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now to paris to talk to the to those latest makola macron to try to persuade them that this irish backstop this sticking point particularly to get a deal with the e.u. has to go and that i would do everything to tell them we've just got to put so tonnage of arrangements in place for getting to the point that at the moment they're on tenney so he's proving to the u.k. that he's doing that but also many believe that if he doesn't get anything back that is concrete he can go back to the u.k. go back to parliament to his conservative party and say look i've tried my best to get what i can from these leaders they won't budge this is all the useful if there isn't no deal bricks it it's not awful it's down to brussels and they're intransient on this whole issue and particularly of the backstop which he said in a letter to donald tusk the president of the european council earlier this week would be anti democratic so that is the line that he is playing we want our
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sovereignty we want our democracy and brussels will not let us have it so that is what he's trying to do that is one thing very much the domestic audience of boris johnson at the moment is having talks at the least with the french president money and mccrone you can look at that bitches there on your screens that we're monitoring the situation as soon as. we take you live there but no other even before boris johnson arrived in paris a month in the course of some very strong wasn't said very squarely if there is no did brag that boris johnson discredited blame for that yes and he's said that's when you know when it comes down to boris johnson but it was very strong yesterday in front of the press when when he spoke to them saying we will not be the ones who are blamed for a no deal bret's that we've done everything we can in good faith we worked on a deal with the previous british government under to raise the may we struck a deal and now they don't like it we know that it's been rejected within the bush parliament through. the times to reason may the former prime minister have to step
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down in response to that so it will not be basically saying he will not be pushed around by a johnson over this issue but it all plays very well for johnson because if it doesn't work out if he doesn't get anything then he can say he's tried his best and it is the french the french fault the germans for brussels for don't forget there has been a long history of boris johnson bashing the french over many years when he was a journalist in brussels and you know in recent months as well so much from snow for he knows exactly what the game is when it comes down to boris johnson and a lot of things also micro also said that he said that if britain things that they can offset the losses they have with the e.u. when they leave the e.u. and they can offset them with trade with the u.s. and they will end up becoming a vassal of the united states and he said that may be good for boris johnson but the people in the one that he's been saying very strong would guess the quote was
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i'm paraphrasing but i don't think it's the will of the british people to become the junior partner to the u.s. and as you say it would be a historic vasilis zation of britain and that is because we know that donald trump is very keen on a no deal brecht's it he has been saying soon as that happens we will have the best trade deal with the u.k. in the world and even one of one of his security advisor john bolton was in the u.k. last week saying if we can't get a straight forward deal straight away we can do it sector by sector there are many fear is among the british people about a what that could mean in some areas such as food standards agriculture the health service and what it would mean with privatization coming in so there are concerns that but boris johnson very gung ho about getting a good deal with the u.s. and certainly don't trump very much keen on that but any fever you have because i want to not draw him. brussels bureau chief he is outside the elusive promise about
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this and let me join him in a mexican tell us exactly what is happening there and when can we expect a what are the expectations of this meeting up with this question to alex i'd like to get your perspective on it. well we understand that the police have already gotten the signal all the. shots and is pretty much due to arrive at the gates you can see that the gates have just been opened so we do expect him to arrive any time soon because the french president after boris johnson over also has a pretty charged schedule should be long so and never have i seen rarely at least an event with such a build up to which we already know the answer more or less because a matter of i called the french president gave it away a wednesday evening already saying that whatever of boris johnson had proposed in this 4 page letter he sent to the head of the european council was and i quote here not an option and what he meant of course was getting rid of the backstop this
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insurance policy against a hard border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is part of the european union and that's look also ruled out any possibility often did in bragg's that he said on this there was a significant political difference ok i'm just going to interrupt you there because i'm seeing both of you this are coming out of their lives a promise let's take a look and this present mcroy you can see him let's take a look and listen to what they are about to say. yes you can see a man or a mark on the back waiting for boris johnson is arriving in a believe range rover and going to get out of the car pretty soon i think you have that picture right there and they're supposed to say something to the press 2 questions we've been we've been told are allowed the 2 are now shaking hands in front of the palace that's right behind me posing for the press nice picture and
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for the israelis a palace something we've seen many times with different leaders right here and it doesn't seem like they're making their way towards the press so far at least but up the stairs now among whom i call he's pointing in the direction of the press probably saying you should we had one or 2 questions and that's what they're going to do right now also get ready for a speech. that's not something that. was a minute you should do the walk or you will be about he simply needs shabbily jensen. and you believe that a lot of the 2 need to do this could take you know she would have all the i could point to a list of dippy it is you it is obvious. good. because
