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because we're tired of mr treasurership. taking the stand global matters. made. in. the book. this is huge news coming to you live from but in britain for a showdown britain's prime minister heads to france to talk. i did leading in berlin yesterday germany's angela merkel said a deal within 30 days was still possible but mccall is expected to be far harder on johnson. coming up a record number of fires burning in brazil's amazon rain forest the country's
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driving president just told sinatra environmentalist activists of softening the critics say his claims are outrageous. last plastics in the wild ocean is a growing problem among the worst offenders on the nets discarded by fishermen but now a dutch company has come up with a novel way of using the material. i don't welcome. british prime minister boss johnson is heading to pass a what are expected to be difficult talks and gregg said johnson is calling for the insurance policy for the island of islands to be removed from the banks a deal but french president and monitor mccraw says this is not an option at a meeting here in berlin yesterday the german justice said she sort of britain
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could still leave the e.u. with a deal but only if it found an alternative solution to the irish border problem. that will no bracket protesters shout as british prime minister boris johnson arrives investment for the 1st time since he took office a month ago he met with german chancellor angela merkel his go to reopen negotiations on brics it we in the u.k. want a deal we seek a deal and i believe that we can get what we can do this shop in the us i think is that is the phrase but clearly. clearly. we cannot we cannot accept. the current withdraw agreement johnson wants to scrap the backstop a clause designed to prevent the return of customs and security checks along the
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irish border the new however has ruled out renegotiating the existing bricks agreement in berlin merkel said jones and the challenge of finding a solution quickly to fix up the set and hook them back them has always only been a last resort if we don't need that last resort and if we're saying that we might find this agreement in the next 2 years a perhaps we will find it in the next 30 days why shouldn't we thought and bottlenecks both merkel and johnson seem optimistic that a solution can be found in berlin however no solution has yet in the past and time is running out if no side moves the u.k. may head for a no deal exit at the end of october. now let's join our correspondents in fairness we have max offline and into parliament your studio has been in a political correspondent hun's don welcome to both of you let's let me start with you in paris as we had a glimmer of hope off the talks in bonn in do you think that israel will change its
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position after all. but if you look back and said she really hasn't changed her position she was always the one to say we still have time to negotiate so let's negotiate but i'm sure hans will tell us more about that if you look at the official position from brussels where the actual chief negotiator says it has not changed they will not reopen the withdrawal agreement so that's the divorce deal that's the legally binding part of the whole thing there's also a political declaration not legally binding and the e.u. is still open to changing that but that's not what's boris johnson what's that so having said that there's one thing you have to keep in mind if there is an uncontrolled bragg's of the so-called hard drugs it then there will be immediately a hard border between northern ireland and ireland so the very thing that this backstop. supposed to avoid so that's why some people in apparently also the prime minister of the u.k. think that the e.u. might cave in that the last moment to avoid this hard this hard border and maybe
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have a time limited backstop or some other solution but so far nobody has acknowledged this in brussels and it really doesn't look like this will happen. in berlin i guess a lot of songs and was here in berlin and i love michael said she was open to an alternative to the obvious backstop if modest johnson could come up with a solution within 30 days and that has raised some hopes but what she really mean by that comment. well ask next was just saying she was strictly speaking within the framework of the withdrawal agreement what she was referring to is that their withdrawal agreement if it comes into force in other words if it isn't corrected with a deal for seems that there is a transition period and during this transition period you and great britain will discuss the details of their future relationship and one very important detail is the question of the border and between the 2 are in ireland. so there is in fact
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a transition period of for at least a year possibly longer but discuss a solution for. for ireland but what you're saying is if a solution can be found immediately within 30 days or whatever of course that will be positive for all sides concerned that has been the problem the hinge on which this whole brics the discussion has changed over the last 2 or 3 years there have been many attempts to find solutions to the irish problem none have been solved fallen so far and i don't see any possibility of something being found within the next 30 days frankly and the next president will be as accommodating as a new american was giving him an option of finding another tentative giving him such a chord in balcombe how we must draw johnson dealing. if you want to if you want to call that accommodating in berlin then he can expect much worse here because money michael as you just mentioned earlier is much much harder on the brits than i'm going to actually as you actually said on wednesday already that what boris johnson
