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this is news coming to you live from berlin and you can't promise a boris johnson and french president in london mccraw are holding talks on bridge city in paris hilton wants to scrap the irish backstop in the recall agreement but mcdonald's says it's indispensable however mccraw also said he believed it was still possible for the u.k. to leave with a deal also coming up. a record number of fires are burning in brazil's amazon rain forest the country is ripe for in president also not of accuses environmental
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activists of starting the blazes critics say the president's claims are outrageous . and iran's president talks tough on the world's oil supplies he says if international sanctions stop iran exporting its oil shipping lanes need not remain safe. plus plastic in the wilds oceans is a growing problem among the worst offenders are the nets discarded by fisherman now a dutch company has come up with a novel way of using the material. and unwelcome. british prime minister barak johnson is holding talks and brags that the french president emmanuel both leaders said they believe a solution for the u.k. to leave the e.u. with a deal should be possible but a number of obstacles remain johnson says there will be no deal unless the backstop
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be insurance policy to prevent a hardboard on the island of ireland is taken out of the bags. but look toward repeated just position and the position of the e.u. that this was out of the question. that the good in europe and the good the e.u. has negotiated at length i withdraw all agreement with the united kingdom that i will not get into details and it's not for any member of the e.u. alone to negotiate or renegotiate this agreement but i would like to say that the key elements including the irish backstop are not just technical constraint or legal quibbling but are indeed genuine indispensable guarantees to preserve stability in ireland to preserve the integrity of the single market which is a fine nation of the european project when you look at the border with northern ireland just repeating a point that bears repeating under no circumstances will the u.k.
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government be instituting imposing checks or controls of any kind at that border and we think i understand your desire to protect the integrity of the of the single market of course we understand that but we think that there are ways of protecting the integrity of the single market and allowing the u.k. to exit from the e.u. whole and entire and perfect as it were. and it obvious max huffman isn't bad is covering the story for us like 1st of all we heard one boris son boris johnson just had to say it was anything new in what he's saying. well that quote you just it is fairly new he started i think that tune probably on wednesday when he went when he met. in berlin so insisting that the u.k. no matter what happens on the 31st of october no deal bragg's it or drags it with a deal the u.k. will not impose border controls on that infamous border between northern ireland
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which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is part of the european union this puts the pressure on the e.u. because the question of course is if there really is no deal drugs at a so-called hard drugs it will the e.u. enforce those border controls to make sure that the integrity of the single market is appelle theoretically they have to do that but given the history of the border the violence of the last decades will they really do it or will they not do it does the e.u. basically want to be responsible for more violence on the border and then how did this spawn what was his message to maurice johnson. the message was the one that we've known before saying that basically the backstop was indispensable to safeguard the integrity of the single market maybe slight nuances there are like i'm going to medical on wednesday very similar saying that the solution that they will have after 30 more days of negotiating shouldn't be too far away from what was
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already in the go she added so too far away is different from exactly as it was before it might give a little wiggle room in my view of more you know my cut boris johnson as the new prime minister of just a tiny bit of slack but it probably also means that the e.u. if call has his way will not reopen that withdrawal agreement the divorce agreement the legally binding part of bragg's almost johnson i had talked to. the day before and he said he came of it very encouraged by those talks and what he described as a can do attitude is that any difference i'll have to sign is that if what does it take away from that mitch mcconnell could not give him. well boris johnson you have to remember is a spin doctor there's really no other way to put it he also was a journalist in brussels so many of my older colleagues still know what he did back then so of course he took that when i got back and said sure we can still negotiate
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for 30 days why not find a solution which is very pragmatic and why shut the door if there is still some time he took that he put it in his camp to try to interpret it in a way that's positive for him but a man whom i called the french president was sure to remind him that he thought was said was totally in the ballpark of what had been decided earlier and i think it's safe to say that back on it might have been a call talk beforehand to make sure they have the same strategy. right max in front of the palace for the 2 leaders are having a working lunch right now thank you very much for that update. but some other stories making news around the wind at least one person has been killed and several others injured after a fire to code of a building next door to the henry monde or hospital in paris to be spread through the 10 floors of the building which housed some of the hospitals and chloe's.