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for the circumstance immutable a little more to come and go to break it is the default when it comes to if you're going to get out of it when you're up are you still not gonna stand with the decision of the political community somebody please themselves the question would have its relationship often look. to present heard in the history and critique unique the past regardless of. the country is going to be. crippled from work. you're creating a really good living. crisis on the. right if you consider my bill if i didn't climate change that's pretty girls education. not engage meant of both our countries together to look good has always been constant and remains essential if you get a few days ahead of the g 7 all discussions will be when they were there to post to coordinate on these matters of course will also inevitably talk about subjects if
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you know my position in this respect it is near and i wonder where that is says in the normal day in day out 1st of all my position has always been which you respect the sovereign choice you made about the british people to lead the european union on i regret it had i been a british voter i would have made a different choice but democracy and the wishes of peoples and therefore believe that we now have to implement this choice then a my position consists in protecting and strengthening the european project the single market ability to decide and to build a stronger and more sovereign your premier this is the reason why i always work so that we would never we can these projects in the negras stations and the decisions we have to take lastly it is about preserving and deepening the bilateral relationship which is very much anchored in history and forward looking. it is
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against this spirit that the european union has at length negotiated an agreement to restore all agreement with the united kingdom will not get into the details of this agreement and it does not belong to any member of the european union. we negotiated this agreement but i would like to say got the key elements of this agreement including the irish backstop all not just technical constraints on legal quibbling but indeed some genuine indispensable. to preserve the stability in the island to preserve the integrity of the single market which is the foundation of the european project and this is very much fully part of. the stated body united kingdom and the european union in addition the european union has always said that it was available to discuss being on the wishes of the united kingdom. relationship which in the end is sensual as it is about building all future drug future we will discuss all of together in
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a minute i would like to say as a friend and there is no law of the united kingdom that it belongs to the united kingdom alone to decide about its destiny to decide about the way you will leave the european union and of the basis of future relationship. we are actively preparing for all the possibilities including the next it without an agreement on the 1st of october it's not the choice of the your opinion but it is our joint responsibility it is a big office citizens visibly all territories and the company and we have already prepared for that but i know no matter what the future of the united kingdom. considering our history and i cannot but be european all. by itself and i can say with confidence about the future will confirm it beyond the uncertainty. can be those of the president ladies and gentlemen. if your words i
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would like that i wanted to share with you once again on the extremely pleased to host step by step and prime minister very pleased to have your. message the message not core message as a president has and i will thank you for the wonderful welcome listen in view of what you've just said and in view of the your remarks overnight about breaks and i want to come straight to the to that particular point i want to make it clear to you emmanuel to the french people now that of course i want a deal and i think we can get a deal and a good deal i was powerfully encouraged by our conversations last night in berlin with our mutual friends and i know that with energy and with creativity and application we can find a way forward for all our businesses and our citizens but as you yourself as john have just pointed out emanuel it is vital for trust in politics that if you have
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a referendum then you should act on the instructions of the voters and that is why we must come out of the e.u. on october the 31st deal or no deal and then of course we can take our relationship forward and when i say take it forward i agree with you wholeheartedly emmanuel that isn't quite extraordinary friendship at this moment in mali french troops are being conveyed in british helicopters as we work together to fight terrorism in the same help as we stand here together side by side at the end he's a british troops and french troops are side by side in his stone protecting the eastern borders of nato. and when assad's regime used chemical weapons against his own people it was britain and france together with our american friends who showed the collective revulsion of the west in taking out those chemical
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weapons facilities together we built the world's 1st supersonic passenger aircraft we built a tunnel under the channel and today we're actually collaborating on genomics that hold out the hope of curing the world's most intractable diseases at your g. 7 in beer it's that that you or your cherry inch entre will be a great success with your preview know the u.k. and france work hand in glove. to tackle climate change to tackle the tragic loss of species and biodiversity and as you rightly say to ensure that every girl in the world gets 12 years of quality education and i think whatever happens with bricks it it is our joint ambition u.k. and france that we should deepen and intensify our economic into penetration and just as french buses i'm proud to say ply the streets of london thanks to the
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unique openness of the u.k. economy it is also a stunning fact that your beautiful t.g.v. is run on steel railways made in scunthorpe by british steel a lot of people know that that the british ambassador knew that. i just told him but there could be no more powerful metaphor i think for the cultural economic political partnership between our countries and i'm proud to say that in spite of some of the negative predictions over the last 3 years our capital city in london remains one of the biggest french cities on earth and no mate so remain and i know that of course mr president you will want to treasure and support the hundreds of thousands of british citizens
