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this is from britain's prime minister. says withdrawal agreement to scrap the irish. president. hold out hope that a deal could still be done also on the program brazil strikes when president. that environmental activists are behind the. rain forest iran's president wants the world but if international. shipping lines may not.
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welcome to the program we begin in paris with a fresh effort to break the deadlock of british prime minister barak johnson that french president emanuel wrapped up a meeting aimed at jumpstarting the ghost of a britain's departure from the e.u. talks and stalled over the so-called irish bank which is the e.u.'s current plan to avoid a hard border in ireland after britain leaves the bloc mr johnson wants to renegotiate his country's current deal and remove the backstop but president the british prime minister has yet to present a better alternative. boris johnson striding towards what he hopes will be
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a new deal with the european union of a break that his meetings this week with french and german leaders let the british prime minister sounding optimistic. i think we can get a deal and they could you know i was possibly encouraged by our conversations last night in berlin with our mutual friends johnson's key goal is to convince the e.u. to scrap the so-called backstop it's the fallback policy that would prevent a hard border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland following brags that. a day earlier johnson was in berlin where chancellor angela merkel told him the backstop wouldn't be necessary if britain could propose an alternative solution quickly. i admire that that can do spirit that she seems to have that i think she's right i think that the technical solutions are readily available can have trusted traders schemes you can have electronic clearing of the goods moving across the board. to meetings main revelation
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a pledge that britain won't install controls on its border with ireland. but under no circumstances will the u.k. government be instituting imposing checks or controls of any kind at that border and we think i understand your desire to protect the integrity of the of the single market but if you had hoped that concession might soften europe stance macron had bad news the e.u. has neither time nor intention to reconsider the brig's of divorce deal. or been any good the e.u. has negotiated at length a withdrawal agreement with the united kingdom i will not get into details and it's not for any member of the e.u. alone to negotiate or renegotiate this agreement leaving with nothing but a handshake if a hard break that happens this week's visit could be seen as johnson's way of showing he tried to avoid it and to lay the blame on europe.
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well the w.'s brussels bureau chief is in paris following today's events here's his assessment. the fundamentals didn't change here in paris they're still the same boris johnson the u.k. prime minister wants to get rid of the backstop and everyone else in the european union including in one room i call the french president want to preserve it to preserve the integrity of the single market but one thing seems to be different boris johnson has started saying that no matter what happens on the 31st of october the u.k. will not enforce border checks border controls on this border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is part of the european union that potentially puts the pressure on the european union what will they do in case of a no deal brags that if the u.k. does not enforce this border will they do it and risk having more violence like in
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the past decades if they don't then they cannot preserve the integrity of the single market so this once again has become a high stakes poker game and the question is who if anyone will blink 1st. in paris now to some of the other stories making news around the world at least president such a matter that the house intensified efforts to solve the country's political crisis holding a 2nd day of talks with all the main parties of the country's populist coalition government collapsed 2 days ago after the far right league party withdrew its support. lawmakers in kosovo have voted to dissolve parliament and figure fresh elections comes after prime minister rudd ramu shahada didn't touch resigned in july over a war crimes investigation steps likely to further delay stalled talks between cost of serbia. research is a visited the wreckage of the titanic for the 1st time in 14 years i say the ship
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is deteriorating rapidly because of salt corrosion and the rust eating bacteria that lives in the bus because. i describe as unthinkable what it was launched the ship went down on its maiden voyage in 1912 claiming the lives of more than 1500 passengers and crew. now to brazil president jaya both sonora says his country lacks the resources to fight the record number of fires burning in the amazon rainforest of brazil's space research agency has recorded more than 74000 wildfires this year and 80 percent increase on the same period last year around $10000.00 fires have been spotted in the last week alone in a speech broadcast live on facebook as the polls are also retracted his accusation that the fires had been started by environmental organizations. as get more obvious from t.w. reporter alex forrest wising welcome alex how bad are these fires while these fires
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have been raging for more than 2 weeks and nasir actually released an image which showed just how serious the devastation has been it said that the show that the smoke covering an area of approximately 1200000 square miles and just bear in mind that the amazon itself is 3000000 square miles event is a huge amount of land that is being covered we can also look at the brazilian city of south pollo which lies more than one of the half 1000 miles. way from the region that's been scarred by these fires and the entire city went dark for around an hour on monday afternoon and that was because of the smoke that even though it was so far away so we're talking about 80 percent increase in these there wildfires this year as opposed to last year what's to blame for this well there are a number of factors but many people are pointing the finger at the brazilian