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thousands of high school students in hong kong have turned out in the square and the city center to rally for political reforms student leaders announced a 2 week boycott of lecture as hong kong has been gripped by a more than 2 months of sometimes violent into us led by young people demanding more democracy. around 100 west papuan students have demonstrated in the indonesian capital of jakarta the students were protesting against racism and called for independence for their region they've been a number of protests this week triggered by the arrest of dozens of pop and students in java. iran is what it calls a domestically myside state media showed president hasan rouhani and other ministers. comes at a time of rising tensions between iran and the west after iran shot down a u.s. military drone. and staying with iran president hassan rouhani has been talking
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tough about the once oil supplies he said that if the u.s. kept up its pressure to stop iran exporting its oil then international waters would no longer be secure as he put it there john has said in the past and it's threatened to close the strategically important strait of hormuz much of the was oil supplies passed through that waterway last month iran seized a british flag tanker in the strait did obviously reserve trouble went to the island of the street and sent us this report. it's early morning in the sun beating down on the island of relentless there's no natural water source and few other resources for that matter despite that the island has been highly valued for centuries as a strategic location portugal for instance constructed this fortress spec in 57 to control mara team traffic in the persian gulf today the strait of hormuz is once again witness to conflict as the standoff over british flecked tankers seized by
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iranian authorities continues. a fisherman takes us out into the strait past the island of la rock the iranian military uses the island to monitor the area which includes the narrow passage ships must pass through to reach the largest oil ports in the region. like this a quarter of the global oil consumption passes through the strait of hormuz making it a very strategic location for international trade and an important leveraging point for iran republican. international. but so far it hasn't done so but the detainment of the british tanker is already a. trade in this area. currently very few international tankers use iranian waters to navigate the strait many fear being swept up in the conflict between washington and tehran and the iranian military is not alone as it
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petrols these waters the u.s. has also deployed ships into the persian gulf the u.s. wants to strengthen its presence here to guarantee the passage of international cargo ships which has angered the iranian government as well as the iranian people . i don't think they would welcome any sort of you know military presence from the region itself that's a part of iran's political culture not to you know ally with. you know non. actors in the region iran try to reach out to again to you know many countries in the region kuwait. and they are open of course to the u.a.e. and i think saudi arabia as well to discuss these kind of issues. there's been no movement on the issue so far iran's neighbors seem unwilling to offer support.
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few people on the island of seem interested in politics they're just hoping there will be a swift end to the regional standoff. if the tensions are resolved the entire economy may improve and we're part of that. everyone is out of work here in hormuz i don't know what to do with my wife and kids we can't all live on fishing alone. things would improve for tourism more tourists would pay a visit to this island and that way it could develop. without stability turning homo's into a popular tourist destination remains a distant prospect and to brazil and the right president it was not oh he's accused non-governmental organizations of deliberately starting wildfires in the amazon rain forest he says that they're doing it to embarrass him and his government environmentalist save us of those
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accusations are outrageous there's been a record number of fires in the amazon this year. more than $72000.00 fires this year and 80 percent increase over the same period last year smokers cover nearly half the country e.u. satellite data show as well as parts of neighboring countries president has a theory about the fires cause. i am under the impression that it could have been set by the n.g.o.s because i had asked for money. a stunning accusation he had no evidence for environmentalists have called the charge sick and pitiful the real cause they say is both in our own policies which have slashed environmental funding and dismantle protections. when brazil space research center reported an 88 percent increase in deforestation in june compared with june last year its director lost his job those who call the amazon home are the 1st affected by the destruction.