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is asking for so getting rid of the backstop altogether is not an option so he also announced that he will have frank discussions with the u.k. prime minister but you have to recall what it meant or what michael did in the past he was even ready not to extend bragg's a deadline you remember that was extended in april of this year in a manner where michael until the last 2nd said i won't do that so he's a hardliner and that's why we don't expect boris. johnson to be welcomed with open arms here or in mind when i call to make any kind of concessions. and hans american and my crew obviously like you to be talking to each other behind the scenes abi going to stay united all the differences in their position on dealing with us johnson well they obviously are differences as an axis just said but obviously they're also talking to each other and it is quite possible that they have to side on a kind of good cop bad cop strategy it's also part of their character i would say america
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someone who always say is let's keep the channels of communication open if we're all still talking to each other there's still the possibility of agreeing on things if we do not talk to each other that possibility is excluded. knockouts character says let's keep on talking until the last minute while not call it somewhat more impetuousness is he doesn't see any reason to continue talking to continue being accommodating to boris johnson hunstanton berlin and next often in paris thank you both very much. this is being president jad votes and not one has accused non-governmental organizations of deliberately starting wide fison the amazon rain forest he says they're doing it to embarrass him and his government environmentalist deny the accusations they've been a record number of fires in the amazon this year many caused by logging
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more than $72000.00 fires this year an 80 percent increase over the same period last year smokers cover nearly half the country e.u. satellite data show as well as parts of neighboring countries president joe your bill scenario has a theory about the fires cause. i am under the impression that it could have been set by the n.g.o.s because i had asked for money. a stunning accusation he had no evidence for environmentalists have called the charge sick and pitiful. the real cause they say is both own policies which have slashed environmental funding and dismantled protections. when brazil space research center reported an 88 percent increase in deforestation in june compared with june last year its director lost his job those who call the amazon home are the 1st affected by the destruction.
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indigenous groups suffer with the impact because if enough food source begins to change. hunting is further away. to the city for industrialised food. these groups may be the canary in the coal mine the amazon produces one 5th of the world's oxygen and absorbs one quarter of all the c o 2 taken in by earth's forests losing the amazon could mean losing one of the world's greatest natural defenses against climate change. that now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world hundreds of high school students in hong kong have turned out in a square in the city center. has been gripped by more than 2 months of sometimes protests. demanding.
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justice has. in the country's new leader important the top. and the pro-democracy movement. civilians and the military agreed to share power after months of negotiations. to a long time president bush. the domestic. side. and other ministers said to many the announcement comes at a time of rising tensions between the west. and staying with iran president rouhani has threatened to block kid oil transport in the persian gulf if the u.s. maintains pressure on iran he said international waters would no longer be secure if the u.s. carries on insisting the country's oil exports are cut down to 0 there don has in
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the past threatened to kill the strategically important street of much of the world's oil supplies. last month iran seized a british flag tanker in the strait d.j. obvious to research the island of hormuz in the strait and sent us this report. it's early morning in the sun beating down on the island of relentless there's no natural water and few other resources for that matter. despite that the island has been highly valued for centuries as a strategic location portugal for instance constructed this fortress spec in 1507 to control my regime traffic in the persian gulf today the strait of hormuz is once again witness to conflict as the standoff over british flecked tankers seized by iranian authorities continues a fisherman takes us out into the straight past the island of la rock the iranian
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military uses the island to monitor the area which includes the narrow passage all ships must pass through to reach the largest oil ports in the region. a quarter of the global. making it a very strategic international trade and an important leveraging point for iran republican. international. but so far it hasn't done so. already. trade in this area. currently very few international tankers use iranian waters to navigate the strait many fear being swept up in the conflict between washington and tehran and the iranian military is not alone as it petrols these waters the u.s. has also deployed ships into the persian gulf the u.s. wants to strengthen its presence here to guarantee the passage of international
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cargo ships which has angered the iranian government as well as the iranian people . i don't think they would welcome any sort of you know military presence from the region itself that's a part of iran's political culture not to you know ally with. you know non local actors in the region iran try to reach out to again to you know many countries in the region kuwait qatar oman and they are open of course to the u.a.e. and i think saudi arabia as well to discuss these kind of issues and. there's been no movement on the issue so far iran's neighbors seem unwilling to offer support. few people on the island of a movie seem interested in politics they're just hoping there will be a swift end to the regional standoff. bene's them and again if the tensions are