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living here in france as much as we in the u.k. will treasure and support the $3200000.00 e.u. nationals including french citizens in our country so let's get bricks it done that get it done sensibly and pragmatically in the interest of both sides and let's let's not wait until october 31st let's get on not in deepening and intensifying the friendship and the partnership between us over lunch and senate. ethen on a comp on the gift. that i decided we have to use what does leaving without a deal actually mean does it have to trading on w t o rules for the long term or is it effectively back to square one with more negotiations and in that sense it's a bit of a con. and this is for mr president don't. either
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merkel showed some flexibility in. last night over the question of changing the irish backstop don't you think you should cut the new british prime minister a bit of slack as well. thank you very much libby of course as you know great deal of work has already been done to ensure that the transition on october 31st is a smooth as it possibly can be and so there are already agreements on aviation on financial services many other sectors and what we want to do now between in the next should be one days or whatever your many we want to make sure that we do all the necessary work on both sides of the channel to make sure that whether we get to an agreement will not our exit is smooth and there is a pain free as possible for citizens and businesses on both sides and that's what
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we're going to. get terms a position. regarding a question. of an introduction the back to. the good. point which has been negotiated in the context of the operation given you the a jug of your violent and the past the political situation so it is an important element which allows this 1st of all to guarantee stability in our land and also the integrity of the single market these are 2 goals when we talk about flexibility well let me be very clear with you these 2 goals have to be met and dealt with therefore have to find a solution that guarantees the integrity of the single market we have to be able to guarantee to the companies to the citizens to the consumers in europe that we comply with the rules of the european union and when it comes in. the market comes
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on the market which is no longer. controlled then they will trade disagreements the good friday agreement and also be political and historical situation and the relationship between your country and our land and we therefore have to respect why it was negotiated in this respect and within the context of the past negotiations we should be able to do some work to the 1st question please allow me to underline something we talk about the withdrawal agreement but no matter what they will be also negative to the future relationship it will be another step and we always handle things in the right i want to just. see the president under no circumstances when you look at the border with northern ireland just repeating a point that bears repeating under no circumstances will the u.k. government be instituting imposing checks or controls of any kind that board and
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we think i understand your desire to protect the integrity of the of the single market of course we understand that but we think that there are ways of protecting the integrity of the single market and allowing the u.k. to exit from the e.u. whole and entire and perfect as it were and that is what we and it was very interesting to hear some of the positive noises that we're now hearing about the ways that can be done we look forward to developing those thoughts in the next few weeks. mr president human ties the political e'squus that's what mr president. do you share the chanceless position that is to find an alternative to the backstop in the next 30 days and prime minister what is your alternative to the backstop. what chancellor merkel said yesterday and which is in compliance which is very much
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in line with the discussions with the heart from the very beginning is that we need visibility 30 days or so i'll just add in service to the reality of the backstop. and i believe they sell so much is the goal of commons to jobs and no one will wait until the 31st of a time something to find the right solution but if we fail to find what solution of course we could not. find we do whatever it takes are the last minute so we will make the most visited of time. around the world. negotiator. trying to find solutions with thought totally plainly. because there has always been a lot of work and it's been approved by 27 percent on this point to start changing america alone so i'm not confident about collective. intelligence and we should always be able all together be able to find something smart within 30 days
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if there's goodwill on both sides and i believe. i've always been presented as the whole ball is about the group. it's just that i have always been clear choices been made the choice was made and we could not just ignore it. we will have to look implemented decision today by the british people and cannot walk about and i want to be a fish. so this is what i. bring and in the past. what you want out of this is to find a solution that in fact it can be very clear we will not find a withdrawal agreement within 30 days which will be very different from the existing one it is just that what. can be amended. cannot lying or been totally of the single market. and the 2 goals i mentioned
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but then we can find a solution for it if not it's probably a political issue a political decision to be taken by the prime minister. i understand very clearly that what i think what i'm going to say last night if i get i got i was standing next to it she said if we can do this in 2 years then we can do this in in 30 days and i i admire that that can do spirit that she seemed to have that i think she's right i think that the technical solutions are readily available and they've been discussed at great length you can have trusted trader schemes you can have electronic clearing the goods moving across the border i just want to repeat one crucial thing under no circumstances will the u.k. be putting checks at the front and we don't think it's necessary from the point of view of the e.u. to do that to protect the integrity of the single market we think there are other
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ways of doing that we've got i think adequate time to do it let's get on with it. as i say there are there are all sorts of proposals that have already been made i might direct you to an excellent a paper that has been done by great hands and other m.p.'s in westminster from all parties that goes through some of the ways in which you can check contraband check for rules of origin check. stop smuggling but not have checks at the front here that's that that's the solution and. whether there was a way. let's work it. and i'm. ok you've been listening to live coverage coming to you from paris where british prime minister abbas johnson is being hosted by french president money and mccraw they've both been addressing making their remarks before they head off for lunch as