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indigenous groups suffer with the impact because if enough food source begins to change. hunting is further away which forced us to go to the city for industrialized food. these groups may be the canary in the coal mine the amazon produces one 5th of the world's oxygen and absorbs one quarter of all the c o 2 taken in by earth's forests losing the amazon could mean losing one of the world's greatest natural defenses against climate change. a new push to repack korea drawing the refugees from bangladesh to me and mine has apparently ended and after no one turned up to board debating buses meanwhile has given the go ahead for more than 3000 refugees to return to the country and issued them with documentation but none of them have yet
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chosen to follow through with it fearing what might happen to them on their return this is bunk a vicious 2nd affectation attempt after a previous bush in november. nearly 750000 of the persecuted muslim minority fled to military offensive in 2017 in. state. and conrad is at the main refugee camp in the bangladeshi city of cox's bazar along the border with me and ma she told us more about why the refugees are refusing to return to me and ma some people here told us that if they were forced to go home they'd rather kill themselves 1st because they don't trust the government of myanmar to actually provide them with safety to give them their land back you have to remember this might face muslim minority has gone through what some people close to ethnic cleansing their villages were bombed in some cases women were right they
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simply don't trust the government backing me and ma to provide the safety and provide the human rights that they want a lot of people say once. a month have been fulfilled they want to go back but at this point they all prefer to stay here and no one we talked to and no one has talked to the un so far wants to go back willingly. that is 14. now to the latest controversy over immigration in the u.s. the trumpet ministration wants to give authorities the power to hold migrants and their children indefinitely while the asylum requests are being considered and the democrats say the proposal of monster child abuse and a planning to fight it in court and. keep families together this was the protesters edict when the trump administration began separating micra children from their parents at the us mexico border people across the u.s. took to the streets to protest the policy now the u.s. president has essentially said ok we'll keep the families together in detention
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indefinitely. reporters press trump over concerns about the negative effects the tension could have on miners. that. they're there. but we're big bird strong at the border you see the numbers are way way down and i want to i want to go. to new rules replace the previous court decision that put a limit on how long immigration authorities can detain migrant children it will mean that because they cross the border with their parents they can be held for much longer the administration has insisted all families will be released as swiftly as possible there's no intent to hold families for a long period of time in fact we have the prior experience of shows we were able to average under 50 days that is your term for but expeditious immigration proceedings
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. but an asylum claim can take an average of 5 years to be processed this means that people could potentially be kept in detention camps for even longer. but this new facilities which suggests that micro plastics in the water we drink do not pose any significant risk. i had its 1st study of the issue of the was health organization has found that most particles off through the body without being absolved but the findings got with the big caveat the dumb to h. o. ses further research is urgently needed to obtain a more detailed assessment of the potential impacts on have. now fallen for more on that story i have with me derek williams from science to us welcome day quest to forward what is the significance of this latest finding well this this study was was built on the back of the discovery about a year ago that there are large numbers of of micro particles micro plastic
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particles in bottled water and to some extent also tap water so that posed a potentially major health threat ended up gauge you had to look into it now they've come back in year later and they've said ok we've we've we've done the science we've looked at it and to the best of our of our understanding and knowledge it doesn't pose a major threat to human health most of it does pass through the digestive tract but we definitely need to do more work exactly the forceful urgent recession what in what direction will this research be going and what they're trying to establish a lot of it is about standardization because the studies that have been done in the past used different parameters for example one study group might have used filters that have pores of a particular size in another study group of a different size so the size of the micro particles in particular also what makes up the micro particles there's a great deal in plastic is not plastic is not plastic so micro plastic is not microprocessors not micro plastics different substances will be toxic possibly in
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different ways and many of them will be inert and won't be dangerous in the least but we know very little about that and the 3rd aspect is actually the size of these micro plastics interesting lee when it comes to digestion of these at least the the larger pieces of plastic appear to be really not much of a problem but we don't know much about very tiny pieces of plastic when you get. into the nanometer range so that could also pose a potential danger where we really definitely need to do more research and how much of a threat or a problem do micro plastics posed to the environment will the most of the threat that they pose in the marine environment anyway i mean we've also came last last week we had we had the story that they discovered micro plastics and snow in the arctic so it's also in the atmosphere it's not only about in the oceans but most of what we know about it in the oceans is that it causes problems in the food chain in particular for marine plankton so small animals in the food chain eat these mice micro plastics thinking that their food and they become mechanically stuck in their
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diet in their gut in their digestive tract and that can actually lead to the starvation of the animal because it's not able to digest enough food to keep up its energy needs so that's that's also another area that we need more research as to what extent micro plastics are really having an impact at a very fundamental level in these food chains in the in the environment in the marine environment in particular right dave williams from les sciences thank you very much well let's have low on the plastic littering of the oceans every year hundreds of kilometers of plastic fishing nets discarded in the seas but now a dutch company has teamed up with fishermen in india to retrieve the nets and recycle them for a totally different. than obama. these fishermen in southern india are getting ready for a day out at sea but they're not looking for fish instead they're on the lookout for abandoned fishing nets floating in the indian ocean.