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president jibril sonora now he was elected last year and since then has begun to open up much of the amazon including to mining for example mining gold and has withdrawn some of those environmental protections on the amazon including in indigenous areas many of his own ministers are climate change deniers but another huge factor in all of this is before you have to bear in mind that brazil is a huge exporter of beef around about one and a half 1000000 tonnes of meat was sent of brought just last year the farmers need land they have been cutting down some of the plane some of the amazon so so-called deforestation some of it being burnt and there has been a large increase in this since paulson r.-o. came to power it's not just all about brazil though many people are also pointing the finger at other countries including for example the european union
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a trade deal known as cause for cowls has been signed between the 2 countries allowing the u.k. the e.u. to export cause in exchange for beef so both sides are saying look it's not my fault that there have been fires my government can't do anything about it because we just don't have the resources so at the moment they still burn and this is important to all of us not just brazil because they are produces something like 20 percent of the air we breathe so how do we make sure that we keep breathing yes known as the lungs of the planet and place them. major role in regulating climate a simple thing that environmentalist are suggesting is that people stop eating so much meat and in particular beef now now others will say well look if you were to. other thing you know some of the vegetables or whatever they also cause them a carbon footprint but it's not as much as beef there are organizations out there
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that are encouraging people. to try to donate to them so they can help by parts of the amazon and even tech some of the indigenous population obviously it's all about money at the moment and so whether people you know farmers can be persuaded that they should perhaps not be farming so much cattle well we will see if people put their money where their mouth is. forest washing thank you for. the president of iran has long rouhani has warned the united states that if it continues to try to stop this country exporting oil and international waters would no longer be safe to iran has previously threatened to close the strategically important strait of hormuz which is used to transport much of the world's oil supplies last month iran seized a british flag tanker in the straights the w. reported to raise a drop of sent this report. it's early morning in the sun beating down on the island of relentless there's no natural water source and few other resources for
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that matter despite that the island has been highly valued for centuries as a strategic location portugal for instance constructed this fortress back in 1507 to control my routine traffic in the persian gulf today the strait of hormuz this once again witness to conflict as the standoff over british rectangle seized by iranian authorities continues a fisherman takes us out into the straight past the island of la rock. the iranian military uses the island to monitor the area which includes the narrow passage all ships must pass through to reach the largest oil ports in the region. on oil tankers like this one a quarter of the global oil consumption passes through the strait of hormuz making it a very strategic location for international trade and an important leveraging point for iran group public has repeatedly threatened to close the strait of hormuz for
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international ships as long as it's not allowed to export its own oil but so far it hasn't done so but the detainment of the one british tanker is already enough to slow down traffic and trade in this area a lot. currently very few international tankers use iranian waters to navigate the strait many fear being swept up in the conflict between washington and tehran and the iranian military is not alone as it petrols these waters the u.s. has also deployed ships into the persian gulf the u.s. wants to strengthen its presence here to guarantee the passage of international cargo ships which has angered the iranian government as well as the iranian people . i don't think they would welcome any sort of you know military presence from the region itself that's a part of iran's political culture not to you know. actors in the region try to reach out to again to you know many countries in the region in
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kuwait. and they are open of course to the u.a.e. and i think saudi arabia as well to discuss these kind of issues. there's been no movement on the issue so far iran's neighbors seem unwilling to offer support. few people on the island of moves seem interested in politics they're just hoping there will be a swift end to the regional standoff. bene's m. and again if the tensions are resolved the entire economy improve and we're part of that. everyone is out of work here in hormuz i don't know what to do with my wife and kids we can't all live on fishing alone. if you see things would improve for tourism more tourists would pay a visit to this island and that way it could develop. without
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stability turning homos into a popular tourist destination remains a distant prospect. now to london zoo which has begun its mammoth task of checking the heights and weights of some of its $19000.00 a some like baseball frog were easy to coax on to the scales for others it was more of a delicate balancing act the way in the last keeper is to check the animal's general health find out about any pregnancies i determine the right dose of any necessary medication i mean information is then shared with zoos around the world. so it's a reminder about top story at this hour british prime minister barak's jumps in the french president e-mail not help told in paris mr johnson said he believes there is still time to find a solution to the irish border problem the sumach process the e.q. to protect the integrity of its single market is. up next stat
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here on v.w. saddam's new prime minister promises to grieve build the country's battle economy after decades of corruption coming up with monica jones and business africa in just a moment. just a bit up a bit of the day. the prison here up at its most fascinating at its most exciting. most creative colorful glamorous trying to taste innovative brilliant charming.


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