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you can see a final shot with goodbye to all the cameraman and journalists awaiting then listen to what they had to say and one of them is in fact join us our very own max hoffman did of these buses very chief has been covering that summit for us and let me turn to you max you've been listening to what the 2 leaders had to say. both of them strongly affirming their friendship talking big they're great friends and they're great allies boris johnson described his friendship with the french as an extraordinary friendship but what is your assessment of what they had to say. no surprises but a small but here so 1st of all as you said and as we've heard from many leaders both affirming the friendship between those particular 2 countries giving some examples and then it might have been my call busy again saying that he and the e.u. as a whole were. for safeguarding the integrity of the single market and that's why
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the e.u. needs backstop so nothing new there but boris johnson said was also largely what he already said in berlin due to my understanding both try to give an interpretation of what i'm going back when she said sure maybe we can find a solution within 30 days obviously the u.k. prime minister interpretating at a little more in his ways saying that he admired this can do spirit and the french president saying that this wasn't really anything new but within the framework of what was decided beforehand now the small but i was talking about earlier the thing that really gets me thinking is that boris johnson is saying over and over again that no matter what the outcome of the next weeks until they will get out of the european now on the 31st of october the u.k. will not install any kind of border control between northern ireland and the republic of ireland so what does this do this puts the burden on the european union
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to install border checks because theoretically if the u.k. crashes out of the european union there will be a hard border between northern island which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is part of the european union but who will have the courage to enforce this border if you look at the history of this island of the violence and the people that died because of this border so this seems to be the strategy of boris johnson of putting pressure on the e.u. of giving up the backstop and finding an alternative solution and extending to you number. johnson opening remarks well i want to deal i can get to deeds and he kept harping on the backs up and what he heard from i'm going to make a he said he went to france encouraged by comments but what do you make of the comments by the 2 leaders not embarrass or just picking up on what marx said about boris johnson saying that they will not put any controls in place across in all of
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the across ireland will the e.u. he did actually say exactly the same thing yesterday to angela merkel which was something that she didn't directly answer because she can't and that is what boris johnson is trying to do saying it won't be us who do who will do this it will be the e.u. which is why the angela merkel was saying ok when you come up with the alternative solutions that's exactly what my form has done he said i'm not the hard boy people call me the hard boy in all this i'm not a hard boy i'm just saying we have to have proper solutions we want there to be a deal we have an agreement we don't want to change that agreement maybe we can look at ways of changing the declaration the future relationship between the 2 but we do want there to be an agreement but at the moment there isn't one so yes we're open to any suggestions what are the suggestions yet again boris johnson very vague on what these alternative arrangements could be to prevent
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a backstop in northern ireland yet again pointing to a report by one of his ministers saying look at that and it's all to do with technology the fact is it isn't actually something that can be put in place to prevent that harm order from returning in order to keep the integrity of the single market and preserve the peace across ireland that is what micron was saying that is what marco was saying boris johnson is saying there is a solution and we will find it where did i not to you max in paris and there is much talk a lot of one. thing the good cop and mccraw being the bad cop but as we heard today that seems to be very little difference between their positions perhaps in tone is that you fairly united in how we move forward on this issue of brics it. as far as i'm concerned the differences are mainly in style and you have of course i'm going to macro is very pragmatic and procedural so she says step by step we're not 31st of october yet so there is time to talk so let's talk that's basically
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what she's saying and under my call maybe also playing to the home crowd trying to be firm although france probably has the most to lose from a from an uncontrolled bragg's it in the european union maybe apart from ireland because just think about kalai where you will have huge traffic jams with all the trucks that won't get over the channel and they're already building parking spaces there to make sure this is not the case but as far as i can see so far the european union is united on the issue of the backstop it's not to say that will stay that way because if the alternative really is a hard drugs it with an immediate hard border between northern ireland and ireland you can't exclude that the e.u. will budge at the last 2nd and obviously that's what boris johnson is counting on at least that's the impression he gave us today here in paris in front of the palace where he's having lunch with a man with michael so i definitely have to leave it max hoffman outside the elite
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if i can if in fairness thank you very much for that and with me in the studio and it's for us my thing and it is thank you very much fail in science is that. you're watching the news coming to you live from london i have no news for you at the top of the alan look forward to seeing you then for now. hello and welcome to focus on europe. thanks for joining us a political earthquake is looming in germany state elections will be held in brandenburg and saxony and the right wing parties there are set to make huge gains polls suggest they might even come out on top well party leaders of the far right
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or alternative for germany are drawn.


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