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still in the very beginning to understand what sort of those suffering we have no idea oh so yes what you can do if so. becoming a little bit more self-aware about us as a musical species has got to be a positive thing in how we're trying to shape our individual lives. and. i definitely feel like music move believe in the future more into our bodies through the way that we listen to it so what happens when you can control your emotional state by the click of a mouse there's probably a lot of good and also a lot of bad. and once we are able to really translate.
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all the knowledge that the rare gathering into all real instruments real truth it will be our listen. the.
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10000 years of human history will soon disappear underwater. which of us i'm jason southeastern turkey was funded by a huge reservoir behind a new hydroelectric dam what will happen to the local residents will become of the region's unique cultural heritage asuncion waiting for the flood. 39 on the. 5th the temple of which. the rhythm of the markets. the momentum of the working world.
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your business magazine made in germany in 90 minutes on d w. losing people fight for some. money. when there's a flood water comes up to your waist when you close fast and everyone but. the lack of water is equally dangerous. can't keep people myself so they can plant crops and find food. floods and droughts with climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any night if you want and probably most of the bill. for climate exodus starts september 5th on d. w. .
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british prime minister blair is johnson has been told by french president emanuel. that the brics it backstop is indispensable to any deal between the e.u. and the u.k. regulating britain's exit from the block. but johnson says there will be no deal unless the backstop the insurance policy to prevent a hard border with the republic of ireland is removed from the deal. brazil's president jacob also nardo 1st retracted then repeated his accusation that the blaze is sweeping the amazon was started by environmental organizations here tonight a firestorm of criticism after blaming non-governmental organizations for the fires j. about sonata did not support his claims with proof he made the statement as new figures showed that there had been a record number of fires there this year. the french seaside resort of b.r. hits is gearing up for the arrival of world leaders with more than 13000 police
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deployed as well as military personnel and drones 7 heads of state from the world's wealthiest countries the g 7 nations will spend 2 days tackling hot button issues including trade disputes climate change and iran. a syrian migrant accused of fatally stabbing a man in the eastern german city of camden it's last year has been found guilty and sentenced to almost 10 years in prison the killing sparked a wave of anti immigrant protests and riots. it's the lungs of our planet the amazon rain forest and right now it is burning forest fires are raging in brazil and the consequences for the fight against climate change could be devastating who is responsible and what can be done i'm serious on a scandal in berlin this is the day. in
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my opinion the fires in the amazon might have been started by n.g.o.s because they lost money. through. their intention to make trouble for brazil but it was for the president. it's totally absurd the fires are burning because of a policy of environmental devastation. that our global for years have been buying us time davis and the fisheries service says the amazon rain forest has been giving us a real fall away then the global climate change will go a long process so the fact that we're seeing this happen work they'll result isn't just for a good result. it's a problem for the world. also coming up on the day boris johnson's brags the tour moves on this time paris the british prime minister insists with a little creativity and energy there is
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a way out of the brags that deadlock both france and germany say there is no time for a new agreement but if london can come up with something clever they might be willing to talk and want to be cute and secret if you emanuel's approach people know that of course i want to do and i think we can get a deal and they get. a warm welcome to all our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and across the world tonight and environmental disaster with global implications the amazon is burning in brazil at a record rate forest fires are raging in the rain forest there have been nearly $73000.00 fires this year already a more than 80 percent increase compared to last year environmental group. blaming the rightwing president jar both the narrow they say he has loosened environmental regulations and encouraged loggers and farmers to clear the land accelerating
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deforestation. both n.r.o. has struck back claiming that n.g.o.s might be starting the fires themselves to make him look bad he was pressed once again today and again he cited no evidence. do you want me to blame the indigenous martians there are strong suspicions it's because the n.g.o.s lost their funding and you will get a bill to the. strong suspicions based on what is known you think over there is no proof nobody writes all set fire to that if you don't catch someone red handed setting the fire then look for those who ordered it it's a crime. it could be the farmers board the pool yes everyone is a suspect but the biggest suspects are the n.g.o.s. now the raging fires covered sao paulo which is home to more than $12000000.00 people under a blanket of smoke so thick it blocked out the sun we see video here of how
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brazil's biggest city was plunged into darkness in the middle of the day and there were also reports of black rain in sao paolo a twitter user posted a photo here of what she says is a glass of rain water and you can see it looks more like something from a dirty puddle. let's get some analysis on the story now we have mollica vera sammy with us she's a researcher at berlin's humboldt university she's an expert on sustainability and conservation and she's currently researching how to prevent the 4 station high molokai thank you for joining us and put this into context for us how significant is the situation that we're seeing on the ground in the amazon right now as you just pointed out you know this is an 80 percent increase from normal levels and i think the forest fires i'm on the frustrations of the governance level. issues in brazil right now that's encouraging organized crime and killing of indigenous people. in 2018 we saw every week free indigenous people