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resolved the entire economy may improve and we're part of that because everyone is out of work here in hormuz i don't know what to do with my wife and kids we can't all live on fishing alone. well now that the music things would improve for tourism more tourists would pay a visit to this island and that way it could develop. more bad news. without stability turning homo's into a popular tourist destination remains a distant prospect. still to come. we tell you what the. indian fisherman. and this one. but for us the latest controversy over immigration in the u.s. the trumpet ministration wants to give authorities the power to hold migrants and their children indefinitely while the asylum requests are being considered the democrats say the proposal
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a monster of child abuse and they're planning to fight it in court and. keep families together this was the protesters edict when the trump administration began separating micro children from their parents at the us mexico border people across the u.s. took to the streets to protest the policy now the u.s. president has essentially said ok we'll keep the families together in detention indefinitely. reporters press trump over concerns about the negative effects the tension could have on miners. that. they're there. but we're big bird strong at the border you see the numbers are way way down and i want to i want to go for that. the new rules replace the previous court decision to put a limit on how long immigration authorities can detain migrant children it will
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mean that because they cross the border with their parents they can be held for much longer the administration has insisted all families will be released as swiftly as possible there's no intent to hold families for a long period of time in fact we have a prior experience of shows we were able to average under 50 days that is interned for but expeditious immigration procedure. but an asylum claim can take an average of 5 years to be processed this means that people could potentially be kept in detention camps for even. longer. and he studies tiny particles of plastic known as micro plastics found in the water we drink do not pose any significant risk to our health the world health organization says most particles to the body being absorbed but the w. h. o. ses study was limited and much more research is needed.
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for more on the fish i'm joined in the studio by debt it butlins from a science desk welcome deck that would seem this initial studies suggesting that these micro plastics are not harmful to our health after all and actually as you just mentioned at the at the end of that piece the w.h.o. did has not given the all clear by any stretch of the imagination they've just said that that appears not to pose a direct health hazard for example a health hazard certainly not on the scale of for example fecal contamination in water which can kill up to a 1000000 people a year however the what they they also emphasize in the report is that it's still very very early days in this field where for example many of the experiments that are that have gone on have used different sized filters there's not been a lot of standardization so it's hard to come up it's hard to come up with really hard data still that said they did study 9 major studies and they more or less cautiously said we don't think that it hurts people people's health directly but as far as i understand this is the only study on micro plastics given that how
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reliable is it well it's not the only study there have been previous studies but it's still it's still very early days we're just missing really actually a lot of the data for exam for example the method of the method myth that all the genes that are used to determine. for example the different sizes of the michael plastics they're being absorbed an interesting aspect is for example that the larger the p pieces of plastic that you swallow possibly the safer it actually is for us when the plastics get down into the nano range that they can compose a major problem so there isn't really clear data they're just saying we're going to we're going to at this moment not recommend that we do routine examinations of water for microprocessors and if pollution from micro sticks also means that an animal is the dying from that so this is something kind of not good about having thoughts to get the water well certainly but most of the problems that you're running into with the animals you see these big news stories you know they are
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dissect the whale that's. a dead whale and they discover 80 plastic bags in its stomach or where a sea turtle really where the micro plastics could have an effect on the environment as when they're swallowed by small animals like krill in the arctic which are which are food for whales and and if they're mechanic if their digestive tracts are mechanically blocked by these micro plastics they can actually starved to death because of that and we don't really have a lot of data on what that means either in terms of environmental health effects nothing further up the food chain so it's micro plastics is a major major problem but it's the the who is the w.h.o. is just saying we're not saying that it's directly a problem in water or in bottled water or in tap water right so this to you got a few know a lot of open questions left eric williams from outside says thank you very much for shedding light on this issue. well let's have more on the plastic littering the oceans every year hundreds of kilometers of plastic fishing nets are discarded in
