contacts. i'm sorry i really don't. care hard mehrtens a former nazi paratrooper and small business owner who became one of europe's
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leading weapons dealers died in 1903 at the age of 73 in fort lauderdale florida. he took many of his secrets to the green. 10000 years of human history will soon disappear underwater. the sun case in southeastern turkey was funded by a huge reservoir behind a new hydroelectric dam what will happen to the local residents what would become of the region's unique cultural heritage sunken waiting for the flood.
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90 minutes on the dog. the water starts rising people might force. her clearly dangerous. floods and droughts will climate change become the main driver of mass migration you could not write any up we're going to fix night if you want and probably most of the book on. climate exodus starts september 5th on d w. i'm not proud of and they will not succeed in dividing us out not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of his dictatorship. taking the
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stand global news that matters. made from minds. this is huge news coming to you live from but in britain for a showdown britain's prime minister heads to france to talk. as if. a deal within 30 days was still possible it is expected to be far harder on johnson . coming up a record number of.


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