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but i wanted to get out by extracting these nets from the sea where no way creating with the earning some money. might be also helps in enhancing our catch your values nets get stuck in the propeller and damage the boats when we go fishing or do. not learn netting not only snags but propellers it also traps marine life and degrades into micro plastics fishing nets can take hundreds of years to break down and fishing gear and makes up up to 70 percent of surface debris in the world's oceans but now a dutch company is working with indian fisherman to retrieve discarded fishing nets and with these women to recycle them. we don't have money for our family by working here this is our livelihood. once the nets have
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been cleaned and cut up that turned into plastic granules one of the companies that uses them is the surfboard make us stop a lot in bangkok thailand. then we try to see where we can place to meet great places the civil places in our products from force 15 wherever a people can see them and understand that actually recycling is i can index training. the indonesian island of bali is a surfing mecca that's also battling a tide of plastic waste choking its rivers and beaches the owner of a surfing school on the islands now only uses eco friendly boards. it's pushing others to do the same. we need to educate the riders the surfers and we also need to educate the companies themselves that they can create sustainable programs and be responsible for the products they are using in this or avoids recycling
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initiatives like these are just a drop in our increasingly polluted oceans though the world produces hundreds of millions of tons of plastic waste every year. and if you've seen the movie the sound of music you remember julie andrews yodeling to our heart's content and some of the songs not the unique out fine form of singing was originally a way of communicating between the mountains of sit still in austria but it's now evolved into a sophisticated musical form and one that has true staying power have a listen. really puppy to puppy to puppy. puppy totally meaningless and lal. we don't know when the 1st point terry farmer let rip with the 1st. warning.
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perhaps the most plausible explanation courting the scattered herd of cows in for milking but would so much artistic creativity be invested into such a monday in toss. her. rather hard to imagine now but there was a time when yodeling was considered revolutionary. you could even say there was a kind of republican yodel for example in switzerland one of the 1st democratic countries or role of the was to free it from the code in at the beginning of the 19th century. these countries were associated with freedom in the eyes of the rest
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of europe. so the euro songs that came down from the still europe were transformed into songs of freedom. nature string theory where the battles of just great p.r. measures for alpine folk music well christoph doctor's research does suggest that there was a yodel at that time one which gripped the whole of europe and soon produced its 1st superstar. family from silicon. in addition to the rhinos hundreds of alpine singers and even opera divas took yodeling to the living. overseas postures near 0 balance yards at the new york metropolitan opera their views were not great but that didn't stop yodel mania gripping the us. the whole world met in the usa in the 19th century as we were in a mix of languages were spoken my idea is that yodelling was the lowest common denominator the clothes to good man some in need no. no no no
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no no no no no no. in the usa yodel mania lost its luster in the 1950 s. . but joe decades ago yodeling was liberated from being solely the preserve of german folk music t.v. shows indeed folk music fans and everyone's guard vocalists have breathed new life into. and why not what could be more beautiful than transforming those cries of distress into a positive heartfelt yeah that echoes around the world. you're watching the deadly news here's a recap of the top story that you're following feel you can't climb this embarrassed johnson and french president in money and looks on holding talks on the breaks it in paris johnson said he believed it was time to find a solution to the irish border problem mcconnell said the e.u.
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had to protect the integrity of the single market. coming up next conflicts with tim sebastian and don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's d w dot com for me and with that she left spice and.
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the funny. thing. to. enter the conflict zone with to sebastian the song east european state of moldova has a new coalition government my guest this week is not the mature but scottish feist's president of the outgoing democratic party and a former justice minister cooed moldova now how far he would go corruption is he
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ashamed the peace talks he's raechel in conflict so from now on d w. o. earth home to millions of species it's a home worth something. global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas that protect the climate boost green energy solutions and the. forster should be using interactive content to inspire people to take action on global audience and series of global 3000 on t.w. and online. i'm not laughing. well i guess sometimes i am amazed and nothing happens thanks to you consider jam
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a culture of looking at stereotypes question in here think if you are the kind of kid that i not. even seen if it is grandma. it's all about who they know i'm rachel join me to meet the gentleman from beat up your post. do you think the rest of the world is really that stupid is he a crook of course not and it's going to be rather uncomfortable for jews who know it's not that old uncomfortable we will see who is less corrupted and who is better managing governing become for the time east europeans very few of moldova has a new coalition government united it seems only in its dislike of the previous of minister.


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