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the seas but now a dutch company has teamed up with fishermen in india to retrieve the nets and recycle them for a totally different. than obama. these fishermen in southern india are getting ready for a day out at sea but they're not looking for fish instead they're on the lookout for abandoned fishing nets floating in the indian ocean. but i wanted to get out by extracting these nets from the sea where in a way creating with the earning some money. might be also helps in enhancing our catch your values nets get stuck in the propeller and damage the boats when we go fishing. netting not only snags but propellers it also traps marine life and degrades into micro plastics fishing nets can take hundreds of years to break down and fishing gear and makes up up to 70 percent of surface
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debris in the world's oceans but now a dutch company is working with indian fisherman to retrieve discarded fishing nets and with these women to recycle them. we have money for our family by working here this is our livelihood. once the nets have been cleaned and cut up that turned into plastic granules one of the companies they uses them is the surfboard make us stop a lot in bangkok thailand. then we try to see where we can use to mean great places the civil places in our products from boards to feed wherever the people can see them and understand that actually recycling. i can index remained. the indonesian island of bali is a surfing mecca that's also battling
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a tide of plastic waste choking its rivers and beaches the owner of a surfing school on the island now only uses eco friendly boards. is pushing others to do the same. we need to educate the right is the surface and we also need to educate the companies themselves that they can create sustainable programs and be responsible for the products they are using in this or avoids recycling initiatives like these are just a drop in our increasingly polluted oceans the world produces hundreds of millions of tons of plastic waste every year. anyone who's a fan of sound of music will remember julie andrews yodeling away to a heart's content in one of the songs and the uniquely alpine form of singing was originally we have communicating between the mountains of sittin in austria but it has evolved into a sophisticated musical form and one that has staying power. really puppy to puppy
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to puppy. to puppy could. be totally meaningless and loudly. we don't know when the 1st point during formal let rip with the 1st yodel. perhaps the most plausible explanation cording the scots are tired of pounds in for milking but with so much artistic creativity be invested into such a monday toss. you can go oh you know you know. it's rather hard to imagine now but there was a time when yodeling was considered revolutionary. you could
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even say there was a kind of republican yodel for example in switzerland one of the 1st democratic. countries or role of the wars to free it from the podium at the beginning of the 19th century this noise in yahoo links countries were associated with freedom in the eyes of the rest of europe. so the euro songs that came down from the out to europe were transformed into songs of freedom. an interesting theory where the battles are just great p.r. measures for alpine folk music well christoph doctors research does suggest that there was a yodel at that time one which gripped the whole of europe and soon produced its 1st superstar growing our family from silla tar. in addition to the rhinos hundreds of outpoints singers and even opera divas took yodeling to the living overseas
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postures near 0 balance yards at the new york metropolitan opera their views were not great but that didn't stop yodel mania gripping the us consider the whole world's met in the usa in the 19th century and a mix of languages were spoken my idea is that yodelling was the lowest common denominator. in the usa yodel mania lost its luster in the 1950 s. . but 2 decades ago yodeling was liberated from being solely the preserve of german folk music t.v. shows indie folk music bands and everyone's gone vocalists have breathed new life into. and why not what could be more beautiful than transforming those cries of distress into a positive heartfelt yeah that echoes around the world. here's
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a recap of the top story that we're following for you german chancellor necklace suggests. british prime minister bars johnson come up with a solution to the brags that impossible in 30 days she said johnson should try to find an alternative to the irish backstop she wants to move from the big joint agreement. and boris johnson will be down having talks with the french president i'm a man in the cold we'll have live coverage of that coming up for you they did this out of.
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10000 years of human history will soon disappear come under water cut some case in southeastern turkey wants to know where should risible are behind the move
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hydroelectric. what happened to the residents of movie common regions unique cultural heritage. asante waiting for the slug. to 60 on. her 1st day of school in the jungle. her 1st clue listen to the band doris granger moment arrives. join the ranks on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. tour of the reputation returns home on d w dot com among its things. how does time one takes to. g.w.
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correspondent susumu her. pantyhose to basically sunday school the various flavors of the exotic are easy kind of a challenge for you all very good men doing good food confusion and fun. from street food to a 5 star restaurant tasting taipei starts september 1st on t w. the brakes if caucus took a bus german chancellor angela merkel is convinced an orderly departure from the e.u. can still be negotiated with britain that's what mr spock will set off for a meeting with british prime minister boris johnson in berlin on wednesday how can it be achieved. and iran is renaming its currency and cutting fold zeroes off
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it will that help ordinary iranians struggling with the effects of international economic sanctions.


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