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that's every week being killed for protecting their and suster land so so what that means is that. these 5 years have huge implications for biodiversity and the people living in the forests i do want to ask you more about the governance but tell us what those implications are 1st of all for biodiversity why is this such an important land as you know the amazon basin is very rich in bad diversity and has important forests climb a 50 bucks to impacts on the forests climate implications and then and then of course biodiversity implications because of it's a rich hotspot for biodiversity not wild fight forest fires are rare in the amazon but in the during the dry season people exploit the dry conditions to set 5 years for for
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a screening for fun lengths and cattle bus just so what you get getting is that the current government governance situations and very warm conditions in brazil is encouraging more people to organize crimes especially for forest fearing so what do you mean by organized crime who do you say is. behind this so there is a huge land market in brazil for clearing len and legalizing these land these lands for for farming and cattle right ranching so they're not talking about farmers and of course some of the fight fires are caused by farmers and cells but most much of it is what you call gary laws the people who are looking for land to convert into cattle ranching and farming and this is a business that's happening in brazil and the current government situation is encouraging that kind of business model you keep saying the current government situation are you pointing the finger directly at the president also narrow environmentalists say he has leased loosen the regulation environmental regulation
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can there really be a direct link made between his policies and what we're seeing i think i think there can be directly and i think he's encouraging he's dismantling and vironment the laws and he's. in particularly he's undermining indigenous rights. because he knows that indigenous people have been protecting those forests so this double actions is really dangerous for the amazon right now what can countries like germany for example do here to help the situation i think. i think recently we saw the suspension of german aid to for the environment and we clearly see that this has no if it didn't work and it didn't work i think what we see is that the only actions that can really work is to work with the trade deal trade agreement other trade agreement between bridge between the e.u.
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and the marcos a country clearly says that both parties need to respect the united nations convention framework for climate change clearly everything that's happening in brazil even before the trade agreement. we oversee that happening the trade agreement was still sign and now that we see the money for the acceleration of the actions on the ground. the dismantling and of environment the laws and. especially an indigenous people we see that the trade deal is even more dangerous so what we are asking is for angela merkel to work with e.u. governments to block this this trade deal unless until governments like bows and arrows government able to show commitments to the virus agreements in particularly to russia to the rights of indigenous people if you talk about economic pressure here and just very very briefly are both in our 0 says his government doesn't have the resources to fight these fires do you believe that no because i think i think
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we saw in the past that the space agency have done amazing work in fact we have seen that nowhere in the world where they are doing live monitoring of their frustration and immediate enforcement so this has happened in the past i don't know what has changed right now economically for bosun narrow to say that they don't have the resources to do it all right mallika vera saw me from berlin's humbled university thank you so much for sharing your insights with us today thank you so me. coming back to europe now a hearty handshake for boris johnson in paris today and a show friendship with the french president but beneath the warm gestures of the brags that deadlock hasn't budged both men stood their ground today a man on my call saying that ireland's integrity is still the biggest priority for the european union and boris johnson repeated that the backstop the insurance policy to avoid a hard border in ireland is not acceptable still they agreed that it is possible to
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find a solution and it's up to london to come up with one. no one will wait until october 31st to find a good solution if we can't find one we can balance back of a not so we have to make this a useful month. yet there are realities linked to the our situation and your relationship with island we have to respect what's already been negotiated on this point. because you feel support you don't want to repeat one crucial thing under no circumstances will the u.k. be putting checks at the front and we don't think it's necessary from the point of view of the you to do that to protect the integrity of the single market we think there are other ways of doing that we've got i think adequate time to do it let's get on with it. did have your correspondent max hoffman was in paris following today's events he sent us this assessment the fundamentals didn't change here in
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paris they're still the same boris johnson the u.k. prime minister wants to get rid of the backstop and everyone else in the european union including in my remarks on the french president want to preserve it to preserve the integrity of the single market but one thing seems to be different boris johnson has started saying that no matter what happens on the 31st of october the u.k. will not enforce border checks border controls on this border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is part of the european union that potentially puts the pressure on the european union what will they do in case of a no deal brags that if the u.k. does not enforce this border will they do it and risk having more violence like in the past decades if they don't then they cannot preserve the integrity of the single market so this once again has become a high stakes poker game and the question is who if anyone will blink 1st. all
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right let's get more analysis on the story now nico czarist is a senior lecturer in european union lot the university of east anglia in england thank you for joining us and i want to get your take 1st of all just 2 days of talks reports johnson in berlin and paris and we saw some friendly and positive tones on both days but at the end of the day nothing really has changed so what do you take away from what we've seen i would agree with what your correspondent said i mean that go war so it is true that. there were some flip from he gestures the atmosphere was friendly especially when it comes to that meeting with some smaller american but actually both. both. men. don't have very unstated their positions so they haven't moved from one fundamentally that is home to him and on the one hand mr jones from saying that he
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doesn't want to he wants to deets the box still but on the other hand he's friends .


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